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: > [{quoted}](name=Fefnil,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sn9vOXHA,comment-id=0003000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-21T17:12:18.188+0000) > > Yes, but still doesn't answer the question "Why push a champion away from his intended design?". He is an heavy diver hybrid vanguard, and he is meant to be this, so why suddenly change something that is not broken to get a different thing (that may be good or not, I'm not saying Hecarim assassin is a bad thing)? > If it's just your personal desire, then ok, it means I misunderstood what you wrote and you simply would like to have assassin Heca because you like him. But if you're saying this as a genuine balance opinion, then why? As someone who was around since his release, he was in fact intended to build damage. Back in that day there was no "diver" no "vanguard" no other bullshit. You didn't deal damage if you didn't build damage. Additionally, at that time, there were very few champions that actually scaled with ad on an ability. His Q scaling with AD was Riot's indication they wanted him to build AD. Additionally, back then, he wasn't just a diver, he was a hyper carry (some argue nothing but adcs who build as AD can do this nowadays, I digress). Hecarim has always been balance around triforce plus AD. After the 20% cdr, 200% base AD ratio, 40% attack speed changes, not to mention triforce being mad to give bonus movespeed on hit instead of its slow back in the day, hecarim became a monster for obvious reasons. Alongside sterak's increasing his base AD by so much, Hecarim really stopped needing to build anything else for damage, which goes contrary to the intentions prior. While it does benefit the assassin playstyle, which I do admit enjoying, the reality is reduction to his base damages and increases in his capability to deal damage if he deals damage will make him more manageable, and less insanely dependent on triforce. Currently, his Q is a glorified triforce proc, his W gives him insane healing from his teammates. His E doesn't even scale with AD besides it being an auto attack modifier. His ult scales with AP. If he was retuned to be the sort of speedy AD champion he's supposed to be, with sacrifices to him building tank, there are only clear benefits.
Yes, but Riot retconned his entire game some time after the first seasons. It's when they created the subclass system and started to make specific role champions instead of generic ones. While doing this, they took a look at the old champions and started slowly pushing where they deemed right. So, even if Hecarim was supposed to build damage at release, he doesn't anymore. It's always the same old problem of old Galio building mage. Riot puts scaling here and there for different reasons, but people end up focusing on that instead of taking it as a form of natural compensation. Hecarim ended up building Triforce since his scalings are not high, then full tank since he needs time to do damage. It's true, maybe a speed/ad build would be natural, but I don't if there would be only benefits. As I said, Hecarim's kit makes it so an assassin bursty build becomes unfair for any squishy targeted by him. Look just how op was the Hecacopter in the first URF. Sure, his problem was in Q fixed cd reduction that made it instant and the W constantly healing him, but all of this things would be useless if Hecarim wasn't sticky and didn't have a huge engage power. Which he has. Just imagine, what would he do if he was assassin? He comes speedy gonzales from the flank, ults in Unstoppable, shots someone then dies right after since he's squishy and W doesn't help him. It's not a true assassination since assassins have ways in an ways out and it's not a true diving since he pops right after.
: Stealing HP powerups on ARAM
Little off-topic tip for when you get Olaf in Aram: if you use W before taking hp powerups you increase the healing received. Same applies with Trundle's W.
: "Braum leaps into the air and slams his shield into the ground, creating a fissure in the target direction" So slamming into the ground is not a ground skill. Interesting theory
As I said, visuals =/= design. If you took off all the particles and used stickman lines to make the skills, you'd quickly see what I meant. Braum creating a ground fissure is a cool visual and a thematic choice. But, in game design, it's a projectile, since it's an entity without body that moves in the space. It then creates an actual ground effect, the slow, but it's a separate entity, which code says it appears only in the space travelled by the projectile. If the projectile is stopped, then the ground effect is created in a shorter space. I know it may sound odd at first, but it's actually a very basic mechanic, and it's not really that hard to immediately recognize what a skill "truly" is. As I said, see it like Kog'Maw's E: they have the same components. Kog spits a ball that rolls and leaves goo. It's logic that windwall and unbreakable block it, right? Because, even as visuals, it's clearly a projectile (a ball) that travels. Braum's ult is the same, just the "ball" is invisible.
: Windwall is still the better ability as melee champs don't hit braum often since they go for carries, windwall can completely negate ground aoe skill shots such as braums ult, negates A TON of possible attacks in the game,it is wider than unbreakable, and has a longer duration.
Just wanted to correct one thing: Braum's ult is not a ground skill, it's a projectile that CREATES a ground lingering effect as it travels, so it's still a projectile, similarly to Kog'Maw's E. Visuals =/= design.
DracoMTA (NA)
: Tanky hecarim builds a single triforce, doesn't use any of his ratios, and becomes an uncontrollable monster singlehandedly. "Assassin" hecarim plays like a skirmisher. Isn't an unholy unstoppable war machine. Plays somewhere between a melee carry and assassin, and fulfils the fantasy of a Ghost Centaur who slaughters his enemies. Assassin hecarim doesn't far outburst tank hecarim. He also outdpses him. However, he lives much shorter, and doesn't become a balance issue everytime we touch triforce, sterak's, or the jungle. Additionally, making hecarim have to build damage to deal damage doesn't kill the tank build, just encourages him to build something more than triforce. There're a lot of damage options he should be considering, but doesn't because triforce+sterak's+full tank is most efficient.
Yes, but still doesn't answer the question "Why push a champion away from his intended design?". He is an heavy diver hybrid vanguard, and he is meant to be this, so why suddenly change something that is not broken to get a different thing (that may be good or not, I'm not saying Hecarim assassin is a bad thing)? If it's just your personal desire, then ok, it means I misunderstood what you wrote and you simply would like to have assassin Heca because you like him. But if you're saying this as a genuine balance opinion, then why?
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: Why Order is guaranteed to lose
So true. Between Yasuo and Riven, I actually like Yasuo more (or, should I say, I "hate" Yasuo less than Riven). I like Yasuo as character, I find him very annoying in game. Riven... I hate both character and gameplay design. Still, I chose Order because that's what I'll always choose in events like this. What I think is simply "If this was real, what would I do?" and I don't like the evil side. I chose it for principles, and I think it should have been this way for everyone. Honestly, if the roles were swapped and Yasuo was Order while Riven was Chaos, I would have been happier. Also I'm curious what the results would have been in that situation, considering Yasuo is more popular than Riven.
: I almost bought it. I almost fucking bought it and expected a discussion about how the fast-paced games encourage aggressive, reward-focused plays and foster the kind of champion direction that feels more fun and forward to play (everyone's pushing the fight). Anyway, who do you think the Victorious skin is gonna be this year? Caitlyn? Victorious Caitlyn. Or, wait, no, Victorious Sejuani?
And this is exactly the reason why Clash of Clans has been slowly dying. You can't cater only to the playerbase that wants fast-paced aggressive active stomping playstyles. If you do that you will alienate the remaining 75% of the playerbase (yes, there are so many) who want a less extreme situation. People who want to feel rewarded for punishing mistakes, and not only for making plays. This kind of playstyle is negated simply because snowballing makes up for it. Most of the time, with competent teams, it's a "who kills first, wins" situation. Which actually, on the long run, promotes the exact opposites of what you want, by bringing people to play safe for fear of making mistakes and losing the game for that one mistake. People don't want a 1 try match. People want a best-of-5 match, where, if I did wrong at first, the enemy now has a little advantage, but I can still play like we're still even. People don't want to play Braum, ending the lane phase even with the opposite bot lane, and then being melted by either mid laner, jungler or top laner because they are slightly fed. And you can't say "It's your fault for being hit by them", because, you know, as a Braum, it's my FREAKING POINT to be a meatshield for my allies. And dying but soaking all the burst would be even fine, if the enemy team didn't have 3 mid game carries and no tanks, because "Who plays tank? Pff, that's not manly at all. Hurr durr, I only play high damage divers and assassins, that's what real men do, if you do otherwise you make the game slow and boring!".
Danjeng (NA)
: You could argue that hextech protobelt should be stronger than flash, since flash has no cost. The cost of an entire summoner spell is probably worth more than 760g. Price calculated from http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Quicksilver_Sash. The Lexer has a good point. There's a reason why Cleanse is hardly taken, because it's less effective than a 1300 item's active, and on a longer cooldown too. Did you know that in addition to SUPPRESSIONS, QSS also removes the AIRBORNE effect too? Wowee, I didn't know that before, until I researched into this. Cleanse will not remove either of those effects.
Hextech Protobelt IS overall stronger than flash. It has 260 seconds less cd than flash, and also deals damage. But you can't really compare the two, simply because one is a blink and the other is a dash, and this makes a huge difference.
DracoMTA (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fefnil,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sn9vOXHA,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-06-19T16:04:36.852+0000) > > I've built him in Aram when I was young, but then I realized his E bonus can't crit... But then you realized that rapid fire cannon+triforce+statikk shiv+a crit+his e bonus=a cosmic nuke. Honestly, I would really appreciate if Riot nerfed tanky hecarim with some buffs to assassin hecarim. Like make his Q scale more steeply, yet reduce its base damages. Make his E scale with AD and perhaps even able to crit, in exchange for reducing some of the base damage. Give him back his passive no unit collision or otherwise make his passive good more often. My idea for his passive is to make the AD calculation unaffect by soft caps to movement speed. So with his bonus movespeed, if he was going to reach 600 movespeed without soft caps, it would be calculated off of the 600 instead of the 500 some movespeed he would actually have.
Why though? Tanky Hecarim is what he's meant to be. He sacrifices upfront burst for decent aoe sustained dps and, more importantly, vanguard level disruption and initiation. It's like saying "I would appreciate Riot nerfed Ap Vel'Koz with some buffs to adc Vel'Koz, like ad scaling on his skills with less ap scaling and make it so everytime his passive activates he gets an aspeed buff". There is no reason to do so simply because that's not what the champ is. Diver is a large spectrum, many of them overlap with slayers. But, on the other hand, there are some of those that overlap with vanguards and/or juggernauts, like Hecarim, Vi, Jarvan and Warwick. Also, because of his kit, Hecarim assassin is unhealthy, much like ap Malphite assassination pattern: that's why Riot can't support this.
: not and wu were not included due to their ults. wu ults and yas gets a penta, noc gets to darken the screen every 25 to 30 seconds
Fair enough, can't argue against that. ~~Although, you can easily solve Wukong's problem: delete Yasuo~~
Veltox (NA)
: Did you ever face the unholy diver that is crit Hecarim?
I've built him in Aram when I was young, but then I realized his E bonus can't crit...
Tranoze (NA)
: Which went wrong too, Valor is a bird that flying and carrying a human weight about 5~10 time more weight than her.
If Pidgey can use Fly, Valor can carry Quinn.
bill84 (NA)
: Petition to allow bard in blood moon
{{champion:54}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}} Are we really having this discussion in Gameplay boards?
Actually, this is a football game. League of Legends is a competitive game (like football) because there is no self-upgrade mechanic, it all revolves around people skills (like football), so it means it's a sport (like football) and is actually officially recognized as such.
Aarin (NA)
: Why the hell does Caitlyn do 1.5k+ damage to me?
Veltox (NA)
: If Yas and Riven can be in a gamemode made for assassins
Because the mode is meant for the burstiest and slipperiest slayers and divers, with a couple of exceptions like Ahri, Kennen and Elise that still check the requisites. Twitch and TF may be secondary assassins, but lack these very requisites. Hecarim, as bursty as he is, is on the heavy side of the diver spectrum, and is too much of a vanguard hybrid to be acceptable in this mode. Also he pretty much builds full tank, and almost all of his items aren't available in Blood Moon. Sure, you can build him full Ad/Lethality/MSpeed, but that's an off build. Using the same logic I could pick Malphite full Ap and say he's an assassin, so I could say "Why not have him too?". Regarding Nocturne and Wukong, I'm actually surprised too. They check the requisites better than Camille, but she is there and they are not. Nocturne is actually listed as an assassin now.
: Extreme is not necessarily evil. DB Riven is out to do right by the world. Harshness doesn't mean malevolence. True lawful evil would be scamming you into willfully giving money within the limits of the law, or doing terrible things but with a strict set of rules.
You didn't get the joke. What he meant is that they are both evil (aka cancer) in game while playing against them.
: Soraka's W costs her 10% max health, so taking more HP will result in her W costing also mosre HP
But skills health costs don't interrupt Warmog's passive, so if she keeps staying in the backline she will regain that health she lost in up to 2 seconds.
: But Zac and Seju have less dmg reduction (none) and no reliable wave clear, while also being globally present.
Well, techincally Zac has sustain which is a form of damage reduction and Sejuani has her passive that gives her more resistances, so it's again a damage reduction.
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: Your main is now your room mate.
{{champion:90}} : Hey, dude, listen up, I found this interesting brochure about the Void and the good things it will bring to the wor- Me: FFS MALZ! I DON'T WANT TO JOIN YOUR STUPID CIRCLE OF WEIRDOS! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? AND YOUR PUG MAW HAS POOPED AGAIN ON THE COUCH!
: *Canada is an urban legend. Like Santa. The Tooth Fairy. The Queen of England. I used to buy into those kiddie stories, but guess what? I'm an adult, now! I grew up! I got educated! Those things aren't real, kid!
https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1ncKaFO2Dts/hqdefault.jpg Am I the only one who got the reference?
LichaV (NA)
: I would say she was a good initiator for a teamfight, which can provide enough cc for the rest of the team to follow up. Now she cannot not do this job that well coz she becomes more squishy and her unburrow can only knock up one target now, while others are knocked back. That means she can be easily got pinned down when diving into five men. And you ask about how come Reksai is a tank, well I guess you didn't play much of her before the rework. The amount of damage she healed is magnificent deal to her passive. With courage of colossus her knock up could provide her a magnificent amount of shied. Provided with tank items she can absorb tons of damage for the team.
Initiator doesn't equal tank, though. Warwick, Hecarim, Jarvan, Vi are all initiators, but they are divers exactly like Rek'Sai. Even Fizz and Ekko are somewhat initiators, and they are assassins, so the ability to create opportunities is not restricted to vanguards. Now, I didn't play much of Rek'Sai, but my questions were rethoric. I know why she was working as a tank, but it was more of a consequence for the fact that she wasn't working as diver, so they played her like an initiator in the way you described. Last, all the features you listed still don't make her a tank. There are many champions who are tanky and have sustain, but still are not tanks. You can take most juggernauts, for example. Darius doesn't have the ability to initiate, but his tankiness, sustain and cc are arguably better than Rek'Sai's. Warwick is an initiator, has better cc, tankiness and sustain than Rek'Sai, and he also has an arguably better tracking system, and he is not a tank, but a diver (and he's actually very similar to Rek'Sai), so he was all around better than Rek'Sai as a "tank", the only thing missing was the conditionally global presence. The point was not what she offered as a tank, because there are picks that could probably be much more versatile than her. The point was that it was the only viable playstyle for her, so you either played her like a tank or you didn't.
LichaV (NA)
: Well now Riot is like telling me no you dun build magic damage on fizz, he will still have no damage even you build full damage on him, he is a tank now. You know what i am saying?
No, it's different. Rek'sai's kit has always been that of a diver, never one of a tank. They went from an off build to the supposed build, which is obviously the right thing to do. In your Fizz example, instead, you do the opposite, going from supposed build to off build. You go from an assassin kit to an assassin kit that... builds tank. Even if it dealt no damage, it would still be wrong because his design is an assassin in the first place. In the same way, Rek'sai's design has always been a diver in the first place. Attack speed steroid, no defensive steroid, true damage, where the hell is the tank? She has only one cc, and it's a minuscule aoe knockup of up to 1 second, that has internal cd per target. How can you think this is a tank in the first place, and think it's a stable design? Ah, and to avoid misunderstandings, I'm talking about optimal builds, I'm not saying that off builds should not be made, I'm talking about situations where off builds are always better than the main ones.
: A silence and suppression.
A silence which delay got increased by 0.15 seconds and a suppression that is still a suppression for both Malzahar and the victim. Some could argue there are other mages who offer better things in a duo lane.
LichaV (NA)
: This is the part I don't like, year of practice as a tank Reksai are all in vain
Well, I'm sorry to say this, but you shouldn't get attached to an off build in the first place, especially when it starts to become more effective than the supposed build. It's like being a Tank Fizz main for years and then complain that Riot guts it because they don't want a slippery assassin that builds full tank and still bursts down people.
: That's not the point though. If I wanted a generic ap mage, I'd play something like lux. If I want to play "void pet master", I'd play Malzahar. Unfortunately he's nerfed to be like any other generic AP mage.
Sadly Malzahar wasn't supposed to be this. They shifted power to the voidlings in the MYMU because it was a good point to make balance and to maintain thematics, but the voidlings have always been just an extra like Shaco's boxes, so not useless but not his core concept either. He is supposed to be an anti-assassin mage, opposite to his nemesis Kassadin, the anti-mage assassin (and we know Riot loves to do this kind of things).
: Their Taliyah vs Our Taliyah
Of course, it's pretty clear how enemy Taliyah is always better than ours. Our Taliyah needs to wave and dance like a madman just to pick up some pebbles while enemy Taliyah is so powerful that just needs to sneeze to move the earth.
: Or, you know, just make sure the voidlings ~~are not made out of the same stuff as heimerdinger's turrets: single-ply, wet tissue paper~~ scale stronger late game than early/level 1.
Well, the difference is that late game Malzahar's Q and E actually hurt, and you don't really need voidlings to do damage. They are good as meatshields and to pressure and are required as dps only against the beefiest, which generally don't do that much aoe damage to dispatch them quickly. Also if you got 40% cdr you can have 6 of them active for 5.2 seconds and you can actually potentially have 9 of them active for 0.4 seconds, but that's clearly pretty much impossible and useless.
: Yeah it's not as good as earlier but it's still a good ability.
I mean, ok, you're right, but what's the point in playing Malz support anymore? His base damages have gone away, which means his pressure has gone away, the only thing he has is a 2.5 seconds suppress that actually suppresses both Malzahar and the victim. Some would argue that Leona, Nautilus, even Morgana offer better utility at this point.
: You're misunderstanding me. I'm saying it's still very good in bot.
But before you had to auto them anyway, and they didn't die with one hit. Also, to summon three of them it means you have to use two other abilities beforehand, which means more mana pressure. Being able to just "distract" enemies for three voidlings also is not that much worth it, considering it's a total of three autos, and before they not only needed three ranged autos to be killed, but they also had the ability to multiply, so they are simply worse now as decoys. Also, they lost a good chunk of base damage, being now dependant on Malzahar's level, that being in a duo lane is even less than what it should be at any point in the game. And last but not least, they not only are slower, but don't gain anymore speed towards Ed enemies. Sure, they had the distance from Malzahar mechanic, but while playing support you kept yourself pretty close to the enemies.
: Actually making it so they have to auto the minions is great for a support. Saves your adc a couple hundred hp if u spawn 3.
Yes, that's one of the reasons why they made this change. With both adc and support able to quickly dispatch them, you would basically play without the skill that made Malz support viable in the first place.
: Forcing an adc to use auto attacks on your minions is deceptively valuable. Once an adc targets your minions you've likely already done some damage with them and are continuing to do damage with your autos and other spells while they fight back... by auto attacking your minions. I agree with your on-hit vs on-attack argument. This would be a good change imo. If they do this for Malzahar I'd hope to see the same thing done for Yorick.
Exactly, that's the thing I also remarked in the OP. Being able to oneshot voidlings is good since it brings Malz out of bot lane, but in late game they would likely be oneshot anyway by crits, so it doesn't change much, but it still takes time to actually target them and kill them, which is also a form of power. I just think there's too much of this power negated by an item that is not even made for this in the first place, especially since it can happen way before late game.
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youthere (NA)
: Time to throw in the towel...
Playing what you feel better is always the right thing to do, but if you feel yourself in pinch and desperately want to get out of Bronze, like others already said, there are some tips: - Don't use supportive champions, which means tanks and enchanters. They are too much dependant on the team. - Take early game champions, if you want, but take those who snowball well and can carry singlehandedly. - Splitpush. Avoid teamfights unless you are an aoe powerhouse that can win 1v5 (while fed this is actually possible in Bronze) - Mobility. Take mobility. You need to be able to catch and to run away. With all these things assessed, the best champions to take to carry out of Bronze quickly are the slayers. You can either take any skirmisher and go splitpush and put pressure with your dueling power like Tryndamere or Master Yi or take a snowballing assassin and go 1v5 (mostly) like Katarina or Fizz. It's a bit sad but, as I said, you can do this if you desperately want to get out of Bronze. They are all fairly easy champions to play, you just need to go balls deep and take kills and push whenever you can. You will eventually make your team fed too even if they suck and it becomes surprisingly easy.
: Would you intentionally run into teemo shrooms while fighting him? Would you stand in the middle of a bunch of zyra plants when her ult goes off on them? Would you ignore daisy if ivern is fighting you? Would you continue to brawl with draius when he gets his 5th stack of bleed? Would you run into Gangplank barrels on purpose? Would you run into caitlyn traps in the middle of a teamfight? Would you flash into a blitz hook? Would you stand still while a kog'maw auto's you? Would you dive a full HP Nautilus at level 6 with no back up? I feel like all of these are obvious things you do not do, and chasing a Xayah into a path that she can set up 5+ feathers to clip you is one of those things you do not do.
: For a marksman that uses an Ammo system, Graves doesn't feel like it impacts him that much
Don't worry, my friend: Graves is not a marksman anymore. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/taking-another-look-subclasses k
: Yes but malz's E also provided constant pressure. You couldn't trade if that trade would take you near to a minion with it, I am just tired of people pretending like malz didn't get heavy changes because he was an uninteractive champion with an unhealthy play style. Sure the changes were off the mark, but that is why Riot is still constantly putting work and effort into him.
But it wasn't really all that different from an Orianna, where you have to constantly keep tracking of the ball every 4/5 seconds. Or like any other controller. An Ed minion is just a zoning tool like anything else, it may seem unfair, but it's also the only zoning tool where the user has little influence in it, being dependent on minion's ai. Actually, I am not one of those who wants the revert. I kind of like the thought process they used when they reworked him, even though it was a fail. With all the problems of too much power in W, new Malz actually feels smoother than the old one, considering new build paths that lets you access more easily to cd and, most importantly, way less mana cost in the kit, even if the spells are weaker. Before the rework, Malz spells were powerful, but with high cost and high cd. Using them meant becoming vulnerable for a while. Now, he has more the feel of the battle mage he is supposed to be: less powerful, but more spells overall. Still, fact remains that his farm pattern is still not that uninteractive like people want to believe.
: And every other champion's farming spell isn't their main damage tool? Except they have to actually hit theirs?
Sure, but in most cases if it's an aoe spell and you're trading in lane then most likely you have done collateral damage to minions. If it's a single target, then it's not your farming spell, or you have other spells to farm. Also, if it's their main damage, then most likely has a low cd. On the other hand early game Malz's E cd is pretty high, and if you use it to trade, then you lose minions. The difference between a skillshot and a point-and-click is reliability, and that's where skill comes in. Malz's E is a point-and-click, but is not reliable like others. Its unreliability comes in its management, being a relatively low damage dot that needs to be on while minions die. If the spell was simply a single target dot without the pass-on-death mechanic and was only a battle spell, like old Tristana's E then yes, I would obviously agree with you. But as it is, the skill in its use comes in its management. You could still argue that it could simply become a skillshot that puts the dot on the first enemy hit, or in an area. But the point is that Malzahar was born as anti-diver, as a counter to the mobility to come in and dodge your spells. Removing this kind of reliability would simply destroy its purpose.
: Yes but Malz could very easily Q the melee minions and then E. Compared to stuff like Ahri and Ekko he didn't actually clear any harder than them and the fact that his main damage source was a point and click stills stands. Especially since it refunded mana for killing minions. Edit: Malz could also drop his pool down on the minion waves if his E wasn't strong enough yet too.
Yes but you can't Q all the minions, and I can assure you that before first back Q and E alone were still not enough for melee minions. Same with W. And using all spells to clear was pretty much suicide, more than half your mana bar would go away. The problem is not whose clear is harder, but it's that Ahri and Ekko use their aoe and minions get damaged, that's it. Malz's damage, instead, is not only dot, but is also one minion at any given time. It may be low cost and safe, but it's also painfully slow, and requires a delicate balance that is easily broken. A single melee minion deciding to go around and target the last one of your casters and by doing so getting too far away from the other minions to pass E. Things like this happened quite often, and no other mage with simple aoes has this kind of problems. Malzahar farmstyle was balanced in this regard, and required more micro managing than most classic mages. Also, the fact that his main damaging spell was also his main farming tool was actually a disadvantage, because fighting champions could mean losing an entire wave. But, on the other hand, his E being his main damage spell is also not true: his Q actually dealt pretty much the same damage at any level with the same scaling, and W could potentially be even stronger, and they were aoe. The problem was that Malzahar was forced to max E first, since he couldn't farm with the other spells.
: People playing against him felt it was uninteractive. The reality is that Old Malzahar had a kit that stopped all inners and allowed him to pick when and where to fight. People playing Malzahar prior to the rework got the deny fighting part but never reached the subtleties of Malzahar that allowed him to stage the fight because they probably never looked for it in the first place.
Half true, half false. Old Malzahar stopped all inners, and that was HIS ENTIRE POINT. He was the most extreme anti-assassin mage, but, without experience, suffered literally everything else. But he wasn't able to pick when and where to fight, far from it. His threat range was one of the lowest in the game. He pretty much capitalized only on enemies mistakes, or attempts to dive, but he had no way to stick to them or to pick them. His only way to do this was to try and hit Q from max range and then flash in so that the enemy couldn't dash or blink away and walking away still wasn't enough to escape his long cast-time combo. Otherwise, if you tried to go near them they would simply walk away and there was nothing you could do, as Malzahar.
: TBF Malz had to walk up for a moment and could then walk back from the minions. Ahri and Ekko both have to actually stay up with them, and their poke isn't guaranteed to hit you if you stay near the wave. Their main damage source abilities also aren't point and click.
That's false. In lane Malz couldn't just E and go away, unless he had the voidling up, but that's his passive so it was still part of his budget and was also killable. In all the other cases he was forced to AA minions, because E was never enough to kill them by itself, it could only kill casters at lv 4 with at least a full item. And Malz has one of the worst AA in the game. He needed to attack the minions to get gold like anyone else because E was and is unreliable for last hitting, he was actually at a disadvantage because harass would hurt him twice as much, if E stopped then he pretty much lost the entire wave if the enemy knew what he was doing and immediately cleared the wave, so Malz had to use half of his mana bar with Q and W. Using E and going away was only possibile in some situations where minions random targeting was favorable, and in that case it was a gamble because it could have missed some last hits. His lane phase was, and is still, the opposite of passive.
xScarfy (EUW)
: I know now: Its Malzahar, right?
We got a winner! Good job! Point 2 referenced his ult, being a Void ray from the eyes. Point 3 instead, with "All I see is purple" referenced the fact that his mind is engulfed with Void visions, and its predominant color is purple.
xScarfy (EUW)
: Cassiopeia?
No. Lol, is it really so difficult?
: {{champion:103}}
Asudurga (NA)
: Lux?
: Guess your main!!
I'll try and make it not too easy to guess... 1. At once. 2. http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/5f/5f8698a5872954e911a8d3dc23c4f5ce4859130a1be2c62c55c6246d41676a98.jpg 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at8PlGogm_s
: I mean, it changes everything. I never said or suggested anything like what you are saying.
Of course you're not guilty, I meant it didn't change anything in the sense that Lee's Q was thought to be a targeted ability (not by you). And anyway, looks like it was just a typo so kappa.
: You're not Insanity Song. What did you do with the boards local brony?
Fear not, lad, I am not infected. This is just the first picture I found on Google.
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