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: That's true - however, the collection of just 5 gives swain a strange playstyle - you go hella aggro until you get ur fives stacks, and then you just kinda derp around until your ult is ready to kill some fukers. Maybe a good idea would be to give him infinite stacking capability, but have them go away after a set time, like syndra's balls. That way, a truly stacky Swain's ult would be scary af, but a shitty swain would be equally unscary. And it would add some complexity to his soul thing which is currently "throw shit towards enemy. heal. ult with automatic full stack. repeat until Noxus reigns"
But... Why would you stop going aggro? You don't get more fragments, but you still get the heals even at max stacks. There's no reason not to, you still have your combat heals to trade with even without ultimate. Your trade potential hasn't lowered at all.
: they do give some health, but often all that does is return a bit of the health you used to engage on a person, generally for the sole purpose of getting that last fragment for your ult. When I'm playing the SexyMan, I often don't pay attention to those unless i'm deciding if I have enough juice to ult.
But if what you just said happened, then doesn't it mean you just won your trade because you got refunded a part of your health, and maybe lost less than your opponent? So it actually had a value in that trade, and it doesn't only works for the ultimate. So why buffing it adding unneeded complexity?
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Jungle has more impact not because junglers are Op, not because of the XP, not because of the ganking paths and whatsoever. Jungle has more impact because current state of the game is snowbally. Lets take a look at season 5 foe example? You could get ganked, killed and still catch up if you are good and come out victorious. In this state of the game, you are fcked up after a single succesfull gank. Not because jungle is op but because your opponent will wreck you and take your turret which means = lost lane. It isnt jungle, its any roam actually. If mid laner roams top and kill enemy top laner its all the same. In order to fix that, Riot doesn't have to nerf or change jungle bit instead, to buff objectives. - buff turrets - buff dragon (no jungler should be able to solo drake before he finishes his jungle item. - buff heralds damage. Herald is nothing but a wall of meat that deals no damage but has tons of hp. Thats all.
Also lower gold and exp reward per kill. Or, if games end up too long, just raise ambient gold instead. This way kills are less meaningful and snowballing is further reduced, without lenghtening phases durations again.
: Absolutly no way Liandry gets through like this
{{champion:75}} 's ult + {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} "Hey, look! I'm not even autoattacking you!"
: My problem with the Assassin meta is that if they got even a little ahead squishy champs weren't allowed to play the game. Case and point: Not saying the ADC meta is much better but that might just be me.
Actually, I think the problem with the Assassin meta is that if they got even a little ahead TANKY champs weren't allowed to play the game, not the squishy ones. As a mage, you could still "hope" to try and get them from range. After all, assassins die as fast as they kill when it's their meta. And as a marksman, well, you could just do the most damage you can to the frontline before popping out. But as a tank that wants to peel for his team, a fed assassin in assassin meta is a nightmare. They can't do damage and they can't cc, because they get popped just as fast as a squishy champion, without being able to do anything at all.
: It has a 2 second cooldown. And if a 10 second Kleptomancy would be too strong on GP/Nasus, it would also be too strong on Jax/Fiora or whoever else uses it, because they get the same amount of Value from it. You don't balance GP OR Kleptomancy by expecting GP players to be dumb enough to over extend trying to get some more Q's in.
Yeah, you're right about the cd part, got carried away when writing. But the second part is still up. The problem with GP and Nasus is that, with Klepto, they are not using their spells in the way they are meant to be. A GP that only uses Q on you is supposed to get punished in mid game, both for unupgraded ult and for lack of enough gold (GP doesn't get the gold from Q as a free bonus; it's power budget wasted, and he needs to get that extra gold because he is balanced around having more gold than enemies at all times). Same with Nasus. Because yes, a GP will not overextend to shoot Q's at you, but if you are in farming range and he has to choose between shooting a minion or killing that minion with an auto and then shoot at you he will always choose the second, because Klepto is more powerful than his Q's passive. But if Klepto is on cd, he won't, and will actually shoot the minion and still get extra gold, without giving up the Klepto bonus. Now, I'm not arguing the fact that with Klepto they are given the possibility to forgo part of their power budget without ripercussions. It's a concept that is not flawed by itself. But if you give Klepto 10 seconds and give it the average gold you would get now by using Klepto multiple times in the same time, then you let them use these 10 seconds to actually farm with their supposed patterns. So you end up with someone that not only has the bonuses from Klepto, but also gets the extra benefits from their kit that they have actually been giving up during the last months, in favour of Klepto. It wouldn't be a choice anymore, they would get the best of both worlds. Jax and Fiora, instead, don't give up anything from their kit from using Klepto, since they don't need to use skills to farm, so they wouldn't particularly get anything extra out of a longer cooldown outside of consistency.
: Ok, but we're talking about his ult.
The interaction is that more range = easier accessibility to proc Runaan = more passive stacking. As far as damage and range goes, his synergy is no different than a Tristana or Caitlyn one. What makes a marksman particularly good for Runaan is the presence of innate on-hit effects. Ok, Twitch has maybe the weakest of all the marksmen with on-hit effects, but still works. I think what makes Twitch dangerous with Runaan is actually his stealth, because it lets him "burst" more people at the same time, ult or not.
: So what if Kleptomancy...
I think it would be even worse. When you create something that has no cooldown, then you balance it around the worst case, which is a proc every second or even more. So to get the most out of this rune, champions like Ezreal, GP or Nasus are pressured into proccing it as fast as they can, using everything on cd. This means they tend to get overaggressive, make more mistakes, or in case of Nasus and GP if they use their Q as catalyst for Klepto then they can't use them to farm, even if they are spells meant to be used on minions because of their effects. If you normalize the loot at 10 sec gold, then you end up with GP and Nasus getting relieved of its pressure, and now not only they can proc Klepto on cd and get the best income, but when it's in cd they can actually go back to their ideal farming pattern and get even stronger. So no, adding a cd and normalizing would actually break these champions even more.
: Twitch has no interaction with the item.
Twitch's primary interaction with Runaan is the ability to apply his passive to multiple enemies at the same time, which means an overall stronger E, which is not something to underestimate.
Ghazter (NA)
: I consider anybody with 1. High health or 2. High shield a tank. He's got lots of shields and can be effective with lots of health, he's definitely not your standard melee squish champ.
Ok, but it's like you're saying "I consider Caitlyn an archer because she shoots from range, and archers shoot from range". Can you see the fallacy?
Rioter Comments
: Anyone else immensely disappointed in how he's not gonna get a full-on dragon transformation? Either that, or he is because it's a legendary skin, which will make his original skin shittier.
Well, Tyrant Swain actually turns him into a full crow (I mean, the head is the only visible part that remains human in the other skins, and in Tyrant he gets a crow head), so if Dragon Master is of same or higher quality (which is supposed to be, I don't think it's going to be a 750 one) then he probably will.
: So you want Vayne to have, no hard CC, a below average repositioning spell, and no AA steroids besides a minor AS buff? Sorry why would I ever pick this ADC?
To shred tanks with consistent %max hp true damage.
DemonDrake (EUNE)
: Did we just become friends ?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
No, I could never become friends with a EUNE. {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
: You know ADC itemization is cheap...
I was expecting a goat bleat with explosions in the background, I'm disappointed.
DemonDrake (EUNE)
: First of all your analogy is darker than most people souls. Second you had build diversity! The tier 3 sup items gave you a dope ass active or a warding trinket, YOU HAD THE CHOICE. Now you don't You like pizza? From now on, forget about all sorts of dif pizza, just one. That way I you save time and energy in choosing, and since it's only one type you don't have to go anywhere else or look for anything new. Also now all companies that make pizza will save up so much from dif ingredients. Time,cost and energy saved To make your life easier we removing all champs from league to leave 10 champions. No more banning, no more time wasted on strategy. Just 10 champions See still helping you out I can go on for hours like this buddy!{{sticker:draven-pose}}
They will give you just one type of pizza, but will give you that for free. And with the money you just saved, you can now go buy a kebab or an hamburger, or even another pizza in another pizzeria. The only downside is that you are forced to take that free pizza. In other words, you have one less slot in your inventory, since it's been reserved by your free pizza. But hey, now that I think about it, it's been like this since forever, and you had to pay for that, too. Me too, mate, me too. {{sticker:darius-angry}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ETWXwRGv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-16T18:33:47.589+0000) > > funny that you say that, because in solo que garen had a higher winrate than darius since the addition of the parry to his w last leason. hes still a better pick than darius right now. > > i mean darius is in the shitter, but still. darius is probabily weaker cause of his low numbers thx to anime fans complaining him but kit-wise he is still the better version of garen
You are comparing apples with oranges. Darius is a teamfighter that stacks up with time while sustaining off many people through positioning. Garen is a single target focused target prioritizer with a hit and run playstyle. They are completely different.
Antenora (EUW)
: Her W makes up less than 1/5th of her damage.
Not in laning phase, though. At that point it's almost half or her effective dps, considering her physical damage gets reduced by armor.
ShadeDi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Trollmanship,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fyGAKzVu,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-01-15T11:38:08.924+0000) > > Yo guys, I don't think the problem is "wtf syndra is so weak"... no, the problem is, like the OP stated in the title of the thread, _**damage in this game is too fucking high.**_ > > Do people honestly enjoy a game where the first person to get an advantage in lane is able to simply one-shot their opponent for the rest of the game? How do you fix it though? Me killing my laner or being killed means they now have gold advantage and level advantage if they shoved in the wave. Meaning I lose if it's a state check battle. It's not enjoyable but that's how the game is, I don't see how they can fix it without making major changes to lol. But I'm not creative so eh.
We don't recall being melted by a 1/0/0 whatever three years ago.
Rendrex (EUW)
: As if she actually gives a shit about 30% if she got more than one AS item.
Actually, AS debuffs stack multiplicatively, and not additively. So the more AS items one gets, the more effective becomes the slow. Reducing AS by 30% effectively reduces one's dps by 30%. The problem is that marksmen are balanced around having to hit enemies with AS debuffs, so instead of going "good damage -> mediocre damage" they go "op damage -> good damage", so they still melt you.
: I never directly thought of tanks that way, building defense to perform more CC casting. Thanks for a different perspective on that. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I truly hope this was sarcastic. XD If not, then I understand why so many people have problems understanding tanks' purpose, and doesn't matter how many time explanations are given, there are always those who don't get it. For Christ's sake, the definition CaptainMarvelous just gave of tanks is written in the official subclass description made by Riot! XD
: > [{quoted}](name=Fefnil,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rzaVjWP1,comment-id=000a000100000001,timestamp=2018-01-11T21:42:49.243+0000) > > Isn't that a bit silly? It's like you're saying that in a country there is a special death penalty that lets people choose how they would like to die when condemned. Then someday the death penalty gets removed and you jump out saying "No, why, now we don't have options anymore!". > What kind of justification is that? Look at it this way: before you had the choice of when spending a fixed tax of 800 gold during the game. Now you don't have to spend those 800 anymore. It's not like they're saying "You have to spend these 800 gold when we say so", they are removing the tax altogether. See, the problem with your analogy is that the death penalty isn't being removed. Instead, your first amendment is being replaced with a new Death penalty law, so that the original one no longer needs to exist.
But is it? The death penalty is not "buying the support item", the death penalty is "spending 800 gold for Sightstone" which is being removed because now the cost is not gold, but quest mechanic. You still have to buy it, but the cost is spending a certain amount of time doing a certain thing that you would have done anyway.
Noxxi (OCE)
: Probably but that still doesn't solve the problem of talisman removing an item slot because you need the exp. Someone on reddit suggested adding the extra exp to his passive.
Well, you could still sell it after you reach lv 18, or maybe even at 16, to free the slot, no?
: > [{quoted}](name=The Yetii Rider,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rzaVjWP1,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2018-01-10T18:20:20.166+0000) > > Because you didn't really have options. You always had to buy SS. SS always took up an item slot and needed to be purchased early. Now you can rush a big ticket item if you get ahead like Ludens or Sunfire and not cost your team vision but i has the option to choose not only how soon I wanted to get it, but if i wanted to free the slot or keep it filled for an active and more stats. Now i have neither option whatsoever. Whatsmore is they took away Support quests buffs for no real reason. You say we can rush said items without costing the team vision, when in reality what it is , is that the option doesn't exist anymore.
Isn't that a bit silly? It's like you're saying that in a country there is a special death penalty that lets people choose how they would like to die when condemned. Then someday the death penalty gets removed and you jump out saying "No, why, now we don't have options anymore!". What kind of justification is that? Look at it this way: before you had the choice of when spending a fixed tax of 800 gold during the game. Now you don't have to spend those 800 anymore. It's not like they're saying "You have to spend these 800 gold when we say so", they are removing the tax altogether.
: The typo is on Wukong's wiki page under his patch history. Pretty much the lists of changes ascends from the older patches at the bottom then goes up as new patches get added, but it says 4.5 then 4.18 for some reason. I'm not 100% sure if it meant to say 4.15 then 4.18 or if 4.5 was supposed to be after the 4.18, but there is at least an problem with the order. It could be his last update was in 4.5, but I tried to go off of memory from what the last stand alone update to his kit was, and from what I remember the change to the fog of war was later, so that made me assume that the part that says "4.5" was a typo.
> [{quoted}](name=Blue Moon Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kXJAygbE,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2018-01-08T20:55:11.433+0000) > > The typo is on Wukong's wiki page under his patch history. > > > > Pretty much the lists of changes ascends from the older patches at the bottom then goes up as new patches get added, but it says 4.5 then 4.18 for some reason. I'm not 100% sure if it meant to say 4.15 then 4.18 or if 4.5 was supposed to be after the 4.18, but there is at least an problem with the order. It could be his last update was in 4.5, but I tried to go off of memory from what the last stand alone update to his kit was, and from what I remember the change to the fog of war was later, so that made me assume that the part that says "4.5" was a typo. Ok, my suspicion was correct then. 4.18 is not 4.1.8. It came AFTER 4.5 because, you know, 18 comes after 5. XD So numeration is totally correct, there were 13 patches between the former and the latter. Anyway, back to the topic, probably it's because I'm not a Wukong player, but the problem I see is that, yeah, maybe his fantasy as a Wuju enlightened monkey inspired by the Sun Wukong is not fulfilled, and maybe his skills are outdated, but the kit IS cohesive and coherent with itself. His kit is an hybrid assassin-diver, and fulfills both well, with all spells being useful for both playstyles, much like a Rengar and a Kayn, which are also both hybrid assassins-divers. That's why I think he is low on the priority for updates. It's not like older champions like old Sion and Galio or Nunu that have/had general purpose skills that don't really blend in together. Maybe it's not the right kit for Wukong himself, maybe his kit would be better on another champion thematic wise, but it doesn't mean that it's not a coherent kit that would probably be up even for modern stardards, with some tweaks.
: Its 2018 Riot. It's time we had a talk about Wukong.
>The 4.5 is most likely a typo (iirc, the number nerf was before the fog of war change), so the last stand alone update for {{champion:62}} was in patch 4.18. Mmh... I didn't understand this bit. You said it's a typo because the number nerf happened before the fog change and that the last change was 4.18 and... isn't that just what's written in the wiki? XD I can't see where the typo is, since wiki lists a couple of number changes in 4.5 and then the fog change in 4.18, which is exactly what you described.
SSJTribe (NA)
: Yeah, it's something that I've wanted to share with people who get their friends into the game: DON'T PLAY WITH THEM. At least not at first. You will pull them into the "smurf detector", and they will not enjoy being stomped and cursed at while they're trying to figure out why a Frost Archer would want to buy a sword.
> [{quoted}](name=SSJTribe,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ParkXf0A,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-05T20:44:32.150+0000) > > a Frost Archer would want to buy a piece of armor with thorns. FTFY
: Katarina's R for example was situational AOE, it required a certain range and champs to be nearby, but talon had his W and R on cast to deal damage to all targets and monsters etc.
Ehrm... Katarina's Shunpo was, and still is, the only single target spell in her kit...
: Why 3 key fragments don't automatically become a key?
Maybe in the future they're going to add different chest options with different key types? If that's the case, it makes sense to not autocombine the fragments.
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Feathermane (EUNE)
: Let's pretend late game champions are weak early!
{{champion:96}} {{item:1043}} I'm pretty sure no words are needed.
Rioter Comments
: League of Legends Frog champion idea.
ADC Bard (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DragonTroopBeta,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bxVTQZdJ,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-09-16T01:18:01.181+0000) > > pretty sure ardent censors don't stack {{champion:432}}
> [{quoted}](name=Worst Brad Japan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bxVTQZdJ,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-16T03:17:46.086+0000) > > pretty sure ardent censors don't stack > > {{champion:432}} It was written right at the beginning at 0:18...
: ***
But... Wasn't he talking about Sandsexual? (and the fact that he is an Azir main and he says that his own main is too broken and so accentuating his weaknesses is good)
Epicurus (OCE)
: Maokai has a 100% updated lore right now. He is the nature spirit responsible for populating the Blessed Isles with life. He survived the Ruination and is trying to restore the Isles to life, but his constant ordeals have made him vengeful and spiteful, regressing from the benevolent spirit that he once was.
And when the corruption will finally take over him completely, he will become {{champion:427}}.
: > [{quoted}](name=Soen,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ZnzbwEgK,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-12T21:46:59.848+0000) > > Money, was they're thinking. *their
Maybe it was an implied "Money, was (what) they're thinking."
: If Supports were kitties
{{item:3070}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:223}} {{item:3070}}
: If you payed attention you would know that they are already going to do that.
In the article Riot pls: Leveling, Ip and Rewards they said they were going to turn First win of the day into a daily mission. That's probably what you meant.
: I don't really see how though.
Leonerdo (NA)
: Well, part of it is envy, sort of. If Riot were to give everyone one 1000 RP for free, but a few people only got 500 RP, then I think the envy is justified. This is a little different, but still, people feel like Riot is being more generous towards part of the playerbase. The other part is just about the return on investment that people feel like they are getting from their rune purchases. Groups 1&2 feel like the runes were worth it overall. Group 3 might regret some of their purchases, because they didn't get to use them much. 800 IP to buy a rune may have seemed like a good idea before, but 700 IP to _rent_ a rune for 1-2 years... For some of the niche runes that don't get used often, that's a pretty shitty deal in retrospect.
I understand, but, after all, everything is rent in life, especially when talking about an online game. League of Legends may fall tomorrow, for what we know. If that happens, we will lose not only the runes, but also the champions and skin that we bought with time and money. It's silly thinking that this situation is different. After a long time, Riot has to make choices, that will inevitably alienate some. I don't know why they went for the flat refund, but, if you think about it, they already refunded us by doubling ip gains. You may think, "How is this?" Well, they removed pretty much half of the ip sink, without increasing champion prices or reducing blue essence gains. So it means we now need roughly half of the amount we needed before to buy the buyable. So it means we'll need half of the time we needed (as a new player), which is easily translatable with "doubling ip gains". Yes, it's definitely for newer players, but, as I said, they have to make this kind of choices sometimes.
: im just going to downvote this post because i dont want to see another runes reforge post on the front page
: So adding all new champs and ip gain being the same for years is balanced for both? I really wish u people would stop acting like this is a horrible refund rate and if we allow this they can keep on doing stupid shit
That's not what I meant with balance. Let's make an example: Let's say all the champions together cost 50000 ip. Then let's say all the runes together also cost 50000 ip. So it means that, to buy all the buyable with ip, you need 100000 ip. Then let's say Riot wants to make it a fair, not too short, not too long, grind, and wants you to get all the ip you need in 100 games. So it puts 1000 ip gain per game. What I'm saying is that Riot first created the shop, then decided the ip gain per match accordingly, not the other way around. With the new change Riot's not gonna increase prices or reduce average gains, but the shop is gonna get half of what it had until now. Instead of 100000 ip, you'll now need only half of it, 50000. It basically means that they already refunded you by pretty much doubling the effective ip gain (since you need half the time to buy everything). This is what so many people fail to see. So asking for ANOTHER refund on top of it is moot.
Rioter Comments
: Here's the problem: i already farmed for all the runes i needed. They aren't annoying anymore. They're just wasted IP now. I don't like em cos i hade to waste a lot of IP. And now they're giving me shitty % of refund on something i never wanted to buy but i basically had to. JUST GIVE ME BACK AT LEAST 50% OF THE ORIGINAL PRICE FFS
Then you should cheer that no one is ever going to deal with the shit you've dealt again.
: I think we've had our fill of hyper mobile damage champs
{{item:3070}} {{champion:516}} {{item:3070}}
: You forgot to mention the part where we have to endure a balance nightmare for 3 months. Honestly though 100 BE (ex IP) for each rune is ridiculous considering how much they used to cost, quints were like 2k, for a full set of quints it was the same as a new champ.
Being cyclically unbalanced is the reason the game is so good, though. Trust me, a balanced game that gets patched every 4 months is the most boring shit you can find.
Leonerdo (NA)
: I don't think it's an unpopular sentiment. But that's not to say that it is the only right opinion either. I'm pretty sure all sides are entirely valid. Let me break the opinions into a few categories: 1. The people who are content with the refund constitute the majority of players, who have been playing for a long time and gotten a lot of good use out of their runes already. 2. The people who bought their runes this Season are getting a full refund, so they are obviously content. 3. The people who wasted IP on useless runes, or bought runes **right before** the start of the season, or bought niche runes (like spellvamp quints) that they haven't used much yet -- they are the ones complaining. And they have every right to, since comparatively they are getting much less value out of their runes (either from using them or from IP refunds) than the first two categories. Of course, the only way for Riot to fix this is to make an increasingly complex refund plan, to try and satisfy more categories of players while keeping the refund fair for each one. (Before someone suggests it, full refunds for everyone would still be unfairly beneficial to the first category who already got adequate value out of using their runes. On top of that, they are less in need of IP/BE; they are probably already sitting on 20k IP.)
Ok, but even group 3 people aren't losing anything. Let's say I am from that group, and I'm going to get a 15% effective refund. Why should I be upset that someone else got a 80% effective refund? Why should I care? We both earned something, I earned less, but we're still in positive. What is the actual point, envy? If it is envy, then it's obviously not a good reason to complain.
: Can u people stop acting like ip is free it takes time to get it and time is money
But you would have gotten those ip anyway, since you get them just by playing. You didn't have to go out of your way to SPECIFICALLY get ip to buy runes.
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