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: Why are you complaining instead of offering a valid solution to the problem?
Its called venting.
: > DIEING {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Idc what you say, but this word makes me stop taking your thread seriously lol.
But you still had to post right? no such thing as bad advertisement.
: but that's what a hotfix is about. You hotfix champions or items immediately when your balancing is so screwed that you don't want the players to bear with the state of the game any longer. You only do this in extreme situations. The same champions that get a hotfix are going to be addressed in the next patch anyway. btw, they already told us what the hotfix is. The number tweaks are set already.
> [{quoted}](name=Sum Wun Speshal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vdEr7EBq,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-09T11:46:56.554+0000) > > but that's what a hotfix is about. You hotfix champions or items immediately when your balancing is so screwed that you don't want the players to bear with the state of the game any longer. You only do this in extreme situations. The same champions that get a hotfix are going to be addressed in the next patch anyway. > > btw, they already told us what the hotfix is. The number tweaks are set already. this.
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: Updating Wit's End: Good idea. This concept for updating Wit's End: Not a good idea.
thank you for your valuable contribution.
yukumari (NA)
: Definitely agree that wit's end biulding into something more would be nice. The AOE magic damage is a nice unique passive, but the amount of raw stats is a bit much. I've always wanted an AS item that granted Armor tho, so I support that bit. I think you should keep the flat Mr steal as it was. Changing it to %MR is a bit excessive Coupled with Stealing 4% of the targets Health on hit makes it a very powerful lifesteal-esq passive. I think you should get rid of that part all together The Stealing of mana is a great idea though, I support that totally. Id' like it if you could make it a flat amount that steals more mana based on how little MR the target has.
The % shred is to make it more effective vs tanks and do note it is 4% of** base** health and mana.
: It has too many good stats and would have to be either stupidly overpriced or nerfed from the form you have it in. Generally speaking, items shouldn't really have more than 3, *maybe* 4 different stats and 1 *maybe* 2 unique passives. There are only a handful of exceptions to this rule but they are much more self integrated and synergistic than this item. in fact, only Trinity force seems to offer more than that amount of stats and passives, and you could argue that that item has been overpowered for a while, only being kept in line by the fact that only a few champs can utilize its stats well.
It does cost 3600 gold... But yeah I guess you're right, it lacks a certain focus this way. edited OP.
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: After having played every patch since her release, I'd (And a lot of other people also would) say that her Q MS boost should be bigger but situational rather than every time she launches it. E.G: Gets huge MS boost that rapidly decays if it hits a champion. It would emphasize her strengths as a kite mage and reward her for hitting abilities, rather than just spamming it to dodge poke. Rewards should be given for hitting enemy champions, rather than hitting the air.
This. Cassiopeia has to hit a champion with a skillshot. I see no reason at all why Ahri should get her MS for free. This fix is so obvious I have no idea why it hasnt been done, in fact I have no idea why it got added in the first place.
: It's different than League since everything, even your auto attacks, are skill shots and the placement of the camera. If you can get used to that though, it's a pretty fun game. Personally I think it's better presented and more rewarding than League has been for the last year or so. Plus you get to be a freaking God and Hou Yi's ult is fantastic.
How is the leveling and acquiring gods? Bc right now i just want to play these two champions to check them out.
: Sounds like Serqet from Smite, but hey! Serqet is a snake poison mage lady that's actually fun to play. Even Medusa, who has most of Cassiopeia's kit, is fun to play because on her it makes sense.
Wow, I just checked their wiki pages, Medusa and Serqet are both exactly what they should be. Its very obvious if you look at their god reveal videos to see this double identity in Cassiopeia, Medusa is obviously from greek and Serqet from Egyptian mythology. Cassiopeia has both mythologies and this divide reflects in the opposing gameplay fantasies players have with her aswell as the balance problems with her kit, it all revolves around this schyzophrenic identity crisis she has. It is just uncanny to read these two champions (gods in Smite) and just how much their kits, fantasy and (on paper) their gameplay is in sync. This seriously makes me want to play this game, just for these two Champs/gods. **If Cassiopeia should be back for a rework, she should be split into two champions:** One the Medusa poison mage; providing aoe damage and control with her poisons and ult and the other a seductive single-target poison mage/assasin. thanks for pointing this out, very interesting. *downloads smite*
: Honestly, I kind of like the DPS spam e style kit that new cass has, but I have to admit this kit is MUCH better thematically. As far as balance goes it would really depend on how easy it was to get max stacks.
the main problem has always been the theme, arguments usually revolve around her current playstyle being bad, which it isnt I like it myself too, but the point is she had these two themes poison and medusa snakelady that arent compatible. they shouldve split Cass in two, with a poison playstyle and a Twin fang playstyle.
Canastus (NA)
: I'm not sure why people are downvoting you but I'm very content with your own concept for a rework. The thing I like the most has to be how her ultimate makes her and her target untargetable which would make it the perfect finisher without anyone able to interfere (not even Soraka could heal Cassio's victim without blowing her ult in such a scenario).
yea, it should really give a "aww fuck my life" feel like Vi ult, but just... slower. Not breaking your neck just slowly crushing your spine. I was really looking for all the different ways a snake or poison can screw people over; pain (damage), paralyzing (slow/stun), lightning-fast snakebite, constriction (anaconda) and infectious disease (not technically snake-related, but its in the same ball park of scary shit). at the same time im also thinking of readibility, thats why I grouped all the poison damage together; just one poison dot, applied by all basic abilities, stacking 3 times.
: anyone here good with computers? cat knocked a glass of water on my laptop today...
Put it in a box filled with Rice, overnight Chinese midgets will come, attracted by the rice, and fix your Laptop. in all seriousness you probably busted it by trying to turn it back on when it was still wet, it shorting out prevents further damage, but trying to turn it on when wet... the rice trick could work for a cellphone or small tablet not sure about a whole laptop (the rice soaks up the water, it does **not** attract chinese midgets)
Mongoose (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fallen Soraka,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=0pbJV9h4,comment-id=000500000001,timestamp=2015-08-31T22:12:29.949+0000) > > a sense of superiority above others ???
> a _**sense**_ of superiority cant you read?
Dramos (EUW)
: In the moment, Rabadon's feels like...
Dramos (EUW)
: Riot, can you do a favor for an autistic person?
I feel you, but you can solve your issue by changing the logic of the order. I look at it as a throne room. The big guys in the center (king), right hand side (Queen) and left hand side (prince). I do this all the time, instead of being bothered by a lack of particular order (like left to right) I try to find a pattern that does fit or is easier to change. 196 upvotes I feel all people on the internet have slight OCD...
: Can we pretend that the Cassio rework never happened and put her back on the list?
I think with 3 AoE poison abilities you are too reliant on skill shots. too much safe zone control and not to mention visuals... How are you going to make 3 different poisons work? Can you go into detail on how the poisons would stack? because stacking DoTs can be a really messy thing. I definitely think there are some fun parts in there, but I would suggest changes akin to Nidalee's playstyle but then with slower poisons rather than a burst-pattern. Her Q and W providing poison and utility and her E a dash-in akin to Quinn's E. I like the passive more than the current one (not hard) and I also like the Ult, so ima work with that. (this isnt "i think this is better", I just want to get in on the discussion). > * Passive: Poison Affinity (cant come up with sometihng better so ill just copy pasta :p) > > All Cassiopeia's basic abilities apply poison damage over time (3s), stacking up to three times, with additional poison applications refreshing the duration. >Cassiopeia gains 20 movement speed towards poisoned enemies for each stack. > > > * Q: Noxious Blast > > Cassiopeia hurls poison at the target area which strikes after 0.4s delay, all enemies within the area are poisoned (1 poison stack). > > Each champion hit by Noxious Blast reduces its cooldown by 1s (upto 3s) > > > * W: Miasma Cloud > > Creates a Slow moving **Miasma Cloud** down the target path. > > Enemies entering the Miasma Cloud are infected by **Miasma**, reducing magic resist, applying a poison stack and emanating Miasma Cloud around them for 3 seconds, the Miasma Cloud and poison stack duration refreshes while remaining in a cloud that's not your own (upto 9 seconds total). > > Miasma Cloud grants vision for its duration. > > > * E: Toxic Fangs > > range: 700/300 > Cassiopeia strikes with her fangs with blinding speed, dashing towards her enemy and then leaping back off them, dealing instant damage, applying 1 poison stack and infecting them with **NeuroToxin**. > > **NeuroToxin** works slowly, initially slowing for 10%, but ramping up to 60% over 3 seconds and then Petrifying (stun) the target for 1 second. > > Cassiopeia can leap towards a petrified target again, dealing double instant damage (but not applying a Poison Stack or NeuroToxin). > > > * Ult: Final Embrace > > Range: 900 > Cassiopeia ignores unit collision as she slithers towards and coils around her target for 3 seconds. Dealing damage over time while making her and her victim untargettable for the duration. > > All poison stacks applied at the start of her ult will continue to tick and if the target is below 50% HP the full damage of all active poison stacks is instantly reapplied at the end of the constriction. > > Cassiopeia can re-activate her ult to end the constriction early. (forsaking extra DoT damage for instant damage from her poisons and removing the stasis on herself and her target) There's alot of** terror** in these abilities that revolve around being **poisoned, infected and hunted.** * Being poisoned feels increasingly threatening (think Vayne's ult/passive) because **with each stack Cass will hunt you down faster and faster**. * Her Q is simple, **basic poison application**. It rewards precision by lowering its cooldown, this is your main way of applying poison, W and E should be reserved respectively for zone/vision control and teamfights, and trading (1 leap) or executing (2nd leap) * Her Miasma Cloud I think would be really cool, it basically gives the dread of an **infectious disease**, if handled right (avoided/quarantined) it's a dud, but in the right circumstances it can poison the entire enemy team for maximum stacks and full magic shred! * Her Toxic Fangs is her (non-ult)** finishing move**, and the only ability that has instant damage, but it puts her in harms way. The fantasy here is of a slow-working toxin, giving the prey a false sense of relief (relatively low instant damage) and thinking they got away, only to be petrified and executed a few seconds later, the trade-off is smart prey will quickly go to safety (allies/turret) or just kill you before getting petrified. * Her ult instills the terror of getting choked out, stuck in a mortal embrace with your allies and yourself watching in helpless terror as you slowly feel the life going out of you. * Smart plays can be made by E'ing the front line, Ulting the squishy back line and then E'ing back out to the petrified front line. Tell my what you guys think (im having no illusions Riot will read any of our posts, just for fun)
Canastus (NA)
: Cassiopeia - a history of ongoing neglection?
There's not much to say anymore... They have a schedule for reworking champs and the spots on that schedule are very expensive. We (Cassiopeia) have had our rework and after a year the verdict is that, given its potential and the (ignored) player feedback, it sucked. But they have moved on to new champions and there's already a bunch waiting in line. The thing is they messed up with Cassiopeia, everything about her update including the Shurima event was rushed and done half-assed, they didnt listen to any player feedback and I dont even think there was sufficient internal feedback... As a silver lining, I do believe they learnt from their mistakes. Looking at the full package for new champs and especially updates they coordinated and synergised gameplay, fantasy, old > new lore, VU, release events, communication etc much better.
: > Vayne, in her current state, cannot be allowed to exist. You can't itemize against her. If the idea is "build thornmail, frozen heart, and maybe randuins" to itemize against vayne that's ridiculous. > How are tanks even supposed to remotely itemize against her? Is this considered balanced? I'm not going to necessarily argue that Vayne isn't strong right now, but her current state isn't one that has been changed too dramatically in the past couple of years. If anything, it seems like just Vayne being the same Vayne we've known her to be all along. To the best of my knowledge, Vayne wasn't seen as such a power pick even just a few months ago. As far as itemizing against her goes, you probably know that you have the same options against her as you do any other basic attacker, but I guess Silver Bolts just makes all your itemization choices feel bad? Silver Bolts reads as a spell that says "I'm a great tankbuster," so to me, to be upset that the spell seems to be doing its intended job begs the questions "Is it doing that job too well?" and/or "Is she doing other things too well?" All that said, I'm not really sure what the appropriate measure, if any, to take on Vayne is.
I think a better question is, **_should_ adc's be tank busters**? I would argue against it, to illustrate with rock - paper - scissor. Adcs provide sustained ranged damage (rock) so you pick/build a tank (paper) to which the same adc replies by building (or having in its kit a la vayne) Tank buster items/abilities (scissor). Imagine playing rock paper scissor with your opponent pulling out both hands with two options (guaranteeing a draw or victory). Obviously that's not fair. It should be a balance focus to make sure _other_ champions provide tank buster tools (through items or kit). So in the (simplified) triangle of [sustained ranged AD - rock] < [Armor/Tank - Paper] < [Tank buster - Scissor] no one champion has the kit or item build paths that allow him/her to have two or more full options. For example: It would be an interesting avenue to look to _some_ fighters not as tanks or providers of damage, but as direct tank busters or providing indirect tank-busting for ADC/damage dealers through aura's or debuffs, combined with some peel. {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:48}} Something similar could be done with (slight) changes to mages or assassins, less focused on controll, AoE or burst-style damage, they could be designed specifically to kill tanks. {{champion:69}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:50}} Above changes should be made with a change to adc's giving them less tank-busting tools pushing their niche further into sustained damage with a focus on ability to kill towers, objectives and resourceless, non-burst (ie less reliance on crit) damage. {{item:3035}} does not apply to auto attacks {{item:3071}} more of this stuff - with deterrents for adc's to buy them (like BC, the HP and Cdr are less valuable for ADC's) Mind you all above points relate to the **late game**, which is where Vayne is a problem. IMHO this would create more interesting gameplay than just "get vayne fed" but, get vayne sufficiently fed** and ** make meaningfull choices to support the adc. (by busting tanks directly or indirectly (aura's/debuff).
: > [{quoted}](name=Fluppets,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j1xBdxlb,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-08-02T15:34:40.159+0000) > > Ive had mixed results lately with AP + Sated Xin Zhao, its really fun and somewhat viable. You can snowball ur team early with base damages between lvl 2-5 (just like normal Xin), but with AP xin and a little feed and sated you're unkillable and ALOT of fun. However he struggles very hard in a losing team or vs burst + CC even more than regular Xin. The early game is fine, so is the later game once u get Sated + Nashor + Rabadon (u can tank turrets w/o minions), the mid game is a struggle tho if u dont secure some dragons for a fast Sated and have a losing mid lane. Have you ever tried zhonyas on regular sated xin? No other AP items, just sated, maybe a bork, and tank to round it out. You still do great damage, have great sustain, and if you ever get hard focused, you go into stasis then jump on someone again to clean up the fight.
Hm, that doesnt sound too bad, it's an interesting twist and im definitely going to try that out. Im thinking you could go heavy on early-dmg runes and masteries (instead of AP) and just gank continiously until you get Sated, then go full tank and try to get Zhonya's before teamfights happen. Thinking about it Zhonya synergises extremely well with his kit! Few things to note: You wont have enough damage without AS items and stacked AP to really carry and duel like you would with AP xin and without a full AP item set and Rabadon you wont heal enough to tank turrets. I should do some theorycrafting in choosing between Bork and nashor's tooth, which does most dmg and which heals most, probably too many variables tho... something like this? {{item:1001}} {{item:3933}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}}
: Kassadin; lowest win rate in game? (Suggestions to make him a useful champion)
kJs (OCE)
: You're going to get duped with hiding information like that. Don't lie. The way {{champion:76}} can use it is to have high mp5 and get a leap on people thinking she's oom which she never really is anyway. It's taking information away from the player so I honestly don't think it's that great of an idea that Riot would implement.
I see your point but i still think its counter-intuitive. Yes you take information away, but the information is lieing to you. You think she is OOM and thus cant cast spells... but she can. I guess it says something about the folly of resourceless champs in general tho. the mana bar could be greyed out or something.
Cipse (OCE)
: Is it viable to take a flask/pots or sapphire crystal/pots (if going RoA or tear) to out-damage the sustain from their flask/pots or boots/pots? I know the flask sets me behind in items but all I'm trying to achieve is to poke them out of lane (or in bronze, make them stay in lane and not cs for the first 10 minutes of the game) and make them lose more gold than what I spent.
its always better to buy a dorans ring instead of a sapphire crystal. Most mid melee's have a gapcloser with a burst pattern, so trying to outsustain them wont work, you're better off with a dorans ring for the HP and AP. With Flask/sapphire crystal you're just not threathening enough or they can burst you down. there was a time when I started sapphire crystal on Cassio bc i always built either tear or roa on her, but ive gone back to doran's. So what you could try is getting Dorans, 1 Health potion and 1 Mana potion, and then spamming your spells a little more often.' remember when they're melee you could just auto attack them without using spells, in the early game auto attacks are OP as fk. Just dont take too much minion aggro when u do. +60 HP +15 AP +3 MP/5s 4 MP/unit Let's say after 7 minutes (which is 5 minutes of game time, waves meet around 2). That's 180 MP from the mana regen alone, then let's say you get 50 cs, that's another 200 MP. that's practically two Sapphire crystals right there. edit: im talking like im a pro lol im a gold V scrub :D
kJs (OCE)
: Just remember that she doesn't use mana on cougar form? It's easier than being duped with a Nidalee hiding her mana bar on cougar form. Cat is meant to be resourceless for the same reason Elise is. Their mage forms have quite a hefty amount of mana costs with them. It wouldn't do to balance out the mana costs between two either because when Nidalee doesn't need to jump in she can just spam spears all game. Buffing her mage form.
Yes, but its counter-intuitive. I dont see how I could get duped by her mana bar being hidden. When I dont see a mana bar in cougar form im not going to assume shes out of mana in human form. quite the contrary I will assume she has power in cougar form which she does.
Jaredan (NA)
: It's been controversial, we knew it would be and we knew we were taking a risk (and by we, I mean Events team, the Narrative folks involved, and Riot) but we've actually received a lot of praise for doing so. That doesn't mean I think everyone has been happy, and for players who feel badly treated, hopefully we can make things right, as mentioned by the official response.
It was a great idea and id love to see you guys keep it permanent! fuck Gangplank and all the trolls that play him!
: Riot, GP being disabled is getting old and apparently I can't be upset about it...
its mainly because we dont like playing with Gangplanks.
: He might not be able to turn a game around, but he surely can make the game with a few ganks. His ganks are so easy to pull off and his early game damage is ridiculous.
yeah but the OP is talking about being able to turn a game _around_, which i can say from first hand experience isnt the case. He can point the game in the right direction from the get-go thats true. But Elise or Nidalee and (with a little more skill required) Lee Sin can do that even better.
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Cipse (OCE)
: Melee Champions Going Mid
Its bc you're bronze. jk Even ranged champions avoid aa'ing the enemy champion because it draws minion aggro. You need to know you're matchup and not be afraid to trade if you can. a ranged champ can choose to play like a little girl and not trade at all and just last hit, but melee champions need to try and trade if not they must take the poke like a man while they try to cs. You need to make the enemy (ranged) champion afraid of you by going all-in a few times. When im playing mid if I know/feel the enemy is afraid of me I will poke him out and dominate, but if I see them randomly walk upto me and try to trade Im like "damn, he might actually be able to kill me/has jungler back up, Ill give up this cs/let him have it". This is especially true with melees that have gapcloser or cc. usually melee's going mid take flask or boots + pots.
: Xin Zhao completely countered by slows,auto slows, knock ups, slows, knockbacks. slows, slows, slows, auto slows, Maybe it's just me ;)
{{champion:12}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:12}} fuck that cow and all his udders!
Ormylar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BlackEyesBlue,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j1xBdxlb,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-08-02T13:48:31.523+0000) > > He's pretty feast or famine. That said, I HATE HIM! > > He falls hard into the "Scrub Lord" category of champs. Characters that are face roll, 1/10 difficult, yet can easily carry a game alone if they get off the hook! > > {{champion:86}} {{champion:5}}{{champion:23}}{{champion:19}} and reigning King{{champion:11}} fall hard in this category, and {{champion:102}} may join they're ranks if {{item:3726}} doesn't get nerfed soon! :P If you want a challenge when playing Xin Zhao, play him AP. Suddenly it's a lot tougher to get to the late game, but once you get there, it is a lot of fun. That being said, yes he can be pretty faceroll if he gets going early when he's ad.
I play him as AP sometimes, thing is your early game (2-5) is just as strong as regular Xin Zhao, so dont fall into the trap of trying to farm at that point. farm on ganks for your devourer, then switch to farming. its true its really fun! Tank turrets all day np np
: Is anyone having trouble dealing with Xin Zhao?
I have played quite a few Xin Zhao games and I can tell you if there's one thing Xin **CANT** do is turn a game around. Of all (my) junglers he is most heavily influenced by a losing team; if the team loses their lanes early, Xin can get turned on rly easily and killed in his jungle. I think what you're mostly seeing is because **IF** a Xin is ahead of you/fed he can be very oppressive and can indeed kill you very fast, for some reason people dont expect Xin to do alot of damage (maybe bc he's not as common as lee for example). Thing is** he is very vulnerable to burst and cc.** He is very strong in the early game and can get him or his teammates fed, however if the enemy team gets back in it just a little or has the right types of champions they can easily shut him down. Once you're beefy enough to whitstand his combo (E + 3xQ) or have enough CC and burst to kill him before he can get his Q's off on you its over. Ive had mixed results lately with AP + Sated Xin Zhao, its really fun and somewhat viable. You can snowball ur team early with base damages between lvl 2-5 (just like normal Xin), but with AP xin and a little feed and sated you're unkillable and ALOT of fun. However he struggles very hard in a losing team or vs burst + CC even more than regular Xin. The early game is fine, so is the later game once u get Sated + Nashor + Rabadon (u can tank turrets w/o minions), the mid game is a struggle tho if u dont secure some dragons for a fast Sated and have a losing mid lane. In general Early game snowball champions are stronger in Lower ELO (mine, im gold V) because people tend to keep playing the same even if theyre behind or when they know theyre vulnerable to ganks {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:60}} and ofcourse our{{champion:5}}
Albion (OCE)
: @Riot Meddler, doesn't Kassadin deserve a little love?
No he doesnt deserve a little love. Kassadin can stay in his zone of -40% winrate, along with all the other badly designed hypermobile champions for all I care.
: F̶̵̰̻̹͖̀Ơ̟̤̩̣Ŕ͏͇̣̝̟̰Ṯ̫͝U̥̗͍̮̕N̖̞͘E̴̴̝̘̩͈̝͙̖͟ ̤͉͜W͟͠҉̼̫̰͉̳̖̥I̴̧̠͕̬̜̮̤͢L̴͉͇̝̗̦̜̮L̮̼̮̞̰͚̱͞ ̪͈̝́P̥A̧̳͍͉͖Y̞̝̳̲̻̭̹͟͞!̸̷̣̬͓ ̷͔̳̮̘̭͝ͅY̨͎͎̖̹͔͔ͅÁ͎̺̭̕R̜̯̱̟͓͜H̶̗͔̗̕A̶͉̻͘Ŗ̳̝̖͉̦̪̕H̩̞̹̼̙̰̜̪́́A̸҉̮̥̯̱͍R͍̮̼̠͕̱͖̬̖!̝͓̻̠̬
how do you do that? :p
: Champion Concept: Bringing back old Karma as a new champion
If (new) karma is about Yin and Yang then it doesnt make sense her sister is the Yin to her Yang. Just nitpicking here. I feel like that first picture is very remeniscent of Akali. Can you explain to me what (old) Karma is all about to someone who isnt familiar with old or new Karma? I have the exact same idea about Cassiopeia though, the two playstyles and fantasies people have with her are not compatible/balanceable in the same champion.
: I'm not sure those are specifically QoL as much as they are small buffs or mechanical fixes. QoL leans more toward clarity, like changing MF's E (Make It Rain) ground indicator to be more noticeable and stand out against the background. Though I won't disagree that these would be helpful for her.
I guess you're right, a better word would be fixes, because the way I see it its like the designers "forgot" to implement these features. Her gameplay design doesnt work "as intended" without this. the poison indicator definitely is QoL tho.
: I agree it can be deceiving, but I look at it as one of three things. 1. Your summation is correct, only people who are ahead buy it. 2. A small group of players realized how powerful it is on her and they buy it all the time 3. As a defensive item, most people only buy it when behind or to survive heavy burst, so it saves their butts and turns games around for them.
For 3. it is actually the best item to buy when you're ahead and want some general tankyness. All you need is a little more time to kill the enemy :)
: If I was a betting man, I would say that the AP itemization changes were just an introduction before they did an AD itemization change in the pre-season or Season 6. They will do the same thing they did with the needlessly large rod to the BF sword. Big item costs will have smaller breakdowns and Riot will re-evaluate items like Essence Reaver to see where they can better fit into the game and become viable as an item choice. The writing is on the wall, Riot just hasn't released any information on it yet as I am sure they are trying not to create any balancing issues going into Worlds. All of their focus is on that right now, but AD itemization is at the top of their list going into next year. You shouldve made a bet.
: How do you Jungle with karthus now?
idk just run {{item:3713}} and then go mana/AP items like regular.
: Champ Stats site? oh oops.
: Soraka has a 60% win rate with warmogs
Those stats are deceiving: alot of times people buy a certain item because they are winning, rather than winning because they bought it.
: Hey. I play Blitz quite frequently, and I have only one thing to say to OP: ez game ez life m8 :^)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Fluppets,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k1X8fE2R,comment-id=000500010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-28T16:02:30.671+0000) > > That's literally "the exceptions make up the rule". > > The runeglaive abuse cases were champions with AP with full magic damage on Auto Attacks. So if you want to know why there isnt a rabadon for AD, that's why. You cant have full damage scaling items like rabadon on both spells and auto attacks. Considering there is nothing stopping any AP champion from building Lich Bane and most AP builds end up around twice as high as any given AD build, I'd say that the problem exists on the AP side but not the AD side.
At this point I think you're trolling me. Go read my previous reply again, no need to repeat myself.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fluppets,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k1X8fE2R,comment-id=0005000100000000,timestamp=2015-07-28T13:08:38.233+0000) > > But AD already works for both AD Scaling spells AND auto attacks. > > so the 35% from rabadon only works on spells, if u had an AD amplifier ud have extra AA damage AND your AD spells... Kayle, Teemo, Diana, Sona, Lulu, Ekko, Elise, Rumble, Lich Bane, Nashor's Tooth, Azir. The argument that AP champions can't get their huge steroids on autos doesn't hold up when Riot keeps making champions and items that ignore that restriction.
That's literally "the exceptions make up the rule". The runeglaive abuse cases were champions with AP with full magic damage on Auto Attacks. So if you want to know why there isnt a rabadon for AD, that's why. You cant have full damage scaling items like rabadon on both spells and auto attacks.
: That's limited to autoattackers
But AD already works for both AD Scaling spells AND auto attacks. so the 35% from rabadon only works on spells, if u had an AD amplifier ud have extra AA damage AND your AD spells...
Solideus (EUNE)
: Making different stats attractive for ADCs and Fighters is a good idea. Why crit chance, though? It'd be a HUGE overhaul, and crit would have do work very differently. It's much more tailored to ADCs than fighters. The way it scales multiplicatively with offensive stats incentivices ADC-builds. It has much less synergy with what fighters get: high base stats, survivability, CDR or AS, low-scaling high-base damage, etc. Base stats synergyze much less with crit than stacking damage-items does.
I picked out crit chance because it is something that could use an overhaul anyway, so why not combine it with a fighter rework?
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