: it's not RIOT's job to fix the human condition. Their job is to remove people who cant follow the simple rules of a game that is meant to be played for fun. they are not your therapist, they have no obligation to bend over backwards and make sure toxic people see the error of their ways. cant follow the rules? they warn, then they remove.
And since it isn't working very well, as demographics and feedback show, its probably a good idea to keep improving the rules and make them more adequate. What I don't understand is the need to blow things out of proportion with drama instead of discussing the ideas I presented.
: oh i know this wall basically boils down to 1) OP doesnt realize that smurfs will be matched with other smurfs after just a few games 2) wants to allow more toxicity because he's "competitive" >riot needs to stop dishing out punishments for coordination aimed negative reinforcement...
1) Not after first playing at least 3-5 matches with newbies, which is enough to de-incentivize them to keep playing. 2) I'm not all that competitive, I play mostly for fun. And the intent is not to allow toxicity. It is to help reform players from toxicity.
: tl;dr: OP somehow thinks that removing lasting punishment for toxicity will fix toxicity, despite past evidence showing that it doesn't work.
I suggest you re-read the post because what you just said has nothing to do with it.
: Player Toxicity and How to Solve IT
I'm sorry, I wasn't aware, this was my first post. You're free to disagree. TL;DR is added.
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