Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Expectation, and the FUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!
Im gonna go out on a limb here and guess that more runes being added will always be a possibility. But on that note, will you just release new runes semi-randomly whenever you have a good idea or will you try and balance it out between the trees. For example, if you come up with a cool idea for an Inspiration keystone that works well in game, will you try to implement it asap or wait until you have other new keystones for the other trees so they all have 4 keystones rather than some with more than others.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 12
Any idea on who the next VGU (after Eve and Swain) is? Seems like Morde is an option, although would he take a lot longer to finish (closer to Sion/Galio level than WW level?), so Irelia appears to be a quick (er) one. Also, seeing how Cho is problematic currently, does that mean he is likely to get pushed closer to the top of the list? (I always felt he would be an early VGU anyway, seeing as how much potential his theme has and how his visuals etc. don't live up to that by modern standards). Also wanted to just throw Nunu somewhere in the comment. Don't know if this can be answered yet but, if/when Nunu gets his update, are you likely to try and play up his role as a mounted champion alongside Kled? Always thought he had untapped potential in that area.
Queš (EUW)
: Meddler some thoughts on {{champion:6}} . Is he ok now or still needs buffs ?
I've been playing Urgot a lot recently and I think he's in an ok place if that means anything. He certainly isn't over powered but also isn't weak (hello Aatrox). If he were to be too weak, I would look at giving his Q amor shred. Seems like a natural fit (seeing how his current Q is a similar ability to his old E) and gives Urgot more power against tanks whilst not making him overbearing for squishy champs. Also (more experimental likely), allowing his W to prioritise champions (removing necessity for landing Q/E) could be added if appropriate. Likely would have to be balanced by lowering its base damage, but perhaps making his Q (and maybe E/R) mark targets to take bonus damage from W could still make landing them determine his strength in a fight but not make his W more of a punishment than an ability when he misses his Q or E. His E or R doesn't need any additional changes currently. The recent R buff (increasing duration of impale to 4 sec) makes it a lot more reliable and prevents a lot of those times where they fall below the threshold just after it ends. His E, whilst not the most reliable, can be coupled with flash if timed properly (cast flash whilst winding up, not whilst dashing, to change the location you dash from), giving it a lot of versatility and surprising most enemies since.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
Have you considered a potential nerf to Duskblade being lowering the amount of time you have when seen. Currently, you have 5 seconds to use the auto, which seems a little too forgiving. Also, is it a bug that I gain the auto buff when I'm visible but no champions are near me (e.g. I was killing a tower but it said I had the buff).
Wrekzzz (NA)
: The tradeoff in many of these cases is opportunity cost. Magical Footwear is strong but it is also delayed.
Also could it be safe to assume that it has a bigger opportunity cost since it is in the inspiration tree. Presumably other masteries in that tree will be more utility focused and on "indirect power", so Riven loses out on going into other trees that offer more flat power that could help her directly win lane or scale better?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 27
New starting items? It's been too long since Doran did something smh. Although an attack speed starting item could be pretty cool as a trade off for pure AD (introducing Doran's Dagger)
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
Option 1 seems like the easiest option (take up less resources, get out quicker and solve the problem (maybe) quicker), but at the same time it doesn't seem right. Option 2 seems more thematically pleasing. An emperor shouldn't be at close range, and whilst this loses his flashy-ness with the Shurima Shuffle, it potentially puts him into a position that is easier to balance. If this is the option taken, it would also open up the ability for power to be brought back to his ultimate. Currently (due to the power of the Shurima Shuffle), it is used primarily for the initial knock back and the low duration makes it seem underwhelming bar its initial usage. Also a purely defensive (or at least mostly defensive) ultimate would allow offensive power to be better distributed either amongst his other abilities or just pure pumped into his soldiers (although this could be problematic). A potential remedy to his current oppressive laning could be to greatly reduce his Q damage, making his W his main source of damage. Disadvantage is this would feel perhaps underwhelming early on, but pushing it into an ability focused mostly on moving his soldiers means the CD could be lowered later on, making it more dynamic in that regard. The problem still arises as to what his new E should be. Arguably, that could make or break the rework. Im assuming if this is done it will still involve the soldiers, and considering his Q remains a repositioning (for soldiers) spell, it needs to fulfil a different purpose. Potentially an ability similar to Ori's Command: Protect to add to a defensive playstyle could function, although it may feel underwhelming and, unless given a unique spin, feel like a cheap knock off of typical shielding abilities but just with soldiers. I dont main azir, so most of this may have no relevance at all. Merely throwing out opinions and seeing what sticks (if anything does).
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 6
About new runes, they look good an' all, but Berserker seems likely it will be problematic. I know its only in early testing, so nothing is certain, but in my eyes anything that gives flat stats (e.g. attack speed) will instantly force it as a must have on some champions unless there is a powerful enough counter weight whilst making it near useless on others. Pixie seems more promising, since it has multiple uses for different scenarios and you can actually play around it more than just a flat attack speed boost. The thematic of a berserker (deadlier the closer to death) also, in my eyes, makes it more fitting as a greater rune rather than a keystone. Keystones should be about adapting your play style, and you generally want to avoid falling below low health in most cases. Something like gaining % increased damage (and maybe attack speed) when falling below X% HP or gaining X% life steal and spell vamp would be more thematically accurate but doesn't bring the punch to be an effective keystone. Just theory, since I haven't played with it. Like to hear a reply.
Meddler (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=cah9GQvp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-06T18:15:19.130+0000) > > Never one... Without the other.
I wish I could say that about my love life...
: Leblanc also steal half her opponents gold with a minimum of 1k gold
If they cannot pay this debt, she takes some of their items to make up for the deficit. There is a 50% chance of her taking all the opponents items, because she can be very... persuasive 😉
Meddler (NA)
: Something like that's likely to stick around. It's part of a pass on a number of tanks that are struggling a bit post mid-season so need some adjustments (Mundo's another candidate, pretty sure we'll look at Malphite as well).
For malphite, have you ever considered decreasing the AOE, damage and knockipup duration (maybe by half) but then it increases the longer range is it used at. E.g. Deals up to ~50% increased damage, AOE radius is doubled, knock up duration increased to 1.5 - 2 seconds (rough numbers) just to push him more into the engage tank and reward longer range ults rather then melee one. Possible problem being AOE increasing to such a degree that missing it is near impossible, but if that were somehow managed, could it be a potential change?
: Hes confirmed Leblanc getting 2 additional spells on her L and B keys
She can no longer recall, but can instead kill an enemy champion and then press B to disguise as them, making her immune to turrets or enemy units targeting her. Tricksters Glass 2.0
: Of course it's necessary. We need to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.
Why not make the scream louder, but play randomly for everyone to hear. They will never know, that out of no where you just hear female skarner screeching, blowing your headphones out
: I would think that even just making it a smaller % reduction but let it stack up to some % (could be 40, could be more or less) would be at least an improvement on the current way it works.
Maybe make it require you to attack the target three times (3hit passive ftw) before it applies greivous wounds could at least be a way to ensure you have to commit to the target rather than just snipping them with an auto and leaving them for 5 seconds
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
This is more experimental than recommending new dragons, but what if you changed the existing ones to give huge temporary bonuses to one ally on the team that killed dragon. For example, killing dragon leaves a totem like Rift Herrald that can be picked up by an ally, granting them a strong buff for however long (maybe half dragon respawn timers to avoid it becoming excessive/overbearing) e.g. Fire dragon = bonus burn dmg v champs, Mountain increases damage v turrets by a large amount, Cloud grants massive out of combat movespeed, and Ocean grants strong out of combat regeneration. This way it provides stronger immediate impact for one ally, which should be properly given to the right ally who can utilise it best (e.g. Cloud on jungler, Fire or Mountain on ADC or Mage, etc.) Potential problems include favouring snowballing and giving enemies a harder time catching up, but does make dragons more contested because of the potential they offer. Also creates scenarios where they could be more important than others, e.g. If the enemy just killed rift herald and Mountain is spawning, you are more inclined to attempt to prevent it. Just spitballing ideas, just seems currently the passive bonuses, whilst not negligible, lead to stale gameplay around dragon when compared with Herald and Baron which see more action. But maybe having simpler, less overbearing objectives helps balance out the map, I'm not sure.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 25
For CC tracking stat, will it also include soft CC (slows primarily) or just hard CC? If it is the former, Ashe is going to be the heaviest CC champ in the game, but also most slows are measured more in effectiveness by their %, not duration, so what is the idea around that, if there even is one?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Sunfire is the Armor/Hp item that provides Waveclear. Deadman's plate is the Armor/HP that Provides Mobilitly. Randuins is now the Armor/HP item that you build... for a slow? Damn. Jokes aside, I'm personally pretty happy and excited for the changes on PBE rn, alltho that new Banshees will be annoying for me to deal with, since GP can't really ''pop it'' y'know... where was I? The only thing that I really dislike is the change to randuins. I'd personally love to see the Crit Reduction on it return. Is there any chance you'll make me, and the others with this desire, happy? c:
I think making Randiuns the amor/HP item that provides a bit more CC/AOE control already gives it a niche somewhat, I think an anti-crit item should be solely reliant on that. Having an item that not only is effective against crit based champions but also provides a useful general active could be overbearing and not punish the player with an opportunity cost.
Statikk (NA)
: It's something old with a new twist, a significant new twist.
old TF is back baby with the global TP on a basic ability, but this time the twist is its his passive and it happens randomly without talon having any control. In all seriousness, i can't actually think of anything this new mobility could be. When i initially heard it, i just imagined the likes of mobi boots on his passive, but by hearing that this is something that, on the most part, is COMPLETELY new, (i know you've said we've seen it before, but still this is getting hyped up regardless), i can't think of any form of mobility other than a blink, dash and move speed increase. despite this, the only thing i can think of is bard portal, since of its interaction with terrain. given talon is supposed to roam now, it would make sense, plus as a rogue, jumping over terrain also fits in moderately well. it could also be used in jungle fights, which could be incredibly interesting to see a talon bouncing off walls during a team fight to get past a front line then unleashing a whirlwind of shurikens in all directions. So yeah, thats all i can think of at the moment, I'm really hoping that, if I'm wrong, the real answer hits me soon, because the suspense is killing me. Finally, (i know this is long, whoops), i know this is off topic but i know, other than assassins, the other class you were debating was tanks. I know full well that is a LONG way off even being potentially thought of at the current moment, especially with the train of VGU's recently (which i am LOVING) and the forthcoming assassin update, but seeing as each update has turned one champ from the roster into the 'roamer' (Quinn and now talon), i thought it would be cool for Rammus to fill that role with his powerball. Make him the anti-AD tank you get when the enemy team has multiple split pushing threats (the new Yorick is my first presumption), then get Malph when you need engage. Perhaps his powerball on his ultimate, kinda like a rolling versions of Quinns R, still with dmg and knockback attached, and give him some sort of ability to replace his Q, since his current R, IMO, is underwhelming and he kinda needs something else to do in a fight other than just walk around with W up.
Statikk (NA)
: Champion Subclass List
am i the only one who noticed skarner isn't in ANY of the lists not even unique play styles. riot i think our dearest scorpion friend needs some lovin' :c in all seriousness, do you actually have any ideas, let alone plans, for him. i mean he seems to be one of the last champions where the only unique thing about him is his model, and even that is similar to reek's to an extent. what i mean by that is he hasn't ever really found his place, as such do you consider him worthy of a sion level rework because, in my opinion, he could be so much better. not saying this has to be right away (hi Yorick/Warwick) but do you ever intend to do such changes for mr. scorpio?
Ixnay (EUNE)
: I honestly think assasins will never leave the meta just because of their snowball power and what they essentialy do and that is: delete a target instantly. There will always be players confident enough to take assasins even against 3 tanks
well this post is about LCS prodominetly, solo q and lower elo players will always be dominated by assassins because they could have a 3 minuet stun but they don't know how to use it. The tank meta brought a tonne of people used to being fighters and assassins diving the back lines to the tank role and not understanding your job is to protect your own adc and act as a meat shield, not try to hog kills and steal the glory.
Biffolo (NA)
: Speak for yourself, it's by far the healthiest in terms of game balance. Right now pretty much any role is viable, albeit assasins are a tad weak atm. Some people also find tanks to be fun.
i agree, when assassins roamed free it was ballshit being that adc with an enemy fizz or zed or any assassin really, just knowing anywhere you go you will die unless the mighty divine have mercy on your soul. But then again there is not really any fun being an adc vs 3 tanks with thorn mail either so it is a moo point. At least in this meta every role has its place unlike previous seasons such as the assassin one.
: biggest problem with this season is while in season 4 assassins were dominant you didn't feel absolutely useless as any role. Another thing is the teamfights and games were a lot more interesting. They are a lot more boring. If you think getting bulldozed mid lane by a bunch of tanks is fine and exciting then you prolly love this season.
I don't like getting bulldozed, i just love being the sion charging at the team no fucks given xD


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