: I have a sneaking suspicion that if we just turned off our API for like...2 months we'd start to see a lot more creativity and "off meta" decisions being made again. As a competitive sport/game depending on your degree of investment in league, it's only natural that people will attempt to optimize the game as much as possible to give them the best chance to win. That gets made all that much easier when you can go to any 3rd party sight and look at whatever is "the strongest" champ/build order/strat on any given patch. Then throw the LCS into the equation and you not only have numbers to look at, but demonstrations by the best players in the game in how to play the game best. I was personally finding myself get a bit burnt out in ranked this season, so started focusing more on normals with friends and just tried out champs I haven't played in ages, or took them in weird spots (Brand jungle). Even though I'm sure it's far from optimal, it was actually super fun to just try funky shit again. That was one thing I loved seeing when we first rolled out runes reforged (or the rune builder website). I was seeing so many people going "oh shit! These specific runes on this champ sound so fun I can't wait to try it!". You know, true theorycrafting, something of a lost art over the years. What we were seeing was players reading tooltips and getting excited envisioning moments in game, not looking at and trying to crunch the numbers for what was best. There was excitement, there was creativity, there was fun. Then runes launched and people immediately turned to 3rd party websites to figure out what the optimal pages were, and we saw decision making quickly converge on what the numbers said, not on what sounded fun. Part of it is we don't yet have the system to the point where you have to think hard about what's optimal, and part of it is human nature. Losing feels bad. So you tend to optimize to chase the win, as opposed to take the risk of picking something "troll" and lose a game/waste your time. This is hardly scratching the surface, but it's something i've been lamenting on weekends, and something I don't have a good answer to.
So what about turning off the API? Would it really be that bad?
: I'd suggest taking look at ezreal and klepto patch notes since preseason and then tell me again that we didn't touch them. Also did you read 8.5 patch notes... I'm like 99.9% sure we needed Trist... Oh nope, 100%.
I agree with you that you made klepto ezreal kinda ok (and still kept it fun), but i find Tristana's changes really too small (her passive range, and hypercarry scaling don't fit her thematic at all, she still outranges other marksmen at level 5, W and R are really too safe, etc. ). I absolutely love Tristana but she really needs a mini-update. Not talking about straight nerfs but really adress her thematic and playstyle.
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