: The new mage items sucks?
I want an AP version of {{item:3156}} that gives AP a free shield when attacked by AD.
: As someone who loves Karma support, I wouldn't say she's OP, but she's pretty damn reliable. Getting ult at level 1 gives her massive amounts of power early on, and her kit offers a variety of utility. She's basically the support's multi tool. Also, I'm not actually sure what happened, when the LCS decided that poke supports were in. When having that double ranged bot lane, completely locked out tank supports from the meta.
I was bored of seeing {{champion:12}} EVERY game anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Frostmane,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NxLnw13x,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-21T03:23:01.842+0000) > > Ok, you are deluded, Karma has safety but if she uses her shield to get away, her ADC will die. You obviously know very little about Karma. I was talking about lane karma. Even if we're talking about her support, she has both a slow and a snare to use even if she puts the shield on the adc.
Her snare is timed and its easy to kill her before it goes off because she has to stay at close range. Her shield is low cooldown yes, but its also fairly limited in strenght compared to a {{champion:25}} or {{champion:61}} shield. Each of the shields in the game have their own unique things they give, Karma's is speed but Morgana blocks CC entirely so its miles better.
: Upvote because Azir main.I understand you.
I agree with {{champion:268}}, he is strong but he DOES have very exploitable weaknesses and limited mobility. I also respect {{champion:268}} players A HELL OF LOT MORE then assassin players because at least he takes skill to coordinate. You mess up the shuffle and you're dead.
: What champion do you feel is low risk high reward.
Ok, you are deluded, Karma has safety but if she uses her shield to get away, her ADC will die. You obviously know very little about Karma.
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Caítlyn (NA)
: Make Yasuos wall cost HP for him and all nearby allies
Best idea every, that prick has been impossibly strong for far too long because he has NO resources so can spam all day long with no cost.
: Adc's are op with new ad item buffs
Riot don't care, Riot love their AD
: Riot doesn't care, they stated many times that "we are the minority" so they won't change anything for us.
and yet foreign parasites can continue to cheat with this game on a regular basis and I don't care what Riot says, giving somebody a communication advantage over another team IS cheating!
: There is no other way.
Then Riot need to actually fix this or I'm quitting and going to a better game like SMITE. Where my contribution to a game actually matters.
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/qix4hawM-how-to-reach-gold-in-dynamic-queue-dynamic-queue-survival-guide
Case and point... I don't not want to have to play with other people that I could care less about.
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: you're joshing me right?
No, I'm not, she is one of the most hated champs in league and still, no nerfs/buffs/changes for her at all, in like forever.
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: @Meddler, Reasoning behind Sona Changes
Good, gut her, she's a low skill champ anyway. I want Riot to make her AIM her abilities like everyone else.
: Instead of gutting Swain's ultimate, adding counterplay?
They won't, Riot hate mages and always do the bare minimum. If Swain was AD, he'd have stacking true damage on his ult.
: I main riven and took her to diamond 6 times this season. To expand my champ pool I created another acc and only played yasuo top to diamond. The game doesn't require a giant champ pool. With the new champ select u are guaranteed to get ur role or something close to it. Riven jungle riven top. I can always play riven
Unless I ban her because she overpowered and toxic and people who main her are generally toxic as well. Stats have shown this.
: They prob are only comfortable with that champ
Still, thats rather sad and pathetic. The game requires you to have a champion pool, rather then putting all your eggs into one basket and it was the way he said it. It was so funny.
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3rd Age (EUW)
: riot hasn't released details. it's a mix of games played and time elapsed. estimates put it at 4-6 months
So, you can't have a bad day or lose your temper for six months. Thats beyond rediculous.
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: Nothing says diversity quite like being forced to play a role
Yet they let {{champion:117}} top be a thing in the LCS while systematically killing off {{champion:16}} and {{champion:26}} mid with their reworks... double standards much?
: The problem, just like with dynamic queue, was the DUO part. The ladder system for ANY game should be purely solo queue unless u have it set up specifically for teams and ONLY teams. 2v2 is fine. 3v3 is fine. 1+1+1+1+1 vs 5 is not fine.
I totally agree, premades should have their own queue where they can coordinate strategy against other 5 man premades. I believe that ranked should be kept Solo or 5 man. Normal can be whatever but Ranked should deffo be fair like that.
: the fact that she has this much damage would make her kit overloaded. She is a good champion, and immobile champions are rewarded for more damage compared to mobile champions in the same class. It is like (yeah, a bit exaggerated) giving Veigar a mobility spell Oh. We have it already in some way http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/iwbtb/images/8/84/Kappa.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140606005500
Can you actually compare {{champion:45}} to {{champion:22}}. Ashe doesn't have a spell that will one hit KO any AP champion in the game. If Ashe had infinite stacking AD, I may agree with you.
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: No one would trust them after this crap. If riot doesn't revert these awful changes soon, the competitive scene will leave riot permanently in the dust.
I do not believe they should revert any of the changes. I agree with what they are trying to do with this season and I love some of the new items, e.g. {{item:3030}} which is very useful for supports that prefer {{item:2301}} to {{item:3092}} so I can build a little more damage or resistances on {{champion:43}}. So it has not been all bad. I do agree however that Dynamic Q is ruining the game because of all the premades. As a general Solo Player myself, its extremely frustrating to deal with when people consistently gang up on you because they will not blame each other. So I think that Dynamic Q has to go but the question is, what to replace it with that won't cause more problems in the long run because everyone forgets that there were problems with the original draft mode and solo/duo q.
Caítlyn (NA)
: And make it do damage and lower the cd to 10s. I can get behind this idea.
I don't believe it should do damage at the risk of overloading Ashe's kit. She already has enough damage with Frostshot and Volley. I was thinking mainly for utility purposes but I am glad that you approve of the idea. I just think if Ashe had a little mobility spell of her own, she would be less likely to be caught out in fights. This allows her to compete with the "Mobile" ADC's of Lucian, Ezreal and Kallista at the top of the tier list.
: We can all see the writing on the wall.
I happen to agree but I do not believe this is a bad thing. Its possible that Riot could create a "League of Legends 2" with better graphics and more ways to balance champions with the lessons learned from this game. People forget that MOBA's are relatively new genre and there are lots of different ideas that Riot could implement with a new game engine.
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: > [{quoted}](name=spombjop,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=myTAOAQg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-17T07:58:09.033+0000) > > they nerfed all these champs to the ground except zed because he is high skillcap Zed has been in almost every patch list for the past ten patches and always on the nerfing end
Because he deserves it, he has better poke then most mages in the game and he does not even use mana, he uses "energy", another resource that provides him with the ability to infinitely spam his Q.
spombjop (EUNE)
: they nerfed all these champs to the ground except zed because he is high skillcap
Not really because they still have all the little "gimmicks" that I mentioned in the first sentence. Besides, how long did it take them to nerf {{champion:105}} and {{champion:245}} because they were abusing tank items. If it had been somebody like {{champion:37}}, she would have disabled immediately or hotfixed. Riot's slow response completely illustrates their bias towards assassins.
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: I have an absolute hatred for these champions
Most of these champions you mentioned, are mages. They have very clearly defined weaknesses unlike {{champion:157}} who has no weaknesses and no mana.
: FFS undo the QSS nerf for Zed's ultimate.
I happen to agree, it was just bad judgement from Riot and showed favouritism towards Zed when there was no real need to.
: So i have a racist guy with hate speech in my friend list, also he is been accused of scripting
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: Every single champ should rely on mana
: Nidalee has been nerfed continuously since her rework. She was nerfed out of top lane, nerfed out of midlane, and if Riot touches her again she'll be nerfed out the jungle too. Jungle Nidalee is just holding on by a thread currently, but there really isn't that much of a reason to play her over any other jungle outside of personal preference. if someone's doing well on the current Jung Nid then it's because they're just flat out better than their competition, she was never easy - but she was extremely rewarding when utilised correctly, now however she's about as rewarding as any other damage jungler, except she requires far more finesse. It's a =/= situation tbh. Lane Nidalee is gutted, at top she loses pretty much every matchup on account of having low base ad, being extremely squishy, and lacking the brute force that she initially had upon her rework which made her such a successful top laner (But even then, she was known as a bit of a 'win lane lose game pick'). Her resets have been nerfed all across the board, Hunting no longer resets all of your cool downs as it used to, her damage is nowhere near as high as it used to be early game (Her Q does less damage than most other auto attack modifiers in the game even at maximum amplification during early levels, whereas before it was really potent.) Her heal was nerfed, damaging her in lane sustain that allowed her to deal with the more difficult match ups, which have no become virtually impossible to deal with unless you're far, far better than your opponent. And to top it off her damage has become more reliant on putting points in Q - do you level up Q early so that your spears, and by extension your full combo does reasonable damage, or do you gutt your damage and invest in a mana-consuming heal which isn't nearly as strong as it used to be? Finally, the pounce reset nerfs were a massive nail in the coffin for lane Nidalee - her weakness top was always that anything that could pin her down and whack on her could beat her, now pretty much every top laner can do that as her pounce CD will be on a 2.7s+ reset until level 6, and won't drop below a second until level 16 + 40% cdr; this is massive, it's like Riven not being able to dash out after dropping her combo or being incapable of mitigating damage with her shield. It completely destroys her trading potential, match ups that were easy before are now difficult, while those that were hard are now nigh impossible unless you're significantly better than your opposition - which begs the question, why not just play a meta top laner and have an easier time of things? So Idk what kind of favouritism you're trying to call on here when Nidalee has been getting nerfed like every third patch since her rework - many of which have been quite brutal. Removal of skill resets, removal of aa resets, the complete gutting of her bushwhacks (The vision it provides is laughable, and its damage is much less than a shadow of its former self), nerfing of her base stats, continuous changes and nerfs to her pounce mechanic, and number nerfs to pretty much every single one of her abilities.
She still has the most powerful skillshot in the game when she's not a mage.
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: Riot seems to love the tanky assassin meta
Riot only care about popular champs because $$$. They are selfish idiots that don't deserve any respect as a company anymore. Sell outs.
: Point and click lockdown is a pretty good counter to her from what I've seen.
But when she has {{champion:25}}, she becomes impervious to it.
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oOPonYOo (NA)
: Riot, why no bronze/silver rep at your round table?
Because they don't care about the little people. Its typical of tyrants, they never consider the ones that put them on top was the people and the people can remove them just as easily.
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