: What is with the guys looking for girls so much on here?
Sorry for not making paragraphs, the ENTER key on my keyboard isnt working. There's a reason some of us use ambiguous or blatantly masculine names. We mask our gender because we've gotten tired of the extreme levels of sexism from this community - on both ends of the spectrum. Wether it is overly friendly interaction or extreme harrassment, while it can be nice to recieve special treatment some times it eventually loses its charm and you just want to be treated like another fellow gamer. As i'm sure you've experienced, frustrated players will leap at anything they can use against you. Kitchen and period jokes/remarks are okay, but then the entire lobby (all 9 other players) gangs up on you and says stuff like "what do you expect from a girl" and it starts wearing you down...
Mordius (NA)
: Can we get proper interactions between Tryn and Ashe?
DanteAxe does a pretty good job of this on youtube. "Funny time with trynda".
: My biggest wish for season 8: a less impactful early game
At the beginning, shortening the games was the right thing to do. No more frequent 60 minute games. But this season's just been way over the line. I understand they want their e-sports matches to be commercial break material but jesus christ riot, think a little less on your TV viewers and a little more about your general playerbase. Do you really want your game to become an exclusive delicacy only the elite can partake of?
: > [{quoted}](name=Frontline Fury,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LmjvdEM3,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2017-09-21T17:09:55.536+0000) > > Wow. Commenter's name references Darius. That Poro is wearing Darius' armor and a wig of his hair. > > That's some attention to detail It's his FEK/BEK avatar.
> [{quoted}](name=Mounting Dread,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LmjvdEM3,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2017-09-21T18:07:49.467+0000) > > It's his FEK/BEK avatar. Sorry for being an uncultured swine, but what is FEK/BEK?
: saying " OMG DONT PICK SQUISHY TOP LANE " is wrong
Majority of low rank junglers refuse to play teamplay champions (aka tanks) and also refuse to gank top lane, thus they want their top laner to take the "boring class" as tanks are generally somewhat safe solo laners.
: > [{quoted}](name=IAintDarius,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LmjvdEM3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-21T06:02:27.836+0000) > > Wait, did they literally code the boards to skew votes? I thought that was a joke. It was https://i.imgur.com/FgHgWay.jpg/img
> [{quoted}](name=2nd Chance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LmjvdEM3,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-09-21T06:10:05.742+0000) > > It was > > https://i.imgur.com/FgHgWay.jpg/img Wow. Commenter's name references Darius. That Poro is wearing Darius' armor and a wig of his hair. That's some attention to detail
: Has anyone else missed a cs because of minions randomly switching aggro
This is extremely frustrating, especially when all minions are just standing still and im not taking hits from the enemy laner.
Juice (EUNE)
: That game was a 1v1 between the ADCs
You may think that, but it was actually a match between vladimir and hecarim vs xin zhao (me) and heimerdinger. Corki was 2/8 until roughly 40:00 where he rocketed off with a quadra kill at baron, and Jhin was like 1/3 until 45-50 where he finally started one-hitting heimerdinger.
Rioter Comments
: Girls?
I dont even play ezreal but that star guardian skin is really cool.
: MFW I play Veigar for the first time, and get S rank
You sure you didnt mean {{champion:115}}?
abdul569 (EUW)
: When you decide to play something different for once but get autofilled into your main
: okay my mistake i thought level 1 q was 50 damage a strike not 25. my bad. that being said you arent using it properly. you AA Q AA. q resets aa timer. so the full level 1 combo to properly use new rengar is to jump Q AAQ AA. if your dekar you take storm raiders surge and you beat the shit out of them or simply disengage at that point becuase rengars empowered q HURTS level one with a crunchy 200% ad ratio and 100 base damage per slash which means 200 per strike. (guess where his power budget went?)
Level 1 empowered Q has 60 base damage, so yes that one does deal damage - about half that of 3 Riven Qs without basic attacks in between, or one hit from a Xin Zhao Q at level 1. Rengar's empowered abilities are not in question here - the feeling of his Q is. For being such an extremely unsatisfying and unfun spell to use, it should at least be a little more powerful early game (and a little less late game, because even when it hits for 1000 using the empowered hit it still has no "impact" feeling. It feels like you are gently blowing on the enemy, and they lose all their health.)
: > [{quoted}](name=Frontline Fury,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVcgLvRs,comment-id=000a000000010002,timestamp=2017-09-14T09:58:24.210+0000) > > ...and her E is hands down the strongest shield in the game (in terms of utility, not shield health). https://i.ytimg.com/vi/YmiNSBXh8jM/maxresdefault.jpg ######See, it's funny because Ivern's shield is called "Triggerseed"
Sidenote: Its a shame this isnt M&G, or i might actually like you for that pun.
: > [{quoted}](name=Frontline Fury,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVcgLvRs,comment-id=000a000000010002,timestamp=2017-09-14T09:58:24.210+0000) > > ...and her E is hands down the strongest shield in the game (in terms of utility, not shield health). https://i.ytimg.com/vi/YmiNSBXh8jM/maxresdefault.jpg ######See, it's funny because Ivern's shield is called "Triggerseed"
Sure, Ivern and Lulu are in close competition with Janna (which may no longer be the case after her adjustments) but in the end, Janna giving any ally a boatload of attack damage while protecting them from harm will come out on top. There's a reason she is the de facto "Plat machine". And while i know Janna doesnt necessarily require skillful play to succeed with (similarly to Lulu), a truly skilled Janna player has such a massive impact on the game that everybody is forced to recognize her - something no other support achieves to the degree she does. ######And that's saying a lot, given the frequent extremes of frustration inflicted by Soraka mains
: Yes, yes, let the bias flow through you {{sticker:sg-syndra}} I can't fight a brick wall that says "I'm right and you're wrong, end of discussion", but seeing the amount of effort that brick wall makes in retaliation to my gentle push is what I'm here for. I knew from the get go that you would never listen to reasoning, so I played your silly games to see the type of vocabulary you'd throw at me after I made my points. You didn't resort to profanity, so you at least hold yourself to a higher standard than some of the other bears I've poked on these boards. You can pride yourself on that, at least, if not for your ability to have a reasonable discussion on a topic you're sensitive about.
I'm just saying - you are practically the only player on the boards complaining about Janna - and you havent even made a post about it. Meanwhile, every single rengar main has complained about Rengar's Q for SEVERAL MONTHS - periodically FLOODING the gameplay boards with complaints and requests for Rengar. You can keep making this personal by sarcastically slinging poorly disguised insults my way, or you can stay on topic and back your arguments up with facts for once. Wether i find you worth the time to respond to or not depends on your next reply.
: Reasons to ever play Darius over Renekton or Urgot?
Darius will remain a threat, even utilizing a full tank build, is good at defensive play and remains a viable threat even when put behind all the way until the super late game where everyone reaches six complete items. Renekton has an unstable early game and no way to be useful when behind, as well as falling off around the start of late game. Urgot is... The weakest out of the three. A marksman that wants to be a juggernaut, he is extremely item reliant and completely useless if behind. He has no way to come back into the game, his innate abilities are so weak he cannot contribute to his team other than by being a very squishy meat shield, all his spells are abilities that are extremely hard to hit with very long cooldowns and innately low damage output and he falls off so hard late game that you might as well consider him a squishy turret. Urgot is countered by high mobility, high attack speed, low cooldowns, shields, any form of sustain, any form of crowd control, and - get this - simply above-average movement speed. In other words, nearly every single champion in the game can deal with Urgot. It's all a matter of stats, similar to Irelia but much weaker and less reliable. He has no reliable wave clear either. Both the other front liners have that much.
: XZ doesn't deal 40 damage with his slash, level 1. With a base damage of 30 and a 30% TAD scaling, it would be 47.25, and that is without runes or masteries. With 9 Marks of Attack Damage, it would deal 49.815 damage. The stab portion would deal an additional 99.445 damage, bringing the total damage of the skill up to 149.26 physical damage.
Uh... I think you skipped through my original post a little too quickly there. I claimed RENGAR deals no damage with his swipe. I havent actually tried the new Xin Zhao, so i have no idea what his stats look like. I'm just terrified of Riot doing the same thing to him they did to Rengar - i used to main Rengar when he was reworked, and i am currently maining Xin Zhao. Apparently i have a talent for picking champion mains that are in dire need of a rework...
thefance (NA)
: > Each portion of the attack gets separate damage reduction from enemy armor, You probably think "30 armor" means 30 damage is subtracted from each instance of physical damage. But that's not how it works in LoL. Resistances reduce damage by a percentage. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether Xin Q is 100 or 50 + 50 since 77% \* 100 = 77% \* (50 + 50). > meaning that it deals less than half of its written stats to any potential target - even minions, despite them having 0 armor. I have no idea how you drew this conclusion. But that's not how it works either. Since minions have no resistances, all attacks apply the equivalent of true-damage. ---- Check out the [wiki](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Armor). Final Damage is calculated by multiplying Initial Damage by the Damage Mitigation Formula. The Damage Mitigation Formula is defined as m(r) = 100 / (100 + r) where m = mitigation ratio r = armor or magic_resist e.g. m(30) = 100 / (100 + 30) m(30) = 77% You can confirm this in game by mousing over you character stats (press the [c] key). A pop-up will display the mitigation percentage if you hover over the resistances.
Do i really have to prove it? _Sigh_ I never claimed armor was flat reduction. You simply jumped to that conclusion yourself. Here's a couple brief recordings of what i'm talking about that i just made. https://i.gyazo.com/a37e8b41071698ce2d17c0daccf6b412.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/be990bb86c1dde14cc645020610db491.mp4 They're recorded with gyazo, so i cant seem to make them pop up in the reply itself. But well, besides the fact it deals so little damage you might as well stick to basic attacking It ALSO inflicts a brief SELF-ROOT during the animation, AND makes you jump forwards if you're not careful. In other words, the only real level of skill that has been added to Rengar with this Q is avoiding self-sabotage through complicated mechanics. You should require skill to utilize a champion's mechanics properly. Not to be able to utilize them at all without sabotaging yourself.
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVcgLvRs,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-13T16:04:11.211+0000) > > People irrationally pretending that we didn't *gut the fuck out of that champion for murdering people from invisibility in .5 seconds.* Yea, I remember when surviving Rengar was a reaction time test. Glad that's gone, but he is SUCH shit now. All he really needed was less dmg on Q (and the triple Q/similar bugs gone) and he'd have actually been balanced with his original kit. But nope, riot likes to gut melee champs as of late. Rengar's not alone, {{champion:266}} has been gutted by rework (was fine before, just unpopular), {{champion:91}} was gutted by rework too (granted, his old self was pretty unacceptably cancerous). Now my boy {{champion:5}} looks to be next on the hit list (what did he ever do to warrant this? It's not like he's badly designed or anything really, just struggling to be an effective diver in a meta where divers are shit, which is entirely to be expected).
I almost made Diamond V with him when i got news of his rework... I dont know, i just feel like quitting the game now.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: {{champion:6}} Q
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Joke's on you, Rengar is a diver now, not an assassin. :^) Sorry, but I had to, since that is how it is now. He is classified as a diver, not an assassin. And in my opinion, that even makes sense.... One point many people mentioned in the past is that Rengar, unlike most of his fellows, doesn't really have a great escape. He goes in with ult and mostly will stay in. He has a defensive tool with his heal. And his overall kit is more suited for extended fights instead of bursting enemies down in a milisecond. And it makes sense from the lore point of view, too. He is a hunter searching for a challenge, it kinda makes sense that he is a fighter instead of an assassin now. Because surprising someone and instantly killing him is no challenge. Having a long lasting fight to death feels more like that.
You wanna hear an even funnier joke? Rengar performed much better as a diver than an assassin pre-rework - and he performs much better as an assassin and much worse as a diver post-rework than he ever did before it. Do you realize why he is a diver now? It's not because his kit allows it - his kit leaves him so squishy he is borderline marksman. His Q is the ONLY useful ability in his kit besides his ult. His W is literally there just to take up a spell slot. Its only useful purpose is to give him a stack for his passive Q, because its heal is miniscule and its damage is nonexistent. His E serves the same purpose - its slow has such a low intensity and duration that its only real purpose is to be a poke / distraction ability. It has no real purpose besides stacking his passive for his Q. The only reason new Rengar is a diver is because his lacklustre kit forces him to build tanky AD items like titanic hydra. Old Rengar's W gave him resistances, did real damage (offtank rengar maxing W first against heavy armor tanks in top lane was not uncommon) and most importantly it gave him a heal comparable to Gangplank's W when empowered. Old Rengar was more of a diver than an assassin, and when people came up with the "one shot meta" for him i was disgusted. It wasnt fun for the player or the victim. He would design his build around one-shotting everything he clicked on and dying in the process - sort of what he has been reworked into.
: {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Okay, slow down there partner. I'm not making any comments about Rengar being balanced/fair, whether the rework was successful or not, anything like that. This whole thing stemmed from the OP saying "Please mention one ability less satisfying than Rengar's Q" and me accepting that challenge. People are trying to bury me in these Rengar rework politics but I'm literally just picking nits with the wording of the OP lmao
You tried to mention abilities less successful and you failed spectacularly. Someone did mention Urgot\s new Q, however. That's definitely a valid point.
Doozku (NA)
: > {{champion:84}} E: A circle used for farming. > Akali E isn't really her main damage spell, yes it kinda sucks but she at least has her Q to deal her damage. > {{champion:28}} Eve is an old, outdated champ that can be barely classified as an assassin. Yeah her abilities are lame but she came out in 2010. Rengar rework came out in 2017, you'd think they'd have figured this out by then. (Even then, I feel like Eve Q is still satisfying mainly because I like spammy champions and also her Q doesn't slow down the champion at all, unlike Rengo.) > I personally don't see everyone's problems with Rengar's Q (other than his old one being removed, given how visually pleasing it was) and I think it's a decent spell. On top of the points that everyone makes, I'd like to add some other points here. One thing, have you ever seen new Rengar be completely balanced and fair? No, because his kit doesn't really have counterplay. I'm not going to list everything, but here are some points. 1. Not really anymore counterplay than his old Q. You can't dodge this since its in melee range. The most you can do is flash it, which is a feature they could have added to Rengar's leap a long time ago. And his burst? Well, new Rengar doesn't even need his Q to oneshot you, he can just auto you with {{item:3147}} {{item:3031}} and the crit from his ult will instakill you. 2. Q is overloaded. Yeah, you didn't expect this one. What was Rengar's old Q? An auto-attack reset. That's it. All it did was deal damage. What is Rengar's new Q? An AOE, double-strike, semi-auto-attack reset nuke that is also a dash. Numbers aside, this ability beats Rengar's old Q in everything except speed, reliablity, and maybe the attack speed but that doesn't really matter. The problem is that they added this spell, but didn't take anything else out of his power budget which caused him be broken. Look at his Q now, it does less damage than an auto-attack. That's the only way they could balance this spell. Of course, old Rengar was never easy to balance, but the state that he was in pre-rework was perfect. He wasn't the strongest but if you were good at him you could still pull the shenanigans that Rengar was known for if you were ahead, but if you were even or behind, you would never oneshot. 3. Fluidity. I'd say that straight up the only reason most people played Rengar was for the fluidity. Rengar had very little lockups and cast times before his rework and his community loved him for that. Hell, they added a cast time to his bola a long time ago and people are still asking that they get rid of the cast time on his bola to this day. Making the core part of the champions kit have a massive delay is certain to tick off Rengar mains since Riot basically just took away the one thing that made people really enjoy that champion.
Rengar's old Q also gave attack speed for two basic attacks. It might not be major but it made it a very satisfying ability, on top of the bonus damage. His Q's reset was extremely satisfying to use because different from a basic attack, you pressed a button on the keyboard and he would instantly deal a chunk of damage with an extremely satisfying sound effect and animation. I might be extremely basic, but so is Garen's ultimate - and you can't say seeing the villain blow up with 40% HP from that **giant shockwave that seems to _bend the screen_** isn't satisfying.
: Alright, are you ready for this {{champion:40}} Q {{champion:40}} W {{champion:40}} E That's 3 and I didn't even have to look at a second champion lmao And if you dare say that being a point-and-click shield/peel machine is more exciting than using _any_ damage ability in the game, then you're trying too hard to convince yourself that Janna is a fun and engaging champion.
Uh... Janna's spells are all infinitely more satisfying than Rengar's Q. Her Q gives you extreme peel / cc power (provided you can use it), her W gives you extremely high movement speed as well as a reliable semi-nuke/extremely heavy long duration slow, and her E is hands down the strongest shield in the game (in terms of utility, not shield health).
: actually it does 100 . . . because both parts of the strike deal that damage, the slash and the stab. and its really easy to hit, and has a stupid low cooldown so even dekars monkey playstyle in the early game can get him easy kills
No, it does not deal 100. Each portion of the attack gets separate damage reduction from enemy armor, meaning that it deals less than half of its written stats to any potential target - even minions, despite them having 0 armor.
: Rengar Q is not the least satisfying ability in the game. It's just (a lot) less satisfying than the old "gET FUCKING STABBED" Q he used to have. It wouldn't be hard to find an ability that is less fun to use though. Long ranged snipes with Xin's new spell are going to look fucking cool and feel fucking good.
Please mention one ability less satisfying than Rengar's Q. I'm waiting.
: I like Sej's sweeping attack, though.
So do i. Her's has impact and feels satisfying. Rengar's doesnt.
: How is the new Rengar Q dissatisfying to use in the slightest?
Have you tried it? Its not so much about the fact it either deals no damage or deals broken damage as the fact it has no "impact". You use it and you feel like you slapped someone with a thin sheet of paper.
N3mO06 (EUW)
: You know, there is sense in sweeping with a spear There is sense in sweeping with an hummer with a chain ({{champion:113}} 's weapon) I can't find the sense in sweeping with a knife Rengar's q is ugly in animation and concept and now it isn't even in unique(like old q used to be even if with an easier concept)
Oh i am not criticizing the sweep itself - in that regard (as someone who grew up with Dynasty Warriors, Xin Zhao's distinct inspiration) i love that he finally gets a proper combat sweep. What i am terrified of is him getting the Rengar treatment - as mentioned in my examples, Rengar's sweep is TERRIBLE because it relies solely on scaling AD - which means in the early game, even if you go with a full AD rune page and a long sword you will at most deal 50 damage with his Q. That's almost half the damage a basic attack does.
: People irrationally pretending old rengar was better
He was much more satisfying, much more versatile and an overall more successful champion.
: No they were committing the crime of mindlessly farming while ignoring their lane opponent. Even Mid Mages are nerfed when that's the optimal way to play them, just ask Velkoz.
Yeah, they were comitting the crime of zoning their lane opponent and mindlessly farming. You are right. **Its** {{champion:23}} **not** {{champion:114}} **like** {{champion:75}} **any** {{champion:54}} **other** {{champion:122}} **champions** {{champion:34}} **in** {{champion:51}} **the** {{champion:498}} **game** {{champion:15}} **ever** {{champion:268}} **does** {{champion:57}} **that** {{champion:3}} , {{champion:150}} **ever.** {{champion:41}} **Its** {{champion:103}} **only** {{champion:266}} **natural** {{champion:164}} **that** {{champion:69}} **it** {{champion:31}} **wouldnt** {{champion:36}} **be** {{champion:86}} **acceptable** {{champion:104}} **for** {{champion:420}} **supports** {{champion:85}} **when** {{champion:10}} {{summoner:7}} {{item:3504}} **it** {{champion:127}} **is** {{champion:111}} **unacceptable** {{champion:80}} **for** {{champion:58}} **other** {{champion:92}} **champions** {{champion:68}} **of** {{champion:13}} **other** {{champion:98}} **champion** {{champion:50}} **classes.** {{champion:48}} **That** {{champion:101}} **makes** {{champion:83}} **perfect** {{champion:115}} **sense.** {{champion:26}} http://68.media.tumblr.com/42b0f73e7b794ed0d6f07f801c84b262/tumblr_nr1pdz8xRu1rn2fvxo6_500.jpg
Rioter Comments
Lupan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mens Hair Club,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yHVnP5B0,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-09-11T22:25:40.177+0000) > > i think the real issue is that nobody else can go in any lane.. Looking at OP's post, he includes picks (a lot actually) that are comparable to Yorick Jg, Yasuo ADC, Garen mid, or Blitzcrank/Alistar top. I think it's mainly the problem that players just aren't exploring the champions and their possibilities too much.
Keep in mind that Alistar top was gutted, just like Soraka. They werent overbearing in top lane - they were just committing the crime of being supports that dont slave away for their adc overlords.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mens Hair Club,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yHVnP5B0,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-09-11T22:25:40.177+0000) > > i think the real issue is that nobody else can go in any lane.. I remember when Soraka Top became popular and she was FULLY REWORKED because "you shouldn't play this champ in other roles hurr durr". Then you see ADCs in every single role of the game, performing better than mages in midlane and better than tanks in toplane, and Riot doesn't see any problem. Favoritism? Noooo, it must be our imagination...
Yeah, it really sucked... Soraka was my first champion and i absolutely adored playing her, and then the rework gutted her to the point of being a brainless heal slut... And now this.
: Play whatever you want AS LONG as it's not in ranked. If you're actually playing mf jg or w/e in ranked , I do hope you get banned.
My Taric top winrate says otherwise. The majority of League's champions have been balanced in such a way they can be played almost everywhere provided you play well.
: I main bard top (and also dabble in some taric top), and honestly i haven't been playing it recently, every game I get yelled and reported for playig the picks even when I do well. Its kinda just de moralizing.
/mute all and let your performance speak for you. Making report calls in chat is considered toxic behaviour and is, ironically, reportable.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Difference between playing off meta and trolling
That's low rank players for you. Above gold you'll rarely even get a question mark. Example: me going Taric top into Tryndamere might get a question mark or two, but nobody calls me a troll for it. Especially when i start zoning trynd off of his cs.
: Most people right now :
In all fairness though, Urgot would be perfect for the invasion gamemode. Just picture his W mowing down hordes of those tiny critters.
JackMiel (NA)
: What do u think about ekko?
He's good to the point of being broken. His AP scalings are ridiculously high.
: of course i have. against a team that has no healing whatsoever.
: Offtopic: Can people of the same faction be on different teams in For Honor? Because it seems like that Viking is trying to kill another Viking. Dunno.
On one hand, yes you can. Secondly, this is from the game's story mode - where the viking throwing the axe is trying to kill the leader of an opposing tribe (clan) to absorb them into his own.
: "sustain" lifesteal scales with AD, AS, crit, and armor pen If you build full tank, the sustain is pretty much nothing EDIT: Technically Olaf don't really build "full tank" but I just mean that he doesn't itemize like a marksman
Especially in a meta completely dominated by grievous wounds. Have you ever seen a marksman build {{item:3036}}? Of course you havent.
MujinTengu (EUNE)
: Can you please make Sion Q Unstoppable while charged for more than 1 Second???
Considering every single new champion or rework seems to have some sort of CC immunity in their kit, i dont see why not.
: > You claim i am favourizing a champion class. Did I really do that? I don't think so....lol
Alright then, the context in your previous comment made me think you were indirectly talking about me. I misunderstood you, my bad.
Rioter Comments
Sukishoo (NA)
: Riot: Sure. We made you a new item just for this. Pile of Chest: Use to make more chests.
: The solution to your problem is not letting you disenchant Chests, it's just behaving properly and get your keys. You get keys just by playing, while you need to get S on many different champions to get chests. You can get 52 Keys every year just by playing, but to get 52 Chests, you need to be good enough to get S on 52 different champions. So realistically, you won't get much more than 30 or 40 Chests, and it's easy to get that much Keys. At least when you're not Honor restricted. But just behave and that should be easy enough.
The thing is, due to the extreme amount of toxicity and frustration in my games, its much easier for me to get S ranks on champions than there is to play many games. I would get perhaps two key fragments a month when i was honor 3 - before the honor system, i would get AT LEAST three key fragments a month. I dont know, man/woman/thing. I feel like this loot system thing has flopped magnificently. It just doesnt feel like its worth it to get honor ranks when your only reward for playing 100 14 to 45 minute games is 5 key fragments.
: ~~Taliyah can't auto during her Q, and never could.~~ EDIT: it has been brought to my attention that yes, Taliyah can attack during her Q. My following point still stands, though. (And even if she could, lich-bane is one improved auto that barely deals as much damage as a single normal auto from an ADC, and ADCs attack twice as fast, so your comparison still wouldn't hold. But no, she can't.)
She can. She can normally get off two auto attacks during her Q, but if she has attack speed runes that could be 3. Go to the practice tool and try it yourself.
: I main everything, especially new champions :P I play jungle, top, mid, support... and rarely adc. Since I know all sides, this war between champion classes seems completely dumb from my perspective. I mean who is actually objectively judging the balance in this game except for the Riot balance team? Players complain about favouritism while they are the biggest " favouritists" themselves. It's complete madness.
You claim i am favourizing a champion class. Which one class did i mention in my post or any of my comments?
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