Pika Fox (NA)
: Playing zac, 1 MR item, and you didnt expect a burst mage to do damage with her full combo? She probably even itemized MPen. Hell, you even stated you had ~20% HP left. You also have a revive passive and a metric fuck ton of CC to still do your job.
well tanks are not worth now anyway. Irather pickl some stupid burst and mobility champ like Irelia and do better job
: Admitting their mistakes wouldn't do well, so instead they will rework the runes again to cover it up. I think one of the rarer times they admit their mistakes was reverting Kog'maws' rework.
> [{quoted}](name=How Do You Meta,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iHE0TMLu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-18T23:44:09.185+0000) > > Admitting their mistakes wouldn't do well, so instead they will rework the runes again to cover it up. > > I think one of the rarer times they admit their mistakes was reverting Kog'maws' rework. Nah it would. People would consider them less (insert any harsh word)
GreyfellD (EUW)
: I'm a support main actually
Pika Fox (NA)
: 1 MR item. On a tank. Were you playing ashe? Also, visage isnt meant to nullify a ton of magic damage, its a slight MR item with healing. Adaptive is what you want to negate as much of her damage as possible. You also likely didnt even use most of your defensive steroids if you were an actual tank, and if it was late game with 1 MR item or she was fed you really have no argument to make.
I was playig Zac. However donest matter what I build every defesen is useless in this dmg creep meta
: > [{quoted}](name=Fnatic ComeShot,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4vpwb0Kc,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-12-13T14:24:52.119+0000) > > Tiem to quite this game. Since there are ways how to sell your acc you can still get your wasted money back Maybe you should invest in a dictionary to spell properly? HAHAHAHA!!! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
I can invest into a proper leather belt to teach you manners. hahahahah
: I want to apologize to the Chinese community for my thread and comments in the thread
Pika Fox (NA)
: All these complaints about getting one shot. Maybe dont walk up to syndra as an adc?
I walked her up as a tanbk with spirit visage and and she took 80% of my HP
: Wait, please do not tell me you are one of those tank players that dives solo into the ENTIRE team and then cries when they get blown up in 3 seconds. Tanks are not meant to be able to 1v5 survive forever. If we are being honest here then 2.69 seconds is actually quite a while to survive against and entire team of high damage champions.
Back in season 1-4 when games was balanced tanks last about 4 secs. Now tanks are being deleted in the same time horizon as squihsy adc.
: Malphite isn't even entirely a tank, hes a powerful engager that only lasts as long as the enemy team is cc`d and your build suggests that, if you replaced {{item:3025}} with {{item:3110}} you would have lasted longer. And dont waste your damn ground smash while they are knocked up from your ult, you need it to slow their attack speed, that's probably your main issue is that you are trying to burst the enemy team rather than performing as an actual tank and then you get confused as to why you dont last so long. If you really wanted to keep {{item:3025}} you would have built {{item:3742}} and ran away when your e is on cooldown and the enemy team is slowed.
Caylera (NA)
: As someone who consistently lets other people know their feelings in game while never having ever been punished or even warned, the best advice I can give is watch your word choice. That is the one thing that usually gets people banned. Criticizing someone will never get you banned. Telling them they are doing something wrong or ruining your game will never get you banned. Cussing them out or telling them to go screw themselves or to uninstall will get you punished. Basically, be polite about it. I don't mean ask them nicely to stop feeding with please and thank you. Screw that, they don't deserve that. I mean to be as cordial as possibly while telling them that what they are doing is wrong. The bonus part is that being friendly and nice while telling people that they are wrong pisses them off even more than cussing at them does. Sure they may flame you for being so nice while telling them off, but that'll only add fuel to their possible ban while keeping you safe from punishment. Honestly, I make a game out of how much I can piss them off without being rude myself. TLDR: Don't cuss and be friendly even when they aren't friendly.
I send them to Auchswitz and gulag and it seems to work too. Ask them to drink bleach with ice and still didnt get banned.
: Neeko needs to make a trade off: Her damage or its reliability
Hahahabahahah. Asking rito to nerf dmg? You havent been on boards for a while right?
Nhifu (NA)
: That's your problem. Most Malphite 1 tricks go AP, your champ is simply not designed to fight fair fights, you have to kill or peel as much as possible THEN die lol
I know that in order to win is to abuse this dmg oneshot meta. But its fcking %%%%%%ed and boring. I want to play a strategical lol as in S1-S4. Not this team deathmatch
mack9112 (NA)
: You must have been very behind in the game
Nah, it was kinda balanced game untill conqueror runes kicked up
Rester (NA)
: Who was on the enemy team in terms of champions?
Eedat (NA)
: Why don't you post the match so we can see what happened?
My main acc was banned on boards. My build as Malph was {{item:3047}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3025}} and I still get blown up in 2,69 secs against full ad team. Noone of them bought any armor pene item.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: What is it about playing League that puts me in a bad mood?
Ah another typical ADC main. Dunno why do you complain about rengo oneshots since with this dmg creep everybody can pulls out 0,01 sec oneshots
Rioter Comments
Myrmiron (EUW)
: Things your game cannot have in China
: Dear riot damage will never make Nasus meta
Tiem to quite this game. Since there are ways how to sell your acc you can still get your wasted money back
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Damage is too high? No damage is not too high the damage in season 5 where you could crit for 1260 damage with 1 basic was high. right now the damage is not too high there are just a few things that make it high and you cannot build against it ( Duskblade, Stormrazor, Dark Harvest, Conqueror and all the true damage added should be completely removed...) Riot please realize that what you do is always richocheting since season 8 - Making for the jungler hard to get level 3 so they don’t gank immediately at level 3 caused them to now take Red Gank at level 2 which is even more cancerous... Not to talk about blastcone that was planned to help immobile characters being more mobile but before Kog’maw can get to the other side of blastcone akali will just E or R there to prevent him from escaping which makes the mobile champions even more mobile, jungle is broken since they don’t even have to back...
Total damage damage itself has not been increased however incoming frontload burst has.
Nea104 (EUW)
: The same people who have proved their incompetence during the whole Season 8, and probably before, are still "working" on this game. I keep saying it, I don't understand why someone still believes that something can improve here. :/ I'm actually looking for a better game for this winter. Every advice is welcome :D
BR: Ring of Elysium. Its free and much more polished than PUBG so you can hop in. MMORPG: Elder scrolls online has a free weekekend and its for 10euro or 15USD now. hoorable mention: Lost Ark. Diablo killer and potential wow killer. However its korea only so you need VPN
: I like how dmg is so high, I can get destroyed by a player 3 divisions lower than me.
Quite this game already. It wont get any better. They have enough time and feedbacks and yet they ignore us.
: Missions were a lot funner when you didn't have to buy them.
Dont blame them. Player count dropping, their revenue as well so they have to find another way how to pay their overpaid management
: I'm pretty sure no adc is having a fun time right now.
Really? Kaisa, draven still deal crazy amount of burst in this retarded meta
: ***
And what about you? Instead providing some logical arguments why dont you agree with this you call us a loosers. The only looser here is you.
: How precisely would you tone down said damage? reduce all AP Ratios to 80%? What about AD ratios? what do we do with adcs what about tank base damage? What about bruisers. What exactly should they do to "reduce damage"
Removing/reworking reforged runes. Especially those dmg ones.
: question to rioters about the client
Well since client is "laggier" and laggier with each patch I think they update it. Aka make this game worse on purpose
Rioter Comments
: Do the devs who balance this game actually play it?
"You don't have to play the game in order to balance it". -Medder and Ghostcrawler
: "Riot we really want to tone down damage"
I DONT FCKNING UNDERSTAMD WHY THEY HAVENT TONE DMG YET! How long have people asked for it? The whole season? No matter what I build I still get killed in 3 secs as a full tank. And dont mind mods. These guys lost all my respect and they are just bunch of rito lickspittles. Those 8 dislikes must be them.
: ***
{{champion:78}} still deals immense burst which can 100-0 squishy
: Gonna insult people from a level 7 account? Look at the balls on this guy.
My main acc was banned on boards lol. Why dont you relace i with e in your name? I thought that word is allowed
mack9112 (NA)
: Do you feel that the pre season changes haven't addressed the problems ? What would you do ?
This whole season 8 was one big preseason. Joke aside. What have been fixed? Weak turrets for example? Rofl. They are way weaker than berore. once turret plating falls off. And IMHO turret plating is just another bullshit which allows to snowball more in already snowball meta.
Rioter Comments
Raoul (EUW)
: Camille is a Champion they want in LCS. She does the Skill outplay moves that RIOT wants to show the world as a representation of their game, she flashy, fast and looks super fun to play. Wukong is a Champion that is more about one engage. Thats boring to watch. That makes people think the game might be boring. RIOT is balancing around this for years. They want to keep Flashy Champions on the top and boring champions down.
So why should we bother to play this game when devs dont care about their playerbase?
: Towers are just awful now and I hate it.
Didnt they promise they would buff towers? If one of your lane is loosing turret plating is jsut free 500g for enemy laner
: Rengar should not be able to leap AFTER LEAVING A BUSH
Another pathetic ADC main? Your tears are the sweeetest nectar I ahve ever drink
: In the past there was one armor pen item in youmoos which dropped off, then there was cleaver and LW (armor shred). Now there're 3 armor pen items, a stronger cleaver and LW. You can shred a full build armor tank down to around 80 armor (realistically speaking, so this isn't a tank with 6 frozen hearts). Runes are damage creeped like crazy and while we were reimbursed for armor seals, we didn't get MR buffs (eve, akali, ekko, kat. Some are not strong but explaining the double standard). Many defensive champs and stats have then been nerfed. Tank items have lost 850 HP and 55 armor due to nerfs, locket was crushed and the jungle favors hyper clear champs. The role these champs play is in peel. If you don't have peel everyone pops. "Didn’t first drake before the rework always act like infernal?" Pre elemental drakes gave about, 120 gold to everyone on the team. No innate stat changes were given
why build Armor pene when I can choose conqueror with rage blade and witsend.{{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} Balanced kappa
: neeko is gay?
Looking forward to "fan made videos" when no nuts november ends
: > [{quoted}](name=Fnatic ComeShot,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EWOcWaqV,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-11-18T14:19:20.187+0000) > > I just play this game because I know some girls (15+ ofc, not breaking the law) who send some nudes if I carry them. nice joke XDDD .. u mean u watch hentai
it's not a joke. You would be suprised how teen girls can be promiscuite. Since sending nudes is considered as sex according to law in my country (you can have sex at 15+) I cant be persecute for it. Despite in MURICA
Rester (NA)
: The future of league of legends is right now. No Runes, No Masteries, All Skill.
I would not mind if they remove them completely. They have enough issues with balance they cannot properly fix. Why should they create more then.
: The PRE-pre season shouldn't happen.
The whole season 8 is one stupid preseason, nothing was fixed
: So what's fun about LoL right now?
I just play this game because I know some girls (15+ ofc, not breaking the law) who send some nudes if I carry them.
: How do you kill the enemy nexus without winning in a big teamfight?
{{champion:14}} + titanic hydra, sterak, zzot, gargoyle sp, randuins. Split,split.
: Unpopular Opinion: It is now more enjoyable to watch league than actually play it.
I find it more enjoyable not to play it at all. Everytime I log ranked there must be at least one int troller in mine or enemy team which totally ruins all fun.
: You want honesty? This season was by far the worst season in league of legends history. Looking forward to next season.
Have you played on PBE? heard we have our "old runes" back and towers are not such a piece of shits anymore
Rioter Comments
yamacchi (NA)
: Diablo Immortal is a great example of a gaming company disaster.
Well hope RITO new game (world of runeterra) wont be on mobile. They fcked up so many things this seasonand they cant affort another disaster. Btw have you played Lost Ark? :)
Neriticc (EUW)
: Tryndamere is very fun to play against.
He is either retardly OP or utterly useless. He needs a little rewoirk
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