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: Care to explain?
Not saying that Riot thinks "ban here and there, they will come back and throws money to get back what they had" which TheWinningTrain probably meant. It is just that, accounts here and there are not noticed even there would be false ban. It is easier and more efficient to just ban with even slight suspicion and put this Support "Specialist" to say that "our system says this and this is our decision case closed" politely and appropriately. If issues would be investigated accurately it would take more resources. Riot accused me for scripting so my account got banned tried to contact support but felt like they don't give a shit and doesn't show any effort on investigation. Of course it would be nice to get my account back since I haven't used any. But I have lost my will to even try to speak these Support "Specialists" since they need to be efficient as possible to keep resources as minimal for this kind of job. Of course there are many false tickets lying to get their accounts back but it is not a reason to reduce resources on ban investigations.
: banned with no reason
Welcome to the group... now you can go to Support Specialist so he can say, "no" till you lose your will even talk to one.
: How he stole my account ? PLZ HELP
Your statement has a flaw since it is not your account so you should be asking: "how did he get his own account back?" so you can understand the situation better.
: how to get to speak to a different support person
I am sorry but I cannot help on you that because I would like to know too... tho' I have spoken to 2 different supports but they are the same. They have no interest on fixing the issue because I think they don't have any authority or knowledge to do it. I got my account banned for scripting but all I have used was LoLReplays back in days but they are not willing to say that it is the case. They just keep saying that "through our investigation we cannot do anything about this". I have lost my willingness to try get my account back because it feels like you are talking to a person who reads a script they are provided to give statements. I get the feeling they will not help even they know it could be a mistake. Maybe that is the goal they try to achieve so they can be as efficient as possible. Feels like the title "specialist" stands for something like they do in schools to make them sound essential. So they can be misunderstood as a important and useful person which they are not. Because otherwise riot could be sued for them not being one. Support is so bad in League of Legends from my experience.


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