Tankarion (EUW)
: Stuck in champ select?
It happened to me twice today. The screen just freezes once the timer hits "0", and then nothing you can do to pick or lock or ban. You can just admire the pop up that tells you you're a leaver. Nicey.
Alkooo (NA)
: Can riot plz fix that champ select bug...
Just happened to me twice in a row. I lost 12 LP today, by no fault of my own. I don't care about losing a game, it's only life, but being punished for something I'm in no way responsible for ? That's more irritating.
: Random Screen freezes in game and Champ Select
And 15 seconds is if you're lucky. In champ select, it just freezes indefinitely till it tells you that you left the game and penalizes you with a LP loss. Lovely.
: Champion Select Problem
Happens to me too, and now it happens AT LEAST one game out of three, if not more. Just happened the last two times I tried to launch a game. The counter hits 0 and suddenly everything freezes. And I lost LP OBVIOUSLY.
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Razaxz (NA)
: Screen freeze during champ select
I got the same problem. never happened to me before but now it's like every game out of three I get a dodge because of this. It's really starting to get on my nerves...


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