: Proof riot games punishment system doesn't work
Mate i feel you, but theres a good thing called mute button. Use it, trust me it helps alot. Also muting the all chat is helping alot. On this method i carried many games already. Even when i was tilted. You can scream, and have bad words in your mind, but just dont type it into League! And i know there are many feeders and trolls out there, but as long youre playing League you have to accept that. Otherwise just quit League, at least for a while. Play Skyrim or The Witcher^^. Have a nice week! Greetings from EUW :){{champion:103}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:202}}
: For Riot Gameplay team: Lux needs a rework her damage is 'too much' for a support(also ahri, lulu)
Says the Level 30, which never played Rank or have knowledge of the game... its so cringy to read this and sad that you took the time to write this instead of training. To counter a Champ you have to learn them. You have to know when they have no Skills up, like iam an Adc and see Lux has no Q so i engage and Kill her in 2-4 seconds before her Q is up again. And you definetly didnt learn anything... sorry for some wrong words i just woke up and read this in my feed. Greetings from Germany... With other words stop complain, learn the game or let it be. There are also much videos that help to understand whats going on in the Rift. I also dont like every Champ but i dont care cause i know how to kill them :) {{champion:103}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}}


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