: Find it funny how they had 3 weeks to do this, and still fuck up {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
they had 3 weeks to not work on it
shofaz (NA)
: Using Riot's Balance Framework on Viktor and Jhin
Viktor is a hard champ to balance with his current kit if he needs anything is a mini rework not buffs
: It's not Irelia, but most probably Syndra. Irelia has 5 blades flying around her, the one in the trailer has only 3.
: Currently I think Jhin's niche is that he has a lot of long ranged CC, only unlike Varus and Ashe his is a bit slower to come out so he can't really start teamfights with it. (He's still the coolest ADC though).
i would feel much better for him to lose some power in exchange for utility in his E and W interaction
Manxxom (NA)
: Removal Aatrox's revive is a bad idea.
They have been doing pretty bad job recently look at Sylas as well removing shield on E1 and then at E2 adn then E 1 again in the pbe changing champs every patch because they cant plan ahead same think with Aatrox remove revive remove heal add heal add E stack again remove E stack inconsistent decision making idk how they get away with keeping their jobs like this its a joke
MaFyO2154 (EUW)
: the game would be less toxic if the game would be more enjoyable
matchmaking comes first only then u can tell if the game is balanced when equal player skills are matched against each other
: For Jhin to be viable, they need to reduce the speed he gets from critical striking and increasing the damage he does with critical strikes. Then, he will be able to compete with other ADC's
the problem isnt jhin the problem are the other adc who do a better job exploding targest than him with more dps
: I kinda hope Pool Party is full of shirtless men this year...
: Blitz breaking shields in 1.14
still better than renekton
HeimerLmao (EUNE)
: Or 2 of them for good measure.
Kaynn (NA)
: Pool Party Kayn
Make Rhaast look more like a hammerhead shark
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
: renekton drops off hard and loses to any poke champ, he needs help
not lane wining ability on a click spell (not even point and click)
: TFT Mobile?
I would prefer it to be mobile only and remove it from the client since it has only given problems and glitches to it
Rioter Comments
Drathlord (EUNE)
: Swain is good now, changes are perfect.
where do we sign to remove the Renekton buffs
Ralanr (NA)
: So, from the ones I care about. {{champion:50}}: So does he just have infinite scaling health now? {{champion:223}}: Reducing the slow hurts his support, but his support play is already dead. Since he can now eat the big buffs, does that mean jungle Kench is back? Also Greyhealth looks to be a one point wonder now. {{champion:78}}: Did she need buffs? I mean, I'm not against her getting buffs as this makes her wall slam W combo into enemy toplaners with dashes all the better, but I get worried when my favorite champions get good buffs.
The Poppy one is definitely scary getting hit by her W is punishment enough for a timed spell since it also does dmg now they want to add a ground effect as well
: ***
i wish they would make them a stance champ with the W remove the zone and add the wolf stance like Nidalee cougar wolf form does % hp dmg but is melee doesn't gain bonus attack speed , cant cast ult his Q is a bit like reowrked rengar Q aoe with a spear ( smaller than xin zhao) E would be same thing i guess
: when I said execute I was referring to how much damage the Rend would do based on how many spears she had stacked. Otherwise rend by itself cannot execute, its just used as one so the ability resets. But if we wanna talk REAL execute indicators, Garen's R could use one.
Darius loses a lot if he misses the R execute and gains a lot if he gets it full stacks from 0 if he kills a low health target with ult and thats no small feat to have it shown i really disagree with them showing the execute indicators it removes skill expression and just makes the game more accessible to new comers which is fine but at least keep the utility turned on until they reach gold and then turn it off
: when I said execute I was referring to how much damage the Rend would do based on how many spears she had stacked. Otherwise rend by itself cannot execute, its just used as one so the ability resets. But if we wanna talk REAL execute indicators, Garen's R could use one.
Garen has one the sword on the passive gets bigger Ye i agree with the rend dmg indicator on the icon maybe it shows the number it would do 100/ 120 ect
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotScruffy,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=kAGAwamn,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-07-01T18:35:28.790+0000) > > We have a grouped up damage icon for "items" "runes" and "unknown" in the rare cases we are still unsure of the source. I know this might not be your expertise but how can you not be sure about the source of the damage? Isn't death recap calculated server side?
im thinking when damage is received very fast(normally) it is saved from the same source or grouped to a random one for data clarity purposes
: Collective thoughts on Kalista updates/
To make her E show dmg is fine but not execute threshold that lowers gameplay risks and experience they did that with urgot and pyke its just making the game dumber and dumber
Dat Kat (EUW)
IF they cant keep up the servers with the new game mode shut it down already
Moody P (NA)
: Zoe can be body blocked which puts her a step up on healthiness over 80% of mages in the game
when you make excuses for zoe {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Neeko E is the strongest non-ultimate CC Ability in the game; on a burst mage.
GOD forbid they make an ability that to use the full power of it you have to be coordinated with your team ( Neeko Q into Morgana Q ) but no it has to be done by the same champ overloading the shit out of them same shit with Zoe they give her insane movement speed and hard cc for her to have it very fck easy to hit her Q
: Which brainiac at riot decided that the amount of Items you get be RNG?
: Who do you most want seen in Team Fight Tactics down the line?
{{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} Jhin upgrades 4Times with 4 champshards each
Meddler (NA)
: Will get some thoughts on Ryze in an upcoming post. Want to give changes more time than usual to settle though, given how problematic he's been, and make sure we've seen enough pro play on them before drawing any initial conclusions about him there too.
Easier to kill also easier to dps now. The E W root is still a problem on him as long as you guys are keen on keeping that the champ wont change
NoPaxt (NA)
: How about we just remove Klepto...
how will kennen continue to be a toxic champ top then
: Qiyana is a Jerk and I Love Her So Much
Her personality resembles the classic evil cheerleader character from every movie/show ever
: Where’s the fun in that?!
you think this is a game? {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Poor Rhaast
Ye Varus is stuck watching them make out all day
: Is The Volibear seen in that story what the ursine have lost themselves to? And if you can kill the most powerful avatar of a god... Does that kill that god? Does killing a vessel-- free other vessels? Avatars, gods, and demigods oh my! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
it was a yes or no kind of question xD
: Give him old Xerath's Mage Chains ability for his W basically. Click target W to prime it, land Q to activate it.
its like they are set to make the game braindead so more and more people can join in and become high elo asap
: I feel "not hard to pull off" is an understatement. It's one instant point and click into another instant point and click - The only gating at that point is his mana. Some criteria of W needs to be a skillshot (either W itself or something that lets it root) or it's still a point and click root.
that is the perfect scenario but it would require to add power somewhere else to make him viable
: May I get a refund?
dont refund him i did the same mistake with ryze when i started to play dont use ur refunds on champs not worth it
Darkrown (EUNE)
: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 16
why cant Gnar stay out of the picture for a while he is not a fun champion to play against with his mobility range and cc why does he have to be buffed every time there is worlds coming so he always gets time in the spotlight he got nerfed for this reason and his abuse of frozen mallet
: Quinn is fun to play as but not very fun to play against seems to be the general sentiment
: I love the idea of making Rengar kill fast, but the LoL community and Riot doesn't.. Thus the reasoning behind there being little "all at once" burst in this proposed kit. Also I'm not sure having more AD due to low health would spawn tanky builds. Maybe it would, but I don't see it atm.
ye ofc he should kill fast but the problem is counterplay that small window where u can flash or heal or get help from allies that old rengar and full ad/armor penn rengar lacks he just one shots at least right after his rework not so sure after nerfs
: A passive which provides more damage based on damage taken would be cool.. Would help in early clears too. Kinda like Olaf attack speed.
yep something like that but not sure that will not spawn tanky builds again when i visualise rengar assassin i see a lion who jumps at his prey and cuts his throat or artery maybe his ult jump can do that like make an adc bleed and slow him so they have time to heal or use summoners
: My Turn: A Rengar Rework Proposal
Why not make him more like his lore where his core theme was fighting against impossible odds and adding the extra dmg and effects of his spells the lower his health bar him making the quote the predator is more dangerous while wounded. my opinion
AD Yuumi (NA)
: I can still type "Feeder"
i don't see the ENTER key there
: Nasus has completely lost his ability to carry late game.
I am not a Nasus player but i do like his "theme" of Ancient ascended and in terms of changing his kit i would only change his R in making it more team comp worthy for example : his ultimate would give one of his spells a buff for example Q would do double dmg , W would snare or be cast on multiple targets and E would do more dmg or lower more armor.
: That calls for a party! {{champion:117}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:115}}
Kivolan (NA)
: We Need To Name This Duck
Buck the duck who doesent give a fuck
SlownD (NA)
: Skin Idea - Dreadnova Jhin
Very nice work, might i suggest something like drone of some kind where his ult and granades come out in his shoulder that would be cool and fit the theme as well
Reav3 (NA)
: Warwick Skin Feedback
Can you get rid of the ears of Maruder Ww they just seem kind of off or plain weakness with full armor atire make him like urf ww
: 10 Bans When? Who would you ban?
{{champion:51}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:85}}
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