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: Most of these just provide evidence that somebody played on your account, while not strictly showing that it was compromised (you could have given out username and password to friends, or a booster, or who knows) But then there's this part: >removal of everyone on my friend list If this is true, I really hope Riot will check this out. Also, as a sidenote: Don't let people like Skystrike convince you that Riot "hates to admit the system was wrong". Riot has already undone quite a few script related bans because they found evidence that the account was compromised. The reason why this isn't very apparent, is because these cases happen rarely to begin with, and they are resolved publically on the forums even less often. And for fairly obvious reasons these threads die very quickly and fade into obscurity once they are resolved.
The friend list thing is what tipped me off. I logged in and saw that all my friends were gone. The only account on my friend list was the aforementioned Deadslayer1000. That instantly caused all sorts of alarms to go off in my head.
: When your account is compromised, the first thing you should do is open a support ticket.
I was planning on doing that, but none of the ticket categories applied to the situation. The one that came closest was "I need help recovering my account", except my account didn't need to be recovered, as I could still log in with my original password. Because I immediately changed my password afterwards, I thought the problem was over, and because none of the ticket categories really applied to the situation, I ended up not opening a support ticket.
: Even if they checked ip they wouldnt change the punishment. The ip changes too often and if they would change the punishment i could start using scripts from different pcs.
It's not just the IP. There's also plenty of other suspicious factors. The removal of everyone on my friend list, playing virtually only Ranked Flex games (I haven't even touched Flex Queue this season), changing the keys my summoner spells were set to. Plenty of things that suggest that someone else got control of my account.
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: What happened to your other thread?
That's on the EUW boards. I figured I might as well post it on the NA boards too.
: Not the place, or even the part of the board to ask this. Send a ticket and hope, explain yourself 2. Dont be blunt and demand your account back, it is still your fault if you were hacked
The only reason I posted this here is that I found board posts about similar cases where the post attracted the attention of a Rioter who helped fix the situation. Of course I filed a lengthy support ticket already, but I figured this wouldn't hurt either.
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: Isn't it time for a new taliyah skin?
Even if you ignore Yorick, then Illaoi and Aurelion Sol are more overdue for a second skin than Taliyah.


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