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: Kennen Visual Update Interpretation
Good job my dude :) It looks fairly better, since every champion is getting a visual update here and there..why not kennen too? having those long legs gave me some ideas on his movement...wich if theyre going to happen, it would look very nice ... but yeah, nice work, start doing some improvements on other champs :D ( maybe like udyr? :) )
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Is there or will be any way to like uh, somehow make us get a bigger chance of winning a skin shard we want?Like playing the champ that owns that skin to the max, or reaching like mastery lvl 10 ( when it gets avaibable, if it gets tho ) ?
: i think there will be a limited dice, reroll or something like that
maybe about 5~10 per user idk..
Drugoth (NA)
: Not so much rude as it is patronizing. I'm sure if you dropped the "kid" bit you'd sound a bit less snarky and wouldn't have to begin your statement with a worthless excuse because you were indeed intending to be rude in the first place.
Thanks my friend..but i get it, yes, it was a bit kid talking but hey, THIS IS AWESOME
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
So here´s my point: I have 4 champs with Masterie Level 5 , and i usually play them a, imagine that i get a very good rank (S/S-)...what are the probailities of me getting a skin for that specific champion? ( I just wanted Project:{{champion:11}} and maybe High Noon{{champion:157}} ( Shockblade{{champion:238}} too :D ))
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Chakraa (NA)
: The One thing League is Missing
well..thats a very good way to make ur favourite champs to get´s like Riot asking you this:What wore the champs u had more wins with?..that is a trap...because ur giving them answers to "who should i nerf?" Rest In Peace {{champion:16}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:112}} ._.

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