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: am I boosted?
: Anybody have any tips against a thunderlords/ignite Pantheon top ?
Alright, all of the advice has been really helpful, Thanks all !
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: Don't ban champions that have been picked by your team in ranked because you think they'll feed!
If somebody wants to pick Riven/Yasuo/Vayne in my team, I prefer to check their win rate on said champion. If it is not above 50% Ill just ban it. Sorry, but sometimes you gotta just accept you need more practice with a champ before going into ranked, or... THE CHAMP ISNT FOR YOU.
sdsdfdf (EUW)
: thats exactly what i said tho
Frius (EUNE)
: garen counters?
Riot refuse to buff Garen because low silver shitters cry on the boards on how Garen is "busted" when he not only deserves, but NEEDS buffs.
: Rip Kog Maw, You were good for how long it lasted
What do you mean RIP Kog ? If you have any form of peel you can just shred the entire team no problem anymore by just standing still and AAing. He needed nerfs. Sorry you no longer will have your freelo.
: Vlad Nerfs Are Awful
Vlad is fine. He needed nerfs.
: @Meddler, Will Garen get his 5.16 Courage(W)? Getting 4stks on Champs, Cannon Mins, Large/Epic Mons?
Riot don't care about Garen. Even though he not only deserves, but desperately NEEDS a buff for garen players in high elo, they still will refuse to do anything to him.
: {{champion:4}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:105}}
Garen ? in bronze/low silver, sure. In high elo, unless you're a dedicated one trick pony, nope.
: garen still is too much to handle
Lol. Without checking you I guarantee you're bronze/low silver. Garen is the master at exposing opponent's mistakes, and since you're a trash player hes going to expose you and your low elo team with ease. If anything happens to Garen its going to be a buff, not a nerf.
: Small Garen Buffs Please? @Riot Reportoir
I really doubt they're going to do anything any time soon. If they do change him in any way its going to be during preseason. Garen isn't really affected by the worlds patch because hes just not viable for worlds no matter whether he receives buffs. But you're right, Garen NEEDS that movement speed nerf reverted. With Gnar being meta who rushes frozen mallet, and almost all ap casters rushing Rylais, he needs these ms nerfs reverted ASAP.
: Explain This Absurdity to Me, Garen Content
Lets be honest here, if anything is happening to Garen its going to be a buff not a nerf.
Sandixcx (NA)
: Garen
I bet you're silver/bronze don't talk about champion balance when you are a trash at the game
: PSA to garen players
Dude, Garen players are excellent at KSing. None of us "save our ults".
: Quinn is again the #1 Top Winrate in the game
Sermo (NA)
: ***
How can a** 51%+ win rate champion for the past 5 patches** be a "bad champion"? I am Gold 1. I am not stupid. and every time he is on the enemy team I lose. Something about Rylais + Vel koz right now just feels too OP.
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: Nah I decayed from plat 3, this is a smurf. Nice try tho
: Garen Buffs Possible? @Riot Reportoir
Garen buffs would be nice to see. Its really just the indirect core item nerfs that affected Garen. **Movement speed buffs to compensate for the nerf of swiftness. (i.e revert the previous MS nerfs on his Q speed and base MS).** And maybe increased E damage early levels. But I think the movement speed buff is a must. Especially with the fact rylais is a core item on most AP mages and Gnar being meta makes frozen mallet a more regularly seen item.
: Nah if anyones boosted it's the Garen player
lol kid i have solo preference. You however are still boosted trash and the fact you say such stupid things like "garen is strong as fuck" just proves you are low bronze. Even last season you were bronze you boosted trashcan.
: I know they balance around high elo, I never said they didn't and No, African child soldiers dying for no reason is sad, name calling is a common thing in all cultures and walks of life. You thinking my opinion is not even valid because of my low skill in a video game makes me stupid and unworthy of the superior diamond players is just ignorant and sad
Just ignore him. This guy pretends to be diamond when he is bronze season 5 so he got boosted this season.
: You don't deserve your rank if you climb with Garen
Yep, you are boosted trash and don't have a clue what you're saying you retard.
: Rito, are you thinking of removing Frozen Mallet?
Just your typical low silver trash crying about champion balance. Garen needs buffs, not nerfs.
: Who is better illaoi or taliyah
question like that just prove you're bronze/low silver.
Pirowolf (NA)
: Kayle NEEDS a nerf.
holy shit why is this getting downvoted ?? filthy kayle abusers don't want their freelo removed ?
Rozair (NA)
: Im so fed up with the boosting
Yep, rank means barely anything now unless you are a solo player.
jodobo (NA)
: Its not just 2 letters its the meaning behind the letters that is toxic and plain rude and it wouldent shock me if you were one of the people who doseent care about other peoples feeling and says ez at the end of the game. League is supposed to be a fun game not a game filled with hate and toxic people who are only there to put other people down.
yes i do say ez i say ez in all chat before minions spawn i say ez when i slay an enemy every time I always say ez when i win a game I say "so fking ez" when game ends
jodobo (NA)
: Can people stop saying ez because it one of the most toxic things to say
Is your internet ego getting damaged by 2 letters ?? grow up.. You dont belong on the internet if ez offends you so much, and this game is not for you... Damn the league community is full of fragile little boys.
nep2une (NA)
: ??? First of all I barely care about Ranked. Second of all, I don't even play Draft Normals that often, I usually play Blind. Third, when I do play Draft (normals or ranked), I usually ban popular champs that either most people don't know how to play against at my low-level tier of play and/or champions that would counter others in the team/comp. And/or the general strongest picks currently by winrate ( because if they can do that well in Plat+, almost no one will know how to beat them in Bronze. Ashe/Sona/Jhin/Blitzcrank (because people can't dodge for shit in Bronze)/Soraka (people don't know how to deal with her)/Yasuo (just makes games too unpredictable because doing well is basically just determined by whoever snowballs first in Bronze)/Malzahar (people don't know how to play against Voidlings/Visions and he has silence/suppress both of which are strong)/so on and so forth are some typical ones. If I'm not top and I don't think our top could beat a Darius and it was Ranked, sure, I'd ban him.
Playing normals doesn't justify you being bronze 4. even your normal games you're playing with mid bronze/low silvers (more trash). Why you get so offended at what the Gold 5, higher elo, player has to say about your opinion is just odd. I hope you understand that you shouldn't be making fun of somebody elses rank when you're in bronze 4 of all places...
: Why is Kayle allowed to be this good?
I love the people who downvote this thread even though its 100% correct. She is strong, very strong. She has such a disturbing kit. When shes strong, she is strong. Make it so she can only cast her ult on herself. This will make her more balanced.
nep2une (NA)
: Kid, winrates do mean shit, no matter what delusions you'd like to think. That doesn't mean jackshit buddy. What _you_ can do is irrelevant. First of all, the sample size is so small it's not even worth talking about. Second of all, you're only G5. Third, that doesn't matter in the first place, you literally just proved me right. Lee is good in early, that's you might be able to do well, good for you? He also falls off late, hence losing game. He's still garbage. That's why he underperforms at literally every single fucking factor in the game whether it be length of the game, experience and number of games played, builds, masteries, runes, what have you. I never said anyone would have a 100% winrate. But congratulations, you can use strawman fallacies. The irony is hilariously real. LOL You're actually calling someone autistic over an internet debate? Grow up kid. On an amusing note, you completely dodge the remark about me pointing out you're G5 instead of low Diamond. Hue.
You're bronze 4. How on earth can you be making fun of somebody being gold 5 when you are literally sitting at a 31% win rate in bronze 4... :facepalm: Also, could you please tell us who YOU ban ? Its just kinda interesting because I thought Darius is a must ban in bronze since he dumpsters on bad players such as yourself.
: Thank you, Riot.
bunch of freaking clowns that work at Riot...
: frozen mallet needs to be melee only and rylais nerfed
Why down vote this thread ? Riot already stated they will be nerfing both These items as they have no real counterplay. They are broken items, but I guess the silver warriors of the boards need an item to cover up the fact they can't kite to save their life.
: Does Garen Promote Uninteractive Gameplay?
Garen one trick pony gold 1 here. Garen is the master at capitalising on mistakes. In low elo people complain about him because they don't know how to play around him. Many times I play on my smurf in bronze and silver and they make the same mistakes. Even every melee champion usually has some form of a ranged ability nowadays to either farm or poke. Garen does not. However in higher elos people tend to make less mistakes. Garen is in a very weak state right now. He is not strong and doesn't really counter anybody anymore, whereas he gets countered by everybody. Indirect item nerfs, rylais/frozen mallet, meta doesn't favour him very well right now. Garen needs either movement speed buffs, or a rework. I'd prefer they remove the villain mechanic so he can finally progress as a champion. Also people downvoted this thread not because of what you said, but because you are inheritally suggesting Garen has "no counterplay" in melee range. If Garen had no strength in the range he tries so hard to get to, then what is he good at ?
Derenick (NA)
: Good mid laner looking for good players to climb to gold with or help me get there.
: So we know about how Riot's gonna eventually revisit Morde
Riot have basically forgotten about Garen. When are they going to learn that the game is balanced around plat+. So if some silver shitter crys about Garen being "broken" their opinion shouldnt even count as they are shit at the game.. Garen is a garbage champ and we all know it.
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: If you really want to buff Jayce, i have a suggestion for a small buff
: Why is everybody crying about Riven?
Not crying, just stupid how a 50% win rate champ for the past 5 patches is getting buffed just because little shitters like yourself cry on the boards for buffs when legit one trick pony plat+ Rivens are successful with her.
: __> [{quoted}](name=Garen CAN carry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yTB9mdzn,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2016-08-11T22:47:14.198+0000) > > Really? Because a rioter two days ago responded to me and told me they don't plan on buffing garen any time soon as apparently "people still think he's too strong". > > Also respect on being a garen one trick in diamond+! That's fking cool. I'm only gold 1 about to hit plat being a garen one trick I'd love to spectate you and see how you deal with high Elo players. > > Maybe you have a different playstyle compared to most of us garen mains wtf. is he stupid or something? garen isnt even strong in bronze and silver anymore, if you look at his statistics. they would have to nerf half of their lcs roster if theyd be going by that standart. theyre buffing a whole lot of champions next patch that are already viewed as strong. how does he explain that? seems like a shitty excuse.
here is the exact quote from the Rioter: **"I don't think we have any plans to buff Garen. AFAIK there's still a good amount of our playerbase that view him as very strong even though he's not played in competitive, and that's important to take into consideration as well."** When are they going to learn that just because some low silver player whines about Garen being "OP" doesn't make him strong. The game is balanced around plat+ so whatever the silvers cry about anyway shouldnt even make a difference. Funny thing is half of them probably still try and 1v1 Garen when they're the villain..
: i dont comment often considering i am maybe a exception to most garen mains, but riot will be buffing garen mobility and his early e ranks soon TM, how i know, cause i know, i am reaching D3 with just garen, will help alot to get to masters easier once garen buffs come.
Really? Because a rioter two days ago responded to me and told me they don't plan on buffing garen any time soon as apparently "people still think he's too strong". Also respect on being a garen one trick in diamond+! That's fking cool. I'm only gold 1 about to hit plat being a garen one trick I'd love to spectate you and see how you deal with high Elo players. Maybe you have a different playstyle compared to most of us garen mains
: theres an indirect Garen buff
Click baited Came here expecting garen buffs, left dissapointed
: Why is your rank in a game aparently determined by your CS in a game?
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
yep to me i look at it like this: solo player = respected dynamic = boosted team preference = scum
: Good Top lane champs to main?
Whatever you do, don't main Garen.
: Is Casual League Dead?
wtf you talking about? Casual league = dynamic queue... Its competitive that is dying. Getting to gold+ this season means jack shit now that anybody can just get 4 man dynamic queue boosted and then act like they actually earned the rank.. Even LCS pros no longer respect the leaderboards because playing in premades takes less skill than doing it solo. It no longer shows the skill of an individual player.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Was The Nerf On Lucian Too Harsh?
Ooray (EUW)
: I propose a different kind of buff for riven
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