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: Zhonya's Cancel Fiddlesticks's Ult
if you don't say surprise whilst channelling crowstorm, his ult is automatically weakened.
Rhlax (NA)
: Double Wall Jumps with Azir
H0bbs (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY]Fear on Xin with Q on
This bug has been reported several times since 2011...I too have experienced that when xin's attack speed is above around 1.22, (he can surpass this from using battle cry) he can continue autoattacking whilst feared.. This allows him to use his three talon strike and interrupt fiddle's drain whilst feared... plz someone look at these bugs - people have been reporting them
: Fiddle Glitch - Using Q, W, E in the Ultimate(R) [GAMEPLAY]
I just experienced this bug as he described 2 games ago.


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