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: What if instead of making graves when Yorick killed a unit with his Q he made Graves?
{{champion:83}} : That's one more Grave(s)! {{champion:104}} : dEaD mAn WaLKiNg {{champion:104}} : dEaD mAn WaLKiNg {{champion:104}} : dEaD mAn WaLKiNg {{champion:104}} : dEaD mAn WaLKiNg
: Write a haiku for your favorite champion
{{champion:69}} Nightly I slither Let me petrify your heart Our love is poison
: Whats the trick to twitch jungle?
I recommend watching this guys stream atm he plays with ardent egirls a lot but you can still learn general stuff about twitch jungle he's a sick player. Fervor in all matchups, bloodrazor - > runaan - > IE into whatever Duo with ardent kayle/lulu players optional to farm their lanes Start red (skill E) - > level 2 gank(Q) , blue + gromp, gank/back(skill W level 3) You can heal while doing raptors after first back by going into stealth and letting poison tick, don't attack they will heal you because of the hunters talisman effect. Twitch is like ranged eve you need to put your mindset into cheese mode and make unexpected plays with your stealth.
: The hardest skillshot to land?
Chogath Q, takes forever to land and it has an indicator on top of that. So should people be unfortunate enough to walk in the skillshot they can just.. Walk back out
Zaryelle (NA)
: 'ELO Hell' isn't about Not Being Able to Climb
The amount of games you have to play in order to actually climb can be pretty demotivating too. "Yeah great I got from bronze V to gold I with 86% win rate on this account, getting plat should be a breeze!" - insert rito matchmaking - your opponents are now plat III where you probably belong while your teammates are gold III to compensate! Enjoy a 40% win rate until your mmr drops to the league you're at so you can climb again! But wait, there's more! Let's throw in a free 6 troll games in a row! You're welcome! XDD On a more serious note, given enough time ofc you will climb etc. But with emphasis on time.
Almìghty (EUNE)
: Pick a champion quote and add after "in my ass."
{{champion:126}} FEEL THE THUNDER IN MY ASS!
: ARAM reroll doesn't refund
Can confirm happend to me as well, rito fix pls
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Danjeng (NA)
: Running 1% crit and saw mages have crit animations
Gragas has a funny crit animation too


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