: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QhHqVxtx,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-15T13:04:17.903+0000) > > Did we? I mean maybe, don't recall it. I know he did transmute matter (when he turned Starlord... Idk what it was, some sort of gun, into bubble) When Drax and Mantis charged at him he turned one of them into some jelly cubes and the other into other thing. He reverted them back after he teleported away
Ah, yeah I remember. Well it would be funny (turn Irelia into a blade and turn the blades into Irelias, please Rito), but I don't think it would happen anyway :')
: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QhHqVxtx,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-03-15T12:43:02.710+0000) > > I think you missed the part where I said there would be limits :')! Have we seen Thanos use the Reality stone to transform the Avengers into something else? :p > > My point is, she could be able to transmute matter if my theory's right (which wouldn't be that weird since she can create matter from nothing), but not on humans, it would be too stupid of an ability don't you think? Actually we have seen Thanos do that. Even tho it required an Infinity Stone for that. But yes I agree I dont think she could turn humans into smth else IF your theory is correct
Did we? I mean maybe, don't recall it. I know he did transmute matter (when he turned Starlord... Idk what it was, some sort of gun, into bubble)
: Could she transform people into smth else if your theory is right?
I think you missed the part where I said there would be limits :')! Have we seen Thanos use the Reality stone to transform the Avengers into something else? :p My point is, she could be able to transmute matter if my theory's right (which wouldn't be that weird since she can create matter from nothing), but not on humans, it would be too stupid of an ability don't you think?
Zapzya (OCE)
: Leaching is the chemical process by which a liquid is used to separate solids by dissolving the ones that will dissolve and removing the liquid, leaving the ones that don't dissolve. This can also happen when it rains, dissolving minerals in the soil and carrying them away, leaving the soil less mineral rich and less fertile. So, what I believe is being implied is that Syndra's magic saturates the area, absorbing the wild magic around her, which she then harnesses, separating it from the environment, leaving it less magically rich, thus depriving the living beings of the magic they need to survive.
I mean that could be a possibility. But I don't think that's the case. [Scathelocke's comment](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/R5N1EWq1?comment=0005) makes it sounds like it's not magic theft (actually he does say she doesn't steal magic), hence why I think it's more like toxic wastes rather than just her taking the magic.
Zapzya (OCE)
: Let me just put it in my own words so I can better grasp it, let me know if I got something wrong. She just has such a strong grasp of spirit magic that she can shape it into whatever she wants. She can coalesce it into material like cloth and crystal, concentrate it into dark balls of energy, or even manipulate it into invisible strings for telekinesis. Instead of converting it into elemental power of some form, she just brute forces whatever with pure spirit magic. If this were the case, I strongly believe the energy constraints on shaping magic to material would be need to be quite heavy. Turning energy into matter should be kind of costly in my eyes. Keep in mind, the fallout effect is likely due to the fact that specifically Ionian flora and fauna have some physical dependence on the wild magic around them (assuming similar to vastaya). Ryze talking to Keagan (or however Brand’s name was spelled) describes magic as something that wants to be used, I think he implies it’s all around us. I don’t think that her magic is being turned into anti spirit magic, probably she just uses the spirit magic as fuel, turning one form of energy into another. This leaves the living things with nothing to live off. It could also be possible she has multiple powers, idk what they would be but we can’t rule out the possibility.
You pretty much got it, yeah. As for your second paragraph, no. It has been said that Syndra doesn't drain the magic around her, putting the emphasis on the verb "to leach" which is different than "to leech". Basically her own magic saturates the ambient magic (that's what "leach" does. It's like tea, basically. The tea doesn't drain the water, it "saturates" it with flavour (okay busted example but it illustrates it pretty well)). It wouldn't be "anti-magic" but more like toxic wastes. And it would be the "price to pay" for such power. 'Cause while it doesn't seem to be a big deal, it actually is if it kills everything around (by taking away the magic they feed on). I would say she combines different types of magic (what I call Reality Warping, and some Spirit Magic (which, as I said, is the part that interacts with souls)). And while it does seem strong at first... Bear in mind that we have Spirit Gods, Ascended, and Aspects. And one of Syndra's themes has always been that she's been gifted with incredible power. I think that it would be fitting for a character that is supposed to be an incredibly powerful mage with powers that apparently have never been seen before.
Anl0rian (NA)
: As a Syndra main, I've come to think she has powers like Jean Grey. Powerful telekenisis but can also manifest her power to create things, like you said "warp reality". Like Jean, her potential is limitless, and, as she gets older and her power develops, she will be able to do more than just create spheres of pure dark energy. The term Riot used to describe her Dark Spheres manifesting (sucking sound), doesn't at all sound like that at all. At least not to me.
Well it is not far fetched to say Syndra has similarities with Jean (more precisely The Dark Phoenix from the movies). I don't think Syndra's problem with manifesting magic comes from age. If I had to guess, I'd say she doesn't know how to use that power correctly and that spheres are one of the easiest way for her to manifest this power. Now, I don't think it's impossible to say her power is only telekinesis at a high level. But that's something I'm not sure I would personally like (it _could_ explain her abilities but I feel like in a world with different types of magic, etc, she should be more than that. But that's just personal preference). Now for the Dark Spheres... In the original story (The Dreaming Cave), they were torn from the Spirit Realm (hence the sucking sound), but that was not kept. If I had to guess I'd say the mention if the 'sickening tearing sound' is to put the emphasis on the fact that these are really, really dangerous entities.
: I think it's just anti-magic. She can create entities that nullify magic and create a vacuum that sucks it in. These balls are very dense and she can manipulate them as well. It's like petricite in that sense but it doesn't absorb magic it just "deletes" it. Gives her Void connotations imo so I'm not sure if I like it I think in her design phase back in 2012 up til nowshe was obviously supposed to be a simple "gravity mage", the latest changes are Riot trying to make her more unique/ Worldbuilding so I expect her abilities to behave differently in lore than ingame
Oh boy I was typing and some weird shenanigans happened and got it all deleted... So, let's get back to it... I do not think it's as easy as that. She doesn't "nullify" magic (nor drain it), it's her own magic that leaches (=/= leech) Spirit Magic around her. Think of it like brewing tea, Syndra being the tea and Spirit Magic being the water. I also think magic nullification is a bit bland for a mage that is supposed to be extremely powerful (it _is_ a powerful ability, but I think Syndra's powers are more complex than that). Also it doesn't solve the telekinesis and the crown creation problem. And there's still the soul thingy that magic nullification wouldn't exactly explain :p !
: What's wrong with bad guys being bad? That's what makes villains fun.
A bad guy being bad for the sake of being bad is a poorly written character, to quote Scathelocke. Oh and btw Morgana's never been "bad"
: I think it may have been a mixture of the two to get her where her magic is now, both nature and nurture
Yeah true. What I like though is shadows are not "bad" with her. So there's nothing alarming about her having powers of darkness
: Jellbug mentioned it on Twitter that Morgana's magic got twisted over the years because she rejects her celestial power. I imagine before the whole Ronas her magic would like Kayle's
Actually... I do think Morgana's magic was always dark/shadow-related. The Canticle (even though it cannot fully be trusted) and the bios mention her powers being related to darkness anyway
: I can understand everything to some extent no matter how much I dislike it. But the one thing I simply cannot understand is how they just didn't bother to explain why Morgana has dark powers.
Because Light and Dark are two parts the Aspect of Justice's powers... And these powers... Were split... Between Kayle and Morgana?
Terozu (NA)
: If you're referring to her magical fall out, that doesn't exclude her magic being gravity focused. Her orbs are like mini balls of gravity. Think Demi from FF.
Doesn't explain how she manifested her crown still ^^ And I don't think her orbs are balls of gravity. They are just pure darkness :x I mean it's not impossible but I'd find that explanation very bland :p
Terozu (NA)
: Isn't her power just gravity magic? She can push and attract things, and float things?
While it could explain the telekinesis, it doesn't explain the crown, nor the dark spheres and their interactions with souls, and her own interaction with magic, so I don't think her power is gravity magic :p It's actually a powerful ability, but I don't think that's it for Syndra :p
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d00mface (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Interlocutioner,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=eekdIeA2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-13T00:02:20.026+0000) > But I can say, it's a long term goal for the narrative team here to bring in new voices, and harness the passion of our fans. There have been mysterious conversations. Now this has got me _very_ curious and interested. It would be awesome if there was some way for fans to contribute to the lore no matter how small those contributions would likely end up being. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I concur. I think that it would be awesome if some people could have an impact, a part of themselves with their favourite champ. However. How do you decide who gets to participate in X's lore and who doesn't? I'm afraid it would cause some problems among the community, unless the tributes are chosen by a contest each time? I don't know (we can take that discussion to Lore of League server if you want Doom, it's much better to discuss things there :D)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hI2qgI7G,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-12T09:06:36.616+0000) > > As far as I'm aware, Kayle was always portrayed as a zealous tyrant...? I mean I expected her to be what she currently is, except that now she has potential for character growth and development? Kayle was portrayed as a zealous tyrant from Morgana's point of view, just like how Morgana was portrayed as a corrupted terrorist from Kayle's point of view. The greatness of their old lore was that the opposite champion was always portrayed as the villain, whilst, if you read their part of the story, it's the other way around. Neither Kayle nor Morgana were villains at the end of the day, yet none of them were heroes either. If you read Kayle's lore, you'd find that Kayle doesn't do any of the things she does because she enjoys it, she does it because she's convinced it's necessary. She hid herself behind her armor in shame and regret for the actions she does, and she was even mentioned to try and redeem those she fought against, but was ultimately forced to put them to death in the end. She had empathy, pity, remorse. Now? She's a stubborn, unforgiving, self-righteous, holier-than-thou perfectionist that lets no slight go unnoticed.
Just check my reply to SEKAI, I would pretty much write the same thing. Kayle is not a stupid zealot. Aaaand she can now grow as a character. But hey, if you don't wanna see that, don't.
: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hI2qgI7G,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-12T09:06:36.616+0000) > > As far as I'm aware, Kayle was always portrayed as a zealous tyrant...? I mean I expected her to be what she currently is, except that now she has potential for character growth and development? The old Kayle was at least more compassionate. Because 1. Old Kayle understood the concept of "necessary evil", and fought cautiously with those in mind. 2. Old Kayle attempted to right those who she deemed evil, only the irredeemable received immediate hostility. 3. Old Kayle's morality only became rough because that was the result of 10 thousands years worth of PTSD from a never-ending war (and not even nearly as rough as the new Kayle in her teens). There is a significant difference between someone who fought for order (old Kayle) and tried to keep her methods just even in the face of her clearly withered and tired mind, and the new Kayle who since birth has always been a zealot to her very core that got even worse as time went on. ...... Even if she was always a tyrant, which she wasn't but let's assume that's the case, it still doesn't change my criticism on the more cultural related problem of MANY of today's writers who seemingly are only able to perceive justice and order in the form of tyrannical oppression and other far extreme and twisted mutation of it. Seemingly outright unable to interpret justice and order in any positive language and association. That is a very big problem.
If you search for Jellbug's comments about Kayle (in the AMA, I think, or somewhere on the Boards), you'll see that Kayle is not just a stupid zealot tyrant. She just buried her emotions, because deep down she fears that what she does is not right. She was written this way because it offers her possibilities of growth, as I said. Kayle doesn't kill everyone who's done wrong. She'll apply the correct judgement for the wrong done (eye for an eye). I don't see how that's bad, to be fair. She wants to do good, in the end. She wants a better world. Are her methods appropriate? Probably not. And that's where she has room to grow.
: I believe there's one line that needs to be said toward Kayle's dogmatic view of "justice"
Actually... Kayle craves for a perfect world... I'd say... She needs to hear this line from Steven Universe > If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs https://youtu.be/FL9lImVBjTI?t=109
: That is not a line that needs to be said to Kayle, but her writer, and countless other fellow hacks who can only ever interpret and illustrate any notion of justice and order with some twisted and disgusting flair of zealous tyranny. Depicting a good character being actually good and vice versa is boring, trope-y, and predictable, them hacks all say. Then how the fuck isn't the pervasive (and literally everywhere) flip-flopping of making all good characters tyrants and all evil characters misunderstood saints to a point that is ALL we see being played out, any different than that?
As far as I'm aware, Kayle was always portrayed as a zealous tyrant...? I mean I expected her to be what she currently is, except that now she has potential for character growth and development?
: Favourite place on Runeterra that isn't a region and why?
See that half-fortress flying above Ionia? There goes your answer.
: you make a very good argument but don't forget about their aspect, they're called the aspects of justice and what's currently happening in Demacia is the result of Injustice spreading through the city, and in kayle's color story we learned that when a great injustice happens in a certain area the winged protector will descend to the mortal realm and judge the unjust, Morgana, however, is currently positioned in a forest outside of Demacia (it was confirmed in the AMA) she might be helping the rebels (lead by Sylas) scattered outside of the main city.
The thing is, if Kayle happens, she can wipe out humans easily. Same for Morgana. Hence why I don't want them to be part of this conflict. You could argue that they can fight each other, but they destroyed a whole city in the process last time. Plus now that Kayle has the two halves of the sword and that Morgana doesn't want to use her full powers, a fight would inevitably end in Morgana's defeat. There's also the fact that, who is Kayle going to "cleanse"? The mages, for rebelling and slaughtering people, or the Demacians, for having oppressed the mages during all these years? While Morgana is more about "suffer and repent" so I don't think she'd fight, since everyone has caused harm in this conflict anyway. Don't get me wrong, Morgana's one of my favourite characters and I want lore for her as much as I want lore for Syndra, but I don't think she will soon... I may be mistaken -and in all seriousness I hope I am- but I'm not expecting much :/
: I agree to all the things you've said except one, that we're not getting back to them anytime soon, because they are heavily associated with Demacian lore (they are considered as gods) and in the first half of this year we'll be getting a full novella about the upcoming events in Demacia, and i am pretty sure K&M will have a role to play in that story, i can't wait for it.
Well, I have thought about that too. However, I don't think Kayle and Morgana will be portrayed in the novella. There may be some stuff about The Winged Protector and The Veiled Lady as deities though. I think the novella will focus on the Demacian conflict, and I don't think K&M will be a part of it. I think this conflict should stay a human conflict and that gods (I know they're not gods but you know) should stay out of it... I don't think it'd be as easy as "Morgana with the mages, Kayle with the Demacians" because that's not really how their ideologies work in the end imho
: Lore question regard K&M and the Aspects
Well, [according to Jellbug during the AMA](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/ayfxhw/were_the_rioters_that_reworked_kayle_and_morgana/ei0mshn/), Kayle and Morgana do have a part to play in Runeterra's future. > Their mother's sword falling from the skies was a major moment that denoted something dire happening on a large (Celestial) scale. Also, their mother was chosen as the Aspect of Justice in part because she was pregnant with Kayle and Morgana, who the Aspect knew would exemplify two different sides of justice. So yes, I do think they would have a part to play in Runeterra's salvation and in anything that happens in Targon prime. I know that it's mostly what she thinks, and that as long as it's not on Universe it's not canon, but I do think she's right. If Mihira was partly chosen because she was pregnant with Kayle and Morgana, I doubt Targon wouldn't have any plans for them. Now, the fact that they don't have sentient godlike entities inside of them might make them more volatile (they are "harder to control", at least Morgana, since Kayle is big Targon fangirl). But I do think they'll have something to do against a great threat coming later (at the end of the Canticle, assuming it can be trusted as some sort of prophecy, a threat will rize and be accompanied by Kayle's return). It seems like the most logical course of action for them both. > Kayle & Morgana are less strong than Celestial Aspects because they don't literally have an immortal god in their heads. BUT if they fought together, their opposing beliefs in justice, punishment, and mercy PLUS their different magical abilities would make them much more than the sum of their parts. I'd also like to point that out. While they are not as strong as your typical Hosts (I think it could be debatable depending on which Aspects, given they grow stronger as time goes by, and most of our Hosts (except Zoe) are relatively young, but I think she's speaking in a general), they would be really powerful if they were fighting together. > Kayle and Morgana definitely still have love for each other, even if it's buried under a lot of emotional baggage. If they were to meet again (which I think they should!) they both would need the humility to admit their mistakes. Perhaps this would happen if they encountered a common enemy... And finally this. While this doesn't mean anything (and I'm probably reading too much into it), it sounds like some foreshadowing... Right? Well, let's assume it is (because, even if it's not, Jellbug's right. A common enemy _would_ make them more akin to fight alongside each other), the question would be, what threat? Is it gonna be the Void again? Is it gonna be something else? How is it gonna play out? I think Kayle and Morgana are interesting characters (even though I've seen many people think the contrary), my only real issue being that we don't know much about them in the present, and I doubt we're getting back to them anytime soon, so we'll probably have to wait for a long, long time... :(
: Gods of Runeterra
Funny enough I'm fairly sure a few humans could go toe to toe (if not overwhelm) a few Aspects in the Demi-Gods category :') As to the Spirit of Ionia... I would say it's an entity somewhat comparable to Nagakabouros. When Syndra's story aired, someone said they'd like to see Syndra kick its ass as Scathelocke said "It would be like kicking gravity's butt" (tho I assume in a world where magic exists that's not that unconceivable is it?). My point being it's probably somewhere above the Demi-Gods tier, tho I couldn't say where exactly
: Old league lore was bad, like really bad.
I see a Syndra mention and here I- Wait. Did you call Syndra evil? D:
: I understand what you are saying. I do think Riot holistically "cares" more than most companies, but no to the level you stated. Riot has **strong** favoritism to champions. To deny this is only to lie to yourself. Some of this is influenced by popularity, some by personal preferences of balance/narrative members. I try not going to the level of "these swine ruined my champ!", but I love Shyvana (and Syndra both like a lot.... unhealthy amount of a lot. No seriously it's a problem please help.) so when they destroy her lore and then stayed silent for days... I got upset. I personally made statements like, "They don't care about Shyvana." etc. And sorry buddy, but I still feel that way. Perhaps this is just anecdotal, but I personally asked Meddler 2 months + ago if he could add Scaling with Elder as a QOL buff to Shyvana. His response? Yes! After 2 patches I asked again as it wasn't implemented. Hes said he thought it was and that it will be in 9.4. We are now working on 9.6. Had this been Yasuo do you think Meddler would just ignore it? Shyvanas Lore was out for a few days now, TONS of post have been made with detailed reasons why the lore was incomplete. I personally even complimented cool new aspects it brought, like adding the rune shard, and giving Yvva a reason to wait (the other eggs). Riot made 0 attempts to state why it was changed, that they screwed up and used the wrong notes, (either before or now doesn't matter when), or even that "hey we are looking into this now to make sure we understand what happened guys." Any of those 3 things **instantly** show that Riot care enough to keep us in the loop. Additionally some very optimistic people said "it's change for some future dragon stuff." While this is no longer a rumor since we know it was a mistake now, even if it was why not jump on a post and say "it sounds bad, but you'll see why soon ;) " then all these angry people are now excited! This disconnect exist, there are cases for when Riot does keep the community in the loop. Game play updates is a perfect example, but more often then not. The community is left in the dark about a lot of things. I do not think badly of ANY individual even Meddler in Riot. The way they do their job should not be a reflection on who they are. So I'm sure they are all super cool people. The Art/Narrative team have hit the mark **MANY** times. I know they are much better than what Shyvanas lore offers. However, that just emphasizes my point. Despite them being better than this they obviously skipped out on Shyvana, because shes not popular. I'm sure riot was a bit surprised (I was) by the amount of support for Shyvana that was out there. They were probably hoping that 3 post would appear die and leave her the way she was. Now the issues beckons for a response. To wrap this up nicely. 1. Riot does have favoritism. 2. They do care, but not as much for less popular champions like Shyvana. 3. The amount of times the community feels disconnected exceeds that of when the community feels connected. 4. Riot employees should only criticized for work they a part of never for anything beyond that. They are not monkeys or any other derogatory remarks people make up. They are imperfect humans, that **will** make mistakes. 5. In tandem to that though, Riot needs to own up to more mistakes, and keep community members in the loop. 6. Not up there, but realted, Riot needs to be willing to scrap work "Like Kayles armor." To show they do listen. 7. As for your vote? Close second ;), but I'll give you the yes.
Well, I'll ignore the gameplay parts -not to be disrespectful, but in all honesty I am not very interested in that and I barely follow gameplay news so I have no authority to talk about that. Does Rioters (Narrative) have bias towards some champions? Yes, of course. It's natural to prefer some things over others after all! However, despite that, they do treat all (or at least try to) champions... The thing is, some champions will always have priority because of their status. As mains, we see the full potentials of our favourite champions. But some will always be more important... Let's use an example: I am never expecting Syndra to have nearly as much lore as, let's say, Lissandra, because Lissandra is an old champion who's lived through ages and done quite a lot of stuff. I hate to admit it but she's overall more "important". Don't get me wrong I'm not saying there are non-important champions (otherwise they wouldn't be champions), but some will always have the edge because they are wordlwide threats (Xerath) or very, very popular (hi, Yasuo). As to Shyvana's lore... Well I am sorry I can't comment on that (character doesn't appeal to me), but I trust Riot did these changes because it would be better for storytelling. I do see flaws in it of course. But I do think that they did it for a reason. Now is it right or wrong? It's not my place to tell. I just think that a lot of people should not base their whole judgement on a single bio, and should wait for what's coming next. It may not happen anytime soon (and trust me I know how frustrating that is), but it will happen eventually. Now... Let's see 1. Yes. So do we. Can't exactly blame them... I'm sure they are trying their best! 2. That's true too. But do remember that they have 140+ champions it's hard to give the same attention to all of them. 3. Well they do have jobs and can't be there all the time... They don't even have to so I'm fairly okay with that one :p 4. Yup. Criticism is not a bad thing, being a douche is :p 5. I agree on that. 6. Like they did with Karma? 7. Who? Who outruns me?! Give me a name! And I shall eliminate the threat! D:
: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fuTUKIYw,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-07T11:39:16.572+0000) > > {{champion:134}} is one of the Black Mist's biggest threat due to her magical fallout. We don't know what type of magic is the Black Mist, but if we assume it's Spirit Magic (and there isn't much to support that) that's entirely possible... Right? IF it is spirit magic, yes. But it might be different than Spiritual magic most prob since its more necromancy and undead. It might be the exact opposite actually.
Read. Title. Of. Thread. Jesus Christ.
: The Unsupported Speculation Thread
{{champion:134}} is one of the Black Mist's biggest threat due to her magical fallout. We don't know what type of magic is the Black Mist, but if we assume it's Spirit Magic (and there isn't much to support that) that's entirely possible... Right?
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: Your voting options are bad and you should feel bad.
But... But... Syndra... D:
Quepha (NA)
: Nah, Riot deserves what they get for rewriting lore people have been attached to for years.
I guess you can't change everyone's mind, mh? What Pride makes us do really...
: No, you're NOT my favorite Syndra fanboy {{champion:13}} I O N I A N T H O T
This hurts me a lot :(
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: I don't think it's an acceptable answer. Those traits of her personality don't manifest themselves in any point of her lore, so they might as well be headcanon.
I mean I do get that impression as I listen her VO honestly. Soooo... Not headcanon?
Zapzya (OCE)
: "Kayle is blind to the past - she refuses to acknowledge mistakes she has made." Possibly my least favourite character trait. I don't think I have any real enthusiasm for Kayle if this is where they are taking her character. I really hope it does not last and she grows out of it quickly.
"Quickly"? What's the point of personal character development if they can overcome their flaws "quickly"? :p
: Morgana's flaws
[Jellbug's answer 1](https://twitter.com/Jellbug/status/1098033345072484353) [Jellbug's answer 2](https://twitter.com/Jellbug/status/1098033578464538624) There you go. Neither of them is perfect, and neither of them is bad. They have different views on justice. Kayle believes sinners should be purged because she does not believe in redemption. Morgana seems to believe everyone deserves a second chance. Justice is not one dimensional, and both the aspects of it they represent is different, but they complete each other. I don't get why people think Kayle is bad and Morgana perfect. That's not the impression I get when I listen to their VOs.
Phhase (NA)
: I mean of course it's a legend but that doesn't excuse poor characterization. It feels more like an error than an exaggerated detail to me. Yeah, the current state is weird. I also don't understand exactly WHAT they are. Their mom was the Aspect of Justice. So what are they? Is their mom dead? Why do they have her sword? What even are their "job titles"? Though I know there's supposed to be some mystique, it feels poorly explained.
I don't think it's an error honestly. Exaggerations in stories aren't unheard of, and as I said, assuming it really happened, it may not have happened like that. I'd say the story happened differently and was shortened. We can also imagine it was made easier to understand for children (it's a grandmother telling it to her grandson after all). All things considered, I don't think it is that bad. I wouldn't have been as generous had it been an actual story, but given the circumstances I can understand it. What they are... Well, from what I understand, they are not the Aspect of Justice. They just share its power (light and dark were both parts of the Aspect's power). They are half mortal and half celestial by birth (unlike the Hosts who are just... Well, hosts). What happened to their mom and why they have the sword will probably be revealed in a story (as they usually say, some things are more interesting explained in a story than just dumped in a bio). What really bugs me is their ambitions and goals in the present...
Phhase (NA)
: Morgana Story question
It's a legend. It may be true, it may not be true, but in any case it must have deviated from the original story. What happens as the grandmother tells might not be in details what happened in reality (assuming it did happen). It is emphasized to show his guilt clearly in my not-so-humble opinion. On another note I just have one problem with K&M's update. It's great and all, love the stories, bios and Canticles... But I have no idea where they currently are and what they are up to. And while I know I "have to wait and see" I don't know how long I have to wait in order to have more stuff on them... And I fear it will be long :/
: How much lore do you know?
Read everything once. I'm currently re-reading everything. Can't wait to read The Dreaming Pool for the 8th time or so. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Is Diana the Key to Defeating the Darkin? [Lore Dive]
So from what understand this is a discussion about destroying a Darkin (like, not just defeating them to send them back into their weapons but... Killing them completely). But some people are discussing both so let's see! **Killing/freeing a Darkin** I'll start by [linking this](https://twitter.com/LaurieGoulding/status/1101404168906928128?s=19). The reason why I don't think Diana (at least not alone) is the key to the Darkin being defeated is because the actual Aspect of Twilight is a trickster and wouldn't let the keys to the Darkins freedom in another Aspect's hands. On another note, we don't know if the spell that trapped the Darkins was related to the moon. And the Darkins are very different from Ascended (iirc they no longer have the celestial powers they once had, and the celestial concept they used to embody has been wiped out). And even if that's not a real argument, from a storytelling point of view, I don't think it would be that interesting to find out that the key to an immortal threat that has survived through millenias is just a single woman (even if she is an Aspect). I would like it better if there were several pieces to complete the puzzle. Their souls are still there... Maybe something that has to do with souls (Illaoi, Syndra, Ahri(???), Morgana...) could be a part of the equation (not the key but at least one of the pieces the solve the riddle). **Fighting a Darkin** The problem in that case is that it all depends on who is the Darkin and what is the amount of flesh it has gathered. Assuming it is just a Darkin in a single host in a neutral environment (that is to say, no supply of flesh) I can see a few who could defeat the Darkin. The Ascended, Aspects maybe, Celestials (Bard/A.Sol), and some humans/ex-humans/weird shit (I'm thinking Ryze, Lissandra, Syndra, Mordekaiser, Vladimir probably)... The key is to either be resistant to whistand the attacks or to not let them come close (They can't hit and their own flesh will decay so...). I don't think current Darkins are the best opponents against powerful mages anyway (if they can't have a really good amount of flesh at least). Varus would be an exception because of his peculiar form and his ranged abilities!
: I understand what you are saying but still, they could have worked from the Frozen Watchers they in no way needed to change the whole Frejlord to this extent.
Well they could have been two different things (like, naming the current Watchers something else), but I don't think it's too much of a problem in the end. These changes have been planned for a really, really long time. They judged it would be more interesting to tie that to the Void. And while I do understand that the change might be bothering at first, in the end it's not that big of a deal. Frozen Watchers were a remnant of the old lore, and I think it's great that they've changed it. And now that things are being settled, they're super, super unlikely to change that since they seem to have a clear direction for that. I don't think we'll ever see big ass retcons such as the Darkin one (as we were led to believe they were alien invaders but that was changed very soon, unlike Lissandra's lore who had not been touched for a while), so might as well go on with what we've got anyway!
: How come Freljord lore changes are always so extreme?
> not every playable character has to be connected Big oof. Trust me, it feels really bad when a character is super detached from other characters, my prime example being Syndra. It's super annoying when a champion is there but has no links to anyone. Anyway, as to Lissandra's character, her character changed because the Frozen Watchers from back then are not the same as the current Watchers. And Lissandra would be stupid to ally with them because they want to destroy the physical world while Lissandra seeks to... I don't really know, dominate it? > There was nothing else to it, she was simply evil and I liked that See, that's one of the problems. It's not so much about morally grey, but complex characters. Some characters are fine the way they are, but Lissandra is supposed to be a mastermind, a ~~plants with implants~~ plan within plants person. I guess that's why they made her her own thing, not just a servant, which would have been very underwhelming. I much rather a character with complexity than a pure HURR DURR I WANT POWER REEEEEE. Some would be fine like that, but I don't think it suits smart masterminds like Lissandra (or LeBlanc, who I hope won't be that). I think she's more interesting as a character now than she previously was (as per most updated champions actually).
: I love syndra to receive a new splash too. Imagine her sitting in her floating castle waiting for a challenger or looking down(double meaning) on the mortals below her castle.
: Ionian Language (Constructed Scripts)
{{sticker:sg-zephyr}} That's. Pure genius. This leaves me breathless. Good. Fcking. Job. You're incredible!
: @Reav3 Next Champ to receive a Splash Art Update
I'd love for Sivir {{champion:15}} to get a new one honestly! Annie {{champion:1}} should be a candidate too after her lore update but it wouldn't match her in-game model so... What I love about newer splashes is that they seem to be set in "action" (well, apart from Kayle and Morgana). There seem to be a story in the splashes! She's definitely not the worst offender, but I'd love Syndra {{champion:134}} to get one to match that aesthetic someday (obviously I am biased)! I am not that interested in skin splash tho so I'll leave it at that :p
: wait... that is said in the lore???
She doesn't have sex with her victim. She kills them before. :')
Reiizm (NA)
: Lore facts that sound like bullshit but are actually 100% true
: Why Do You Play A Champion?
_"Power without limit"_ -Syndra {{champion:134}} Syndra is my favourite character. Ever since I decided to read lore -back when IoW was still a thing- Syndra's themes have been appealing to me. Not only is she powerful, she is also not afraid of using that power. It is hers by right, and she doesn't care about balance in the end. Well, her new lore is a bit different, but in the end it doesn't matter because the core of her character is still here. She can grow and can become so much more than what she is. She is a human born with incredible powers, unlike other Runeterran characters who used knowledge/other weird shenanigans to access power. And from what we know, I doubt even she grasps what her true potential is. Anyway she basically is everything that appeal to me in a character: unleashed power. A bit sad she doesn't have the ever-growing thing anymore but I can live with that! _"Feel something! Anything!_ -Morgana {{champion:25}} This one's a bit trickier. Morgana was my first main, because I liked her kit. She didn't have much lore back then, but now that she's been updated, oh boy. Her new look and lore are awesome. I love the dark-fire thematic. I just overall like her as a character! I can't say as much as I did with Syndra because I still need her color story, but I'll love her no matter what!
: Does mana exist in LOL lore?
Mana as we know it probably doesn't exist in lore. But there probably is a similar concept, as I assume mages can't use their magic forever in a short timespan. I'd say it's just magic, and depending on the amount you posess, you are stronger/last longer using your magic!
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Falrein,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=crEOvMax,comment-id=0009000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-27T15:37:00.603+0000) > > I don't know. I'm not sure how equal they are in term of power. I'd say they are roughly equal but I know that on Lore of League server, I'm the only on to think so... Honestly I think it would depend on the effect that the Black Mist would have on her magic, and we have no idea what could happen if the two meet (yet).
I don't think they'll ever meet. It'd be cool tho! But I think you should ask the other way around: what effect would her magic have on the Black Mist (after, she got the magical fallout)!
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