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: Teemo rework talk.
> Having a sea of mushrooms and watching, waiting, in-hiding for the poor jungler or enemy laner to walk into your field of death used to be my favorite part about Teemo. Then his mushrooms got nerfed into oblivion, and with oracle lens very accessible it really hurt Teemo's map control wet dream and the terror of old Teemo IMO is long gone. Nowadays I typically use the mushroom to clear waves, ward bushes, and to throw into a battle to just for its slow because it's no longer the deterrent, it used to be. The worst part about Teemo's ult is the mushroom bounce mechanic. It's lame and if it takes away from their (Devs) decisions to add extra power to his mushrooms, then it simply needs to go. It's an unwanted and un-needed mechanic if that's the case. I seriously couldn't agree with you more. All of the points you made are so true. I was even going to post my own thread - asking Riot to not gut his ult, in the future - before I came across this thread. In my opinion, his ultimate is what makes him enjoyable to play as and, to be honest, I actually feel like it's underpowered. It's only effective at slowing - it used to be effective at dealing damage, too. His ultimate did deal far too much damage, in the past, I agree, but the terror of the old Teemo is definitely far gone. Teemo is **known** for his ultimate just as equally as his stealth or poison; etc. Scuttle-Crab ruined his placements of mushrooms in the river and forced him to solely place them in the jungle/lane. But if you have an IQ you can 'kinda' tell where Teemo's going to place them and, therefore, sweep or control ward. P.S. I like your idea of a tumble mechanic
: Medieval Knight Skin Set
Not just a skin-set; this could be a whole event, itself, on the level of Star-Guardians or Odyssey. Knights are cool.
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: As you said, the Wuju Style is more than a fighting technique... it is "**discipline, patience** and combat" Just like the Shaolin Kung Fu combines Zen Buddhism and martial arts.
: Hey! Writer of Master Yi's bio and color story, [Homecoming](, here. Wuju is mostly known for its swordsmanship because that was the weapon of choice for Yi's home, but at its heart, it is a way of life. There are many doctrines but it is up to each master and disciple to interpret them. You can imagine Wukong, with his boisterous personality, taking many more liberties than Master Yi, a disciplined veteran, would. Someone can wield an axe and be a follower of Wuju, and another can be a chef whose dishes are created with the virtues embodied by Wuju teaching.
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: Kinda sad we lost Master Yi's Q cast animation
Hey, your point is pretty relevant - the cast animation does go alongside the spell, itself. Furthermore, as a general life lesson, the little things **do** matter. Personally, I don't find it a problem that the animation is gone - just from a personal perspective. Buuut it doesn't mean it can't come back - LoL always has new patches where things are sometimes reverted (and in fact, Zac's ultimate got completely reverted, on the PBE, to its original release state). I honestly don't think you can use a viable replacement to the cast animation which wouldn't cause confusion. No cast animation = no cast animation, sadly. Addressing one of you other points - removing the E passive does mean the unique effect is gone for every skin. This is concerning, especially for Chosen Yi :( I'm not too familiar with lightsabers but the colour Blue and Red are very distinct - this could help add clarity to the skin, however, because it's clearer to recognise when "Wuju Style" has been activated or not. Therefore, I won't be upvoting this, unfortunately.
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: I was considering just shifting to Wuju Strike. Wanted to leave it blank for a bit to see whether stronger names again might be suggested though. I'd be pretty hesitant about shifting more of his power to his ult's CC.
Hi, as Kadexe said, using "Wuju Strike" as a name is a good idea to connect Wukong to Master Yi. However, one of Master Yi's abilities is already called "Alpha Strike." When comparing "Alpha Strike" to "Wuju Strike" I feel like "Wuju Strike" is the better representative of the "Wuju Style" technique than "Alpha Strike" - it feels stronger and more powerful. This isn't a problem but, in my opinion, as Wukong is Master Yi's student, this seems to show that Wukong has a stronger ability than Master Yi. "Alpha Strike" seems like a downgraded ability of "Wuju Strike" - based off of the name of the ability. That being said - it's difficult to refer to the technique of "Wuju Style" without using the term "Wuju" in the ability's name (if you're trying to link Wukong to Master Yi in the sense of "Wuju Style"). Also, some people may believe that Alpha > Wuju instead of Wuju > Alpha. Some people may not even care about the names; etc etc. Just something to consider.
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: VFX Updates for Ashe, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn and Jax, plus an SFX Update for Renekton.
Hi I really like the changes made so far but may I add some of my own personal feedback (judging from the YouTube videos alone)? Ashe: For her Ultimate could you visually indicate that the arrow has reached max-stun. One comment (Broken Fangz) said how the arrow could spin-faster when this happens or that the ultimate's VFX could become more enhanced when max-stun has been reached. The hawkshot's bird model should be somewhat changed but I presume others have given feedback on that. Also the "poof" bit to the hawkshot (yeah I know XD Brilliant description...) upon impact should be re-added. Blitzcrank: As mentioned before in other's feedback (Sir Rouge), his Q may need to be a bit clearer and easier to see. I had to constantly pause the Youtube video to know that the fist was shaped in a "grabbing" position. For example, on the live servers, Blitzcrank's Q's shape of the fist is a lot clearer and visible - his fist is definitely closed and upright. Furthermore, Riot Blitzcrank's Q fist seems to be closed as if it's punching something. I'm not sure if this is intentional but he doesn't look like he's grabbing. Caitlyn: On her default skin, when her E hits the target, it makes the target look like it has the old Dr Mundo's "Burning Agony" effect on the target. I know Dr Mundo's VFX have been changed but maybe update this so it doesn't look like a copy-and-paste ;). Also, a personal request from me, when default Caitlyn channels her ult it causes a swirling effect around the target. Perhaps when the ult is finished channelling stop the swirling around the target but make the circle around the target completely coloured in with the same colour as the swirl effect. Jax: His crit AA effects look too bright; particularly on the default skin shown in the YouTube video. Also the idea to make the outline of his lamp light up when casting Q should be revisited. It could seem, at first, that Jax activated his W when in reality he only used his Q. Also; it seems easier than it already is, on live, that Jax could hide his Q in his W because of the fact that his Q is radiating when casted. For Jax's W his default model, itself, turns blue but maybe too blue. Consider toning down how blue he looks during its cast. His new Ultimate On-Cast VFX is perfect the way it is because it **clearly** shows that the Ultimate Active is in use (unlike on live where you kinda-sorta have to squint your eyes to see if his Ultimate Active is still going on). Renekton: Lastly, could you elongate the sharp slice sound of Renekton's W because it's very hard to hear to second slice (Renekton attacks twice during his W), look at 0:09 of the YouTube video, to understand my comment. Yet, his empowered W only makes **one** sharp slice sound despite hitting three times BUT you can hear a 3rd hit - I suppose that the sharp slice sound ISN'T the W making contact on the flesh of the target but I expected that this was the case, at first, and so maybe the player would too. Maybe make the sharp slice sound occur twice for his regular W and thrice for his empowered W because that sound is AWESOME x) Hope you take some of these comments into account, good luck :) Edit: Referenced to the summoner of the comment about the Ashe Ultimate indicator


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