: Add Syndra to TFT :C
You have a good idea about origin of syndra? and which champions could potentially be in the same origin? Because sadly I can't think of anything fitting
Haze97 (EUW)
: I am giving up Katarina.
I think katarina is an really good spot right now. But yes indeed zed and talon are better. But there is no point in comparing your favourite champion to the best meta champion. Not every champion can be the best champion in the meta. As an azir player I'm already happy if my champion doesn't have the worst winrate in the game. Because in every meta there are ryze-players competing for that spot. And the ryze players have it even worse, they get bullied with annual reworks. And now we have people who main an A-Tier meta champion complaining that their champion is not as good as the S-tier meta picks of midlane.
LP Blaze (NA)
: Ranked. If you give up easily, please don't play.
And every now and then the top of the boards has a post along the lines of: "Refusing to surrender should be a punishable", "Troll-teammates hold me hostage ingame and waste 20 mins of my lifetime" People have different views on wether a game is lost or still winnable. And both perspectives are somewhat understandable. And if the other 4 have decided that you should ff15, maybe they are not even that wrong with their judgement. I think it's hard to make generalized statements about this. Yes there are some who give up way too easily, but similarily there are "never-surrender-guys" out there that refuse to surrender when the game is not winnable and just waste time and piss off teammates.
Rylalei (EUNE)
: What makes a champion "hard to play"?
Hard to play = Outplay potential of the champion + The Player's Delusion about their "skill" + the resulting need to comfort their own ego.
: Thresh ultimate did 0 damage
I assume the rune triumph proced at the exact same time as the damage thresh came through and instantly healed akali back up. At least, that's what it looks like to me
: > [{quoted}](name=Glory97,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JUoEaNmx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-28T20:32:34.956+0000) > > But this is how meta works. The top tier champions are changing. Jhin and corki will come back into meta. And i think the current meta is quite good. Blade gives a lot of good stats and allows adcs to have a one item powerspike. This buff to the early game fixed the previous "adc in 2k17-probleme" There is no meta when for the past two season it has been go bork and rageblade or nothing... Meta means change and right now I dont see any changes being made only reverts to past crit build champs. Riot is trash at meta change and thats why its competitive play is a joke.
My original comment was made 2+ years ago, and I don't know what was meta back then, but right now bork is indeed pretty annoying
: Opinion: Riot isn't trying to ruin the game
What an astonishing information. That sounds almost like every other company, that went bankrupt in the last few years, did it on purpose with the intent of ruining their own business
: All hard crowd control should stop dashes instantly
Rest assured, that 3 years from now all stuns are replaced by knockups and knockbacks anyways.
Syrile (NA)
: AURF is not really meant to be balanced
then are there other gamemodes that are meant to be balanced?
: What if we gave Akali the Azir treatment?
That would be the same as admitting, that riot did mistakes with the design of this rework. And it would also imply that riot still cares about healthy game-design, giving false hope to those who are still believing that game can be as awesome, as it was in season 5, again.
: Can you give Urgot proper juggernaut scaling?
Hell no, wtf are even asking for?!!? Right now urgot is one of the best toplane picks. And you ask for these kind of ridiculous buffs? 45% execute, really? For a ranged toplaner that can bully the hell out of you, he is already damn tanky with his obnoxius shield.
KnifeCat (OCE)
: Sylas might be the biggest balance nightmare in the history of League
Azir and Kalista were balancing nightmares, because they were complex kits, that were hard to balance, in a time where riot actually cared about balance. So Sylas won't be the a balancing nightmare, because riot has stopped caring about balance a long time ago. They now only "change things, for the sake of changing things" and introduce kits that are fun to play (but complelty unfair to play against) for the sake of bringing fresh new things into league of legends. It's just us, the people on the boards, who are stuck in an outdated philosophy that doesn't apply to this game anymore.
: Something ain't adding up here....
This game is so incredibly snowbally, that you don't even need to be more skilled than your lane opponent, to completly stomp him out of the game. Pick one of the op-laning phase champions {{champion:236}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} . Then you get one early kill, and win tha lane, get a few million gold from hitting turrets, and continue onwards by oneshotting them under their tower. When you're fed you can just turn off your brain while playing and still win the game.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Your thoughts on Executes in League?
For what reason do I even need an execute if I can just kill every enemy with 2 abilities anyways?
Ryzê (NA)
: i never feel outplayed in this game anymore
I queued up, I preselected aatrox. Then the enemy team first picked it. I got outplayed so hard, the game was lost at that point.
: > [{quoted}](name=Madjack01,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lQPolqXv,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-30T15:17:26.976+0000) > I mean I understand that supports have to be reliable (that is the nature of supporting after all) since it also allows to keep your focus on actual supporting elements rather than executing your mechanics perfectly, but I feel that support design has been stuck with this since forever compared to most of the other roles which have moved forward in some way. While this is not true for all champs in all roles (think of Annie for example), there are way too few supps (if any at all) that move away from said reliability in exchange for more playmaking styles a la Irelia and the like. Thresh actually gets the best of both worlds on this. He's reliable and he's one of the best playmakers in the game. He forces a non-interactive lane because one mistake against him is death but his mistakes can't be punished most of the time due to his tankiness, damage, and the high threat of his other abilities. And, for whatever reason, he can shield his whole team which most shield-based Supports can't even do. As a Support main I ban him every single game. Sorry I just ranted in your thread. You're right, we could use some more playmaking Supports, just not of the Thresh variety in that they have no meaningful weaknesses.
> [{quoted}](name=Wolfalisk318,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lQPolqXv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-30T17:03:56.111+0000) > > Thresh actually gets the best of both worlds on this. He's reliable and he's one of the best playmakers in the game. He forces a non-interactive lane because one mistake against him is death but his mistakes can't be punished most of the time due to his tankiness, damage, and the high threat of his other abilities. And, for whatever reason, he can shield his whole team which most shield-based Supports can't even do. > > As a Support main I ban him every single game. > > Sorry I just ranted in your thread. You're right, we could use some more playmaking Supports, just not of the Thresh variety in that they have no meaningful weaknesses. When I said peel-abilities i actually meant shields/ heals, that stuff of the classical peel-supports like janna, soraka, karma. How do you make those type of protective abilities interactive with your opponent. Right now pretty much every one of them is just point and click. For the player it makes him feel like a heal/shield bot that only needs to press 1 button and to let his adc win the fight. And for opposing assassins it just feels unfair with no counterplay. How do you do your job as assassin, when there is a janna on the opposing team? -You have 15 kills by minute 10, or you are just a useless burden for your team. Somebody else arround here named rakan. Yes his heal is tied to a skillshot, but I classify rakan as a backline disrupter, that starts fights/ catches enemies offguard, while the peel-part of his kit is not that relevant.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Supps and the design choices involving them
The real question is: How do you make heal/shields/buff interactive with your opponent? The only peel-ability that is somewhat interactive with the opponent is zilean R. And I love the design of this ability. But other than that? I have no ideas, and I haven't seen anybody how has ideas. I think if riot had answers to this question they would rework / release new champions that feature peel-abilties that interact with your opponent.
: All these threads about how "busted" zoe is
Zoe's kit is extremly unhealthy. And justifying this kit just by comparing it to old nidalee is not an argument. Back then people complained about nidalee all the time. And finally she got reworked because of her kit being too unhealthy.
: Huge Problem with Tanks: Mid-tier items feel awful.
Well, from season 10 onwards, buying any these tank items will probably get you banned for intentional feeding immideatly. So there is no need for riot to rework them into something with more agency, if they are not meant to exist in the game anyways
: im disgusted at how hopeless the matchmaking is rn
You can match 2 exactly equally skilled teams against each other, and in 4 out 5 games you'll see a one-sided stomp. Because one good early gank, that results in a kill, 2 turret platings is all it need to start an unstoppable snowball ending the game at min 20. In preseason 6 riot decided that league needs short matches. And matches aren't short if they are not stomp-festivals. This game is only going to have coinflip-matches for the rest of its time and even the most perfect matchmaking won't change that. (and don't try to hope that riot's balance team can create a healthy meta, cause this hope will only dissappoint you)
: I still really miss old Aatrox man.
I hope that this rework gets reverted. I think the aatrox rework is terribly designed. He has no Late-game-identity at all. Unlike riven his animations are way too clunky to ever be a reliable "oneshot backline"-diver. Also he isn't really good as a fighter/ splitpusher, cause he doesn't scale with attackspeed and will loose 1v1 against almost every other splitpush-champion like {{champion:114}} {{champion:23}} in later stages of the game Nor does he have engage/ good gapcloser or any use as tank This rework is very similar to the lb-rework. If the numbers are balanced to the point that they are fair to play against in laning phase, the winrate will be below that of ryze, because snowballing the earlygame out of control is the only wincondition these 2 kits can offer. (not saying that old/reverted lb is healthy)
: The problem I see with Riot wanting shorter average game times
I've becomen so numb already. Numb from reading this exact argument, or presenting this argument myself. I've upvoted every one of these post, yet we haven't seen any response from riot. I screamed inside when I read, that riot wants URF to be the future of league of legends. On that day, I knew this game would be going downhill, and so did all the other players. For several years now, the playerbase kept saying that league of legends shouldn't change towards that direction, that we don't want 15-minute-oneshote-clownfiestas Riot doesn't listen to these arguments and concerns of the players. Because they think they are right with everything, and all the players who voice out their opinion, are only a "vocal minority", that is not able to represent the average player.
: vayne needs to be held to the same standarts as melee carries
There is very simple and obvious counterplay to vayne's w. Kill her before she can do 3 auto-attacks. Right now there is already a very good ammount of champions that can accomplish this, even without being hyperfed. And the ammount of champions that can kill vayne before she gets to do 3 aa will only increase in the future. Every new champion release/ rework is designed to be able to to that. And all changes to items and runes are "to increase front-up damage" In a game where everything revolves arround "who can oneshot faster", having to attack 3 times to get access to 14% max health true damage is a very reasonable condition. And once riot has made all defensive itemisations completly unplayable, it doesn't even matter anymore that she does percentage true damage. And I guess, within the next 2 years, it has to be decreased to 2 attacks instead of 3.
: A Complete Azir Rework ~ with a sand morphing blade-staff that allows TWO sets of abilities!
I'm not really convinced about this rework suggestion. This should rather be an entirely new champion, but not really an azir rework. As an azir main, i would probably not touch this champion after such a rework, because the rework completly changes the core mechanics and playstyle. There is a reason why azir is my favourite champion and not rengar. But aside from that, this kit is terribly designed: 1. The differnt forms are completly stupid if they scale on different aspects. So the gameplay is probably going to be "decide on either ad or ap and unbind your r-button 2. The ad-scalings are out of this world: Q+E in mealee form have 400% ad scaling. In comaprison: talons full spell rotation (crit-q, both w, and r) has 365% bonus ad scaling. And bonus ad is significantly worse than just ad. With these two abilities alone you can probably oneshot a full tank rammus once you got 2 items. 3. All the cooldowns are 10, or 20+ seconds at rank 1. That is so incredibly terrible to play in laning phase, because you'll be punished out of the game for even using one ability during laning phase, (not even mentioning waveclear, with such long cooldowns). These cooldowns also dont seem to be appealing for clearing jungle camps. 4. Meale/Ranges- changing form champions, are in general very unhealthy designs, because they are absolute gate keepers of the meta game. They are incredibly good at certain mathcups: As soon as jayce or gnar are meta in toplane, 10-15 champions become unviable in toplane, because if you play as trundle, darius, garen etc. against these champions you might aswell dodge in champselect.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: "We have more plans for Akali and Irelia"
You just wrong about everything. Riot doesn't want to "fix" the game, nor do they think of achivieng a balanced state of the game (where all champions are roughly equally powerful). They've given up on "healthy champions design". And all "promises" are just some randomly thrown statements to appease some unhappy players, without any further meaning. They are changing things just for the sake of changing things. So that the game is different tomorrow than what it was yesterday. If you hope not to see champions that completly outclass every other champion, where healthy design matters, or a company that actually cares about their playerbase, you're playing the wrong game.
Moody P (NA)
: There's not even a point picking Trundle to reduce resists because fucking everyone does it now
But riot games needs to make games even shorter and with more face paced action, so that they can perhaps get a little bit of attention by the fortnite playerbase. All of these players like short matches with a lot of action. That's mainstream today. So how could they possibly allow a tank to exist in a game. If champions are not always oneshotting each other, there would be strategie and counterplay in the game. This would be completly incomprehensible for a 10 year old. And when tanks dissappear trundle doesn't really have much to do. But worry not, riot will probably give him some love and rework his ultimate to a 1000 true damage dash or something
: > [{quoted}](name=lumanachi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NXzOWJOQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-22T17:24:54.101+0000) > > no one wants quicker games :l That really depends on the game. On one hand I love those 34-34 games where it's neck and neck and results in one good play to change it all? Yes. However... Those 43-10 games where people refuse to surrender and turtle? I could do without that.
But both scenarios are tied together. To have a 43-10 game end faster, there are multiple potent snowball mechanics in the game (most of the came in season 6 to 8). But these snowball mechanics are also at fault, that a 43-10 happens so frequently in matches where roughly equally skilled players play against each other. You dont even need to be more skilled than your opponent to get 10-0 out of laning phase, just one good early gank with the jungler and you pushing up to tower, getting tons of local gold... Because of the item advantage you can deny the enemy cs, get your first item 2 minutes earlier, and you are at the point where you dont even need to hit skillshots anymore too oneshote him, if he plays safe, make sure your team gets rift herald and you steamroll the game to it's end.
Elijawho (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeirdresJ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ePGnLuy1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-22T18:38:44.361+0000) > > It just needs straight up removing, this rune 100% feels like old Warlord's Bloodlust levels of uninteractive stat checking. > > You don't have to do anything, it's just there waiting to proc any time someone is below 50% HP. It literally gives 5 damage per stack, the old dark harvest was stronger, it was just used less.
The stacking part is not even that awful. But the fact that this does double the damage of electrocute at level 1-2 is disgusting.
: what to do when you can't exist? :/
There isn't really much you can do, if the enemy champion is a hard counter to yours. (Let's assume that: Just completly outskill them isn't an option available xD) But you can try to not get into such a bad matchup. As a sololaner, try to get lastpick, ask your teammates if you can first pick for them, so that you have a late pick position. And if you're forced to blindpick your matchup, pick something extremly save, that doesn't have too many bad matchups. For example {{champion:103}} {{champion:245}}, or something that is very good at roaming, so that you can do something elsewhere on the map {{champion:4}} {{champion:3}}
: I don't mind crit itemization; its always been there. The core ADC build for seasons now has been crit, which means IE. And I don't really get why people are upset that the lane with two people in it, yes two people, like 40% of your team, is the most important lane. I don't know what you expected when its a 5v5 map with two people in the same one. And they still have less agency combined(because the ADC has actually 0; if you've played ADC in reason seasons you'd know that they have ABSOLUTELY 0 agency in the early game) that the dude who is just running around abusing forest animals and can use the power of a god to destroy them. That being said, I do wish that they'd rework crit itemization so that it had some variance from game to game. They over buffed Shiv; there's nothing to it. They just flatly over buffed it last season to bandaid fix the ADC2k17lul problem(and yes, it was a problem) and then left it in an over buffed state. They could have toned back ADC power in 8.11 by just taking the damn bandaid off and actually putting work into the ADC items; instead they neutered IE(I vastly prefer old IE), they introduced Stormrazor(another bandaid fix that is also a problem), shaved off a bunch of base stats from marksmen(losting armor, AD, and health regen early game is a big deal; in the early game is when base stats matter the absolute most because that's all most people are running around with), and then had rush and back pedal because they'd alienated the players and destroyed their class. And now we're here. The ADCs still have no agency. Their builds still suck. Their items are still terrible unless their names are Shiv and StormRazor. And Riot refuses to do anything to fix the issue.
I meant to say that hate the current version of crit-itemisation, not just current inifinity edge. But I like other versions of crit- like that one before patch 5.22.
: Who else hates Infinity edge?
I hate the whole crit itemisation. Ever since riot decided that 100% percent crit is needed they changed the powercurve of adcs from "decent-early, good-late" to "unimaginable useless early, 1v9 late". This creates a polarizing meta. Ever since 5.22 the only thing that determines the meta is "are adcs able to get their items quickly?" If yes, botlane is the only thing that matters ingame, the whole game revolving arround two people of which 1 is autofilled, If no, adcs are so unplayable that they go ingame just to be oneshot over and over again with close no ability to impact the game at all. I'd rather have a lategame teamfight that is decided by RNG luck of the adc who is luckier to get one cirt more with 35% chance, than any of the disasterous metas that patch 5.22 has initiated...
: Sick of feeling handicapped as mana mid vs. non-mana mids
What if I told you that mana is supposed to be a handicap that non-mana champions don't have?
: What if there had been a "Rewind" Summoner Spell that reset the cooldowns on your basic abilities?
With this summoner ingame literally everyone except the jungler would run this new summoner + flash. If riot implemented such a summoner the whole game has to be rebalancend arround this summoner spell- because some champions are better at using it than others... and before the rebalancing of every champion is done the game would be in an unplayable state- and I guess at least 70% of the playerbase would quit the game. People are complaining already about how fizz or camille are to mobile, now imagine them using their movement abilities twice, or picking lb/talon for a guaranteed first blood the moment you hit level 2.
: It happened to me too but I thought it was just a problem with my mouse lol I have no idea though so yeah, I'd like to know as well
Based on the fact that I can still see the cursor registering that I'm clicking to move to that point on the screen, (because it still shows the green animation that always come when you click to move somethwere) I'm pretty sure that everything is alright with my mouse. Maybe you could look out for that animation aswell and see if it's the same when this bug happens to you.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Glory97,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mXL8EMpQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-01T13:27:22.688+0000) > > From a business perspective I don't think it's good to have a unhappy playerbase. More people quite the game or playing less means less customers. > > I think that if they did not make the game worse continously from season 5 onwards, their current revenue would be a lot higher. does it matter when people quit who arent paying? If someone was willing to sped 10 dollars on that lucian skin you think theyll quit anytime soon?
> [{quoted}](name=HentaiSimulator,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mXL8EMpQ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-09-01T17:53:15.018+0000) > > does it matter when people quit who arent paying? If someone was willing to sped 10 dollars on that lucian skin you think theyll quit anytime soon? Of course it matters when people quit playing the game. Less players = less customers. Also with unhappy players it's a lot more difficult to get new players to play the game, because a lot less players recommend this game to their friends. Narrowing down your view onto only the sales of a single one item is quite stupid. For every big company long-term success is the most important thing.
kargish (EUW)
: I honestly doubt League will ever go back to a good state
From a business perspective I don't think it's good to have a unhappy playerbase. More people quite the game or playing less means less customers. I think that if they did not make the game worse continously from season 5 onwards, their current revenue would be a lot higher.
: I cannot stand this "never surrender" fucking 4 year old mentallity.
There are indeed people who don't surrender a lost game and they are annoying indeed, But sadly there are just as many people, who mentally surrender when they get ganked twice and go 0/2. The game is anything but lost, the chances for victory aren't bad. But they've already give up, they just spamm ff in chat, completly ruin the game experience for the rest of their team, and in the end they loose because they are not even trying to win. Of course in their opinion the game was lost at minute 5, (because they tilted when they went 0/2). And their whole team is just a bunch of idiots who try to trap them ingame.
: I keep encountering people scripting on Kai'Sa and low elo players just think they are smurfs.
I'm not sure about your signs to look out for. Because high-elo players (and by that I mean diamond 1+) play extremly agressive in lane. They do try to harass you on every last-hit you do, they punish you for every single misstep- and using the same combo to harass is not really anything out of the ordinary either. And assuming that they are indeed diamond 1+ their op.gg profile will look exactly the same as that of a scripter. For me the most crucial indicator is looking at how they use the minion wave. The low-elo players all just mindlessly hit the minions, but high-elo players will use strategic minion wave manipulation to their advantage. (And I don't think that the script fixes that for them)
: Rageblade should just be removed to be honest
I think it should be reverted. Back to early season 6 state. When it didn't give that 2x onhit thing, but was just an item everyone could buy to get stronger in longer fights. Back then it was a super nieche item, that could be bought by adcs aswell as bruisers, in certain situations.
Moody P (NA)
: Trinity force fighters stand head and shoulders above the rest
Well indeed, an item that has a big powerspike just by itself is very strong in a meta where people can only buy 1-2 items before the game is decided. (I'd prefer if riot turned away from the 100% snowball meta and not start balancing the items arround it)
: Prediction: Ignite will be nerfed after worlds
Yeah we had one season where ghost was strong, every midlaners took ghost even some jungler, then we had a season where everyone took tp, now it's time for ingnite? (Fitting the definition of balance at riot: Everything has to be super overpowered at some point of time)
: Ohhh look, Evelynn took Wukong for months and doing his job yet fine by Riot.
Oh a biased wukong main complaining, needs to compare his champion to the best champion of the meta. His main champion was an S-tier pick for 2-3 months in this season, but of course that's not enough. Because there is another champion who is a top-tier meta pick for a longer time period than wukong. How can the balance team be so biased and allow a champion other than wukong to be top-tier in the meta for a longer time period? Btw I'm an azir main. I have 129 champions on my list that are too strong in the meta for a too long period of time. They all should be gutted into oblivion.
Chalizard (EUNE)
: I have never agreed with most of those posts about assasins being op or that mobile champions are the most broken, but this post... It is just a manipulation on an extreme level and I am just sad people still upvote things like that.
Oh can you further elaborate, why this manipulation? Actually criticising through sarcasm is very common. It's generally known as satire and wiedly accepted in most media. In these media, satire is not viewed as manipulation on an extreme level, but a humorous way to present criticism. So why should this be different on the lol boards?
: This thread is hyperbol to the highest degree. People are not saying those champions are unplayable, people just complain because all the high mobility champions seem to not have to trade of any power in their kit to achieve this mobility in exchange. It just feels like mobil champions get all the mechanics inmobile champions get and then some, giving them one inherit advantage which can be overcome by playerskill sure, but that also means u will never achieve the same rank with inmobile champions that u will achieve with mobil ones, given u have the same time inversted and knowledge gathered. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yes this post is 100% sarcasm and exaggerated (and this intended) > [{quoted}](name=Cptn Han SoloQ,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9EsE7uKo,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2018-08-28T09:09:08.974+0000) > > People are not saying those champions are unplayable Let me quote the headline of a mobility rant post that made its way to the frontpage of the boards 3 days ago: "Playing an immobile champion is like being a cripple" https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/rIdivdrf-playing-an-immobile-champion-in-this-game-is-like-being-a-cripple For me the word crippled equals unplayable, but ofc I'm not forcing you onto the same interpretation > [{quoted}](name=Cptn Han SoloQ,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9EsE7uKo,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2018-08-28T09:09:08.974+0000) > > It just feels like mobil champions get all the mechanics... And the op is criticising exactly that. It feels. If you look arround in statistical data you'll find no evidence that supports this feeling of mobile champions beeing inherently stronger. Arguing shouldn't be done just based on feelings. I know how awful it feels to get stomped by a good yasuo zed or akali. When you get towerdived over and over again and you seriously consider ragequitting the game. It's ten times more frustrating than just casually dying 3 times against a karthus in lane, who'll still use this advantage to carry his team to victory, but at least he won't completly deny you cs and exp. You'll forget about that karthus on the enemy team after 2 hours, but you'll still remember that yauso who stomped you out of the game the next morning. Because of the frustration you'll remeber this certain game longer than other games. And this may create the impression that mobile champions are a lot stronger than they actually are. Nevertheless it's still wrong to argue just based on feelings.
Bârd (NA)
: I mean, "not having a dash" doesn't make you immobile. Speed boosts count as mobility too, and most of the champions on that list have a speed boost. I still agree, immobile champions aren't inherently weak, but I had to point that out.
Yeah this is indeed true. But there is no exact defintion of what is mobile and what is immobile. There certainly are champion with powerful movement speed abilities that should be cathegorized as mobile. And so are there champions that should still be considered immobile despite them having movement-speed abilites. That's why I constructed the sentence to only focus on dashes, because otherwise this would be really hard to differentiate and involve too much of my personal opinion.
: > [{quoted}](name=remakoro,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9EsE7uKo,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-08-27T16:56:43.240+0000) > > Yea thats what i wanted to ask as well. I didnt play for a while and that top looks absolutely fucking bizarre to me. Did some research myself and. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/392971740097150976/483682361842860032/unknown.png I really don't know where the OP got his list from
This is my source: http://www.op.gg/champion/statistics -> and then I clicked on "winrates" I don't know too well about statistic sites, I don't use them that frequently
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: I only see five where do you see 11?
In the post above I only counted champions that don't have a dash or blink, this doesn't include movementspeed-abilites: {{champion:69}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:33}}{{champion:82}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:74}} This is dependant and how exactly you define mobile and immobile. Most complaints about mobile champions is that they are too good at escaping sticky situations. The majority of movementspeed abilites far from as good as a dash in terms of escaping. But even if we only count truely immobile champions that have no dash/movementspeed whatsoever, 5/15 is still a good quote considering that the total ammount of these immobile champions is relativly small compared to ms or dash champs
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: I dislike this argument. Yes, with an inmobile champion u need an insanly better positioning then on other champions, but u do not get rewarded for having that in the slightest, all u achieved through achieving a better positioning is not die every time a mobility spell cd comes up. In many sceens u just can not participate in fights properly because everything in a 800 range radius around ur opponents means certain death. Because of that champions either get insane amounts of damage to compensate [well hello there Brand and Miss Fortune] or are just not viable in an MMR where people realise the weakness of those champions.
They do have an extreme advantage: Their range. A good control mage will abuse this range advantage to punish the assassins for every single cs he takes. But in every elo from bronze to platinum people just go to lane with the mindset of playing safe. They don't try to use their range advantage aggressivly. Of course this range advantage is also very difficult to utilise but I view it as the challenge of playing immobile champions not their weakness. Just watch froggen playing karthus or anivia for a few hours and you'll know how strong these immobile champions really are if played by a player with extremly good postitioning and who knows how to use their range advantage to get significantly ahead.
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