: Do you think Akali needs a buff or a nerf?
Definitely nerfs. They should remove more mechanics on her kit so she isn't the monstrosity she is in high elo, and maybe buff her numbers a bit to compensate. When a champ has such a difference in performance in low and high elos, the healthy way to balance is the one that lowers the difference between Iron and Challenger. Example: tossing around more numbers in stat-check champions because they perform badly in the LCS in the most toxic thing you can do, and hurts low elo in a horrible way. That's why instead of giving Garen an AS scaling on his E and instant Conqueror (which as you already know went south faster than Napoleon's invasion of Russia) they should have tone done his numbers and gave him hard CC, a skillshot or something like that. Although I'd argue that Akali isn't really bad at low elo. She isn't that hard to play. Both his Q and R are virtually impossible to miss and she is one of the safest and less punishing champions in the game. You cant literally jump right in the middle of an enemy ambush with no energy and still escape easily by pressing W-E-R. The reason why her winrate is so low is because her pickrate is astronomically high. That means that she is picked constantly by scrubs that don't know how to play and champ abusers. If 3 or every 5 Akali players fall into this category (which is a really conservative estimation taking into account that she hadn't a playerbase before her rework and now she is one of the most picked champs), then no wonder her winrate is below 50%. If a really weak low elo champ like {{champion:72}} , {{champion:516}} or {{champion:268}} had this kind of playerbase, I'm sure it would have around 30% winrate being generous, definetely not hovering around 47-48%.
Tolinar (NA)
: The argument against Omnistone - a pointless rune.
To be fair, it's existence removes Cleptomancy, so it's a win for me.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: There is no way that {{item:3115}} and {{item:3124}} are mage items. No mage builds them. At all.
> [{quoted}](name=ZaFishbone,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=idX5rs27,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-13T10:58:45.838+0000) > > There is no way that {{item:3115}} and {{item:3124}} are mage items. No mage builds them. At all. As long as I know {{item:3115}} is a core item on Azir.
Barcid (NA)
: A breakdown of why Akali's rework failed in her gameplay
In my opinion one of the biggest problems of {{champion:84}} is not an individual ability, but the combination of her W and E. You can have a dash to engage/ escape, you can also have a shroud to stall fights until help arrives or your other cooldowns are refreshed. What it's not okay is to have BOTH PRE 6. Also her Q having such low cooldown and dealing so much damage, while being literally impossible to dodge isn't fair. Why would you want to choose between DPS and burst if you can just be Akali and have Burst Per Second? Finally, her ult is also unfair. 2 LONG dashes that aren't point and click (so she doesn't need targets to escape), but that are also undodgeable. How is anyone supposed to counterplay this shit? This is my proposal to try to make her balanced. Akali mains won't like this, obviously, because they are delusional kids with treestumps as hands, but they won't want any change to this dumpster fire of a character unless it's a direct buff. * Make her Q significanly slower and a bit narrower, enough so it's dodgeable but not to the point that her waveclear is seriously affected. In compensation, maybe give it a little bit extra damage if it hits only 1 target. * Give her the ability to maintain her W ms boost briefly after leaving the shroud because she will need it after what I'm about to do to her E. * Erase his E's back jump and restrict the reactivation so it can only be used if she hits a champion or large monster. She has had 2 defensive jumps pre 6 for too much time. That's enough of this shit. * Make both jumps of her ult shorter. Also make the first one faster but damageless (so it's just a reposition tool) while the second is slower (so it can be dodged) but deals the full damage.
Horızen (NA)
: What the f*ck is with losers spamming "tryhard"
The funniest moment in my opinion is when they pick a broken early game champion like {{champion:84}} , you roll them with a useless off-meta champ and they still accuse you of tryharding. It's like: "c'mon dude you are the one that only cares about winning here. Stop crying and maybe one day you'll learn to play".
: I think Qiyana is a cool champ, but wtf is that ulti?
What? There is no way putting a tank ult on an assasin is broken. Don't you see that a character with high mobility and survibability has no reliable way of landing a huge AOE in the pergect angle to hit the entire team? Not to mention, with her being an asssasin she needs that damage, even though his basic abilities already oneshot most people in 1 rotation. Sarcasm aside, it's pretty clear that they tried to create a high-skilled assasin with an utility ult, kind of like {{champion:64}} , but then they saw the community's reaction to that SWEET body and decided to overbuff her and turn her into another skin whore. You know, Riot Gam€$.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
I fear Skarner may be retconned into being a Voidborne, a Vastaya or some shit. It would be a stupid move, since Skarner's lore is the core of all hextech-related stuff; but it would still be far from the most idiotic decision thst Riot has made.
: After several discussions, I STILL Think Miss Fortune's Ult does way too much damage.
Totally agree. Yeah, she might be a squishy ADC, she may have to stand still and it may be interruptible, but it's still too much AOE damage. To anyone that thinks otherwise, my answer is: compare it to Vel'Koz's ult. * Both champs are really squishy and have no mobility. * Both ults forces them to stand still, and both ults are stoppable. * Miss Fortune's ult covers a much wider and bigger area, even though Vel'Koz should be the one that excels at AOE since, you know, he is a mage. * Miss Fortune's ult deals a lot more damage than Vel'Koz's one. * Unlike the squid, Miss Fortune doesn't need some special condition to be met so her ult does its full damage. On the other hand Vel'Koz has to land 3 of his abilities on every enemy before ulting so his ult does respectable damage. Otherwise his ult feels like a morning breeze.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: How about a tank item which allows you to create a grounded zone around you for a short amount of time? It could help tanks like sion deal with highly mobile champs. for example: frostmail: +30 armor +30 magic resist unique active: freeze- for 2 seconds create a zone around you that grounds all champions present(including teammates). we could even change some of the existing items like frozen mallet, frostborn gauntlet and rylais to slow dashes by 10-20 % based on level. This could've problems though.
Lol I didn't saw your comment and wrote pretty much the same xd.
Kivolan (NA)
: What Is Being Done to Address Mobility?
The obvious move would be to create an item for fronlaners that negates mobility, the same way other items negate CC or healing. Of course, we are talking about Riot Gam€$, so they won't do anything that makes their skin whores less viable so they can keep milking their chinese cows. Example: Hextech armorsuit (3300 gold) 400 Health 30 Armor 30 Magic Resistance 10% CDR Unique passive: When you are out of combat your bonus resistances get increased by 30%. The effect lasts 2 seconds after taking damage. Unique active, Seeking Drone: You shoot a Drone that gets anchored to a target enemy champion. The drone grounds that champion for 2 seconds and grants your team True Vision of him for 5 seconds.
Leu07 (NA)
: Leo Leona
I doubt that they continue with this skinline, because eventually they would have to release a Scorpio Skarner and Rito hasn't released a skin for him for 4.5 years. _We await our time._
Trias000 (EUNE)
: The main reason to release a new champion should be that they've come up with an interesting kit that makes for unique gameplay. Not just moving the story forward.
But the last 10 releases were overloaded antifun messes, so they aren't doing that either.
Ayanleh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wilk Rycerz,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=t2L2RUA4,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-10-25T15:32:32.620+0000) > > {{champion:245}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:28}} > > It's not a matter of just mages. You could say the same to AD assassins building cleaver and steraks, just make the items incentivize building tanky like steraks health scaling.
But these bartards had already shown that they can build almost full tank and still oneshot bruisers. Remember s6 tank Ekko, Fizz and Akali? Because I do and I don't want that bullshit ever again.
Mythrandill (EUNE)
: I really hope after Worlds end Riot will reconsider and remove Stopwatch
Only if they gut all assasins' damage first, because it's probably the only thing that is keeping mages alive against them.
: What Do YOU Want Karma to Become?
She should have a Villain-like passive since, you know, she is **Karma**
: So can we get back scaling / late game / slower paced meta?
Yeah, I hope too that all kids will go to the FPS and Wild Rift.
Ghostlake (EUW)
: It's time to update some of the outdated BASE SPLASH ARTS in the game.
> Skarner will get theirs fairly soon. Please stop playing League and become a comedian. You have innate talent.
: Seriously though, who enjoys all this damage???
Assasins, Juggernauts, Duelists and Burst mages. The cancer of League.
Sancre (EUW)
: Why do I feel Cloud Dragon got ditched again?
To be fair the bonus it gives is 10x better than the +5% AD and AP that the new Infernal gives.
: Morder, Garen, Ryze, Skarner, Rango mango have seen more rework than Malphite.
If butchering his kit and stats and putting it in fixed contestable zones is what you want for Malphite, then so be it. I also think that Malphite deserves changes, put using Skarner as an example of this is counterproductive. If anything, you could have bringed up that {{champion:25}} and {{champion:81}} have received reworks despite being insanely popular and having fully functional kits. PD: you also can learn to play Malphite. You are supposed to save your mana and only spam Q once you have a couple of points on it, not at level 1 (unless you want to stack Manaflow Band or slow the enemy to escape/help on a gank).
: Forums: DAMAGE META TOO MUCH DAMAGE Pyke: Assassin that trades damage for utility and survivability Forums: OP OP OP OP NERF NERF NERF {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Trades damage? The guy who can wipe out the entire enemy team just by spamming R is seriously trading things for his DAMAGE?
: Ask me anything!! (About narrative (for Warwick, Urgot, Swain, Nunu & Willump, and Pantheon (VGUs)))
Do you know if Skarner's lore will be profoundly changed when he gets a VGU? At this point his VGU is going to be in 2025 or later but at least I hope that you can tell me whether or not he is going to be transformed into a voidborne or something like that. It wouldn't be the first time this kind of thing happens (Varus and Aatrox suddenly becoming Darkins so Kayn isn't the only one). Can you please assure me that he is still going to be a wise Brackern leader?
Sevetar (EUW)
: Will {{champion:24}} or {{champion:58}} be compensated after Shojin removal/Conqueror changes? For example Jax right now with all taht at around 50% wr
They were f***ing busted with Shojin, that's why the item was removed lol.
: is their a weakness for mobility??
The innate weakness that hypermobile champs have is that the players abusing them have significantly lower skill than the average of their ELO, so you can bait them into yolo yumping at you even if you are undertower and have a {{champion:98}} on your team. But if you have the disgrace of meeting a {{champion:555}} player that actually knows to play, you are screwed. The only counterplay that is available against this kind of shit is to have the teamplay and microgame capabilities of a Diamond or at least high Platinum player, so 95% of the playerbase can't really do anything.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: This item active you're suggesting will never be a thing because QSS cannot cleanse debuffs like Fiora's,Zed's and Fizz's ult. And this was also done for a specific reason - because you're denying these champions' big moments and their gameplay completely. Liandy and BotRK don't counter tanks, they have effects that are stronger against beefier targets. They don't have effects like "click on the enemy to halve their HP by 50%" on a 90 seconds CD. Likewise, you have Gargoyle Stoneplate - and item that allows you to double your HP if the appropriate amount of enemies are around you but it also reduces your damage in order to allow you to MOSTLY tank. I already see an issue with your proposition as Talon would mostly be screwed. He can't go invis in his ult and he can't Q to his target, let alone Flash so he's essentially a pointless pick if the only working ability that remains in his kit (after your item active hits him) is half of his R. Likewise, Kata can't jump to her daggers where her gameplay and damage is dependent on. Your item doesn't fix any of these frustrations from Assassins, it only gives you the ability to dictate whether they get to play League or not. Soraka's Equinox already properly counters Assassins better because the silence field can be walked out of but if the targets remain in it, they get rooted as well. She can properly stop an Assassin's engage and give their targets a room to breathe or interrupt the flow of the combat, which allows her team to respond to the enemy that can't cast any spells for a brief moment. Her point and click silence was removed for this reason, as she could insta-target an enemy to shut down in the middle of her team and there was no counter. Your item would perform in a similar manner, where abilities that are coupled with mobility like dashes would not be able to be cast.
> This item active you're suggesting will never be a thing because QSS cannot cleanse debuffs like Fiora's,Zed's and Fizz's ult. And this was also done for a specific reason - because you're denying these champions' big moments and their gameplay completely. Then what about Skarner's ult and {{item:3139}} ? It completely negates the only thing that's useful about him, yet the item exists.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: >If you want to punish mobility, here is how: >Create a tank/support item whose active is: Target enemy is revealed for 5 seconds and grounded by 2. So, your idea is that OP's idea of Fiddle retaining his "0 counterplay ability" is bad but making a 0 counterplay item active or a new champion ability is fine? You're literally OK with a point-and-click proposition as you worded it "_**Target enemy**_ is revealed for X and grounded for Y". It's the same proposition as OP's, just worded differently. >Nerf the most mobile champs so they actually have to pay a price for their high mobility, instead of also having damage, sustain, range and CC. Most, if not all champions, that have high mobility also don't have sustain, range and CC added to their kits. I've skimmed the Collection and here's what i've found: Camille - melee, has mobility and CC on one skill (if she hits) but no sustain. Corki - ranged and mobile but doesn't have CC or sustain. Ezreal - cheeky ranged bugger but mobility on one skill, no sustain or CC. Fizz - melee, one conditional dash (Q), mobility + untargetability skill, CC, damage, no sustain. Gragas - melee, high damage, mobility, has sustain and CC - high range on abilities. Jax and Renekton are here too but i think what mostly breaks them is the Spear of Shojin, which is getting removed in S10. I guess you can count on Riven using it too. Talon and Zed you can argue about their high mobility but they have no CC or sustain either. Just damage.
I think that there is an abyssmal difference between disabling jumps and completely freezing the opponent with a fear. Besides, there is also an abyssmal difference between an item active and a basic spell, since the later will have around 10s of cd on average while the former can have 90s. Also, you aren't getting said active for free, you are paying for it and occupping an item slot. Right now, you can choose to buy items that counter tankiness ({{item:3153}} , {{item:1416}} , {{item:1419}} , {{item:3035}}, {{item:3151}} ), healing ({{item:3075}} , {{item:3165}} , {{item:3123}} ), basic attacks ({{item:3143}} , {{item:3047}} ), CC ({{item:3102}} , {{item:3111}} , {{item:3139}} ). Why one that counters mobility isn't fine? This active is thought so assasins can't yolo jump in the middle of the tf and do whatever they want. Which is what they are doing right now. It also creates a method of punishing badly positioned mobile champs, since right now the only way of reliably doing that is to play a mobile champion yourself, because otherwise they just escape. It's a lot different from completely disabling whoever you want with the press of a button every few secs. If it had a tether effect like {{champion:56}} , it might be fine, but the current Fiddle fear is unhealthy and one of the reasons Fiddle isn't allowed to be good. Changing it would be for the best. Trying to justify Fiddle having a low cd point and click cc because it will counter high mobility champs is no difgerent than giving Blitz and Renek shield breaking abilities instead of nerfing Riven. Counterpick = uninteractive gameplay, counterbuild = critical thinking.
: Bruh you are unranked and iron in flex i don't think you have a deep game knowledge or a game knowlodge at all you need to practice against some bot play some normal go in ranked try at least to reach gold v then we will take your post a bit siriously ok ? {{item:3070}} {{champion:9}} {{item:3070}}
I am unranked in solo Q because I don't really like rankeds, but I don't care about flex so a couple of times my friends wanted to try and I complied. But resorting to ELO shaming shows the kind of toxic person you are. Some of us just want to play the game and have fun, but others like you that only care about rank and showing off make it very difficult. Besides, just so you know, I have been playing this game since 2015. And because Riot's matchmaking is so shit I am constantly put against Gold or higher players, and more often than not I perform well. In fact, most of the time I am carrying. Back in 2017 I had the resolution of starting playing ranked whenever my main, {{champion:72}} , becomes actually playable in Solo Q. But because Riot's balance team is composed of 4 monkeys and Ralph Wiggum I am still waiting.
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
What kind of shit reasoning is that? I'm the first one that despises high mobility nonsense, but solving a no counterplay issue with another no counterplay mechanic is obviously dumb. Long range point-and-click CC abilities should not exist, period. Besides, said point-and-click shit would actually be worse for immobile champs, since the mobile ones can stay easily out of reach, go invisible or become untargetable, while a Vel'Koz (for example) has literally no way no avoid it. If you want to punish mobility, here is how: * Create a tank/support item whose active is: Target enemy is revealed for 5 seconds and grounded by 2. * Make slows actually slow down jump animations that are more than 300 units long. * Nerf the most mobile champs so they actually have to pay a price for their high mobility, instead of also having damage, sustain, range and CC.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 11
Any update on the VGU list? We already know that Fiddle and Voli are next, but I'd want to know which are most likely to come after.
: > [{quoted}](name=FrancisMuni,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=96EejuhN,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-10T19:30:36.500+0000) > > He does need damage. He is supposed to be a Diver or a Duelist, but people build full tank because he doesn't do any damage anyways. Besides, over a third of the jungle roaster is composed of divers and most of them have that same ability to lock down enemies out of guard. Ever heard of {{champion:254}} , {{champion:19}} , {{champion:5}} , {{champion:59}} or {{champion:106}} ? Because all of them have both high damage and CC, not to mention they also have WAY more mobility than him... I don't play him full tank with predator like the others. I like to go Conq and build {{item:3078}} {{item:3161}} {{item:1401}} and sometimes {{item:3748}} or {{item:3053}} The dmg is high. Not as much as Jax with same build, but it works.
I don't deny that the synergy that Skarner has with those items its so high that it overcomes his shitty base damages and scalings and gives skarner a decent amount of damage. The problem is that until you are level 9 and have at least 2 items, your damage is virtually zero no matter the build; and that is horrible in this "win in the first 10 min" meta. Meanwhile any of the other champs I listed, as well as Jax (which is supposed to be a late game champ btw) are able to burst half of an enemy's lifebar at min 3. That is not fair. Why do these champs have that much damage early but Skarner has 0 damage for the first 15 minutes?
: Garen's Villain mechanic was a essential part of his kit that got removed for no reason other than "hur dur he managed to kill me even when I have 20 kills hur dur nerf plz" and many players apparently don't understand that. Garen's kit was created and balanced around on him being able to lock down a enemy and kill him while at the same time being able to withstand some damage, a combination of a juggernaut and a diver who never fit on one class more than the other and his villain mechanic is what kept him in the fine and balanced spot he was at. Did he needs some changes, yes, was this a necessary removal, no, just lazy balancing which we have gotten used to. Now about Skarner, I doubt that they will change him at all because he is extremely dangerous to modify. Skarner right now is a Vanguard, a tank that will catch enemies out of guard and start the fights around these oportunities. Here, we have 2 problems. 1, that Tanks, especially those that rely on movement speed to catch their enemies are extremely out of meta (Hecarim as a exception, who is not a tank but still relies on speed) and 2. that he has no passive to help him out on that. Skarner is like old Nunu, extremely good and easy jungling but poor ganking capabilities. As Skarner you have to rely on the enemy team making mistakes so you can punish them which is one of the reasons his playrate is so low on high elos, high risk-low reward and that is a risk that most of the time you can't take. Now, I said he is dangerous to modify. Again, we have 2 reasons why changing him is extremely risky and tricky. 1. Vanguards, if given extreme tankyness they become straight up overpowered due to the CC they offer and 2. because if they create a new passive with the current balancing team's mindset, they will likely end up giving him damage something that he does **not **need. Skarner is a tough one to change and that is why I belive they have not tried to change him since his last rework which for me, is fine.
He does need damage. He is supposed to be a Diver or a Duelist, but people build full tank because he doesn't do any damage anyways. Besides, over a third of the jungle roaster is composed of divers and most of them have that same ability to lock down enemies out of guard. Ever heard of {{champion:254}} , {{champion:19}} , {{champion:5}} , {{champion:59}} or {{champion:106}} ? Because all of them have both high damage and CC, not to mention they also have WAY more mobility than him...
: Why is ignite on such a short cooldown?
Because Riot prefers autist gameplay over teamplay, so they buff over and over this shit while non-stop nerfing TP and exhaust.
: How often have you been pissed b/c a champ was too tanky?
The funny thing is that more often than not I got pissed not because tanks are too tanky, but because some fighters are. {{champion:39}} , {{champion:141}} , {{champion:19}} , {{champion:6}} and stuff like that. They oneshot most people while having more than 3000 hp and being able to replesish most of their health bar almost instantly. There are alsoabsurd tanks like {{champion:36}} and {{champion:78}} , but I find funny how bruisers become tankier than tanks by running Conqueror and buiding {{item:3812}} , {{item:3053}} and {{item:3022}} .
: Who do you want to/think will have the next Victorious skin? (2019)
Skarner. He is picked a lot in competitive but nobody plays him in Solo Q, so a skin like that could maybe restore a bit of his popularity.
: Worst patch ever?
There have been worse, this is just the average Worlds patch, when they buff a lot of "spectacle champs". At least they didn't radically change any core aspect of the game, since that usually goes really south (basically any jungle change ever).
: Noone is talking about how broken Evelynn is
The only reason she isn't talked about a lot is because Pyke is worse. But I think that no one (expect her mains of course) doubts that she is broken as fuck.
: So Zoe is...
There is a reason why Dumbs called her "The aspect of cancer". She lands 1 ability and insta RIP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dofpb8mDi6E
: > [{quoted}](name=FlameHalbrdOkido,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TEEgoFM1,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-09-22T06:17:19.002+0000) > > what if they moved Skarners ult to a basic ability. IK thats VGU lvl stuff but aside from a revert the best way to fix him is a full VGU I'm of the opinion that Impale Is better balanced to be an ult It may turn out good, if It doesn't require you to do weird stuff. Otherwise i closest thing i can think of would be a smaller range pyke grab, on a very long cd. What would his ult be?
Yeah, having an ability like that as a basic spell would be a nightmare to balance. But they should increase the damage A LOT to make it an actual ult. It does less damage than an auto a rank 1. It doesn't feel nearly powerful as an ult right now.
: They could easily just make his Q refund mana (either cost or portion) if it hits monsters. Either that or move his attack speed back to his W, and have it grant mana if the shield breaks, unless we get to keep attack speed/ms after the shield breaks again like OG skar. This is assuming spires are removed.
Why would that help? Skarner's Q cost 10-14 mana. And mana isn't really a problem on Skarner. If anything, they should add a base damage to his Q, put an AD scaling on the E, increase ult damage and buff W movespeed in early levels.
Shahamut (NA)
: This idea that his ult is unhealthy or too strong is just hyperbole. Imaginary. Skarner's ult is essentially a powerful displacement. HOWEVER - That displacement takes 1.75 seconds to happen - During this time, he can be slowed, stunned, or otherwise cc'd to make the displacement distance effectively laughable. - As mentioned, he has to get into melee range to initiate it. Chances are, if you are a squishy being pulled into his team, you were WAY out of position or caught solo, in which case you were probably dead anyway with only one other person there, much less a whole team. - You can buy QSS or just play GP and be K. - There is a delay in which you have time to blink/flash/dash away preventing him from grabbing you. Compare this to other strong displacements: (AS A PRECURSOR- I am NOT saying that Skarner's ult is weak, or worse than what I mention. But I think they are compareable in power and therefore his ult is not as strong as is PERCEIVED) Blitzcrank: Can pull you a great distance instantaneously. He does it from range, on a lower cooldown and the pull itself does more damage than Skarner's ultimate. This will immediately be followed up by a silence and a knockup. At best, Skarner if he has achieved max cdr will stun you. Nautilus: Pulls a good distance, though not as far as Blitz as he meets you half way. Immediately AA for a root followed by a lage AoE slow. The ultimate knock up can follow after you finally get away, OR he can start with it to all but garantee the rest of the combo. The Q alone also FAR outdamages Skarner's ultimate. Again, Im not saying that Skarner's ultimate is weak, but I AM saying that it does less damage, has less personal follow up, and is on a longer cooldown than these other abilities. The trade off being that he doesnt have to aim, but instead must be in dangerous melee range. Skarner's ultimate USED to have the potential at max rank of slapping 700 dmg on you (200 base x2 procs, +300 from crystal venom stacks if he had all 3 on you when he ulted), and he was never considered overpowered then. The perception of a suppression + displacement is very powerful, but when you look at it in a numerical sense, and look over the risks and rewards, its no more powerful than blitz or nautilus Q in terms of utility.
Yeah, and I find hilarious that Morde can trap the enemy ADC for 7s from 1000 units away and no one bats an eye. But a low mobility champ goes into melee range to grab a mispositioned opponent for less than 2s and that is supposed to be broken? Not to mention Camille, who can also trap an opponent with her ult while being able to hover half the map with her E.
: Can Pyke get disabled in ARAM? Or nerfed at the very least?
Vuuduu (NA)
This is the reason characters like {{champion:157}} still hover around 50% winrate despite being completely overpowered.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Sejuani is probably the most overrated champ right now
> with good mobility and cc (Skarner Skarner? Mobility? WAT?
: Champion Types That Are Inherently Broken
Yep, these kinds of champs have inherent traits that completely nullify their weaknesses. Why can a {{champion:63}} oneshot an entire team with 2 point-and-click abilities while building support? Why does the most overpowered battle mage ({{champion:8}} ) also have one of the safest lane phases in the entire game? Why do {{champion:28}} or {{champion:84}} even exist? I also would want to add overpowered juggernauts like {{champion:420}} or {{champion:6}} . Both of them are lane bullies. Both automatically win 1 v 1 against everything. But they also perform well on teamfights: the former can negate an entire enemy engage with the press of a button while the other is a ranged hipercarry that can contribute tons of max hp% damage, CC and a lot of tankiness. Seriously, why would anyone play a tank when he does the job better? And Morde with his "now your carry dissapears for 7s and probably dies" is obnoxius as well. Not to mention than ganking him from level 6 on is literally impossible.
: Most overpowered champions of all time v2
Skarner was broken for less than a week and he did not even made it to live serves unnerfed. I think it's kinda unfair to compare that to champs that have been broken for entire seasons
: > [{quoted}](name=FrancisMuni,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YkWGzkO1,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-09-17T19:39:35.181+0000) > > Just give me a reason. The only thing he has is a good stunlock, but most tanks have that aswell. Not to mention that they usually have a reliable way to deliver it, that they tank 3x as much as Skarner and that their ults are able to disrupt an entire teamfight. Skarner only has a 3s single-target melee stunlock. Still less than a Morgana Q or a LB double E stunlock. nightmare to jungle against, if he catches you there is no escape from the slow and stun along with him having hi damage and being tanky. only comparable to lee sin or udyr as an early dueler. i forgot to put lee sin on the list. but udyr is kinda trash overall so he is fine.
Skarner? Damage? Have I just went on a time travel back to 2015? Skarner nowadays has no damage whatsoever for the most part of a match. * Stats-wise, his Base AD is quite good but his Attack Speed is quite bad for a fighter and only becomes worse as the match goes on. * His passive is completely unreliable and only gives decent stats from level 9 on. 43% of free AS looks like a lot on paper, but taking your passive slot for that is underwhelming as hell. Especially when the rest of his kit barely adds more damage. 90% of the time your pillars aren't even available on fights. * His Q is supposed to be his main DPS ability, but it LITERALLY has no base damage. It has a relatively low cooldown, but doing about 30 physical damage every 2-3 seconds is the literal equivalent of a caster minion attacking the enemy. It scales almost decently when you get to late-game, but building more than half an AD item on Skarner is outright trolling. * His W is a shield, so no damage from that. * His E is the only decent damage source in his entire kit. It's also a slow narrow skillshot that gets slower every time it hits something. You should be able to dodge that. Besides, its scaling looks like a joke. No AD scaling and 0.2 AP scaling. o_o * Do you want to know what is Skarner's ult base damage at rank 1? 40. Yep. Less than a Soraka auto. It becomes 200 at rank 3, but that is still joke damage for an ult. I just gave you the numbers. Skarner is completely unable to do any signicant damage whatsover early game unless you are an extremely squishy jungler (the only one I can think of is Shaco) and you stay under his spires for half an hour. The only way for Skarner to do damage is by being far ahead and building {{item:3078}} . And no one builds it with Predator. Besides, no escape? We are in 2019. Most champions now have 1 dash at least and 4 as most. Skarner is literally the third less mobile jungler in the game, just below Olaf and Ivern. Not to mention that the shield that gives him movespeed is easily destroyed by an auto. If a Skarner ganks you and suceeds, either he used Predator (so he isn't going to be able to gank effectively again for about 2 mins) or you are more blind than Lee Sin. Literally every champion in the game is able to escape a Skarner gank by simply walking to their tower.
: skarner is sleeper op.
Just give me a reason. The only thing he has is a good stunlock, but most tanks have that aswell. Not to mention that they usually have a reliable way to deliver it, that they tank 3x as much as Skarner and that their ults are able to disrupt an entire teamfight. Skarner only has a 3s single-target melee stunlock. Still less than a Morgana Q or a LB double E stunlock.
: broken characters
Really? Skarner? There are about 150 characters in this game and you complain about SKARNER? He hasn't any damage, tankiness, range and almost no mobility. The only thing that he has is CC. And it's very difficult to apply CC when you are a melee squishy immobile shit. Yes, before you say it, Skarner IS squishy. His base stats are so laughable that most ADCs are tankier than him. The only reason why he tanks anything is because people build him full tank. Just name me a champ that keeps being squishy after buying 3 tank items. Skarner is without a doubt one of the worst champs in the game right now. What, one camped you and you got tilted? Are you going to react the same way if somehow an Ivern beats your ass?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tychusfindlay918,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cEt7uTsP,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-16T15:22:16.620+0000) > > He's basically untouchable by anyone who isn't a spellcaster, and cc-lock him is hard in a meta where no one plays tanks (which he would undoubtedly MURDER in lane anyways if someone did). > > He can effectively out-tank actual tanks by a factor of 2-3 against ADCs, even hyperscale-type ADCs, and his ult with a steraks at the very least bars any mage outside of a late game veigar from blowing him up. What? Jungler tanks are more than viable (Skarner, Nunu, Warwick, Volibear, Sejuani are all doing well). That most soloQ prefers to yolo with assassin jg's is another matter. Alistair, Rakan, Thresh, Leona, and Blitzcrank are also all perfectly viable tank supports. Hell, pantheon jg and nocturne also work well enough since they also CC the jax long enough for him to blow up in teamfights. Jax takes forever to come online as a champion unless you feed him early. He's no different than Yi. If you got mongoloid laners who insist on dying to him or overextending and dying to ganks, of course jax and yi will be insufferable. Until then, he's weak and blows up in team fights as he rushes triforce and spear before he even gets a single resistance item, which leaves him like wet toilet paper for the first 20 minutes of a game. I can't understand people who complain about champs when the obvious problem is this game lets your team sink your match at champ select thanks to terrible comps. Enemy team locks a Zed or Katarina in? Your idiot bot lane picked a Sona/enchantress support who will be instantly gibbed the moment the midlane assassin roams bot and starts the assassin snowball when all that was needed was to pick a tank supp like alistair or blitz to completely cuck the assassin. Or your idiot jungler picks a yi/evelynn/khazix into the same Zed/Talon. Or your top lane picks a malphite/poppy into a damn Fiora or Darius, let alone the special kind of moron who picks a ranged top laner into jax aiming to cheese him early, but all that does is deny your team a frontline, so when the game reaches mid to late and your team consists of all squishy ranged champs and assassins and your backline gets dove by the enemy team with a vi/skarner/sejuani and a rakan plus jax, your team acts like they didn't doom the game from champ select. Jax is completely reliant on reaching 3-4 items (and is only survivable after he gets triforce+spear+GA and tabis/mercs) or on the enemy team having no CC whatsoever and a weak frontline. SoloQ happens to constantly feed him with those win conditions either through comp or by throwing early leads to stall the game out for him to come online.
> Jungler tanks are more than viable (Skarner... You already have run out of credibility.
: Qiyana Should Have To Actually Land Her Abilities To Do Damage.
> She's an assassin. She's supposed to be high skill cap. Assasins? High skill cap? Hahahahahaha, the only ones that requires brain is {{champion:64}}, {{champion:76}} and {{champion:60}} .
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