: chat logs? because something about that sounds fishy normally it takes a fair amount of time and reports before a permaban is issued the only thing I can think of to result in a direct permaban (skipping the other punishment tiers) is if you really went negative i.e. - death threats, zero tolerances words, etc things that would really put you under the spotlight for the ban hammer granted this is barring in mind your account didn't have any previous punishments
My ban is adequately justified with the things I said, but the premise of this isn't to dispute that really. It's to highlight how new people are treated, and how it is hard to improve at this game when you are shunned by everyone for trying.
: But you said this was your first MOBA ever. If you're top 100 in COD then good for you, but that's a shooter game. This is a MOBA game, the difference between rankings in the 2 genera's is very large.
That isn't the point, the point is that the best way to learn in a game is to play against people who are better and see how they play / work on replicating and finding your own ways of doing the same.
: your first mistake was doing ranked. ranked is allot more strict. players will report you for damn near anything. i hit level 210 or something like that and i never ever did ranked. it is flat out not worth it. second with how the report system is you're better off ignoring players who flame you cause if you retaliate you get punished and they get off scott free which is what they want. they enjoy making other players miserable and they know they won't get punished for it. if there are two players on a team (we'll call them A and B). if A is feeding their ass off but not saying anything while B is going 22/3 but is flaming in chat the report system will punish B and not A. lucky for you you only hit level 30 so you didn't go down too far in this shit hole of a game. best go find another game to play rather than make a new account.
I played at top 100 in another game, and the way I achieved that was by playing against better players. That is what I thought I could do here by playing ranked, but before I could begin improving I was banned. I think more consistently than not I had players on my team just outright being toxic from the start "I will int and afk if you feed" in pre-game. I know I shouldn't of responded, but it is the type of person I am, if someone gives me shit I respond. "They enjoy making other players miserable and they know they won't get punished for it" this is exactly my point and it confuses me how this is okay, and in fact supported by the poor report system.
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Zardo (NA)
: I think i'm starting to see why everyone gets all these "trolls" on their teams
I just got permanently banned 1 month into playing this game, because I retaliated to people flaming me for being new. Every now and then people would say stuff like "You're the worst player on this team kill yourself noob" and when I said "shut the fuck up" they reported me. This community is horrible, and especially so to those of us who are new.


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