: Introducing Invulnerability HUD
I think op is trying to be a l3gend@ry meme-scoper, he featured jayce's "Can't touch this " dance on the whole invulnerability thing.
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: You sure key fragments are supposed to be rare? Are they based off performance? Because when I play Nidalee I almost always get an S, and I get a key fragment about every other game. As of a couple days ago, I only played 6 games but I had 4 key fragments.
> [{quoted}](name=Theorchero,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=L1f4LdnJ,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2016-04-02T00:00:23.887+0000) > > You sure key fragments are supposed to be rare? > > Are they based off performance? Because when I play Nidalee I almost always get an S, and I get a key fragment about every other game. As of a couple days ago, I only played 6 games but I had 4 key fragments. i havent got a frag 5 wins straight
: Met a salty guy which kept telling me to go back to bronze..
bronze is a more duller version of gold .
: I Have 55 wins still no key. This was an epic fail for rito.
> [{quoted}](name=smeagledorf,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=LfQi05eP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-27T23:46:50.200+0000) > > I Have 55 wins still no key. This was an epic fail for rito. keys dont drop on aram or tt due to a bug
Miudmon (EUNE)
: Anyone else really miss team builder?
take hextech skins and forget about the damn team builder
: Today I uninstalled.
i would uninstall too if i was a six year player in silver.
Elwynn (NA)
: Cus viktor doesnt sell trashy looking project skins
> [{quoted}](name=Nevvb,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V01jWXNa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-22T19:21:51.987+0000) > > Cus viktor doesnt sell trashy looking project skins dj sona user pls
: What's a Galio?
just another immobile mage none plays because jumping and dashing around like a monkey on a lee sin or yasuo is the definition of fun in lol for most of the players.
: Does it ever feel like All Random All Mid (ARAM), doesn't feel random at all?
if you know a little about riot, you should have realised by now that nothing is really random , not even crits are random.
: yasuo's windwall broken?
its a frustrating mechanic, dont know if its broken though
: Whats the biggest lie in league of legends?
: Is it just me or are all PROJECT: Yasuo's terrible?
no, its just that every yasuo main owns that skin,
: Yasuo brings people together. Yasuo is love.
Low elo yasuo players will never realize how stupid they play when they abuse early manaless wave clear to just push mindlessly the enemy under tower maxing e and performing infinite dashes seems to be the reason why most people enjoy playing this champ, any jungler not camping yasuo that dares to pass the middle of the lane is often a bad junlger.
: Rave Lord Azir
Sundisk could be a huge disco ball shooting down colorful spotlights, oh yeah, rito pls make it happen.
: Anivia mains are the most delusional lot I've ever met
So you actually met an anivia main ? , i thought that lane was reserved for yasuo, zed, lux and ahri mains only.
: What are Caitlyn and Jayce's last names?
Not many characters outside the three big human capitals (noxus, demacia, bilgewater ) have a second name, champions like fiora, vayne, swain and katarina are well known or are members of great families, i think piltover is just too modern for second names, giving a second name to vi or jayce would ruin they personas leveling them down to the level of an ordinary real life man, the second names on guys like fiora or xin zhao from the other hand don't harm all that mystery going on around them as they resemble the warriors and heroes of the real life past.
: Is this the beginning of the end?
WoW died cuz it was old and people got used to it , i dont know about u but when it comes to leauge i just feel i play a different game each year.
: Why would anyone use The Dark Seal?
You fail to realize that the seal doesn't have to be your first item , you might as well buy dark seal on your first back if you see a big snowballing potential or you just want a power boost to win lane similar to double dorans , do note that dark seal can be upgraded so it really gives your inventory some more flexibility in contrast to double dorans.
: There are 5 champions with winrates over 57%
"-A "worrying trend": Heimerdinger, a champion almost specifically good at stomping SoloQ and only played by dedicated mains, is at 50.5% winrate" Holy shit, i'm starting to like preseason.
: Thunderlord's Decree game breaking bug [Gameplay]
Maybe if riot fixes the ping issues for European pbe users bugs like this will stop coming out that fast as pbe will be more productive and far more better on spotting them.
Albion (OCE)
: How come Zed animation cancelling is a bug but Riven's is #skillcap?
Zed is a high skill cap champion , the fact he is popular and can be effective in low elo is because his passive allows him to farm well.
: So I just played as Cassiopeia in the first time in months.
What happens with cassiopeia is what is happens, happened and probably still going be happening with low mobility ap hypercarries like ryze and karthus. none wants to play a low mobility old champion when there are all those new and old mid champions (ekko,zed,fizz. leblanc,ahri) with insane mobility that not only allows them to do flashy plays but also allows them to deal with gangs easier.
: I've only played Cass a few times so I can't really give a valid opinion, but here is a statistic that blew my mind, Cassiopeia's winrate in top lane at 125+ games is over 60%, http://champion.gg/champion/Cassiopeia/Top It kind of seems like that special kind of insane winrate that only people who have truly learned how to play Urgod know
She excels against passive tanky champs like shen and maokai in top as she can get her poison on them easier and get to that magic 500 passive stacks faster
: Can we please nerf tahm kench already
i think that the way he can 1v1 95% of the champs with ease using the attack speed build is just insane and unhealthy, i mean, if you get too close to him you are done for , he will just trap you on a endless loop of cc that leaves little room of counter play, the fact he can do extreme amounts of damage by just stacking tanky items and hp only makes it worse.
: Tryndamere is antifun
The way he can just get level 2 and jump on you getting lucky crits after lucky crits is just stupid , no champ that is so strong lategame should be able to do that , he definitely needs a rework , will he get one ? i doubt that , especially since his player base is huge and he is named after riot's co founder.
: Can someone at Riot at least LOOK at the Thresh hook hitbox?
: warwick is broken he has a 100% win rate in master+
Warwick doesn't need a nerf , he needs a sion level rework, hopefully riot realizes that there are already too many easy to use champs for new players to have fun with and give warwick a bit more depth.
: Yasuo is able to use his ultimate on unintended targets
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: @Riot, when can we start getting simple champs again?
Passive: stun people after a few abilities Q: throws a fire bolt W: throws a fire wave E: puts a fire shield around you , you don't care what that shield does as you can have it on 90% of the tim W: summons a fire bear I don't think riot needs to make more simple champs , id actually think it would be nice if they deleted or reworked extremely simple champs like annie and evelyn, something like ryze but a bit less op
Big Hans (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=George LS,realm=EUW,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=lPE891in,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-06-29T20:15:49.748+0000) > > "About 2 weeks ago, I was ranked around bronze 1 to silver 5 ... > snip > ....... instantly climbed to platinum 5, then 4, then 3" > > my honest opinion is that this is major {{champion:12}} > you either troll, or expect people to pm you on how you did it so you can advertise some elo boosting site or something like that You can look at his profile yourself and see that mostly it is correct. Although instead of 2 weeks its more like 2 months.
Well, even 2 months barely makes sense but after a quick look on his history I noticed that the guy plays about 10 games per day and mains a very easy and effective champ , I guess (2x30X10) 600 games are enough to get you the experience you need to climb 2 divisions especially when he spammed wukong throughout that time. then again those numbers are crazy , most players don't even get to play so many games in their entire gaming career .
: Stuck in Platnium 3-4? Advice?
"About 2 weeks ago, I was ranked around bronze 1 to silver 5 ... snip ....... instantly climbed to platinum 5, then 4, then 3" my honest opinion is that this is major {{champion:12}} you either troll, or expect people to pm you on how you did it so you can advertise some elo boosting site or something like that
: Champions Easy Fun To Play
I think the easiest champ is annie , she has 2 line description skills and and she is pretty straightforward to play not to mention she has no skill shots and she can do well even without items through her cc, I will make a sum of what her abilities do: Q: throw fire to the selected enemy. W: throw fire in front of you. E: envelope your self with a fire shield that shouldn't bother reading its description as you can have it on 90% of the time, R: throw a fire bear in the selected position And here is all the disciocion making and mechanic knowledge a annie player needs to have in order to do well : you have stun on ? -> flash ult those squishes from 100 to 0. if they din't die , just spam your 80% ap ratio, 3 second cooldown abilities
: Bad teams?
If they start to get extremely negative make sure to remind them that they can get a 4x or even 9x report , it always works for me. if you are concerned about their poor skills and you think your skill level doesn't match theirs you can report them for not skilled players in the end screen.
: Why isn't Kha'Zix played in a solo lane anymore?
because his only way of sustaining the lane is also his only way of csing-harasing from distance , even mele meta midlaners/tops like Diana and rumple have enough range harras to punish kha zix each time he tries to come in for a cs .
: How in the bloody hell do you play Jayce?
In the lane phase don't waste mana through harassing with abilities , just auto attack and wait for some levels so your abilities become strong enough, its very hard for new jayce players to manage their mana pool, that's also one of the main reason jayce is such a high skill cap champ , later in game you play and position like an adc , you should only go in hammer form when the enemy is running away or when you are are you can get out alive, if you are not experienced with the role of marksman you will find it hard to perform well with jayce lategame unless you are fed . as for the build , I think the recommended build is just fine , don't bother your self with builds and items.
: How do I deal with someone who stays behind minions?
Constantly try to flank them using the bushes or just moving from the side of the minion wave , wait for gaps on the creep wave and quickly abuse them by landing skills shots through them, your opponent wont be able to react to targons shield minion execution followed by a relatively fast skill shot like braums q.
: How do I climb the ladder?
Play nasus with premade jungle, enjoy the freelo.
EzraIin (NA)
: Gold Player Looking For Tips
You could try improving your lane techniques and team decision making , if you look back in your games you will notice that even when you win a lane vs a hyper carry like jinx, trist or cait , they will still do almost as much damage as you or even more, this game is all about winning your lane hard, I mean getting your self ahead means your team has one advantage over the enemy but if you can get the enemy laner behind by denying him cs through lane freezing/zoning and teleport/jungler assisted tower diving, you get another advantage and if you can do that in duo lane well, that quadruples your advantage . Punishing your lane opponent that hard isn't always the best way to go, sometimes its just better to abuse your power advantage to siege objectives with your team something that will extend you lead, its up to you to decide what's better, keep in mind that the biggest thing that separates gold silver and bronze from higher tiers is individual and team overall decision making, I mean having a high level of game mechanics is still important but knowing some auto cancelations, dodging a few more skills shots and landing yours a bit more consistently doesn't win you games.
ßoy (NA)
: How to lane vs a Viktor?
Keep your cursor close to your champ so you can sidestep viktor's e and keep your eyes on viktor's model, notice that his q is a 2 stages ability the first part is low magical damage ray and the second is high damage enchanted auto attack , he can't excecute the second part immediately after the first so step back each time and wait for him to use it on a creep, his early ability cooldowns are very long leaving you big windows of opportunity to harass him , he is also very venerable to gangs so ask your jungler for some help. If all that doesn't work and you still keep losing to every viktor in lane, go ahead and purchase viktor , try him out and figure out his weaknesses.
Vélgart (EUNE)
: 1 VS 1 Howling abyss Win Condition=Nexus (Good Picks)
Jayce is the strongest imo, don't do the common mistake buying mana as you get plenty of it from the healing relics and howling abyss passive mana regen buff, you can also win most health relics duels as you can knock them back, another thing making jayce so good in 1v1 duels is that he is very strong against ad carries as he can both stay relatively untouched from their poke and burst them down very easily once he gets some levels.
: Your Fave champ gets +500 damage on their ult
{{item:3070}} {{champion:122}} {{item:3070}} the damage would still be capped
Whatever , gold is just a shinier version of bronze
: Doran's Blade should have 5% life steal for melee champs
"nobody plays AD champs in competitive now unless you're Irelia. If champs like Irelia and Riven are too strong, then just nerf them individually afterwards. Most doran's blade users need a buff right now as is because people pretty much play nothing but tanks" The main reason none plays ad carry top champs in lcs is the the fear of the lane swap and the fact that top lane usually gets a lot of jungle pressure, yes eirelia is played in lcs but that is because she can farm extremely well under turret . Taking a tanky top is also safer than a carry top like riven or jax, the reason for that is that even if you fall behind in lane (not favorable matchup jungle pressure, 2v1 lane etc) you will be still able to unload tons of cc and absorb damage lategame unlike carry tops that if they fall behind they are pretty much useless. On the dorans blade thing. i don't think dorans need such a big buff, it would make such a gold efficient item even better, that is because the +2% lifesteal has an estimated cost of 110 gold . the hp on dorans is roughly half of that ruby crystal gives , so it costs about 190 gold the ad is roughly 2/3 of the ad given by a long sword so its about 250 gold the upgraded lifesteal stat would cost about 300 gold, because it takes 440 gold to upgrade long sword to vampiric, and 5 is roughly 2/3 of 8 , Adding up all those you get about 740 gold worth of stats obtainable by an item that only cost 440 gold, that's a lot of power for just one item, lets say we got a darius vs wukong top, darius gets an early pre 3:00 minute kill and gets back in lane with another doran's blade on top of the one he already bough while wuk still sits on one long sword and and a few more potions that bough on first back the darius on that point would have a massive 800 gold worth of stats advantage over wukong making the life of wuk extremely hard and giving him almost no opportunity to recover or get back in lane.
Ternt (NA)
: So.. I just made it out of Bronze. PSA to my fellow Bronze.
The only thing you have to do get out of bronze/silver is to abuse the fact none uses vision, take a good early jungler like pantheon or lee sin and just make bronzies cry about you camping them in the all chat seriously now , half of the supports in bronze build pure offensive items and act like they are carries, they never buy sight stone and don't really realize how important vision is in this game.
Vynn (NA)
: Add an option to "Favorite" champions on selection screen
also add a favorite to ban selection to make frustratingly long ban phases shorter and less painful or just make the game completely balanced , oh well i guess the first part is easier.
yonggon (NA)
: Perminent invisible Shaco bug
well that's one hell of a excuse to feed
Paraoka (NA)
: GAMEPLAY Rumble E Stuns after Flash??
I think that maybe the empowered slow from overheated E along with the rylai's passive caused a slow so strong it seemed like a stun to you.
Reseren (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Marumana bug
From my experience with jayce there are visual indicators that muramana is activated , specifically a white light popping out of his weapon , there is also a notification along with the other notifcations like quest, status etc in the leftmost side of the ui above the items panel .

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