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: Plz stop rubbing my nose in being bad... im trying.
You shouldn't have cheated by getting boosted. I have no sympathy. Its basically the same as the people crying because they got banned in Overwatch for cheating? What did you expect to happen? You tried to cheat the system.
: Man has a point. Profit before quality (or the workers that make us all that money), that's our corporate motto in America.
That's because you have no regulatory body or trading standards in America so corporations can get away with a lot more in the United States then in European countries. Its why a lot of companies go "stateside" or "base" themselves in the state because of the complete lack of standards regulations that would not fly with the rest of the world.
: Don't worry, people :) Riot knows they made mistakes :) And I know they will fix them :) I trust Riot :) I love Riot and League of Legends :) Don't let 1 patch ruin it all :)
Then you are an idiot. Trusting an American company, thats like trusting a rabid dog not to bite you.
: > [{quoted}](name=FederationFurry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MAI9PLkK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-17T20:06:34.628+0000) > > {{champion:44}} had a point and click stun and was not "boring" to people like me who prefer safety and utility over balls-out offence. His loss made him a lot less reliable to counter assassins which he could do with his stun. Well point click cc is unhwalthy for the game. Riot is slowly removing it. Tarics, gone. Pantheons soon gone. Fiddles soon gone. See where I'm getting at here? We're moving past point click cc. It's unfun, unhealthy. Basic p/c cc for empowered auto attacks will be it. Not to mention he's better at countering assasins now? Invulnerability before the fight, a shield and a heal and a stun. What did the old one have? Like one stun that would get stopped by a nights veil? Yeah.
Its not unhealthy, its just a hard counter to assassins who already have the best damage and mobility in the game.
: Okay hit taric was utterly useless back then, boring to play, and too simple. Literally became a joke. As for aatrox, the revive was the last close thing to *old aatrox* but it isn't iconic to him. There's other revives in the game.
{{champion:44}} had a point and click stun and was not "boring" to people like me who prefer safety and utility over balls-out offence. His loss made him a lot less reliable to counter assassins which he could do with his stun.
: No. He was always supposed to be a Drain Tank and that is still preserved. His Revive was a gimmick, that's it. I am glad to have it removed (and before you go REEEE u dont play aatrox! I had over 400k on old Aatrox)
Its really the one thing about him that I remember, without it, he's just a worth and less Favorited {{champion:92}}. I don't play him myself but I feel sorry for those that do.
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TimeToTroll (EUNE)
: I had a bit difficulty understanding your points, because it seemed as if you contradicted your own opinion several times, Jamaree seems to feel that too. This probably doesn't sound genuine coming from a Riven main, but I just thought I would allow a Riven main's opinion to be explored as well. My peak rank was diamond 2, so you don't have to worry about, (can we trust that he can speak op for riven mains?) In my experience, when I attempt to trade with somebody level 1, I'm likely to take slightly less if not equal damage to them, so trading isn't as unfair as you make it sound, she will deal just about 50% of your health and be close if not 50% from the same trade. Tell you what mate, if Riven was at 100 on a scale and some other champion was 99 then 98 and so on, take 50 away from riven and whoever was 99 will be at the top of the scale now, there will always be THE strongest trading champion, and I would argue that isn't Riven right now. You mentioned being tower dived at level 4, a Riven won't be able to take more than 4 shots from turret in maximum, getting away with tower diving level 4 requires not only for the dived one to not do anything, but also have severely low health, and in those circumstances any champion can be tower dived. 1 of your problems was that Riven zoned you early, what's wrong with that? When I play Riven I have to endure the same with Jayce, Vlad, Kennen, Gnar and some melee level 1, you do know Darius is stronger level 1, right? Camille too. I sacrifice a bit of my health to get the 3 melee minions and then I don't receive any gold until the third wave is down. There was 1 thing you said that bothered me though, and that's level advantage, nobody can zone you so hard you aren't in minion range, otherwise just fight them, a situation described as such will mean that that person will be taking tremendous minion damage and you won't. Riven already received a huge nerf on her E by 4 seconds, more nerfs and I'll be forced to switch main. I get what you are saying, and if there is a justified way to nerf Riven, so be it, but I just can't sympathize with your arguments, they sound more like a personal grudge and highly stretched from the truth.
She has 4 dashes... no other champion has that? Mobility and Damage are the current issues in League
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZpJz1e8O,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-07-16T22:16:56.868+0000) > > If you are letting a jugg just walk over you and your team like that, that is more on you then him. So, juggernauts aren't being played by people now? They're all just AI? You're saying that as if playing a juggernaut isn't viable at all, despite the great performance most of them have been seeing in higher levels of play.
Well yeah, Juggernauts don't really take any intelligence
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: and what champions do not have this trade off now? you think every champion is good by default against everything?
Pretty much yes, items make most champions (Or at least the Riot "favourites") good against everything
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: what did the old champions have as a trade off?
For example, if you were facing high magic damage, you would pick {{champion:3}}. He wouldn't be that useful against an AD team.
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: "why are league players so selfish?" i'll tell you why. rank and glory. they care about nothing except their rank. and will treat others by their rank. you a higher rank than them? they'll act all buddy buddy with you and act as if you were old friends. lower rank? they'll pretend you dont exist. but what they don't realize (or care) is that ranks don't mean jack shit to the real world.
But unless you are Challenger rank and going to be on an LCS Team (Which if you are over 25... kiss your chances of that goodbye), then it simply does not matter and NOBODY is going to revere you for that if you act like an arrogant idiot.
: >when actually skill matters very little in the current age Oof.
"Oof", betrays your age I think a little and its true. Especially in the era of "more damage to the detriment of everything else". Riot care more about flashy gameplay then interesting mechanics and slower, more strategic play.
: > [{quoted}](name=FederationFurry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2gX8RUQV,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-07-10T15:27:57.126+0000) > > The arrogance here is part of the problem Why? And how am I arrogant? In the highest elos, it's known. The champs you provided have all better version of themselves, you should cry about them, before you cry about ones you listed, sounds logical to me.
You expect people to care and think it adds weight to your opinion... sorry buster but your opinion is worth just as much as the rest of us grunts. Don't have such an over-inflated ego. Your rank means nothing in the real world and its about time you understood that.
: What are these things you are saying, post after post, same shit lol? Selfish? Do you know any better strategy to play soloQ, where only thing you can control is yourself? You call it selfishness, I call it part of strategy. And yes, when you come to boards, crying about how Trynd, Nasus, Vayne and Veig are awfully broken, when there isn't reason to pick them until their better versions are banned, I call it "low elo problems". You are common kind of person in this community, I call them "blamers". It's enough to go through your discussions to see that. I call it ignorance. (If you don't like something, propose changes, not just "Riot has to step up" kind of shit, how in the hell are you ging to solve arrogance? Smurfing isn't even problem, just climb...)
You are a common kind of person that has to perform a mass delusion where you believe that any issue with the game is down to "your skill" when actually skill matters very little in the current age. I love these mental gymnastics. You need to believe that you somehow matter... its pathetic. Riot need to start detecting smurf accounts and banning them when people try to cheat the system. You can never give people too much freedom because they just abuse it.
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: Sounds like low elo problems honestly. Every single one of these champs have better version of themselves. Trynd - Cammile, Jax Vayne - Kaisa Nasus - everything lol Veig - safer champs with good scaling like Vlad and Ryze, always good Ahri, Zoe as well
> [{quoted}](name=CrazyMonkeyCZ,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2gX8RUQV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-10T10:51:04.521+0000) > > Sounds like low elo problems honestly. Every single one of these champs have better version of themselves. > > Trynd - Cammile, Jax > Vayne - Kaisa > Nasus - everything lol > Veig - safer champs with good scaling like Vlad and Ryze, always good Ahri, Zoe as well The arrogance here is part of the problem
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Sillae (NA)
: Remember when they removed Irelia's extra shield damage?
Nah, its because of {{champion:92}}. They can't nerf her because of skin sales so they are creating a hard counter
: Basically you said I'm right. Like again proving you are nothing but a troll saying stuff for attention since your post could not be more wrong. Since you're just wrong and UNLIKE YOU I USED PROOF whereas you have nothing.
Shill alert... you arn't going to be an admin so learn to think for yourself.
: Are you trolling? Like WTF. Zoe HAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CLEAREST FOCUSES IN THE WHILE GAME you pick zoe because she can easily pick people off that is it. You lose aoe cc, sustain damage, aoe damage, peel, etc. Like wtf are you talking about "these champions as you do not need to really give up anything to play these." That show you shouldn't be talking about this since that is SO FUCKING WRONG it hurts my head. LIKE ZOE HAS MORE COUNTER PLAY THEN ANNIE stop being biased please. Zoe has doesn't have a lot of mobility if you think she does you fucking lying. Annie is bad not because she has to little it's the opposite she has too MUCH point and click cc,peel, self peel, single target burst damage, aoe burst damage, poke,and aoe cc like that is MUCH MORE THEN ZOE and unlike zoe you can't dodge her abilities. THE REASON THE MAJORITY OF CHAMPIONS ARE REWORK IS BECAUSE THERE KITS ARE DO TO MUCH. Akali could not be buffed without being broken, Aatrox could not be buffed without him being broken, mundo unkillable damage dealer when he is good. Like old champions were general champions that's why they are bad since riot can't buff them without them being too good. So stop with this bs you're just showing your biased as fuck. Like champions are designed around core strengths zoe's kit based around her q and not much else.
Riot shill alert... I didn't read it past the first line. Don't worry, I'm sure the admin will pat you on the head and feed you a cookie.
: Nah, this is the first sign of blaming something else, rather than finding mistakes made by you. "My god, these meta slaves, I can't win", yet there are high elo mains of every single champ with various builds/runes.
Nope, I didn't say I can't win... I just don't enjoy winning because the game is in such a horrible state, I feel like its not me.
Julevi (EUW)
: First of all: I read your whole post but chose to not make a statement about the "drug-addicted family member" as I personally find the comparison more than tasteless. Riot Games is a company which major interest is profiting of you as a player. You either "pay" with your time or actually invest money in the game. Encountering a problem normally leads to some questions: * What's the problem? * Are you able to fix it yourself? * Is it something Riot can fix easily? If yes, how? * Are you part of the problem? * Does Riot choose to ignore the actual issue? Sorry to say that: you, as a player alone, have not much power to change anything. But as a community the whole thing changes. When you dislike something in-game there are various options how you could handle the situation, for that let me give you an **imaginary** example first (not my actual opinion). Statement: the pass is way too expensive (=problem). I am not able to fix it myself and I am not involved as a leading part of the problem. Riot could fix it easily, when they adjust the price as soon as possible. They try ignoring the up-coming complains and focus on making more and more money. So, we encountered an actual issue. We, as a community, could try **raising awareness **and **putting pressure** on them so they feel forced to make a change, usually this happens due to **boycotting ** as you refuse to pay them a single buck for this pass (the financial aspect). Or we **boycott the game as a whole** (playtime aspect). Drastically changing shapes and figures need attention of their side and force them to actual do something. That was one example where "Don't like it? Leave" could actually work. Some people here on the boards complain about ideas/believes they personally dislike but a majority of the community does support (partially). I won't go to a catholic private school and then moan about attending religious actions so I shouldn't play this game and then be pissed about their applied rules. [Example] You think calling your teammates "%%%" is okay because your teammates "provoked" it as they called you noob and idiot once? Now you had to face the consequences (ban) and I see already the upcoming anger in your eyes. You try blaming Riot for it but it was your decision alone to call them like that. "%%%%%% is a normal word, I use it all the name. You are all pussies" is the justifciation of yours but we a lot of us disagree with you. Throwing your fist and demanding a change in this field just because you couldn't stick to the rules. You are part of the problem and don't see it at all. You are not able to follow those simple rules and would do it over and over again? "Don't like it? Leave" - there are games out there who fit your needs and language. League of Legends does not revolve around you. Complaining is okay and questioning the companies decisions is even better - but I rarely see any useful suggestions how they could/should fix it.
Well if Riot weren't so greedy, selfish and sexist... we might have a shot at being listened to but people like you who act like shills are the reason why this company will never change and why League has fallen from grace.
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nm1010 (NA)
: More powerful for sure, but his early game playstyle definitely changed and he did lose things like his damage amp. If we take Akali for example, * She kept her hybrid scaling and healing, but it was easier to use. * Her old q bonus damage became a passive with speed ups and no target limiting. It is also gained a lower cool down effectively. * Her w was basically the same, but the new one was stronger with a completely new (and broken) mechanic known as obscured. * Her old e was turned into her ranged cone q and she got a new e that was an entirely power creeped ability. * Her R gained a stun and execute damage in exchange for a "real" cool down and having to hit e for one of the gap closers. It also is no longer targeted, so Akali had much more freedom of mobility. * She also got buffs to her AD base and AD growth. She lost nothing other than some hp + regen and Akali was arguably LESS power creeped than Irelia.
Nice analysis... this is completely true.
: Jesus, you are so incapable of doing what I asked you to do, that I'm going to prove your point by myself. Vayne - buffs that maked her strong as fuck Riven - buffs, buffs and buffs over years Thresh - kept in meta since his realese Sivir Nasus Kennen Sona Lee sin etc. I asked you for old kits, Mord nor Swain kept their kits, they were power crept by changes, not by numbers, that's what I asked for... Came here to argue over something you were right about, but I'm more angry now...
Redesigned kits are still BASED on the champions original kit so I would still count that as power creep
: Jayce, Kennen, J4, Leesin, Gragas, Olaf, Sivir, Ez, Thresh and few others. But sure, you can say that all of them were power crept.
Most of them have ALWAYS been powerful or high on the tier list. I don't really see why {{champion:59}} should remove half your health just for pressing R.
nm1010 (NA)
: Swain is actually one of the worst examples of this. He lost several features of his old kit and was limited in multiple ways. A much better example would've been {{champion:39}} or {{champion:84}}. Both of them kept the essence of their old kit, but with added features on top of it.
Ok then, lets use them instead. I'm mainly a mage player and I find Swain more power then his old kit but I guess he lost a lot of his AOE damage with the rework. So yes, Irelia and Akali work better.
: No, give me an exemple of old kit, that was power crept to keep with new ones. Mordes kit is new, I want old one.
{{champion:50}} - His kit is basically the same but was power crept with additional features like the whole soul ripping thing and he's getting additional changes soon to up his power.
: No, give me exemple of old champ that was powercrept while keeping his kit. Morde is new champ, I asked for old one.
Morde is an old champ that has been reworked with clear power creep. Feel free to go look it up.
: If new champs don't have weaknesses, why are they still played side by side with many old champs.
Because many old champions have been power crept up so they can keep up with modern designs.
: Does anyone else find it strange that they're calling 2019 the "age of entitlement" yet only mention one Champion from 2019?
The argument applies to {{champion:350}}, {{champion:517}}, {{champion:246}} etc... Even reworked champions have gotten this treatment, like {{champion:82}}
: Please do not spread misinformation. Zoe does not "steal summoner spells", she retrieves them. If you use your Flash, and Zoe collects the Spell Shard, do you no longer have your Flash? Of course not. You still have it, so nothing was stolen from you.
I stand corrected then, doesn't change the point, its a gimmick, nothing more.
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Kazamaru (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FederationFurry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iAlxp5XJ,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-07-01T03:02:54.189+0000) > > IP ban people... probably solved Whelp, I guess my wife and I both get insta-permabanned. And all households that have multiple people playing get destroyed. This seems like a really bad solution.
Your problem, not anyone elses... don't be toxic then
Kazamaru (NA)
: So while I don't complain about ranked being unfair, I can understand the complaints of those who do hold that it is indeed unfair. With regard to normals, that is the place to play with friends and family. Ranked is a competitive format, so boosting a friend is not appropriate. However, playing together in normals is a good healthy way of having fun playing with peoples.(Also, of course, flex queue is great for those more competitively minded groups.) So there is no hypocrisy for indeed the difference itself is in the formats themselves. I am sad to hear that your fun is being compromised in normals by smurfs though.
If you give people the option to have an unfair advantage... they will... human nature.
Kazamaru (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iAlxp5XJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-01T02:20:20.017+0000) > > Smurfs are toxic to the game. Riot only allows them because They only care about $$ and not the game itself. How can Riot legitimately prevent smurfs? It's free to make an account. So, yes they can try to endlessly ban accounts with the same IP address.(Killing players who happen to live in the same place as others.) I'm sure Riot would also love to prevent certain players that have had over 5 accounts permabanned to just not be able to make an account for 5 years, but their setup just doesn't allow for that to happen. So while I do think Riot should add algorithms to ensure smurfs play with smurfs(or against bots) getting rid of smurfs is impossible.
IP ban people... probably solved
: Smurfs are toxic to the game. Riot only allows them because They only care about $$ and not the game itself.
Yup and it drives people away, most of my friends have already left this game because people abuse smurfs so much
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: I went into a ranked game with a 27% win rate and I played vayne in the bot lane and won that game. You can't judge someone by their loss streak.
: If you have not learned this from the internet before League came into being you have been living under a rock. The types of beahvior you can see in the game and even on the boards is nothing new >.< .
and yet nobody does anything to deal with it
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: Its really annoying that I can tell who's going to win a game 80% time just by going on OP.GG
Balancing is impossible because every player has attempted to abuse the system in order to get easier games. People deliberately queue with smurfs so its the player's fault.
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