: Urgot is one of Riven's counters, so it's not like Urgot is broken. You should be fine so long as you dodge his flip/grab though. Always engage on Urgot when he uses his shield.
Which is basically never or what
HideSide (EUNE)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Fy5e2hQd-gut-urgot?comment=00020000000100000000 Tho, your secondary runes sucks. I wonder that someone uses them willingly... They are used only when you take them as primary for keystone and need to fill empty slot, otherwise they are worthless. ( No offense )
What other runes should i then use?
: Idea for Buffing Aatrox (And no, this isn't because of that video)
It would solve the problem that Aatrox does almost 0 damage to tanks late game.
: What will you do to make Swain top viable again?
I dont think he should be viable top, a ranged champion in top is just pure shit. If you are the melee champ.
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: Now that CONQUEROR & SANGUINE BLADE hit live servers we need to have GRIEVOUS WOUNDS on OBLIVION ORB
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Nubrac (NA)
: People are Starting to See The Benefits of Smite Support Roaming Teemo
I mean when ur midlaner spam pings f off. Maybe its time to f off. Sorry for the words but omg i can not understand this Okay i just watched the first 10 secs of the vid... Just what?. I dont know what to say. Starting a video with someone typing fun game with you. All i can say is im not watching more of the video
Kharisma (NA)
: Glacial Augment Rune Bug
This should happen in pro play so Riot would see how big of an issue it is.


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