: Has Riot Ever Considered Updating Splashes?
Yes they have considered. Then they got lazy and made a billion of excuses. One was "Reworked champions have too much splash so all the resources go there" Then the number of reworks in a year literally cut in half, so there should be more resources to do splash updates again, but nope. wE dOnT hAvE rEsOuRcEs = New skins sell better than old ones so we won't update the past ones.
: {{champion:42}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:115}}
Yaeh these are for sure. I didn't want to be too greedy. Riot is like a timid rabbit in these kinds of topics otherwise no one can explain to me why these outdated splash arts are still in the game.
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: We're looking at some potential changes for 9.12. Main themes being lower waveclear, slightly more single target damage, shield less reliable (current experimental test being E2 gives shield if it hits an enemy).
Nice. I think his problem is excessive wave clear and too much healing/shielding. I think he needs serious nerfs. Also any words about Nunu bugfixes? I happened to witness one where Nunu become invisible after Rek'Sai knock-up. Seems that bugs are not resolved yet.
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: A really nice kayle morgana sum-up
Wow that was a great listen. Dude perfectly explains the situation with Morgana and Kayle. Hope Riot take notes.
: Kayle Rework/Update Looks Bad
It's beyond terrible. A-W-F-U-L
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