: It simply it a way to force whales to purchase chest to access prestige skins. Tell them that something is only available and only one way to get them, and just sit back and watch them throw all their money at the screen.
whales don't need prestige point for prestige skin tho
: > [{quoted}](name=Flemman,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=NLszsZfB,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-12-11T01:15:00.857+0000) > > Now, all I want to know is what would happen if Urgot, Singed and Viktor finaly meet each other and decide to merge their vision of evolution into one big trial/experiment. > > Those pilties aren't ready for that Viktor would not join them though. He's all for the evolution of mankind, but not forcing it on the unwilling like those two.
Urgot follower are willing to take a test, like we read in this story. That means that, whatever Singed or Viktor want to try, if Urgot say to them it's their trial, they will do it without being forced to. I don't think Viktor is the kind of guy who will not do experiment on someone who decide to endure it on their free will
Sukishoo (NA)
: Mecha Kingdoms (January 15, 2020)
if mecha kingdom aren't legacy skin, Sylas will probably get one as time before lunar wraith become legacy is closer and closer
Sukishoo (NA)
: Maybe, though his "calling card" opens on the 14th, which is before the Mecha Kingdoms launches (as that is on the 15th)
maybe it's 14th patch day, 15th launch of champion + skin (like they did most of the time this season)
Sukishoo (NA)
: Mecha Kingdoms (January 15, 2020)
one is probably the next new champion since tease for him already started this month
: Urgot was as bad ass he ever could have been and him purposely killing people with the gas just for those who are stronger too live fits very well into his character and his values of strength which makes sense because he is a Noxian. I love how near the end Vi and Cait try to intimidate him when hes about to be locked up but he is calm and laughs at their empty threats since he doesnt fear what will happen to him or the pain he may endure as he has been in a similar situation before with when Swain betrayed him. Overall a very good story and we need more Zaun champs/stories because theres so much potential with them.
I hope this is the first step for the next animated series. This story will explain why we will probably not see Urgot in that serie despise taking place in Zaun (maybe a Cameo at the end) while, unlike other Zaun character, he is a really big and well known figure in it
: New Story: Child of Zaun
Now, all I want to know is what would happen if Urgot, Singed and Viktor finaly meet each other and decide to merge their vision of evolution into one big trial/experiment. Those pilties aren't ready for that
: > [{quoted}](name=Paroe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NxE6wmBq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-05T07:27:10.020+0000) > > Oh god please no. This is an absolutely terrible idea that turns Yuumi into a very, very poor imitation of bard. She is _NOT_ meant to be a roaming support, and trying to turn her into an "easily distracted" minigame makes her a troll pick in every sense of the phrase. > The adaptive power is very nice and helps Yuumi be a viable pick vs every other enchanter, since she doesnt bring much to the table besides an average heal, situational semi-hard CC, and making her lane a 1v2. > > To be perfectly honest Yuumi needs her Q changed to not slow. Its situational and usually amounts to nothing at this point since its been nerfed into the ground. Haha yeah thats true. The idea wasn't really to focus on roaming, but more to just give her a reason to not be attached to allies so much. It doesn't have to be something she has to go around at pick up. I see your point tho lol. And yes I completely agree that the slow should just be removed, at this point it isn't doing anything for her kit.
to force her to jump off the easiest solution is to get rid of her "aura" by putting a timer on it. If the share adaptative stat are available only for the first 6 second after using W on an ally, she would have more interrest for going in and out
: About Those Karma Buffs - Riot Can We Talk?
Till they finally take a look at Iceborn gauntlet effectiveness on ranged champion, I don't think they can fix Karma tank top (and other ranged user too) AA permaslow from range should only be a thing on ashe
: > [{quoted}](name=wolvius,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8ha6BAqE,comment-id=0002000000000001,timestamp=2019-12-03T02:34:27.066+0000) > > Well i'm hopeful with the mana cost increase on E it will force her to have to jump off more often to make her more risky instead of riding the fed bruiser/cassio/fed semi-tanky champ and being a stat stick that spams heal without having to make use of shield. > > Well the changes will relieve some frustration atleast with the parasite not being able to jump hosts basically risk free anymore. > Honestly im pretty sure the changes are net neutral or actually a net nerf for the support. Yeah i'm pretty sure that's Riot intention is to force her to jump and auto for mana. But the problem is with the new Presence of mind and the changes to support items she can just stack Mana in runes and rush a Tear, if she does then she won't every get off and the increased mana costs won't really matter nearly as much as the extra stats, damage and attack speed. Riot thinks they're buffs and Riot is calling these changes net buffs in case you missed it earlier in this thread. I tend to think they aren't just buffs but are making her perma ban tier again. But like 10 champs are perma ban tier ATM so IDK 9.24 is gonna be awful.
the fact she can't follow tp anymore is pretty big for coordinated play. My only problem with this version of yuumi is that she is still a safer sona, I would have put a timer on the adaptative buff to get rid of the invisible aura and force her more to go in and out. Permanent aura were deemed unhealthy for taric/sona, there is no reason it shouldn't be the same for yuumi who can just hide into someone
: Co-op Vs A.I. Problem
At least we, as veteran player, can spot them easily and act on consequence. New player tho, I can't imagine being in their place, tagging for a beginer coop vs ia to learn the game and ending up with 4 bot i!n their team running it down (and riot bot seems to be a bit smarter lately) At this point, the best hope we can have is that they decide to implement an "anti bot" feature into their riot account logging
: Yuumi was whatever, honestly, but Sona got fucked pretty hard by the support item changes, to be honest. Loss of Mana regen and CDR on Frostfang in addition to the damage on Tribute hurt her. Plus one of her core items at this point (Archangel's) is very expensive so it's difficult with the overall gold nerfs. Sona really doesn't do a whole lot in lane, right now.
I don't know, I feel like in a lot of case, if I had to choose between sona or yuumi, there was nearly no downside of picking yuumi over sona (speaking of yuumi release time, not this preseason) It was the same with pyke. I play a lot of blitz but, since pyke, the only reason to lock blitz over him is if my team needed a bit of magic damage. If not, pyke is always the right choice. The last 3 support are just better version of support with similar kit, that's just how the game is (and you can argue it's the same for other role too) Sure you can still play your main as you want and only be affected by systemic change (main will play their main regardless of the competition), but the fact that character who do their job better are introduce slowly into the game is a reality They had to add so many stuff to blitz (and a bit less to thresh) to make him relevant again after pyke release that I wouldn't be surprise if the enchanter class as a whole receive change in the near futur to differenciate them more from newer champ with stronger kit (like the GW,Shield breaking, grounded change they made some month ago)
: I'm not a Soraka main, I'm a Sona main, but I was just thinking this about Senna compared to my champion. Like, laning especially vs Senna feels godawful because she basically gets everything my champion has, but better. Higher attack range than me. It's difficult to do any real damage to her when her poke outranges my Power Chords. It's near impossible to come out on top of a trade with her like this. She also gets to heal her allies on top of being a poke champion. Anybody who has played any amount of Sona knows how pathetic her W is in the early game. Fuck her E even gives a speed boost just like Sona's does, only hers is a better speed boost, lasts longer, and comes with the bonus effect of camoflauge Senna E: 20% bonus MS for up to 6 seconds rank one. Sona E: 10% (+3% per 100 AP) bonus MS for 3 seconds rank one. Senna also gets hard CC pre-6 via her W, whereas Sona doesn't get any hard CC until her ult. Im not saying Senna does *literally everything all game better* than Sona does, but Senna basically does everything Sona can do, but better, in lane phase, while also getting to scale and be a damage and enchanter threat as she pleases like Sona gets to. Vs Soraka, she heals better but I poke better. Vs Brand, he pokes better but cant sustain his ADC at all. Senna gets to do both of these, while also being saf*er* than Sona is, and not being as squishy. It's extremely frustrating just from a design perspective.
To be honest, sona was already hit hard with the yuumi release, as they pretty much do the same but one of them doesn't put herself at risk to make plays
: What they should do is to abolish SUPPORT completely. Just double the minion wave bot lane. So, we can TWO champions per team who will have good income. It will be chaotic but it will be planned, organized, chaos. Unlike the current situation.
you do that and fast poeple will give the 2 wave to only one champion so he can reach item faster. the only way to remove support is to create a new lane so you need to send a player alone to farm it
: No winter skins chromas in the essence emporium :<
Since skin promotion change some years ago (can't get promo right away on the skin alone but need to wait 6 month for them), legacy skin are out of every discount because they never came back at those time I discovered it was the same for the chroma of those skin when I was aiming for the swepper rammus's one last year, they weren't in the BE shop either (and I realize it was the same for every legacy related chroma)
: Here's the difference between those things and the example that is used in the Rioter post: Qiyana's effects *to opponents* are simple: if her ring is x color, it's going to do this thing. That's it. 3 different colors, 3 different effects. For Aphelios, his guns are all very visually distinct, and all have a very specific effect, some of which don't even have that much of an actual effect on opponents (such as the scythe gun, which heals him. You don't have to be particularly worried about that one effecting you directly with some new function, just don't get hit). The issue with the Rupture example is, as I understand it, the DoT effect does not reveal to players what it does. You simply have to know that it causes damage from moving, without it being shown in the actual gameplay.
I'm pretty sure they change qiyana element color for the base true damage skin, the burden is here for her. For aphelios it will depend on how the second gun is "showed" to the opponent, the bullet system visual for the ennemy and the cast time of W, but remembering every possibility when you don't play the champ and doesn't have the hud to help you will be deffinitely a burden for the opposing player
: Aphelios Kit Primer
Seems interresting for poeple who want that kind of gameplay. The only part I fear a bit is the visual for second gun/effect/ammo when you face him. Are they easy to spot (like annie stun) or are they hide in a toolbar like sona buffed abilities? This will make the difference between a fair champ and a nightmare to balance. It's ok if poeple want to go very deep into kit mastery, but it will only be healthy if player who choose not to do it (aka not playing the champ) aren't forced to learn it either way to be able to face it
: Let's settle this once and for all! Is the support item change a buff or a nerf? - An Analysis -
the part I dislike the most about those change is that you can't go double support item bot anymore. No more leona taric and the like, you are force to take at least one champ with ranged waveclear to succed I know it's for antipoaching but we need an option for those situation. Imo they should fix this with a rune in the inspiration tree. For exemple, they could easily remove the perfect timing rune (you want a stopwatch you buy one :p), move the biscuit delivery in her spot and then, to go with futur market and minion dematerializer create a third gold rune that generate gold somehow. The thrid rune could be something that let you keep the gold generation mechanic even if tier 3 (safe option) or decreasing the anti poaching number (if certain condition are met) Before rune reforged, support had a rune that granted them gold for poking/not csing that was shifted into support item and kleptomancy. Now that one is gone and the other stop being effective past a certain point maybe it's time to bring the old rune back (even if it's just a stat one)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
Maybe it's just me but I don't think omnistone being the optimal choice for a champion should be a target for the balancing team. Viable choice, yes but the optimal one just mean the champ is weak with everyting else and can only go that tree. I would rather have grasp or conqeror be the optimal choice for illaoi instead of omnistone for exemple.
Bârd (NA)
: League's casual modes are all but gone.
I wonder if nemesis urf can work
: Can we Please fixe camille interaction with yummi ? it Doesnt make any sence
I guess in this case she W to a target outside camille ult because, if the target walk inside camille ult before she W, that seems like a normal interaction to me
: Can someone tell me why Kai'Sa is still the best adc in the game over a year later?
Do you guys remember old soraka Q? I feel kai'sa Q suffer the same problem as that spell has at that time
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Can you stop Ryze from pressuring a lane with mana items?
mana scaling is a bad concept and, imo, if they want to keep it he should have another stat purchase nerfed to compensate
: the issue is that when you're melee you still get feared by the boxes even with the box itself revealed with control wards. that aside, a champion that forces you to waste your red trinket cooldown and or control ward on a basic ability is unhealthy game design. similar to malzahar
now that i think about it, I wonder if riot can code them so they still activate when you go near them with oracle/control or duskblade but without triggering the fear effect
: > [{quoted}](name=Flemman,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IJgrioLW,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2019-11-04T17:24:30.307+0000) > > Box just need the teemo shroom/zyra plant health bar system for champion damage, that would fix a lot of issue imo Would change nothing because they are invisible, trigger CC when you would try to kill it, and it's got a fairly trivial cd so the shaco can plop them on demand for self peel or engage on top of his 2 already ridiculous disengage tools in his blink+stealth on top of his clone ult.
Pretty sure it will be big enough If I can kill them fast as a melee tank, they become less of a zoning problem for my team and for the shaco player they will become less fragile to poke in the late game Shaco box are mainly problematic in lane for melee champion who can't clear them with stuff like oracle (unlike other stealth trap because they trigger regardless if you see them or not), allowing those to kill box in 2 auto is a big change that should reduce the frustration from facing one
: can we just address AP shaco already
Box just need the teemo shroom/zyra plant health bar system for champion damage, that would fix a lot of issue imo
rayoli (NA)
: Why isn't there a TRUE solo queue yet where duos aren't allowed?
I guess the queue for support would drop big time if they do this. Tagging for supp in low elo not having the reliable teammate in case you are match with 3 poeple playing badly would be pretty nerve recking in the long run (or they need to turn all supp into pyke carry potential to make the role worth chosing as a pure solo player)
Meddler (NA)
: Moving Vilemaw to another map would involve quite a bit of work, so it's not something we can do for preseason at least. Art's the largest thing there, with work needed on both the location Vilemaw would go into and potentially Vilemaw's anims, VFX as well to work well in a new location. Gameplay wise I don't think Vilemaw's a good fit for an early game boss that can be killed by one or two champions. Rift Herald does fit that role well, which is what we're looking to deliver from the Baron pit early game. Vilemaw by contrast reads more as a full team fight boss at, or potentially beyond, the threat level of Baron, at least as currently presented. Would be more inclined to look at things like a super late game replacement for Baron instead (e.g. post 45 minutes as a rare occurence).
Is a world where late game vilemaw give the claiming team a ground buff on their auto/spell ( something like a 1 sec grounded/4 sec cd on same target) possible? Another option could be looking into map changing stuff like elemental drake (playing around the web thing with either wall or bush) but maybe 2 change of map in one game is a bit to much, maybe make her spawn if less than 2 drake were made before min 20
KazKaz (OCE)
: URF isn't bad this time around, it's the community
well, as you can get token fast by pushing with broken stuff in this mode, you will face people who group as 5 man premade and pick champ that stomp hard to finish fast and maximise their pass I don't even blame player who do that as riot probably know it il end up like that (if fast game 3v3 was an issue for token grinding, urf was bond to be the same)
FridgeD (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=FridgeD,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wqes0v6H,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-10-30T13:27:40.792+0000) > 2. the current health dmg is **physical** and **scales with lvl: 1-16%** at lvl 1-16!!! she reach 16% at lv 12, not 16
: Huge skin potential for certain champions wasted, just because [yasuo] gotta be in every skin line
: True Damage splash art
Akali has really bad taste if she choose Yasuo as the group Dj when Sona is available after her Pentakill run
Mártir (EUW)
: Senna skills :)
the unclickable thing will most likely go, in a lane where most of the trade are form AA this is busted. A healt bar like yorick wall for champ in that state (that scale with rank in it) seems more healty to face/easy to balance
youubi (NA)
: Dear Riot, please consider recategorizing your older skins (aka, old Legendaries).
Well, a free skin is still a free skin. If you really want to be upset as someone who support the game (and by that I mean buying stuff not just playing), your shop is a bigger offender imo
: What Legendary Skin did you get
as I don't know if the token unlock a skin you don't have or if there is a chance to get a shard for a skin you already own, I will wait till next legendary skin release to open it
: I dunno why that skin wasn't available through crafting. Every other championship skin is. I have every available skin in the game so every time a new one comes out I just reroll 3 to get it (yes even the prestige and hextech skins work this way) and when Championship Ryze came out I rolled 3 and didn't get him, got some skin I already had instead. Was pretty confused by that.
> [{quoted}](name=Yormaughm,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TvQQLPeM,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2019-10-25T21:52:38.066+0000) > > I dunno why that skin wasn't available through crafting. Every other championship skin is. I have every available skin in the game so every time a new one comes out I just reroll 3 to get it (yes even the prestige and hextech skins work this way) and when Championship Ryze came out I rolled 3 and didn't get him, got some skin I already had instead. Was pretty confused by that. The sales of this skin is part of the cashprice for world (I think it was the same for kah last year) and he will be available with crafting after world is over to not take revenue away
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25
What are your thought about cloud drake buff (ult cdr) and champ who have no cd on their ult. As a global effect/team objective, having champ who doesn't benefit at all from killing one specific dragon doesn't feel right. Is it possible for them to get another effect in that scenario or is it off the table It's ok to have useless rune on certain champ because you chose them, useless drake based on rng on the other hand sound like something you want to avoid For support item, what the reasoning behind 4 of them with different health scaling instead of 2 (offense and defense) with adaptative force and same health scaling
: The problem with the Cloud Dragon Soul and the Kneejerk change to Nimbus Cloak
it's not only nimbus cloak, I'm pretty sure they removed cdr on PoM because of the new ult cdr on cloud regular buff (that some champ can't use at all making it really bad)
Muzét (EUW)
: The basic abilities cooldown reduction (Cloud drake dragon soul) has been replaced by movespeed on ultimate so Malicious is right.
not really, you don't need 3 of the same drake to activate it, just need 3rd drake to be a cloud one (as after that all drake will be cloud so you can have the soul at 4th drake if your team as slain all of them)
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
cloud drake need to be reverted to giving MS when killed because, with this new iteration, some champ are just screwed from rng if that one spawn. every champion can use att boost, resistance boost and regen boost, so it only make sense to keep the ms boost that every pick can use. on the same note, I suspect the removal of presence of mind cdr is due to that drake being an option. If it is, removing something concrete for something rng based isn't the best choice imo. In the end, for the ms boost to be back, they need to change the rift modification a cloud drake bring into the game and, for that, they should probably look into another effect (change scuttle into another version that give vision in both river?, new neutral camp that wander in bot jungle and give vision when killed for a short duration like old wolf buff?)
: TFT - 9.22 Set 2 PBE Change Log & Update
Is there a world were ohmwrecker is an item on tft that is use the same way as zephyr and have the hextech effect?
Łauren (EUW)
: No, if they do it in retail they should add a toggle in the options. People play with different settings every game depending on the champion they play.
I think the max range behavior is already live for some spell (could be wrong) but if it is the case a toggle should also change those. In a perfect situation we will have a page of setting for each champ so we wouldn't need to change them everytime we switch champion
: Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE!
Imo those change should only be there for smartcast so poeple who want to keep the actual interaction have a way to use it
: Map Changes should Create Ward Changes
the only change they need is, if ocean drake is the one affecting the map, player are allowed to put one more pink on the map
: Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the Anniversary Gifts Riot is giving us?
For someone who have all skin you can still get from the game (not with the 1 be orb bug) there is only 2 thing interesting in that celebration, the first and the last day. What I would have love, for exemple, is a special "my shop" for player who can't use it due to "no offer found", actually giving something too to player who invest in their game (and not "punishing" them for doing so)
: No lottery should be needed. If you keep it as Bo1, then it is 8 matches. Easily playable in a day. Losers in Groups A, B, C, D are bracketed off just like the knockout round. Could even do it by their already established groups, which would have already determined who gets side selection and such based on their finishes. Say in theoretical case RNG ran through this knockout. They would then have the choice (as of right now) to face Splyce, G2, or Fnatic to claim their slot. You get one challenge, so you would want to pick who you think you can beat.
what is the purpose of being second in group stage then? except rewarding loser with another chance, your idea just negate the fact of doing good in an hard group
: because i saw how good SKT were against rng in the first game, that is why i believed SKT lost on purpose to fanactics with how recklessness they played, which a calculated and poised SKT team never do. SKT looked like they were trying to lose on purpose and that is why i want riot to investigate this to ensure competitive integrity. If i am wrong, i will glady apoligize, but what what i saw and the fact that after the game, the skt comm said: "now we don't have to play RNG anymore". It is hard to say SKT weren't trying to lose on purpose.
Maybe you should see it another way. SKT vs RNG beeing close in the first game don't mean they are good, it mean they are on the same level of play. Now if both team get destroyed the same way later that day by fnatic, maybe we can assume it's because today they weren't on fnatic level but one step lower Also, if you really want to find someone who throw on purpose, the most obvious target isn't SKT, it's steak with the incredible bad draft for last game
: > [{quoted}](name=GelsominoKiller,realm=EUW,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=WBdUEzih,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2019-10-18T18:43:12.110+0000) > > I am not from NA, but as far as I know, NA is a very, very small region playercount-wise. Also, it might have further shrank in latest years. > > I actually think that NA is somewhat holding a decent performance compared to much bigger regions like EU, KR, China. Good point. EUNE is about the same size as the NA. EUW is about half again bigger. So EU has 2.5 times the player base we do. Korea is slightly smaller than EU but their player base is ga ga. China has a huge player base. Further, we don't have anything the equivalent of EU masters. And the Turkey and Russia leagues are pretty much EU farm leagues too. So pretty much the only mechanism we have to find and develop talent is the academy teams plus college lol which is mostly recreational but for a small top tier league. Which leaves us having to bring in talent. But we sure showed the LMS who their daddy is :) NA is full of fair weather fans. Just look at some of the soccer teams that never win the premier league. They still have rabid fans. NA lol.... Not even cluse.
Imo NA should stop the academy tournament and create minor league (East, west, north, south?) to open more "pro" spot to the player base. You can't grow talent if, from the start, the chance of reaching a sustainable spot are very low, it's not worth the time even if you are above the average player
: Bug in Pick Em's or confusing scoring?
i can try it you get 2 point for each team you predict will go in quarter (the one with gold in front of their name), in both group A and B you get one right G2 and fun plus A : 2 B : 2 add to that 3 point for team you predict will go to quarter and end up at the spot you predict, you got funplus right but g2 was second and you place them first so no point here A : 2 B : 5 for the last point, you can get 2 point for each 3 or 4 team you place right , you only get HKA right in group A and nothing else in C (as GAM end 4) A : 4 B : 5 so the result are logic for more date, I got 8 for group A because I had G2 first and griffin second, so miss the 6 point for correct order of the 1/2 seed and 2 bonus point for perfect prediction 14 is impossible, you are right about that, just think as the 2 bonus point as a riot safety to make sure poeple can reach 34 point for the mission with one really good group prediction (allow comeback if you didn't do well on the other 3)
: Watching RNG vs FNC hurt... alot
last picking lulu when you have an ezreal adc should be a bannable offense, they just focus hard on negating pyke ult and throw away any chance of winning lane (they could have pick a karma for a more bully like lane) When they first pick ryze ez, they just said to fnatic "we will do nothing early you can take the lead if you want" and fnatic did just that, the lulu was icing on the cake as she never comeback from that start, making it basically a 4v5
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