: {{champion:1}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:117}} Oooh boy... https://i.imgur.com/q1Xe5ni.gif[/img]
> [{quoted}](name=Zoe the Trap,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5oPyWLcG,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2018-12-11T17:31:09.197+0000) > > {{champion:1}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:117}} > > Oooh boy... > > https://i.imgur.com/q1Xe5ni.gif[/img] This guy, officer
Anìmê (NA)
: F**k, Marry, Kill You 3 Highest Mastery Champions
{{champion:50}} for all 3 T_T this is going to be one heck of a drama tho
: You just said lux needs to give up her safety to proc her passive, yet neeko gives up nothing to stand and auto you 3x to proc it? Her R requires her to dive into the enemy team as a squishy mage, lux can burst you on a 30s CD ult from huge range. Like I said it costs more mana for neeko to use her Root than it does for lux to use her bind, while procing her passive. the fact is that neeko would give up more safety than a lux if she wanted to proc her passive. Neeko does not have a safe kit at all, and her passive is not easy to just proc. If you think it is more difficult for a lux with a 200 range advantage on her abilities to proc her passive than it is for a neeko, then idk what to say to you. If you try to say that she can hit a minion twice then W and auto you once, well guess what? her passive at lvl 3 hits only 10 dmg more than lux, but can only be procced once every 3rd auto. But if you include her W skill into the mix, then guess what? lux also has a W that at lvl 3 ( champion lvl ) shields 150 dmg. How is neeko safer than lux again? All their skills are essentially identical. But the one with shorter range is some how safer?
You forget everything else her skills offer. You just dismantled one singular part of the wholesome argument of mine at the neglect of all the others. So I will do the effort of repeating myself. Yes Neeko's R requires you to go in, but this "risk" is nill and nothing with a shield that's half the size of your health pool, then a stun added right after the burst to make sure you can't retaliate whatsoever once she gets going. Furthermore it's impact in general is much larger and her burst damage spikes higher at all stages of the game. Her base damage at skill rank 1 is just 25 lower than lux's while her AP scaling is almost twice that of lux'. Neeko's root does cost more mana, but I did say once again that the root in itself isn't the problem, it's what it offers for the rest of her kit. She can cc for 1 whole second longer than Lux, allowing the full 3 damage procs of her Q to hit with fair ease. Which makes her 3 hit passive mostly just a provocative poke, yes, but one that, unlike lux, can be tossed in whenever wherever at whim. Meanwhile Lux has to stay close to the person she just rooted for her AA to go off which against many matchups will be the ruin of her one escape. And I repeat on that, too. Yes, Neeko's 3 hit can only be procced once every 3 hits but it can be done so FREELY. AT ALL TIMES. Lux can't use her passive without using her skills at all, necessarily tying her passive to the manacost of the skill she decided to use. Furthermore Neeko does gain a slight movement speed boost each time she hits that 3rd passive so not only can she use it at all times, at no costs, but gets a fleeting swifty boost incase the enemy decides to fight back for that poke. Lux does get none of those safeties. Last but not least, yes, Neeko's root range is a bit lower, but it's travel animation is much faster, allowing a more fluid and faster follow-up or escape, since it traveling faster equals it being harder to dodge. So for defensive purposes, like rooting your enemy to disengage, it is safer because it offers more in ratio to what it costs. Again, this isn't just about risk OR reward, this is about the ratio between risk:reward and in that regard Neeko reigns on every scale as far as I am concerned.
: Neeko's entire kit is mid range and not long range. In fact every single one of lux's abilities have higher range than neeko. Her bind roots for longer and travels faster than neeko's bind, unless it goes through minions. Lux has higher base AD than neeko does, so her Auto atks deal more dmg early. Mana cost between neeko and lux in the early game are basically identical. EX: Lux bind starts at 40 - 60 mana with a 10S CD at all ranks, Neeko E starts at 60 - 80 mana with a 12 - 10s CD and shorter range. Lux binding also has higher base dmg starting at lvl 2, as well as 30% more ap scaling. Neeko needs to hit 3x to trigger her W passive, which she only gets at lvl 3. You can't compare lux passive to neeko passive, as lux can proc her passive multiple times on multiple enemies quickly and neeko cannot. All lux abilities can also ignore unit collision. Neeko root is more comparable to Zyra root, which ignores unit collision and roots for 1- 2s, with more range than neeko has on her E.
And I wasn't comparing the passives in itself, I was comparing the risks and drawbacks of using them. AKA the costs. Lux has significantly higher costs to use it and risks dropping the very defence she even has to offer by staying and AAing the enemy champion she just rooted. And again, Lux needs to use her skills in order to proc her passive and while her Q is moderate, her E is not. Her E has a standart Ult manacost at skill-rank 3 which is lvl 5 for most lux players (Some people actually max Q first) I repeat, I was not comparing the initial skill and it's activation, I was comparing the drawbacks and risks in ratio to the reward. Neeko's 3 hit passive one of the, if not the safest in the game to her already insanely safe kit. Her R gives her a shield AND a stun, her E can root up to 3 seconds and travels really fast and her Q has a range of 800 which is rather high for a burst mage. Neeko is way too safe for the damage she can bring, and the safest aspect in her entire kit is her AA, hence the suggestion to make her repeaded poking riskier as to make the reward actually worth the effort.
: Yeah, the range is a good place to nerf. I would also remove some AP scaling in the R as well as more CD's to it. 130% is way too much.
I'd say that toning down the AP ratio wouldn't be bad, but it would be the most obvious suggestion. Maybe add more risk to the reward by lowering it's hitbox range. I mean her R does have a fairly wide range for an ability that bursts AND stuns.
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: Oh you might want to change that title to inter, not feeder. I thought you were just talking about someone who fed during the game, not feeds on purpose.
im trying, but i can't edit the title for some reason
: I think the big problem with people feeding on tilt, is that they make one mistake and they get blamed and continue to get blamed for their mistake(s). I've seen people who are on tilt do fine, then they mess up once, get blamed, and they just get worse from there. If people didn't blame everyone for one mistake, then people who are tilted but doing fine wouldn't always tilt even more. And people who aren't tilted wont get tilted.
Which is why I rather have them go AFK than let the influence get to them. Or worse, they start doing it purely on purpose. Nothing gets people pissed more than losing a won game because someone decided to be the douchebag. While yes, sometimes people just get unlucky, i'm mainly addressing the people who do it **ON PURPOSE**
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Rioter Comments
: I mean it has been consistent, just not with the champions that he finds the most fun... Like seriously, thresh, lee sin, and yasuo have basically never left the top 10 pick rate in the past 4 years... There's clearly something wrong with these champions and it's almost always that they get these kind of hand holding of having the initiative of the fight always be in their favor.
The thing about all 3 of those isn't fun. Believe me, champions that depend on success to be viable are NOT fun because failure equals frustration for those 3. They have the thing in common that whenever you see them in pro-play, and you do that a lot, they always seem to single-handedly decided the entire teamfight and even win the game. So people think "hey, lemme learn this champ so I can do the same" The result is a lot of people deluding themselves with the capability to rival the world's finest on those champions and in turn only end up failing horribly. And because we humans are prone to egotistic decisions, people keep trying, and keep frustrating themselves, yet still keep trying, causing a cycle of playing a champion consistently despite not getting ANY better. With that in mind, There is absolutely no ground and no basis of belief to support the claim that Yasuo, thresh or Lee sin are fun. Because they only are when you are moping the floor with the entire enemy team AND your own.
Rioter Comments
: playing vs akali as a melee right now is a fucking testament as to how low we have come
a few things to address. 1. Her Q isn't point and click. And the hitbox is deceptively shorter than the icon gives away. I have SO MANY times missed my Q because it's a few pixels shorter than it's edges say it is. 2. If she consistently stays inside the cloud and goes in and out of stealth without leaving and reentering the cloud, then her stealth takes half a second before it applies. Her Old shroud would stealth her immediately. If she carelessly throws her smoke in so it can't spread properly, she will suffer turret hits and not just 1 either. 3. For her to even apply her sustain she has to play very passively because her heal only procs if she's at 180 energy or higher, out of 200. Means if you poke her to death and force her into repeated trades in early intervalls she can't sustain and is an easy kill. 4. Akali's damage mostly comes from her passive and her Q, her E is engage/disengage, being hit by one isn't threatening. Positioning badly while she can E dash to you however is. If she hits you with her E, walk either undertower or into a thick creep-wave to movement-block her. Akali suffers extensively from minionblocks. 5. Akali can't do any damage if she can't hit her passive. Block her from leaving her ring when she Q's you or keep yourself glued on her so she can't use it more than once. If you can't stop it, then minimize it. Yes, Akali has batshit dumb mobility and very underestimated combo-burst, but her set-up is really, REALLY punishing and anyone getting cocky with an Akali, fed or not, pays with a bounty-death. TL;DL: You counter akali by taunting her into reckless trades. She can't heal if she's aggressive and she can't poke lane if she's focused on her Q heals. Position yourself when she E-s you and bait her into a really dumb dead end. Far as I know, only way to stop an Akali E dash is by stunning her mid-way like any other. She can't manually stop herself, so once she hits that button for an engage, there's no way out other than one of you dying.
: No there really isn't. Lore in fiction defines the character's persona, so yes, it's because of the lore. The details that are written into the lore is what is used to construct the persona of the character. The character's persona doesn't just exist, because they aren't actors they're puppets. No he really does. There's a reason that he's absolute trash in URF. He's designed to be played at an URF pace, but balanced around being played in a normal game. Yet in any fight you're going to try to lead the fight and set the pace to what's most comfortable for yourself. Yet in order for the champion to be played constantly at that higher pace, riot has given him tools like his shield and windwall to mitigate the influence that other champions playing with/against him have over the pacing of any fight that he's involved in.
> Yet in order for the champion to be played constantly at that higher pace, riot has given him tools like his shield and windwall to mitigate the influence that other champions playing with/against him have over the pacing of any fight that he's involved in. This literally means that you are saying he needs to be overloaded to work because a fair kit would make him absolute garbage, which once again brings an argument as to why he is unfun. He has/can do too much, and people hate it. He survives scenarios even he himself shouldn't because of his shield, his windwall is the single most broken skill in the game because it is able to deflect roughly 3/4th of ALL ranged abilities known in league, including item procs. The case rests, Yasuo isn't popular because he is fun. The entire metaslave-playerbase will disagree with you to the death. I said this sentence to the other guy and will quote it on here as well: If FUN was a factor for pickrate then the highest pickrates for the last 2 years would have been a constant rivalty between Jayce and Gangplank, with the occasional Vel'koz popping in.
: A tribute to Zoe's lore......
You should hold votes for the next tributes As for my take, I really REALLY wanna see an Akali one
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mack9112 (NA)
: I mean if you wanna get into it yas has a high ban rate here in na but is not a priority ban in china why is that ? Yas is the most played champion because he is fun and since he is the most played champion in the game you see him the most so of course you will want to ban him.
Not really no. Most played does not equal most fun. ANY meta ever will heavily disagree with you. If FUN was a factor for pickrate in LoL then the #1 highest pickrate in the last 2 years would have been jayce and gp with sometimes vel'koz popping in for number 1.
: No i don't think the lore has ever been a serious contributor to a champion's play rate. He does however get excessive hand holding with respect to controlling the pace and flow of a fight. Honestly, I think the reason that he has such a low win rate, relative to his play rate is because he's a mathematically balanced champion, but he's completely broken strategically.
I never said it is his lore, I said it is his persona. There is a difference. And i doubt that. Yasuo isn't anything anyone can be proud off except downright coinflippy. But nearly nobody likes even seeing him, hence the unrealistically high banrates that have remained consistent ever since his release.
mack9112 (NA)
: False he has fun mechanics...
Only as mains will ever agree with you. He doesn't have fun mechanics. He has rewarding mechanics. Yasuo isn't fun, he is rewarding. But this reward takes so much time and effort that beating the skillcurve is too much for almost anyone who doesn't onetrick him, resulting in people going into games as newbie yasuos, making it unfun for anyone involved. Yasuo is not fun, the banrates he has are evidence enough for it.
mack9112 (NA)
: You do know he is the most played champion in the game by a hugs margin because he is the most fun...
False. He is so popular because he appeases the desire of the modern youth's edgyness and coolness. Yasuo is the embodiment of "The cool Kid with a sorrowful backstory" and people have a very ethical connection to this image because they can't be that, but identify this personality as the dream of all. Long story short: Yasuo is popular because he is a cool kid-persona
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: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal Torment,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=4YI5qZYH,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-07T00:57:14.704+0000) > > Riot: > https://imgur.com/a/qV9x2NK > "We are proud to announce Neeko. She is a Lesbian" > > R34 and Fanfiction-writers: > https://imgur.com/a/4GhBC2M The first fanfiction writer i see who tries to pair her with a man gets my foot up their ass. They have plenty of fuckin straight females to work with. They can let us of the LGBT community finally have our champions outside of the varus cop-out.
They already did. 1 day after Neeko was announced, there were already folders full of R34 stuff published
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: Game freeze / crash after champ select countdown
Same, I literally am watching the frozen client as I write this. And apparently some people have encountered that problem repeadedly. Someone in my lobby literally spammed the chat praying it won't happen for the 4th time in his experience. And even leaving the lobby doesn't break up the champ select, literally every person in it has to individually leave to play a different game.
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: Jeez... It's almost as if Parents are pushing their failures onto companies so the companies are forced to cater or deal with majorly bad publicity.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=l8V1GYwQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-03T18:47:34.669+0000) > > Jeez... It's almost as if Parents are pushing their failures onto companies so the companies are forced to cater or deal with majorly bad publicity. When a comment has more likes than the post SadLifeFeels
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSnowyLeopard,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=l8V1GYwQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-03T18:48:18.665+0000) > > if its from the verge, I dont trust it https://tumblr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/231885248-Sensitive-content Its directly linked in the article But honestly having them move onto different blogsites or using a site that's intended to be a host platform for NSFW content will be a good thing for some of these artists I imagine. Though it's a loss for them given all the traffic tumblr gets unfortunately. Other sites have much better archiving tools anyway. Also I know tumblr does a bit of everything but NSFW blogs were all over that site. They're going to eat a massive bite to traffic over this most likely. And given most of these blogs you needed an 18+ account to view anyway, its pretty easy to be a kid making an amateur art blog to post your scribblings and never see the dark side of tumblr... unless you count angry SJWs.
> [{quoted}](name=TwitchInMyPants,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=l8V1GYwQ,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-12-03T18:57:23.595+0000) > > https://tumblr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/231885248-Sensitive-content > > Its directly linked in the article > > But honestly having them move onto different blogsites or using a site that's intended to be a host platform for NSFW content will be a good thing for some of these artists I imagine. Though it's a loss for them given all the traffic tumblr gets unfortunately. Other sites have much better archiving tools anyway. > > Also I know tumblr does a bit of everything but NSFW blogs were all over that site. They're going to eat a massive bite to traffic over this most likely. And given most of these blogs you needed an 18+ account to view anyway, its pretty easy to be a kid making an amateur art blog to post your scribblings and never see the dark side of tumblr... unless you count angry SJWs. Tumblr banning all NSFW content isn't just a big bite. It is basically committing suicide for their platform. Porn is literally their most present content of all. It's like an artist who decides to give away not just his paintings, but his paint equip as well away forever and for free. He goes utterly broke.
: if its from the verge, I dont trust it
> [{quoted}](name=TheSnowyLeopard,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=l8V1GYwQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-03T18:48:18.665+0000) > > if its from the verge, I dont trust it https://tumblr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/231885248-Sensitive-content Then trust tumblr's official page
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: Oddly satisfying words to say.
A word I find oddly satisfying to say is Lordie. Literally, my only 2 response words to anything at all are either oof or Oh Lordie.
: My impression was that you were attempting a kind of character attack on the person that were replying to. I think it's reasonable to have a low tolerance for that. The intention is for the rules to allow people to discuss things civilly with each other without having to endure attacks like that. If that wasn't the case and you get banned for something that you weren't trying to do, you should always stop by our discord. We do overturn bans somewhat regularly. But when someone appears to be going out of their way to start a fight, we tend to take pretty swift and decisive action.
The entire point of this even being a topic of attacking anyone is Ulanopo's shamelessly personal assumption. Nobody knows what the OP means, and from the looks of it, the important people aren't even bothering to ask. God forbid he even remotely mentions a past flaw of any mod. As a matter of fact, I will simply leave this behind: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=5KtMnBEb,comment-id=00280000,timestamp=2018-12-02T23:02:59.348+0000) > > ~~I, for some reason, cannot reply to your main comment, so I'll just reply here.~~ Oh cool, a new comment I can reply to. > > How do you know if he's trying to start conflict and drama? How does that kind of comment even equate to starting drama? If a thread is discussing moderation, am I not allowed to mention negatives of that happening with a historical example? > > If anything, he made an offhand comment about previous issues with M&G having a dedicated mod. It could lead into a bigger discussion about how an M&G mod might be not as serious (because M&G seems pretty lax of a board) and maybe even go power hungry (like last time), so perhaps choosing a person should be a careful process. > > **(Response to revision statement)** - Once again, I have to ask, what is wrong with talking about previous moderators in a thread that discusses moderation? Also, as previously stated by me, his comment is just offhand; it isn't hosting a discussion or trying to start one. It is mentioned because it is relevant to the discussion, being about moderation. > > It is a thread discussing moderation, so the respect for *that person* doesn't really apply in this case. The comment isn't made to taunt/provoke/harass; it is relevant to the discussion (which is about Moderation). History is taught so that we learn from it and do not repeat it, so why can a board user not mention history on the boards to remind people to not repeat it? > > ------------------------------------------------------------------- > > I'd like to end off this reply with an angle that covers the fact that our OP, iamthegoatofwar, should not have been punished. As you can see from the screenshot https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/496161712576135170/518191116835749909/unknown.png the OP has no recent (and therefore relevant) warnings. > > Going with your initial statement of "this post only served to start conflict and drama." also doesn't make sense. I've clearly shown above that it doesn't start drama and conflict. There is also no clause in the rules against posts that start drama/conflict. Even if it was believed the comment might cause drama, but doesn't violate the rules, there would be **zero reason** to 24 hour ban the OP (especially when he has no history. > > Going for your revision, I have to say that nothing in your revision indicates a breakage of the board rules. No rules states that it is not allowed to talk about previous moderators. It is not listed under "Inappropriate discussion topics" clause, **and, while moderation has the right to use their discretion for what may be an inappropriate topic,** the OP has no recent violation history and this discussion topic is something that is not explicitly stated in the rules. **Therefore, he should never have been banned for 24 hours.** > > I think I covered all bases. (Wow this comment is longer than I thought.) AirKingNero's response to Ulanopo's attached comment.
rujitra (NA)
: I disagree with the ban. I agree completely the post is harassment. It is as if you went around in public, in an area a person wasn't in, and started screaming "DID YOU KNOW X STOLE SOMETHING AND DID A BAD". It's harassment, plain and simple. Further, while yes, the individual instance the person mentioned may have been a case where a board specific mod did not work, the player conveniently ignored the other 10+ board specific mods who existed with no problem whatsoever. That further makes it appear that the player was attempting to take a stab at an old wound that they had.
You do know that harassment's defining trait is doing something TO THE PERSON IN QUESTION PERSONALLY. Repeated bothering, ignoring stops, threatening repeatedly, enforced demanding etc. It isn't harassment for the simple reason that the OP didn't address the person directly, or repeatedly.
: Alright...so this is somehow punishable now?
When it comes to Ulanopo anything that is non-radical agreement with the mods is punishable. God forbid the mods make a mistake and it is publicly addressed on his watch. What makes it worse is that this wasn't even an opinion, some mods DID go ape shit on their own influence, addressing it is merely recalling a fact and if anyone picks a fight over it it's not your fault. You were merely source material, the arguing came from them. I agree with your previous post. Power mad.
: oh all the horny men down voting the girls who don't appreciate over sexualized women on the boards DON'T LET THESE HORNY NO GOOD PERVERTS SILENCE US. SPEAK YOUR MIND. WE ARE NOT SEXUAL OBJECTS WE ARE PEOPLE. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A PAIR OF TITS!!!!! i'm no feminist but FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT!!!!
uh...since when has this deranged into some women's rights advocacy? You are very...very far away from the forum you are looking for
Myrmiron (EUW)
: Should this be banable?
To be fair, i'd have them rather removed for promoting adultery content rather than spam because each of the 8 videos posted were booby-videos that show excessive cleavage and scandily clad women who just barely passed the line of no-nudity
: Some thoughts on more dated female champions, from a girl
I like this post as a whole and on a more surfacial matter, it can be agreed with, but several people have already stated that there are good reasons for them to look the way they do. Only champions I personally would wanna see updated in terms of sex-appeal are Ashe and Caitlyn and even then it's only smaller changes that would be necessary. **HOWEVER** I don't really agree with the way you handle non-radical positive feedback. Pretty much everyone who doesn't fully agree with you received your downvote and you HAVE openly stood to such and even mocked the intent with "because *sigh*". I agree with your post, but I don't agree with your reaction to feedback. Edit: Just before I forget it completely. Some champions aren't ethically sexualized yet they are the center of sexual appeal for the male playerbase. Jinx, Ahri and Sona are THE 3 most popular female characters as far as the sexualization you preach about is concerned. Those 3 champions make up almost 60% of all of the LoL porn that exists, that alone goes to show that just because someone looks revealing and sexy doesn't mean they are successfully being sexy and revealing. Again, I agree with what you try to say, but I am just remarking that if we wanna talk sex-appeal, you literally cannot make this post without addressing the big 3.
: 1) Comparing a game balancer/developer to a modern job is dumb. Feedback is different. 2) you are not their boss.
In worklife, the customer is always the ultimate boss. So if the customers are angry and you refuse to address why, you don't deserve to have your job. Period. Thats a lot of jobs that focus heavily on communication and socializing, example here being Gastronomy, you will always find a line in the job-contract that says Customer is King. And a Game Developer and Balancer are a job like any other. Your argument matches the hypocrisy of saying A Senator is different from a politician. Feedback may be different but thats only because the content you give feedback to is addressed differently. It still matters all the same.
: Neeko becomes neeko who became neeko who transformed into neeko who wanted to be Neeko but since neeko is already neeko, neeko had to become neeko.
The Universe will implode. thanks for breaking the concept of logic, lol.
Rioter Comments
: [Skin Concept] Lunar Revel Neeko (personal work)
I like the art a Lot. I gotta ask, do you take requests?
: Eve can't be a virgin, she gets men right to the peak of climax, then kills them when their pleasure is at it's height. so she is literally having sex with them, then right as they reach the pinnacle before climax, she starts torturing them. her logic is 'the higher their pleasure, the further they have to fall."
If you think Pleasure=Sex then youve never before eaten decent food before. Pleasure does NOT equal sex
: Xayah Rakan Bracelets are shipping with misprints
Refusing to highlight defects on a merchandise and sell it for the price of 100% is one of the 5 points that by US law define Scamming. If the support wont make your merch purchase justice you can and should sue. It is illegal to sell damaged, defect, already used or copyrighted merchandise without either addressing the damage, labeling the defects, crediting copyright or reducing already used merch by an evaluated percentage from it's original worth. Riot sold merch as Complete despite fully aware of a defect and refuse customer-service which means whoever it was you talked to insists that you stay scammed. I'd carry this to the top of their foodchain or report it to the law Preferably both
: I understand your logic: "vampires are demon-possessed undead who fear garlic and sunlight, and Vladimir is none of these things". Except vampires aren't demon-possessed undead who fear garlic and sunlight. Vampires are a myth, and as such, there's a hundred versions of them, from bat-demon to sexy Anne Rice man. Vlad is one of said versions.
False. Vampires may be Mythical beings, but in all folklore they are defined as the one same kind of being. So your logic is only valid inside of your own imaginary universe which nobody cares for.
: Yeah, sure, and Warwick isn't a werewolf, he's a mutated experiment. Saying that Vlad isn't a vampire but a hemomancer is like saying that Zoe isn't a preteen girl, she's a thousands years old spirit. Come on. A rose by any other name is still a rose, buddy.
Warwick IS a mutated experiment. And Hemomancers arent vampires. Vladimir can control blood like a watermage controls water. Not any red flower is necessarily a rose.
: ˝Show me the man who has everything, and I'll show you my next victim ˝ Additionally ˝The moment they think they have me.. ˝ laugh ˝Yeah , that's what I live for˝ ˝Aww, you thought you were getting lucky!˝ "The height of their happiness is the depth of their pain." EDIT:Burn ​"I've seen your wife. You can do better." - {{item:3070}} {{champion:236}} {{item:3070}}
Yeah. Shes a ruthless sadist who gives people everything then takes it all from them before killing them. Her thesis of human feelings isnt wrong. Loss/time=pain So take more in a shorter time and maximize torture. And the joy in her quotes. She gives me the chills and not even my angry mom does that when she reaches for a sandal to throw.
: Vladmir is a hemomancer, not a Vampire. Evelynn is not a succubus, she is a virgin.
I love how people argue that eve isn't a virgin because she brings her victims at the peak of Joy before killing them. Joy doesn't have to be sexual. Considering she uses charms, it is safe to assume she uses illusions. So at best people fuck an imaginary mindblow. Eve even has an ingame quote on it. Idk it anymore but she does say something about taking things from men who have everything.
Rioter Comments
: shut your mouth you mediocre clarinet player
I like how you have so many downvotes because of humorless NPCs who just randomly downvote something without reading it.
Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite champion/skin quote and why?
{{champion:28}} "Someone once told me to dress something...So I wore his skin" The sheer joy in her tone when she says that. You can literally feel the psycho beaming out of her even more so than you can from jhin
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