Meddler (NA)
: It's possible he'll get buffed in the next couple of months, taking it slowly and carefully though. No plans for changes to his Q passive at present.
Any plans to make his W E Q combo viable again? Currently the slow is so bad that you basically always need to cast e before to get the root to have any benefit. His current 2 main combos are E W Q and EQ which results in him spamming EQ over a majority of the game which feels very bad and boring to play. Before the changes you had to make a decision whether you want to deal more damage in a short period of time or you want to root someone. Now you just sometimes root someone and otherwise spam EQ without any thought because it is the best option 99% of the time. One solution to this would be to make his slow a bit more impactful, maybe make it a 50% slow which decays over the duration? A 35% slow with a duration of 1.5 seconds is really bad compared to other point and click slows.
Meddler (NA)
: Q is still an AA reset yes. Let me know how you're feeling about ability to access the heal once you've had a chance to try it in game? My thinking around not adding additional CC was that there was an opportunity here to keep Wukong more distinct from other melee damage dealers while still making him more effective in some circumstances. If this direction doesn't work out we'd be open to considering more standard CC approaches, worry that makes him more generic though and undercuts our ability to offer other tools. Revised Stoneskin on the passive is intended to give him better burst resistance in teamfights. Going with Armor and MR for now rather than DR because that gives better hooks into the item system for both Wukong and other players. He can itemize to strengthen the passive, with Stoneplate especially looking really strong in some circumstances, players really struggling against him can prioritize % shred. DR by contrast's a flatter mechanic that removes some depth from the game. It's got its place certainly, but think there's value in avoiding it where possible unless extreme consistency is really important (e.g. Braum E). Been seeing some meaningful trickster increase with a single clone. Again, lemme know how if feels post play though.
Plugging some of my thoughts here as a non-Wukong player but main jungler for 6 seasons (reason is that he always looked cool but then felt too underwhelming, similar to noct). I played 1 game so far. 1. The Q active feels more like it should be tied into the Q passive (so that after each spell you get the effect that you currently have on activation - with adjusted dmg and healing) and the Q should be a different skill, I would suggest a straight slap with his staff similar to Illaoi Q or 2nd instance of Xin Zhao W (magic or physical dmg) with a slight slow (thinking about ~25% here). Let its cast time scale with attackspeed similar to Xin Zhao W. I found myself not putting skill points in Q after the first whatsoever because it felt really bad to max. 2. His damage amp passive is nice. A nice addition that it also applies to towers, might be too strong when paired with demolish tho? Could be very strong but not sure yet. Also it currently still amplifies smite damage (bug I think). 3. W looks cool and the damage the clone does is not too bad surprisingly, definitely not to ignore. I would love if you could move the clone with E because pretty often you use W and then E and the clone is just useless (like before). He could just take place of one of the other 2 Wu images and then hit stuff. Also it would be cool if the attackspeed steroid from wukongs E also would apply to his clone when the clone is already cast, it didn't seem like it does currently. 4. E and R still look good, not much to say here tbh. I feel like his jungle clear is a little bit healthier than before which is good because it was pretty shit before compared to many other junglers. I felt that his burst is still decent but that is hard to assess as I got immensely fed because PBE's skill level and the high ping for many isn't exactly a perfectly balanced environment. Without a slow on his Q he might be pretty useless once behind. Looking forward what happens to it because I really like the Idea behind Wukong.
: Why was the E the target for {{champion:518}}? I felt if anything might need something it could be her W as that just feels kind of meh at times. I'm all for Neeko buffs but just felt like her E would kind of be a wrong way, especially when buffing it could make her a bit to strong depending on what you have plans for. Personally, damage wise she is fine but her kit does feel like it's lacking something... I thought about if you added a small slow to the 3rd proc of her W, but that also has a good chance to become a bit to strong. Maybe something like proc'ing the 3rd auto lowers the CD of her W? Will allow her to have more options to quickly clone in a fight and can make On-hit Neeko a bit more devastating since she'll be proc'ing it a bit more. That or making it a small heal or something, I don't know. I just feel that her W feels weak when you go Full AP build, and the only real use you can get from it is if you went On-hit Neeko which most people don't do. Also can you fix Neeko's W to work on Turrets again. Seems like her W doesn't proc or charge on turrets anymore, not sure if that was intentional or not as it wasn't mentioned in patch notes from what I could tell.
Honestly I feel like Neekos 3 hit passive is completely out of place, IMO it has absolutely no synergy with her kit and if you want to use it you have to go nashors otherwise you don't have the AS you need. I'd rather remove that and put some power elsewhere or give it a better passive.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
IDK but I think you should make a 5th zeal item with the stats of this phantom dancer and keep the old PD basically. I like the damage reduction a lot better and it was good against both AD and AP and the lack of MR on that item makes the shield relatively neglectable at some point (late game). But the duration is very long for the mid game. I don't like the IE change, I think the true damage thing is better for the game health and going back to the old (even with 25% less) feels kinda weird. I think it is good that you gave it it's base crit chance back tho. If you want to keep the 225% IE maybe some new item that inherits the current IE passive? Maybe as a 4th last whisper (counted Rageblade here because it also has the same passive) option against really tanky teams? I really like that essence reaver! Regarding the spear of Shojin: I am really not a fan of the essence flare passive as a whole, IMO it only creates problems (try keeping track of cooldowns when someone procs it lol). Really unsure what you should do with that item in general. That item you have there probably won't get played on any ADC because you need the other stuff over this.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 7
Oddyssey was kinda meh imo, that experience may be influenced quite a lot by the bugs happening here on euw at the beginning tho (augments super laggy and not being able to equip them making it almost impossible to advance beyond 2nd/3rd difficulty). Also the quest were a huge pain in the ass and had a really toxic design. On onslaught difficulty every 2nd game got ff'ed before it even started because ppl picked champs/augments which denied others the quests/rewards but the one locking them needed them to complete their own quest or similar stuff. That made it really exhausting, stressful and very grindy just because the missions were impacting games really negatively. Was more tilting than losing the 5th promo game after 60 minutes imo.
: Do you think we can expect some work on Sejuani soon? Shes in an awful spot in normal play and feels really bad, worlds is over now, doesn't that mean she can get changes?
IDK whenever I pick her, she feels pretty good and have a good impact. Also when I look into your stats you have an average KDA of >6 which is insanely good aswell so I don't rly see a point for massive changes.
: Update on Clash regional tests
Sounds really good, can't wait to play it again already :D
UFOroid (NA)
: Hi Meddler, for the Tank Pyke balancing in 8.21, would you consider making his passive healing weaker if he has too many resists (like 100+ armor)? Right now he uses the healing+resistances to bypass the health conversion that was supposed to stop him from getting too tanky, and its frustrating for players to deal with someone who can heal 800 effective HP in a few seconds.
I don't even would tie it to his resists. His passive healing is too strong on any form IMO. I am completely fine with his damage and all but what makes it overbearing is the ridiculous amount that he regenerates.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
I am not sure if the Ryze nerf is necessary, his wr isn't even that good in comp as far as I remember and certain champs will always enable/disable certain picks (like LB does as well). Would be a shame to not see him at worlds considering how great he can be (just look at the Schalke backdoor against Splyce, that was insane). Genius plays don't warrant nerfs imo.
: Thanks for the detailed thoughts! The intent with this nerf is to reduce the power that Yorick players are getting when their opponents don't understand Mist Walkers' behavior. While higher MMR games do tend to be longer, we believe that the importance of the strength of Mist Walkers at early levels in lower MMRs outweighs those levels being a lower proportion of the game on average. The goal with this list isn't to lower his low MMR winrate _without_ effecting his high MMR performance - this will be a nerf; just one that's dis-proportionally impacting low MMR, where his performance is the most out of line. If the result is a Yorick that's crushed in high MMR, it's reasonable that we'd look at buffs that would be more valuable for high MMR, like on E as you suggested. We'd need to be careful around how large we make Mist Walkers or their click-box, but I agree that they can feel needlessly difficult to pinpoint. Thought is that that would be a pretty big nerf overall though, and be fairly minimal toward smoothing out his success across MMRs.
Another thing that came to my mind is slightly increasing the ability to attack Yoricks wall as it sometimes is pretty hard to attack and iirc attack move prioritizes other targets over the wall (which is fine, still makes it hard to clear which is probably a huge issue in lower elos).
: Tank changes for 8.16
The amumu change looks especially interesting, you have to be careful with things like that where you can build MR and get permanent physical resistance (thinking about galio W scaling with both aswell). Looking good overall, have to see/play it to know how the changes play out.
Ivannite (NA)
: @Meddler, this is NOT okay AT ALL for Twisted Treeline and completely unfair for people wishing to play the game mode how it was meant to be. The funneling method does the same thing it does in TT as it does in SR, it is non-interactive and the same power curves occur in TT but you just lose the game that much sooner because of someone playing the funneling strategy. Many people don't like playing the strategy but with its high win rate, it is practically trolling if you don't fight fire with fire and just play the damn strategy if your intent is to win. Do you understand that? People would rather win than have fun, because the game mode they love has been turned a blind eye too, despite many outcries. Many MANY people still play and like to play TT how it is supposed to be with 1 player per lane and 1 in the jungle. However, people play to win and with that in mind you are GOING to play the funneling method if you want to win, even if you don't like it and know that it is unfun to play as or against. If you try to play the "gentleman's code" and not pick the funneling strategy first, but the enemy team does pick it, you then have at least a 75%-85% to just lose the game. Then without fighting a single time (if you know better) until 12 minutes and they get their power spike and decide to dive you, not only do you die but you lose 2 towers from a single play, and then the next fight they choose wins the game. That is NOT how the mode should be played. It is completely uncool for this issue to pop up in SR and almost immediate action be taken against it, but it alone even when the issue still lies in another mode. TL;DR: No one likes playing the funneling method, but you have to if you want the best chance to win. Twisted Treeline has the same effect of funneling as Summoners Rift, but you win/lose the game faster which means even less interaction/fun.
I actually think that funneling is healthier on SR than on TT. The jungler can play around side lanes or invade with mid/top/supp while TT is too small for that and you probably never can face them even early on because it is usually played with Braum/Taric who are already pretty strong in early fights.
: Karma is sitting at a 46.67% winrate in mid and a 44.04% winrate in the support role. She was hit way too hard hard in this patch and please do not touch her shields. She need a lot of work Meddler and bandaid fixes are not going to cut it this time. Karma ideas you guys can talk about: 1) A massive kit adjustment that finally puts Karma in a place where she can have an identity in this game. Something the game does not have right now, Meddler, is a battlemage support hybrid. Karma has thee different kits on one champion. She needs to go back to her roots like the good old days. All of her abilities had an interaction with allies but still allowed Karma to stand on her own. Let's take this a step further and force Karma to choose between having to protect allies or put herself in the front-lines, like a battlemage is supposed to do. If Karma wants to do damage with her Mantra E she can cast it on herself to make it shield bomb. If Karma wants to protect her allies and help them escape from danger, she can cast the current Mantra E on an ally. You can make her current kit have more skill expression while forcing her to choose between protecting an ally or being a damage dealer. 2) There is a lot of skill expression that can be done with Karma's basic and Mantra abilities that really separates her from other champions. I really liked her old Mantra system, but the Mantra abilities had to be a specific way to compensate for that. I always wondered what Karma would be like if she had the ability to combo different Mantra together to create new effects. Using Mantra E on an ally and then using Mantra Q to hit them explodes the shield around the ally to hit enemies. Using Mantra E on an ally with Mantra W mitigates a portion of the damage to Karma and heals the ally. Using Mantra Q on top of an enemy in Mantra W increases the damage of Mantra Q. I mean the possibilities and creativity is limitless. Let's face it, Karma's current Mantra system is just a watered down version of Heim's. ----------- I really wish she would receive a Aatrox, Fiora, Shen or GP level rework because I think she can benefit more from that than an actual kit adjustment. Her splash arts are already done and fully conceptualized. Karma just suffers from a lot of missed opportunities and poorly executed kit and art assets. She can be this amazing champion that offers something unique and great to the game, if she is just given the time she was supposed to receive 5 years ago. I have high hopes you guys will deliver something amazing on her, but there is always that nagging feeling in the back of my head that thinks it is just not going to be enough. Simply bringing back shield bomb, which is what I think is going to be the only thing worked on for her, is not going to fix the massive amount of problems wrong with this champion. She is in no way shape or form modernized in today's standards and she was almost used as a lab rat for future updates and VGU. It's a shame that one champion has to suffer for so many years without anything being done on her, but this is just how you guys do things.
Honestly I don't get what the problem is with a champ that can fulfill multiple roles (and she is pretty good at that imo). The shield nerf was mostly something that nerfed her for players with poor timing. I also don't really know where the bad winrate is coming from, when I play her I feel really strong and able to decide games with her and I'm not even that good with her cause I only play her rarely in mid or support (when autofilled). Also one of her core Items (Athene's) just got buffed. She needs to have a low winrate, otherwise she is ridiculously OP in teams that can play with her (pro play, 5v5 Ranked but even in higher ranked soloq). According to op gg you only played 3 Karma Games and won 2 of them and had an average KDA of 6, why are you even complaining :D
: Hi Meddler! Has there ever been any follow-up discussion about some potential **Syndra** changes/buffs? Her Q revert was definetly a step in the right direction though.
Some minor number tweaks could do the trick I think. She always should be below 50% winrate on average tho cause otherwise she gets too opressive (and banned lol)
Meddler (NA)
: Few Fizz thoughts in tomorrow's post. Gist of it is PBE soonish, but probably not this cycle. Looking at better feeling ways than the current mark to delay some of his damage (stronger DoT, or multicast W or something else again).
Anything about Fizz jungle? Is it possible to have him revived? I kinda liked him as pocket pick.
zecastar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=bz0HUP5U,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-14T15:20:35.082+0000) > > Hi folks, > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > **Gold Funneling** > > We'll be nerfing gold funneling strategies in 8.13. Gold Funneling, for anyone unfamiliar with the term, is where you give one champion much of the gold/XP from multiple positions. Taric Mid/Yi jungle with Yi getting really farmed, or Karthus mid/Nunu counter jungling, with Karthus taking most of the allied jungle, being current examples. > > The gold funneling we're seeing now results in what's usually a pretty interactive, interesting, and often playmaking lane (mid) becoming very passive, with one laner just doing their best to interact with the other player as little as possible and getting rewarded for that. In cases where the mid laner isn't CSing that problems exacerbated further, since CSing does at least create small windows of vulnerability, earlier in the game especially. While there's likely some counterplay to gold funneling that hasn't emerged yet, we're doubtful it's going to be around as easy to execute as gold funneling itself is or particularly fun/interesting in its own right. We held off on changes to gold funneling initially when it wasn't clear if it was a pretty niche thing that would bring some variety occasionally and be worth a bit of game health cost, or something that would become more dominant and need to be addressed even if it offered strategic variety. Pretty clear at this point it's the later. > > In terms of how we'll address it we're still testing exact tactics. Possible changes include returning the overlevelled XP penalty on jungle camps that got removed in 8.10, individual adjustments to champs like Yi (lane minion damage on Q for example), jungle items giving XP penalties for lane minions to offset the increased XP from jungle monsters etc. Should have more details soon. > > On Gold funneling, just please don't nerf JG more than it already is. The most interesting part of JG was often getting a fast level 3 and invading or ganking. That's already been reduced. It takes me 15 minutes to reach level 10 and frequently 8 to hit level 6. I also don't think there should be an outlevelling farming penalty for camps or lane. This kind of stuff really screws the meta and champs. Sometimes you want to split push as jg or to push with your laner to get a safe back. There are so many things you can mess up with that. What you're seeing is partly a result of JG being nerfed so hard early and thus having less influence in lanes to offset such funneling strategies. Secondly, support items are cheap and strong still. Third, many waveclear champions got nerfed so they struggle even more vs these champions. Mana regen also got nerfed. Don't mess with JG XP or Gold again please. Do you even realize how absurd this gets for jgs? The role feels TERRIBLE when you can't rely on ANYTHING and Riot treats it like an endless beta test. Every season, JG is changed, now mid season we have huge nerfs and many jg routes no longer beinv viable... can't even hit level 3 fast, all randomized again, more RNG added for literally no reason (scuttler spawn should always be known and everyone hates this aspect) etc. It feels like you guys just want to make us suffer at this point lol. Why does JG have to do so much more work to remain relevant every patch? If I main mid lane or top, I don't have to relearn the whole game every few months. Yeah, some items change, but not fundamentals. It's getting ridiculous at this point. It's disrespectful towards people's effort and time. Moreover, it was preventable if you guys grasped the consequences of your own changes better or didn't treat this like an alpha game during a RANKED season. So many changes have been at best neutral and created massive disruption. JG wasn't even OP previously. Lanes were just bad. In competitive, JG was basically a support role. I can't rely on anything you guys do and that's made me essentially give up on taking this game seriously and putting real effort in it. Items, strategies, clear optimizations, EVERYTHING is just in an endless loop of change and often unmotivated and unasked for change too (besides minorities on Reddit and Boards). Nothing can be relied on. There is no foundation. It's like if I play chess and the pieces get different moves half way in the game or the board changes. It's just a waste of time investing in something like that. Games that have longevity and are worth learning, are STABLE. You can trust that you'll have the same rules in 5 years as in the next 5 minutes and your effort in getting coaching, understanding, reading books etc. isn't a total waste. It's no coincidence that this game was taken most seriously and was most respected in the S4 era when things were moving much slower. Remember Reign of Gaming and the detailed analysis posts on items, XP, itemization etc.? Where is that now? People basically gave up because their time investment was disrespected and they can't trust this game to be what they enjoyed or worked on in another few months.
Can't agree more, the jungle nerfs are the main reason for that to happen. Also it is not bad that jungle is probably the most impactful role in the game (next to mid I guess). It is part of it's design. Your only job is to run around the map and make action happen. The same kinda applies to midlane as you are able to influence both sidelanes relatively well. If the nerfs continue we probably will see roles similar to DotA where pure jungling like in lol is only doable by very few characters and mainly acts as a gold reservoir for the carry. Maybe we will even see 2-1-2 lanes again if it would be nerfed again.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 24
Is there a possibility that you could make some "melee only (mainly talking about steraks and targons here)" accessible for some semi-ranged champs like Urgot and Graves who are more melee than anything else? (especially graves who could need that melee MR after the e nerfs btw). Candidates for targon would be Thresh and rakan (if you would make him count as melee champ instead of ranged which is kinda weird anyways). Regarding that Stopwatch: I am not a fan of getting it for free through a rune especially as the other options don't provide direct combat stats which makes it a tradeoff which isn't really a tradeoff. I am fine with the concept of the stopwatch itself, actually I like it a lot but I don't think you should get about 30 Ap and 17 AD worth of Gold on a rune (if you assume the 600g cost which you can invest into combat stats) if you then sell it the value even further increases which is ridiculous.
hpp3 (NA)
: You have to actually complete the quest to have Sightstone come online. The most abused support item right now is spellthief, and there's almost no chance a midlaner completes that quest. The biggest potential for abuse is the ADC buying relic and getting a sighstone out of it. Not sure how that's going to be addressed.
Well, Spellthief is mostly abused by junglers right now and they usually are the ppl who create the 2nd most or even the most vision in the game so they will probably abuse it even more.
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
There are some thing that come to my mind: 1) The lack of the Targon shield will probably fix the abuse by adcs 2) The ward passive on the AP item will probably increase the abuse by AP - junglers like even though the ms is gone. Also I would really love to see the twin shadows return then (maybe along with the AP-Item rework/changes?). I really liked the Face of the mountain shield on tank supps, was rly good in 2v2s :( I don't actually feel a need to see shurelya's added back into the game except for nostalgic purposes, the active is really strong but that makes the stats on the item pretty shitty which I dislike but thats probably a personal thing. Twin Shadows would be huge for a comeback tho, maybe even with the ms passive from the AP supp item instead of % ms like it used to be? Overall I do like the direction of the changes despite my criticism.
: > [{quoted}](name=waiting for WoW,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=5yv0tj2J,comment-id=000600030000,timestamp=2017-11-16T01:02:44.611+0000) > > I just tried a few games with it on my main account and it is actually a really good rune path. I like how I can get extra mana pots, and get extra duration on Corrupting Potion to. I still prefer Stormraider's Asol but assuming Phase Rush stays in its current iteration, I'll be taking glacial augment on Asol for the next season. > > I'm still quite concerned for other champions like Ryze, Taliyah, and Cassiopeia though. I've become quite attached to the stormraider's Cassiopeia playstyle in particular. My favorite thing about it was that I had enough MS to go with Sorcerer's Shoes instead of Boots of Swiftness, which felt like a meaningful power add. I'm not involved with any of the balance stuff, so don't have much insight into plans for other Stormraiders users - just chiming in as somebody who plays Aurelion/Taliyah/Ryze somewhat frequently. But FWIW, I've found Phase Rush to feel pretty good on Ryze, and I've found some success with Comet/Glacial Augment on Taliyah. Though, the Taliyah ones do play differently than Stormraiders did, so it isn't really the same thing. Personally, I wish these kinds of "dps mages" could run some kind of Precision+Sorcery path. Imagine something like this, if you pretend that Press the Attack and Legend: Bloodline also worked for spells: (or maybe a variant on Fleet Footwork, to get that old Stormraider's feeling)
I think Ryze with phase rush is actually better than stormraiders as you can trigger it a lot better in the early game but he scales way too slow in this fast paced meta to have an impact in soloq I think. If you get a game where gathering storm scales to a point where it is useful (30+) his damage starts to get a lot better, especially with the magical boots and the MS to damage conversion.
: League Client Strike Team: An Update!
Not sure if this is within your responsibility but it would be nice to change the online status a bit easier. Currently it is pretty hard to hit the green dot hitbox and not click 10 times on my status or summoner icon. The summoner icon hitbox is quite a bit larger than the actual image while the dot is just the dot. If I had fun playing sniper I would play CS:GO and not league :D
: Urgot already is extremely oppressive in lane. He can 100-0 a lot of other champs at level 2 when chasing them down with QW and once he gets ahead it's impossible for most melees to get through his shield and do meaningful damage until 30 minutes into the game. I won't call him OP, since I know that ADCs can wreck him later on in fights. But in the past we have seen that buffing champions which are already oppressive not only hurts the viability of scaling champions which have to face him, but in general doesn't become healthy. Yes, Steraks may be melee only, but Black Cleaver ,Frozen Mallet and Death's Dance are VERY strong options on Urgot. I may only be Plat II and not your challenger rank playtester - but playing since 2010 I've seen the same mistake again and again... Don't buff Urgot.
They need to make QoL changes at least to make him playable for a decent playerbase, he is right now probably the clunkiest and champs in league. That is one of the big reasons the rework failed.
Meddler (NA)
: The primary goal of Sterak's is to offer a temporary period of survivability for champions who have no choice but to get right into the midst of everything, thereby taking a lot of damage, even if they're not priority targets (mainly AOE, some opportunistic auto attacks though, especially from marksmen who are target takers rather than choosers). To survive a meaningful period there you need a lot of extra defense if you're not building primarily defense already or relying on other tools (e.g. untargetability to dodge stuff). That amount of defense however gets pretty overbearing if available to ranged champs who don't have to put themselves in those dangerous places in the first place.
I understand your point regarding ranged champs and going in but Graves and Urgot are usually ending up in the middle of everything, maybe you could make a unique exception specifically for those 2 guys without granting them access to all melee only items? I see why you made it melee only with these stats as 50% base AD is a lot for sheen users like Ez (who is currently pretty strong already in the jungle) and Corki who sees decent pro-play and could get really strong also in soloq with that item as a defensive option.
: backlog of needed VGUs {{champion:32}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:40}} these are the most requested ones from what i know
Shaco, Irelia, Jax and Vlad are pretty fine they all got playmaking potential but can get outplayed/counter picked too. Teemo is fine as well IMO the cry for change is just based off the memes. Rammus, Cho and Amumu just received mini-reworks. Corki, Gragas and Janna are performing pretty well and they are at balancing/tweaking Janna currently. Most of these guys you mentioned need a visual update especially on their base skins tho.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll assess potential buffs in 7.21. Part of that will be based off how the change to Sterak's as melee only impacts him.
I hope that he gets to a state where he is playable as for now the rework was a complete failure IMO. His WR is at 46% with a PR of 0.77% according to op gg. The old Urgot had a better WR than the new one with a similar pick rate. Besides the raw stats you managed to make one of the clunkiest champs even more clunky (especially his e is horrible) His whole kit is anything but smooth to play and his ult kinda feels out of place the range is huge but his whole kit is designed to fight in close combat, even his old ult which had it's own flaws of course would fit the current kit better than the ult he got now (besides funny Vandiril Videos).
shofaz (NA)
: Hey meddler what are your thoughts on ryze right now? Is it likely that he will be buffed before preseason? And what are your plans for ryze in the future after preseason?
As a player who likes to play ryze a lot I would say they should wait till runes reforged hit because some of these runes will benefit him a lot (the new storm raiders especially as well as some other good runes with MS/damage). Buffing him before that could lead to a state where he is OP again and therefore would get nerfed anyways (or even reworked - pls no the current state is the best ryze we ever had with clear strengths and weaknesses)
Porocles (NA)
: Looks good! You'll want to relog first!
I have the same issue would be great if you could fix it for me <3 Club name: Generation Retarded Club tag: GenR Club owner: Tha Gamerdevil IGN: Tha Gamerdevil Thank you in advance :)

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