: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ElALGtlp,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-07-15T16:18:39.144+0000) > > I mean... I'm guessing for a Zaun fan, it would be quite cool. But I myself am not a fan of Zaun, as this is not the sort of setting I'm looking for a in fantasy world really. :p what kind would you look for then? political intrigue of noxus politics, the adventures of ezreal, or a game where you search for mysteries of magic, like targon
I myself am more looking for the beauties of a landscape, combined with some highly magical stuff so I'd be more attracted to Ionia and Targon yeah :p Although of course, if I had the choice, I'd do all regions, as I don't like the idea of having only a single region to explore for a game!
: I honestly think Morgana made her own spells along the way. I really like the idea that those chains for her ult is a wholly unique spell only she can do and was made with her ideals on what justice is in mind also considering she is said to be the one to fight kayle, it makes sense to gauge her the power necessary
Well yes, it's her own magic, so it's her own spell, I'm not questionning that haha. But it's probably her own Celestial power that does that since those chains were mentioned before her clash with Kayle. Don't get me wrong, this is what I'm preaching. But given her rejection of her gift while Kayle's been training, I'm gonna assume the only way for her to level up to Kayle's level is if she's dabbled in other types of magic. But more than that, it's really about preserving her Witch archetype really! 'Cause rejecting her own gifs doesn't quite convey that archetype, whereas she dabbling in "earthly" magics would!
: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ElALGtlp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-15T09:50:22.659+0000) > > I do not know who these CDPR are that you speak of, but if they killed my peop... Wait sorry, wrong story. > > Anyway, I have absolutely no idea what this is, but I assume they make games, as I know what the Witcher is. But I'm gonna safely assume Riot can try and do that on their own, as they have an R&D team working on (at least) one game. And it would be stupid of them not to use their rich IP on a game. > > Now, I'm all for a narrative-based game, so long as it remains wide and open. My point being, if you're playing a narrative-based game focusing on Yasuo, MF, etc... I'd be disappointed. Probably because the champions I like aren't popular, so I'm just biased. > > So yeah, narrative-based game? Absolutely. They could -and should- do it. Surely we'll know more comes October... Patiently waiting for the 10 year anniversary... how about this you're a zuanite, no one special yet, just a regular off the mill one, like Warwick used to be. in the game, you have many chem barons you could join, and any decision you make have consequences, even ones that would attract Piltover. you can do science and find blueprints of new chemicals and everything, you can fight or be stealthy. you will also meet figures like viktor if keen enough, urgot as a dangerous threat (but can join if you can pass the trials), but also great dangers. imagine nighttime, you Mundo wandering around, a hulking behemoth who feels no pain wanting to "treat" you, and Twitch in the sewers. and then there is Warwick. Warwick would go by a very loose morality. if your character has killed innocents and you go into "Howler territory" he will hunt you. if you are relatively good, he wont. BUT if you are against a group of bad guys and you hear him coming, RUN. and after a certain health threshold, he will go after anyone no matter what. yeah I know, very ambitious and very vague, but the possibilities of Zaun as a setting are amazing. imagine being saved by Zac lol
I mean... I'm guessing for a Zaun fan, it would be quite cool. But I myself am not a fan of Zaun, as this is not the sort of setting I'm looking for a in fantasy world really. :p
: "Should have", I think she DID. As Pale Mask said, she's treated as a forest-dwelling witch of legends. Her color story is a tale told to the young to teach them a lesson, but unlike the people of Runeterra, we know that the story is most likely true. She used her magic in the story, described here: > The Veiled One opened her palm and chained the Cleric to her with dark fire. The bindings glimmered with immaterial violet light, but the Cleric could not break them as he struggled. This is likely describing her new found magic, or else her Celestial magic has been colored by her own perception or other Earthly influences. I don't think Morgana is going to be a pushover against Kayle. I think both Kayle and Morgana are some of the few Champions who have most of their abilities from the game translated into the lore in some way. Here's another quote from that story: > They entered a cavern illuminated by candles. Water dripped from the ceiling, and strange potions lined the walls. It stank of gravesoil and moss. Dozens of raven-black feathers littered the floor. That sounds like the traditional "witch" you are looking for. She may have an odd backstory for a witch, but I still think Morgana can very much fill the type of witch niche you seem to be looking for.
See, I did think about the story. However, as most tales, we don't know how much of it is true, and how much of it is tainted by centuries of it being told, etc, so I'm wary of taking it into account. Don't get me wrong, I want it to be true, I really really do, but I'm wary of using such stories to confirm anything, since it's a tale. It's the perception people have of her - Of course they'd say there are potions and that she lives in a weird cavern much like a witch, since it's how they see her. But how much of it is true? This is also one of the reasons why I wasn't fond of the tales as their color stories, but that's another matter. I do think she _can_ fill that niche I'm looking for, but right now, I'm hesitant to call her so. I probably won't have an answer to this until... She gets revisited, which won't happen anytime soon. Basically, I do believe -and slightly headcanon- that she did learn earthly magic (what else would she have done anyway :')), but my problem is, it's all very vague and there's nothing to confirm it, as I can't quite use the details of a tale as a confirmation, you know? ^^
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GenoXx (NA)
: If Riot were to do in on their own, we'd have it by now. I think they are content with what they have atm. As they have *just* entered the phase of making new permanent game modes. I just though since CD project Red loves crafting games based on lore, league's world would be a perfect start. The Witcher and Cyberpunk all started from books and a table top role playing game. To think what they could do with leagues lore.... I'm certain they wouldnt use popularity. They are pretty passionate when it comes to world building, but they do like getting every detail down.
I disagree. A gamemode is quite different from an actual, full fledged game! They want League to a their money-making game, so obviously they add more stuff - TFT being due to the success of Dota's Autochess. As I said, we _know_ they're working on at least one game, it's already been mentioned by other Rioters, and we also know there are narrative designers/writers working on that ^^
GenoXx (NA)
: How would you all feel If CD Project Red were to offer making a game out of League's lore?
I do not know who these CDPR are that you speak of, but if they killed my peop... Wait sorry, wrong story. Anyway, I have absolutely no idea what this is, but I assume they make games, as I know what the Witcher is. But I'm gonna safely assume Riot can try and do that on their own, as they have an R&D team working on (at least) one game. And it would be stupid of them not to use their rich IP on a game. Now, I'm all for a narrative-based game, so long as it remains wide and open. My point being, if you're playing a narrative-based game focusing on Yasuo, MF, etc... I'd be disappointed. Probably because the champions I like aren't popular, so I'm just biased. So yeah, narrative-based game? Absolutely. They could -and should- do it. Surely we'll know more comes October... Patiently waiting for the 10 year anniversary...
: If Noxus was to conquer Ionia, it would be better for them, Ionioans sit on a land full of potential and they do what with it? Build artistic structures? Ionians are too proud and linear minded to do anything grand enough to matter outside Ionia. Noxus can take Ionia and turn it into an empire that brings shame to Shurima.
Not everyone wants to live the same way Noxus does. Ionia doesn't need an empire, or an army. Or rather, they didn't until Noxus came. It's not about pride. They simply don't have the needs to do conquer or do anything like that outside their own land. And they live fairly well inside Ionia (well, save for the Vastaya, and not anymore since the Noxian invasion). Why would they turn into an empire when they don't have to? Why wage war, when you can have peace and tranquility? When you can live in harmony with nature? Of course, there are some downsides to that, mainly for the Vastayan, but overall, their way of life was fine. Now, in-lore, that's totally respectable and understandable. It's even great. Although storywise, it's a bit more annoying because you have less potential stories to tell. Now that Ionia's been shaken up, there will be stories to be told. If everyone turns into a warring empire, there's no diversity and everything becomes redundant and annoying. Edit: Also, Noxus can try to conquer them (again), but truth be told, they lost once, they'll lose again. It doesn't matter if they have Swain, Noxus is in a bad situation right now, they have enemies everywhere, even inside and below. And Ionia's ready to fight back. Also they have Syndra.
: I don't really think Noxus is too involved in Ionia's story. The Noxian Invasion was just the catalyst for a lot of Ionian Champions. It'd be like saying WWII affected Europe too much: WWII changed the world forever, and affected literally every individual in Europe in some way, and many others in pretty much every part of the world. So I don't think its out of place that the Noxian Invasion was that for Ionia. The events following it are in reaction to that danger, and everyone has a different idea as to how to prevent things like that from happening again. Irelia is more militant, Zed is using unruly shadow magic, someone thought it was a good idea to release Jhin, Shen and the Kinkou want to maintain the balance through all of this. I think the potential conflict from this will be focused on how this Ionia that's been forced to change will deal with that, and how a land so sensitive to magic and balance will be able to maintain that balance through these huge political shifts. **Ionia's History and the Ionian Wars** - Hearing more about this would be great, but I don't think its strictly necessary. Information on the past could inform the changes happening in the present, but I think there's more than enough story fodder and conflict in the present. We do get a hint about what these wars could have been about in Varus's bio: the Queen that sealed him in his bow wielded him through the last of her wars, and at the end ordered others to seal her away at the Temple of Pallas in Ionia. Some of her wars could have been fought in and over Ionia, though we don't know much more than that. **The Vastaya** - This is actually one example of a different kind of conflict not necessarily stemming from Noxus. What I like about this is that I don't feel like either side is particularly the "good" side. Rakan's line of "to humans, magic is fire; to us, it is water" is a good way of summarizing what the conflict means for the Vastayan. But at the same time, fire isn't exactly this superfluous thing for humans, its not as essential as water but its a tool for fulfilling our needs, like cooking food and providing warmth. Combine this with Xayah's hard-ass somewhat racist stance against working with humans, and we have a spicy conflict. I'm interested to see what direction this goes in, and I'd like to see more viewpoints to this particular side of Ionia. **Zed** - I'm not sure what the comic will focus on, but I think we're about to get some juicy details. We'll probably be discussing this in much more detail a month or two down the line. I definitely think Shen also cares about Zed, both his wrongdoing and Zed as a person. **Syndra** - I still feel like the "putting her to sleep" thing in order to bench her from the Noxian Invasion feels awkward and weird. The "land itself" doesn't typically intervene in these stories, so why now? Just make Syndra a bit younger. Regardless, I agree that she will definitely be a force in Ionia's change. While she's somewhat sympathetic, she represents how tradition can twist individuals into something bad. They tried to balance her, and by trying so hard to do so, they lost her trust. Now she basically believes in the opposite of balance: go as far as you can in one direction, essentially. Hopefully she gets to do something, feels like they keep coming up with excuses to icebox her. **Ionia's Place in the World** - This isn't a uniquely Ionia problem, feels like most factions, with a few exceptions, are a little too isolated from one another. This could, in part, be attributed to their isolationist nature; Ixtal, Demacia and Ionia are all somewhat isolationist. The ones that interact a lot with others aren't so much (like Noxus and Piltover). I think, depending on the outcome of Ionia's current troubles, we could see them branching out a lot more. But I always enjoy when more Champions from more places interact with one another, so I'm all for more stories about visits to and from Ionia. Ezreal still needs to visit there (basically the only place other than the Shadow Isles he hasn't been) and I'd love Yasuo and Taliyah to see each other again someday.
Again, don't get me wrong, I perfectly know the role of the Noxian invasion in Ionia's current situation. It's important, obviously. My point is rather, I feel like it choked out every other storytelling potential atm. I know there's potential, obviously, but it's mostly unexplored, and we have little to no idea what's gonna happen next, while in most other regions, you can mostly tell what's gonna happen. Noxus in Ionia isn't bad per se (from a storytelling point of view, lul), it's more like, right now, Ionia feels underwhelming because there's no story set to happen. In Noxus, we know Mordekaiser is coming back. In Shurima, shit's gonna go down between floating blue led and golden pigeon. Etc, etc. _________ I disagree. I think the Ionian Wars could help us understand Ionia better, their current situation, etc. And as I said in another comment, Ionia's a highly Spiritual place, so I refuse to believe there hasn't been any sort of important stuff during these times... And who knows what sort of impact such a thing could have on the present? I do think it's an interesting thing to explore! _________ Agreed, there are very interesting stories to tell about Vastayas and humans. I have some random theories regarding that, but that's not really the point here. I'm not saying I know someone whose magic is wild and untamed, but there is someone like that in Ionia... _________ Yeah, I'm waiting for the comics to judge. Odin being the writer, I trust we'll get some interesting stuff in there! _______ Look. This is my primary problem with her lore. She was put to sleep to get her out of the invasion (for somewhat obvious reasons), and she's in a vacuum with no relations, nothing. I do believe there's a lot of potential with her (no joke?), but I agree she seems iceboxed right now. She's there, that's all. I trust Riot will do something with her someday, gotta be patient! But yeah I agree she can definitely be a catalyst for change in Ionia... If done correctly, of course! __________ While this is true in some ways, that's not entirely true. Even Demacia has ties to the Freljord (frequent raids, etc), and to Noxus (there have been battles between the two). Freljord with Demacia and Noxus, Shurima with Targon and even Noxus, etc. Ixtal is a somewhat more peculiar case because it's just been revealed, and still we know of the westward diaspora which ties Ixtal to Shurima, Targon and the Blessed Isles (in origin at least). I know Ionia's position makes it a bit hard for it to interact with other places, but I feel like it could be interesting to see some interactions with other regions (that aren't Noxus obviously)!
alekzu (EUW)
: I don't know how to feel about all this as well. The first invasion that happened was fine(imo). It does tie Noxus too tightly to Ionia but it's no one's fault considering what Ionia was before that invasion. Layered out pacifism, peace, meditation...it was a boring paradise island. They lived in their own bubble and refused change...absolutely pure stagnation. When you have such pillar/s to start the story of the region what else is there to be expected? Now, the second invasion may or may not be a good thing. I personally have no problem with it as long as it's just not invade, conquer and expand 2.0! It may also be what most people are concerned with as well. Repetitiveness is a bad thing. But the thing is that we don't have enough insight on what is the purpose of that invasion. It leaves us with no answers and very little to debate, very little to craft our own theories(since there isn't much about Ionia).It just leaves us under suspense. ***The Ionian Wars*** I think that they may be a good thing to explore but as long as it wields some kind of importance or consequences/aftereffect in the present. Why bother wasting time telling stories which are just a relic of the past, only to return back to the present, empty handed? I don't think that it will be 100% useless to explore those wars, no, I myself am excited to learn what they were. It's just...that it would be such a waste not to take advantage of them. The possibilities of how to explore these wars are many. We have Karma from whom we can learn a lot. If those wars were very violent and scarring, it could also explain why she is such a traditionalist and pacifist? But then she could be too young to have any idea of what they were. We know that no one knows anything about them...or is it just what some people want everyone to think? What if there are some kind of ancient(forbidden) books and documents about these wars? Some people could potentially try really hard to hide them and prevent anyone from learning anything. Could that knowledge be something disastrous? We can have someone steal that reading mater. But who? The Kinkou? The Shadow order? The last being most likely. Or it could be some random people/group. If all of the above doesn't work, we can have a very old spirit tell the stories to curious kids/people to frighten them? Okay, this probably is not going where I want it to :D. ***The Civil Wars*** To me these "wars" feel very unsatisfying. They don't have enough "meat", enough reason, to make you feel that they may result into something big. It's a couple of insignificant groups and Irelia is on cleaning duties...since she has nothing else to do anyway. It doesn't feel problematic enough. Maybe they are, but I personally do not feel like they offer any real threat. Or is it intentionally looking like that? We have Ionia being about unity. On the other hand it's divided into provinces. So what is it? If we can have the continent divided into provinces with different ideals then why did it become such a big problem after the invasion? ***Spirit Magic and Spirit Realm*** I don't quite understand who tried to shut you up? If they were fans, maybe they can share what they think on the matter and offer ideas how to progress? And if they were Rioters then idk why they would do such an unprofessional thing. Everyone should be open to ideas and discussions! I personally really want to learn more about the Spirit Realm. I know that we got a little bit of insight with Lulu's lore update but I want more(also about the celestial realm). Shen is a such good candidate! We had enough of his drama with Zed and following him after his every footstep(and trying to fix his shit). Give the man a break with a relaxing spiritual vacation. ***Vastaya*** I was thinking...humans harness spirit magic but does that magic disappear forever? Isn't it like energy? People can soak magic but when it's used and released, can't the land reabsorb it back somehow? Like in Rakan's/Zed's/Xayah's video, Zed is absorbing the magic in a quinlon(?) but after Xayah destroys it, it spreads the magic around and the land reabsorbs it. I may be interpreting it wrong but ah well. If someone can shed a bit more light? ***Zed and the Order of Shadows*** It depends on how corruptive his doings are? For the Vastaya it may be really bad but for humans it's indifferent? I haven't read Zed's story/ies much but can he use his magic to corrupt other humans? On what scale? I would probably ask why Shen doesn't sense anything but I have already listed my opinion about Zed + Shen. ***Syndra*** To me Syndra is in a very, very weird place. If she is written to be a "villain" we have no one to oppose her unless you make armies and then in the end it just means she may be killed or imprisoned and never mentioned again(there are other options but are unlikely to happen). If she is imprisoned we can have "a la Jhin, gonna use you for my benefits 2.0" and that is already unoriginal + we know that Syndra is in a such "negative" state only because someone tried to use/control her. Doesn't work. Having her killed is also a wasted opportunity. Now, having someone die is not something I am against. But why have her killed when you can have her live twice longer and thus do twice more and bigger stuff? You literally write a character with enormous/limitless potential only to have her killed after she awakens from her enchantment? I know Riot won't kill her right away but I think that is the less beneficial route to take. But then keeping her alive and sway her on the good site(hello goody two-shoes!xD...not) she has nothing to fight against. Who? The Navori Brotherhood and the Noxians who are humans? Bitch, Syndra will wipe the floor so clean with them that the Immortal bastion will start shining in comparison to their faces. ***Foreign Lands*** I will admit that it does look interesting...but(yes the but)...I don't feel like it will happen in a very long time. We just had a new region and it was received poorly. There is no enough information about the region, others judge it unfairly because of Qiyana. And the thing is, releasing a new region means that the narrative team has to work harder and provide enough material for all the regions and when those region increase...and increase...it will just reach a point where they have to stop and maintain what they have, simply because they have limited time. We also have other potential places to explore...to the south of... Runeterra(I forgot the continent name, I am sucker for names ;/) or north of Freljord. I guess you get the idea. P.S. I see no problem with your thread, it's so nice and constructive. If the boards could only be filled with such nice and amazing discussions/threads it would be wonderful. So worry not! All is good. Thx for the invite btw!
Fck this I made a long answer but shit happened. I'll keep this one simple :'( So I agree with almost all of your points, but I'd like to add - On the topic of the wars, I think it's interesting to have them so as to understand Ionia better. Also, while probably not as important as Shurima's History, I refuse to believe that a place so intensely linked to the Spirit Realm haven't had its lot of problems. And who knows, maybe some of these problems still lurk somewhere... _________ Agreed. The Civil War (or what somewhat looks like it) is... Underdevelopped. It has potential tho. Thing is, we don't know jack about what's gonna happen in Ionia, which is problematic because almost every other region have a mostly established direction. You can (mostly) tell what's gonna happen, even thouhg we don't know how it'll play out. The only clue for Ionia is that Noxus will come back eventually... __________ Skipping the magic part because I mostly agree - The problem Vastayas experience is that magic in Ionia has become tamed and calm, while they thrive in places with wild, untamed magic. It's not just the Quinlons, it's the magic itself which humans use. It's problematic because Vastayas are not living well in those conditions, but humans can't live in a place with wild, raw magic. _________ Thing is, Zed steals the magic and converts it into... "dark", twisted magic. I assume not everyone knows that, but still I'd assume what he's doing doesn't go unnoticed... At least not from people like Shen... Also last time someone meddled in Shadow magic, Nocturne was born... So yeah, I do think people should worry! ______ Oh boy. I had this same discussion earlier on the Discord server, and I agree with everything you said. Syndra is currently set up to be either a villain, or a Deus Ex Machina if she turns "nice". I think she'd benefit threats where her powers would actually be useful, but that's something Ionia doesn't have atm. But other than me ranting about that (which I often do), I think right now she's in a state where she's a threat, but not an outright villain, which is a good compromise I think! _______ And yeah I know, I was just throwing a random idea :p _______ Thanks, feels good to know people appreciate my threads :')! Even tho most of them are me talking about Syndra. :p
: It's not really a Civil War that is brewing in Ionia but just a social discord that wasn't there before. Kind of like before and American politics after the least election. It wasn't perfect before but at least people could live in peace with one another and at harmony with the land and now everyone is pulling the nation in different directions. Resistance groups like Irelia wants to fight Noxus, The Navori Brotherhood want to militarize Ionia, zed is willing to use any means to defend his home even resorting to dark spirit magic, dark cabals move in the shadows releasing Jhin and the like. All of this discord has changed the flow of the land permanently and the Ionia has lost its' innocence and can't go back. That's what the core theme is. Not really that another fight is going to break out. Which is why I'm against Noxus coming back for round 2. It wouldn't really accomplish anything.
Civil War rings better than social ruckus tbh. Although yeah, it's nothing like Demacia's current situation of course, but I think the tensions might eventually result in fights between the different 'inner factions' of Ionia, which is what I'm calling Civil War. All this tension may eventually break out into something more than that (or at least, in my opinion!), whether for good or for ill. We know some groups are violent (notably Zed's and the Navori Brotherhood), which is why I think something's gonna break out at some point. Of course, maybe it won't, but then if the only thing you get is tensions and nothing happening, what stories are there to tell? I'm not opposed to Noxus coming back, actually. But I think it all depends on the context. If they come back for round 2 of invasion? Ugh, no. If they come back because a certain Iron Revenant has come back and they need Spiritual knowledge/artifacts/whatever really, then I wouldn't be opposed to it because the context would be different and interesting!
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EdgeLady (NA)
: Let's talk about the big armored Demacian in the room
I myself much prefer the idea that Garen's sword is one of the swords Kayle blessed back then. Thinking about it, the Crownguards are one of the most influential families in Demacia, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to assume they have one (or even several) of the swords. Garen being leader of the Dauntless Vanguard, it's also believable that one of those swords was entrusted to him. I personally dislike the idea of Garen being a mage. He doesn't need that to grow and make him doubt Demacia's current situation and policy. It'd also be redundant with Lux if he tries to hide it, etc. I also think the part where Sylas tells Garen "You don't know do you...?" is about Lux. They were talking about Lux, it makes sense to me.
: [Spoilers] Lux: Issue Nr. 3 - Feedback, Discussion and Questions
> similar to Tamara, everyone's favorite Warmason Sorry who...? Oh, yes, that girl who has more story appearances than half the roster? Yeah, I remember. ______________________________ Good issue tho, sadly doesn't quench my thirst for Winged Protector/Veiled Lady lore but still (and no, the infirmary part doesn't count è.é). I'm patiently waiting for the next one, as so far we've gotten elements we already knew of. I do hope Jarvan III is going to die (no, I'm not sadistic... Or am I?), I need some big shake up. If the first pages of the first issue is anything to go by, Sylas could potentially use the royal palace as a big bomb. I'd like that. Don't have much more to say sadly, I'm not that invested into Lux or Demacia really, unless when it comes to my favourite winged siblings. Great post tho!
: Tristana has special interactions with several of the male yordles; you didn't mention any of them. :c
Edited, thanks. I'm so sorry I actually missed quite a few, was pretty tired when I finished it...
: Can we get a VO Remake roadmap? / What champions need a VO update?
Anyone with a VO shorter than 5, even 10 minutes really. VOs are a great way to show a champion's personality and many champions could use one given how old their VOs are. Some more than others. I'd personally love to see Syndra but hum... Well, not happening. :')
: Ha fuck raspberries , strawberries win again
We raspberries lovers will not fall! We will fight until none of those strawberry heretics are gone! SOLDIERS, ONWARD!
: Tldr: garen 21. Np. Nice list. 9,5/10. Could have ordered it better. Garen should be at the top/bttom of 11+, not the middle
I thought about doing it this way actually, but eventually realized it was easier for me to put it as I did! Sorry if it bothers you in any way!
: Well there goes your weekend
Bah, I've been on vacations for a month, and there are still 2 months of vacations ahead of me, I can afford to lose a week end :p
: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ws6v1mYj,comment-id=00140001,timestamp=2019-07-07T17:53:29.562+0000) > > I actually skipped Heimer. He has more (Vel'Koz and some others). Why you ask? I don't know. I should fix that. > > As for the question, no, I didn't count grouped interactions, only champ-specifix ones! > > Updated it, thanks! My question wasnt clear... it was more like: "Which "groups" get interacted the most in-game?" i did read that you didnt count the "grouped interactions"
Mmh, as I didn't count I don't know exactly, but from what I recall I think it's the Region groups, as well as Yordle group (since there isn't a "Bandle City" group iirc)?
DaliaTM (NA)
: Interesting list, well done! I noticed that you might have missed Twisted Fate's interactions with Graves. The interactions only trigger when he stuns Graves with a yellow card. Apart from that, the rest seems good to me!
: So where do you find out about all the champion interactions? Because I would very much like to know Orianna's.
Eggbread (NA)
: I thought TK had a lot more. Doesn't he interact with a ton more? Im pretty sure he has at least some with Garen and Katarina.
He's listed pretty much everywhere. Keep in mind that this list shows the champions who interact with the highlighted champs, not who the highlighted champs interacts with!
: it's some good work. You missed a few, for example, Irelia can taunt Garen, "IONIA!.... that's what it (something or other)." Camille will taunt Riven after she kills her," aww all of Noxia couldn't put Riven back together again." Camille, has tons of interactions, so, not surprised they weren't all listed. Dunkmaster Darius skin has quite a few, like when he taunts Diana,"so pale and cratered." Has two Maokai taunts, taunts Garen, stuff like that. Diana gets interacted with a merchant in Bilgewater event, something like Diana, did you know something about the moons gravity and the tides. Jinx Taunts Lux during her back in Star Guardian skin, hey Lux, do Star Guardians take breaks. Lunar Eclispe Leona shit talks Diana when she hits her, stop this madness Diana, she also has some coven lines against Lissandra Camille and quite a few others. Overall, good job tracking quite a few, hate to tell you some were missed.
I actually missed the Camille one for Riven. I don't know what happened to the Irelia one to Garen, since I knew it was there and actually noted it in the OG doc...? Same for Garen, Camille has a taunt for him as well, didn't note it...? Anyway, thanks for noting those, I'll edit. As for the skin ones, as I said I didn't include them (this would have been much, much longer and much, much harder). As for the shopper ones, I didn't include them on purpose as well, as I explained earlier, because I wanted it to be centered around champions to champions. I thought about it tho, such as the Lissandra/Ashe/Seju ones from the Howling Abyss, etc, but eventually decided not to add them!
: Quinn references Jarvan IV, Fiora, and Garen in her joke lines. Also, surprised at how much Tahm Kench interacts with other champions.
I did skip Quinn. Same reason for Heimer, idk why. Probably because I was exhausted by then not gonna lie... I'll fix that as well! Actually, nevermind. Quinn _does_ reference these champions, but I explained somewhere else that I didn't take into account when these champions are mentioned only, only when they are the actual trigger. I can understand why this seems bs tho, not sure why I didn't do this...? I could put them as honorable mention somewhere!
: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ws6v1mYj,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-07-07T17:01:02.499+0000) > > DAMN! That's accurate. I myself am a fruit lover and I LOVE mango. do you prefer sour or sweet ones?
I'm a sweet kind of guy. I love everything that is sweet. I like sour ones, of course, but I prefer sweet ones!
: I had never heard Illaoi's interactions with Kindred and now I am, really confused.
I think it's something along the lines of "begone foul spirit"? She has the same for several champs, although they are not classified as grouped interaction so I eventually decided to put them here!
: What about the special interactions towards races like Yordles, Demons, Vastayah or Factions? And Heimerdinger has a interaction towards Viktor: "If you seek to replace all humans, there will be no one left to appreciate your work."
I actually skipped Heimer. He has more (Vel'Koz and some others). Why you ask? I don't know. I should fix that. As for the question, no, I didn't count grouped interactions, only champ-specifix ones! Updated it, thanks!
: You missed on with MF. {{champion:350}} has one too.
: I believe some of her quotes are mislabeled on the Wiki so its better to watch the video for her interactions.
She does, apparently. Can't say I'm surprised tho, since it's MF. :(
: I’m not surprised to see my boy Sol up there. He’s the diss master of boops after all. {{champion:136}} **”Boop”**
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Congrats Fal. That's such a work not gonna lie. More Xerath interactions when cuz he desperately needs compare to others right {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: can I vote for both? or better yet can I vote for mango?
DAMN! That's accurate. I myself am a fruit lover and I LOVE mango.
: I immediately regretted putting strawberry I forgot you could put raspberries on your fingertips as a kid
: Nidalee needs special interactions ;-; my poor main.
: I'm actually really surprised! Good job on that amount of work with the interactions in game. Usually Yuumi is a formerly released champion and that's kinda why. But Shaco has been the most forgotten champion on that list and I'm really surprised about that. {{champion:163}}
Yeah, Yuumi is new so it's understandable. Sucks for Shaco tho. And any champ who has 1 or less interactions actually! Hopefully they'll get more :p
Ðïana (NA)
: Either Akali or Morgana has lines when meeting Diana for the first time I could have sworn. Maybe I'm wrong, I just really really feel like there was a midlaner that greets me when I face them, and that it was one of those two.
Morgana doesn't that much I'm sure given I play her all the time. I don't remember Akali having any interaction towards Diana tho, I'll check!
Ðïana (NA)
: Are you sure it works the way he's describing..? Diana doesn't have voice lines for anyone she meets. They say things TO her, but she doesn't say anything in return unless she just happens to say a random line at the right moment - It's not intentionally aimed at them though. As far as I've found in my years of 1-tricking her, anyway.
Yeah, that's what he said although they seemed to have confused right and left. Left champion (highlighted ones) trigger the quote from other champions, and the ones on the right do the speaking!
: You missed on with MF. {{champion:350}} has one too.
She does? I just checked, can't find it...? What is it exactly?
: Dark Cosmic Jhin interacts with Dark Star Shaco, if I'm not mistaken.
As said in the "rules" I set, skins don't count! Would have been way longer and way more complicated é.è
Νami (EUW)
: Hey, does it have to be direct interactions from a champion to another champion? Neeko mentions wanting to meet Nami but doesn't actually say anything when directly encountering her (kinda weird but yeah). "Hello, Vastaya! Do you know Nami? Is she... nice?" The shop keepers in ARAM don't count as interactions either? "Sorry, I'm fresh out of moonstones." And just for good measure, same for the ones in the Butcher's Bridge variation? Few more for that map! :) https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Butcher%27s_Bridge/Quotes
Nop I didn't count those (only triggered ones)! I'm aware of those but didn't count them (I hesitated but eventually decided not to!) Nop, these ones are included in the special interactions I mentioned alongside the Altars from TT! While these are interesting to talk about I really wanted to focus solely on champions! But hey, nice catch :p
: So do I get this right, the champion on the right, the highlighted one, is the one who triggers an interactions and the champions on the left, the listed ones, are the ones who do the speaking? Which means 19 champions have something specific to say about Garen. Jesus christ this guy is social as fuck for someone who's a stuck up patriot.
: I would like to interact with Lux.
: Good work; can't even imagine the time that went into this. Offhand, Sion and Swain are each missing an interaction from Mordekaiser. In Sion's case, Mordekaiser does reference "Noxians", but he does with Darius as well, and this is still a specific quote to Sion only. Edit: I was wrong about Sion; that quote is a generic quote to any Noxian and not just him.
Weird, I probably forgot for Swain. I know Mordekaiser has quotes for him, dunno why I forgot to put that one O_o Anyway thanks, I'll edit that!
Rioter Comments
: More Lore?
There has been one, I think it was... I don't remember if it was last year or the year before, during Polycount. It was won by Blood Magicks!
Jaspers (EUW)
: One note is that Corki is no longer a Piltover Yordle, he's Bandle City. I think this is Riots way of having a Yordle per region. Which gives me a little fear that they will be making them more fae like where they are influenced by their regions instead of being beings in their own right. Also, the Heimerdinger Journal, while a nice read, is very old, is it wrong to assume he'll get a new story at some point?
> Which gives me a little fear that they will be making them more fae like where they are influenced by their regions instead of being beings in their own right. This is pretty much what Yordles do. They are still beings in their own right, but they "adapt" to their surroundings. I can't provide an actual explanation, but if I had to guess, their Spiritual nature must be what makes it so, I imagine Yordles are influenced by the cultures around them due to that. It still makes them their own persons with their own personalities, but admittedly this is what happens to humans anyway - living in a peculiar culture will influence you (most people, anyway), but with the Yordles being Spiritual in nature, they are more heavily influenced I guess?
: Oh right, let's do some maths. There are 12 or 13 more lore updates this year, if each of them has 3 "useful things" (= color stories or biographies we still need) we can cover 39 of the 63 open stories. The remaining 24 stories would take 4 months into 2020. Of course this doesn't take the biography overhauls of already updated stuff into account, and no new champions and no long stories that would delay this. If the release cadence is lower (only one new bio/color story per update), they would be done by the end of 2021.
Ew, maths. I assume the cadence won't be that regular, but I doubt we'll only get one bio/color per update, so I'd assume we should be good by the middle of 2020...? Although since they prefer to do themed release, I'm not sure how true a statement that is... Okay imma be hopeful and say I'll get what I long for within a year. I never learn do I?
: Missing bios and color stories v2
> Ionia has 13 fully updated champions, but there are a few missing color stories: Karma, Kennen, Syndra (Hi Fal), Yasuo and Zed. Kennen also needs a bio. Hi handsome. :p Oh how I yearn for that Syndra color story... I'm still hoping it'll pop sometimes this year but I highly doubt it... Anyway, if Riot keeps going at the same pace we should have everyone updated sometimes next year? I'm bad at maths but basically I think that's more or less correct?
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