: Hmm. Thinking about this in depth, what Rat and his friends are doing could be constituted as theft of intellectual property as they are illegally making money off Riots property (selling accounts). In this case, Riot can actually hand over evidence on Rats dealings from Riots HQ in Europe to the ECJ whom will then check if he's prosecutable under European law. Their can then be a European arrest warrant issued and he could technically be deported to the US or Brussels to stand trial under the charges of Criminal syndication and IPRED (theft of Intellectual property). This does depend on his own nations willingness to comply with a detain and deportation order however, but there's definitely legal grounds to actually put him and his group in prison.
They're not gonna go that far. Tyler1 had over 21 banned accounts, most of which he bought from account sellers and just played ranked on, until he got perma banned for toxicity. The most probable solution is an ID ban and the eradication of the "L9" group and it's alternatives, under the tag "Extreme use of racism/homophobic/vulgar language." And while you're at it, get Tarzaned ID banned too.
: >Lee Sin's ability to detect stealthed targets was removed Definitly not, i play against many lee recently with Wu... i was all but invisible.
His Q reveals stealthed targets when hit by it, but his E no longer reveals them. However there have been bug reports where his E reveal is happening again but Riot hasn't said anything about the issue.
: But it still counters the mechanic, which according to OP isn't something that exists. In addition to that, any damage will reveal where they are which should be more than enough to land skill shots/do more damage/get away. Rek'sai bae needs more love. I miss when she was big in the meta :(
Unfortunately she was big as a knockup tank who would detect everyone through her stealth, and it was quite cancerous to play vs a machine like that because it was literally cinderhulk > titanic rush then flash W 3-5 people and win game. If they could bring back Q reveal and lower tremor sense units from 85 to 50, that would be AMAZING
: {{champion:421}} ??? Does rek'sai's ground form not detect stealthed enemies that are moving?
It does, but it's also really sad that her Q can't reveal stealthed targets. Hitting 3/3 Q's and constantly tracking their echolocation is satisfying but not being able to see them is a bummer :(
Solicitude (EUNE)
: Aside from all the other things you said, which i dont know of and i mostly trust what others said, changing your summs this way doesnt mean its a shared account. There are some people that have a key for the summ they will be using mostly and another key for the summ they will try to use less often. In that case he is using mostly smite as a jungler and flash as an ADC (since you will mostly try to evade and not sustain the damage through heal), and then he has as a "less used summ" flash for jungle and heal for ADC. I dont know who this guy is or if he is sharing his account. But what i say is that this is not something you can solely rely on to call out a shared account. Im playing mostly ARAM and i used to get sorcery+aery or comet on mages, but lately ive changed to getting unsealed spellbook on mages and yet sometimes ill go back to sorcery. Sudden changes like this may seem "suspicious", but does it mean that i share my account?
This is different. A multi-challenger player will not suddenly change their summoner spell keys from F to D for their main escape ability. They can adapt to it of course, but when the goal is to climb as far as you can whilst holding the highest winrate for a place at the leaderboard, it is inefficient and to stupid to change your summoner spell keys, because you can easily make a mistake that could cost you the game. Aside from what you've said, Anton (RATIRL) is notorious for being very good at Twitch jungle, not his ADC counterpart. He can play ADC of course, but like I've mentioned above, it's stupid to change his summoner spell keys to different positions to perform those functions. This proves that he is account sharing with another user who plays Twitch on the same level as him, and is just duoq'ing with an ardent support to get easy wins in the relic shield meta. Whilst Anton sleeps, his ADC buddy continues to climb until he comes back and continues playing his primary role and champion.
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