: RIP main ryze player patch 9.12
well if you dont know ryze is not a tank chamption so it so easy to get 1 shot and his skill range is really short so without the shield he is just uesless. No matter damage is buff of not he still so useless without shield. That why isa this is nerf not rework
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: Please dont buff yumi Riot
Hello there, well i understand it but the every important thing is she cant die of all cc like stun of slow, taut , hook, if all cc come to her she only need to press her w and run into her team mate is really unfair, like i say if you try to kill her with all cc you have, you mind be wrong if nearly there she have her team mate. That champ cant be kill if you know how to play her
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: Nobody ELO boosts into fucking silver lmao.. That is like the reverse of boosting.
are you mad boosts is all the rank and silver is better than iron , i know alot people spend £40-£50 to get from iron 1 to silver 3 . So if you stuck in bronze 3 like 1 month so do you want to buy boosts if you want to get to silver ?
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