: This guy right here officer
Fun fact is that the manamune after staking it up just straight up gives most ad in game, on top of the ever present on hit mana burn. Since it does stack faster on URF it is pretty dope in there
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: Game modes won't come back, here is why:
The fact that you are right doesn't make it any less painful
rujitra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ghost Waffle,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ywrEx65h,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-06T17:38:47.279+0000) > > Perhaps the same thing that dozens of other companies do, and somehow make it possible for me to play their games without any connection problems. Riot cannot control your internet connection. Nor can any other game company.
Sure but, at least in my case, Riot's game is the only one which I have connection problems with. I play a lot of multiplayer games and pretty much never have problems with connection. When I play league and get ridiculous amounts of ping or Attemting to Reconnect, my internet isn't at fault, since I can easily open browser and watch any stream in full HD or just speed test for connection.
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: What do you want Riot to do, pay for a direct fiber optic line between their servers and your house?
Perhaps the same thing that dozens of other companies do, and somehow make it possible for me to play their games without any connection problems.
: Speaking In a Negative Manner About Someone's Rank or Win Rate IS Harassment
Personally I don't think this is a problem on the side of the "hater". IMO you are allowed to be a prick all the way you want. It's the basic right of free speech. You can be mean, you can be kind, you can be neutral. If people are forced to be nice, then being nice stops being worth anything and the world is full of fake people (even more so than it is right now)
: Why are you quoting LS to make this point? LS's vision of balance is largely centered around pro play. He doesn't *a singular fuck* about what anyone below Master tier thinks about the game's balance. That said, let's say Riot "balances the game", then the question is "balance it for WHO?". First off, they can't balance this game in any capacity without comms, and they REFUSE to add them. Some champs, like Yuumi and Galio, have their potential locked behind coordination while other champs, like Sona support and most assassins, gain power due to a lack of coordination. The true power level of quite a few champs won't be realized in solo queue simply due to the environment of solo queue. However, if you balance the game for the sake of coordinated play (which you'd expect for a team game), you can bet your bottom dollar and the two quarters under it that we'll NEVER hear the end of "OMG RIOT SELLING OUT TO THE CHINE$E FUCK TENCENT AND THEIR PRO PLAY LC$ BULL$HIT". The game's balance is shoddy because Riot, despite the lack of credit where it's due, refuses to sacrifice the experience of solo queue players to improve it. They've only recently tried to say "Hey, maybe we should sharpen match-ups so there'll be a need to pick more champions than the best 3 in every lane" just because they feared how sharper match-ups would effect average players. LS doesn't give a fuck about solo queue balance. Why would you quote him?
In my opinion, balancing a game for Masters is a very good idea, because you are incentivizing noobs to learn their champions and the game and become masters, so that they can utilize their powers to the max. Balancing around weak players makes skilled players feel unrewarded and weak players have false sense of skill.
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: Can we talk about normals matchmaking?
For me it's annoying in a slightly different way. Since I ussually don't have problems in my lane, as I am the advantageous player, I find it deeply frustrating to have games ending in 10 minutes just because of the drastic difference in overall skill levels between players all across the board. This makes games lackluster for both teams, with one having to face immensely stronger opponents than usual, and the other just stomping the everloving duck out of the enemy team, making the game boring.
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: Patch 9.14: Fallout 76 Edition
There is also Phase Rush, that doesn't ever activate, and manaflow band that refuses to stack most of the time.
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Arwenin (EUNE)
: Discrimination of mentaly r%%%%%ed
The R word is a vulgar way of addressing people mentally ill. The term "idiot" has been correct in the past, however, due to its negative meaning in an urban language the scientific way of addressing the illness has been changed to profound intellectual disability.
shofaz (NA)
: Using Riot's Balance Framework on Viktor and Jhin
While I agree with your statement, and don't like RIOT's inconsistency I do think these are 2 different cases. TL;DR: both champions aren't very strong right now, but they aren't in very dire spot and buffing Jhin isn't as risky as buffing Viktor The thing about Jhin is that he is quite simply outclassed by other ADCs. He isn't as strong late as some hypercarries and even though he is strong in lane, he still lacks power to be considered a bully like Lucian or Cait. What RIOT is trying to do, is make some distinct difference between jhin and other carries, as such they improve his catching tool to be of better quality, so as to amplify a certain strength. If you look at Viktor, his problems are quite complicated. Since he has been changed to a control mage from a burst mage back in the day, he wasn't really a big deal if you disregard his sudden appearance in the top lane after klepto buffs. Viktor is outclassed by other control mages, since he isn't strong early but his scaling and range aren't great, champions like Azir or Corki with similar power curve, but overall bigger powerspike in mid to late game, and considerably more safety are just better picks for late game. For the early game there are plenty of picks better than him in the middle. Regarding Viktor in the top lane, he is outclassed by the likes of Neeko and Kennen, who are just perfect bullies with great opportunities for scaling. However, what I think is in RIOT's mind is the fact that he WAS a very big bully and powerful control mage. His kit is very problematic, because ramping up his damage might cause him to be too safe with the ammount of utility he has. Statistics don't show that but every once in a while there is a match with viktor who decides to go defensive route, and isn't behind. Due to his utility he can still be very potent threat that can't be killed by anything other than burst. What I think should be done is just focusing on one viktor, so either a good utility based bully on the top (and in that case you just increase his early game potential) or a powerful mid to late game control mage in the midlane (in which case RIOT should decrease his mobility and shield from his Q, while increasing his damage output and potentially range). Otherwise Viktor is in this awkward spot, where RIOT can't buff him in any way, because of fear on how it will impact the other role, potentially making him spike too high in said role
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: [Proposal] Twisted Treeline gameplay update, New game mode & More. @Riot, Mort, Meddler
: actually...life steal heals only from the PHYSICAL damage of auto attacks. Corki can't make much use of it as an example
That is absolutely incorrect. every corki main runs bloodline, as alacricity is not as strong on him, and it does in fact work on 100% of damage dealt by autos, both magical and psychical.

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