: Some theme are missing in lol
You know what else we don't really have in the game? A thief. I mean come on, thieves are probably one of the most iconic and popular video-game archetypes of all time. And sure we do have {{champion:4}} who is technically a thief, but he doesn't really use the thematic besides stealing something from time to time in the lore.
: Have a Harrowing event with Morde rework
I really doubt that he'll drop with a harrowing event as he gets build up to be the next big release after Yuumi, so he'll likely be released in june. That being said they could of course do a harrowing event with him afterwards anyway(not sure if you meant that originally), but I'm not sure if they'd be willing to split his lore releases into 2 seperate ones.
: Problems I have with Wukong and the technique of "Wuju Style"
I'm not sure if Wuju was ever even called a sword style. It seems to be a style that is applicable to all kinds of weapons.
: I would be that the popular of female human or human like champions correlates very well with how hot they are. Just a guess based on human nature.
But the same would apply to male champs too wouldn't it? Besides I doubt that a lot of monster-champs were designed with the goal to make a male champion, they were simply designed to be monsters, so what difference would it make if champs like {{champion:31}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:72}} are male or female? You can't tell their gender by their bodies anyway(and given that Kha'zix is based on a praying mantis, I'd say that female would have made more sense for him), so there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to get more female monsters.
Lewanor (NA)
: I want a real tactician. Warmasons from Noxus seems promising but Riot is always against the idea of debuffer and buffer champs.
Well they intentionally moved Swain from the "tactician"-theme away because they knew they couldn't make him fit that theme without drastic changes to the way he plays. However that does mean that there is now some thematic space for a true tactician character in the roster, though he/she would likely not be just about buffs or debuffs and they might mix this theme with another one.
: Question: This champions should be in this Skin lines by now, Why it didn't happen yet?
Ekko doesn't fit the super galaxy line, because that line is all about champions having essentially mechs they can pilot or that aid them in a fight. So for a champ in that skinline to work he/she needs to either pilot/ride something that can be retooled into a mech(like Rumble), transform in a way that the transformation can represent the mech(like Shyvana, Elise, Nidalee and Gnar) or they need an NPC at their side who can represent the mech(like Annie, Kindred and Fizz).
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=3u6ohxgZ,comment-id=0001000000010001,timestamp=2019-05-20T17:31:02.120+0000) > > The problem is that if you tried to make a list of champions that are female and don't have the generic sexy-look, then it'd be waaay smaller. > It'd look roughly like this > {{champion:1}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:142}} (so roughly a fourth of the list posted above for the male ones) with maybe 1-3 more depending on your opinion. > And even then ~half of these here are designed to look cute. In case you missed the memo, humans are designed to look attractive. Which is why we have attractive male or female physical qualities. Drawing a character with appealing qualities is no different than writing a character tha has virtuous qualities, as they are both ideals. Of course you can write a bad guy....or draw something meant to not look attractive.
Then how come that there are so many more male "non-attractive" champs than female ones? And there are so many other characteristics besides "good-looking" that can be represented in a characters design. For example Illaoi has a very muscular design, which makes you feel strong and powerful. However you wouldn't get the same vibe from her character if she had a bodytype like Lux.
: Minor Nitpick for Little Demon Tristana Chromas
Little Demon Tristana also has different markings on her gun. And while she doesn't seem to have any other model/texture changes to her, she also has the benefit of having different colors for her face, which her dragon trainer skin doesn't have.
: Okay dude. I never said all male characters were jacked. But there are plenty who are. But congrats on arguing against something I never said. You clearly a master of reading comprehension
The problem is that if you tried to make a list of champions that are female and don't have the generic sexy-look, then it'd be waaay smaller. It'd look roughly like this {{champion:1}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:142}} (so roughly a fourth of the list posted above for the male ones) with maybe 1-3 more depending on your opinion. And even then ~half of these here are designed to look cute.
: Yeah and now she's undead. What I mean is that champions literally can't die (& stay dead) because that would (rightfully) upset the playerbase even worse than reworking the champion. They would literally take the champion and make him unplayable. Forever. Your skins, mastery points and skill are now worthless, you can never play him again. Sure, Riot could kill them in the lore but still have them playable in the game, but they said they wouldn't do that. Would you like to play a champion that is canonically dead? So, the simple fact that they are champions keeps them alive.
They did say that they'd be ok with champion death, but naturally that would only happen at the very end of a champions story and so far none of the stories have progressed far enough to be even near their end(heck a lot of champs are still waiting for their lore update).
: There is a metric shitton of VGUs that should be. It feels like the game is crawling out of its messy past at a snail's pace though. There are so many champs that make sense for a VGU, like Leblanc. But Riot seems unwilling to solely concentrate on VGUs, soft reworks and VUs that would bring the game up to date and would rather waste half of their time on uninspired new releases (Neeko, Sylas, Pyke, Kai'sa). I don't think because Blanc is not prio #1 that we should wait like 2 or 3 more years to see something done to her. I've been busting my head over how some people can look at something like 'Blanc, Annie, Ashe, Trynda, Shyvana, Amumu, and say that they're fine.
The problem lies with people who are attached to these outdated characters, because every time riot updates a champ, they'll likely take away the main of a lot of players and these players don't necessarily pick up the new version of the character. So as a result Riot is doing less VGUs for now.
: Umm...what the hell is this?
Kinda doubt its for a new champion or a rework,cause the next champ is part of a new jungle faction and the next rework is Mordekaiser, followed by Pantheon.
: > I think that the new yordle lore is good, but quite short. I thought it would be a bigger update, as for the darkins, I'm a little disappointed ... Actually, the IP Communications Strategist (aka, person who announces new lore-based content) confirmed a few weeks ago that the "Bandle City LU" was going to be very small scale. Granted it was confirmed via Twitter and not anything official afaik. But it was made public and to all those disappointed this wasn't a larger update today, it was never intended to be a big thing and it's not like Riot ever suggested it might. Not to mention, all lore updates post- Swain's rework have been very small scale. Usually like two bio updates and just one long-ish story. That's just the new distribution of lore updates from here on out, unless of an exception.
> [{quoted}](name=Whyte Lyon,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TGEyiKti,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-15T11:26:49.116+0000) > > I thought it would be a bigger update, as for the darkins, I'm a little disappointed ... > > > Not to mention, all lore updates post- Swain's rework have been very small scale. Usually like two bio updates and just one long-ish story. That's just the new distribution of lore updates from here on out, unless of an exception. While that is true, I'd argue that this lore update is still pretty underwhelming even compared to the others. I mean the darkin update still made it clear what the darkins are and came with lots of new images. Meanwhile this update doesn't really clarify a lot about yordles and barely added any content to the universe site.
: I _think_ the Darkin corrupt whoever tries to wield their weapon; I don’t expect animals to try that
Well it might be enough for an animal to touch the weapon. or imagine a monkey picking up the weapon just out of curiosity.
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: > Seriously?Now you try to shift the blame for your mistake onto me? Oh NO! the fault it's all yours, read again what you wrote and i Quote: >In the lore Kayle isn't really an angel, she is a human who was infused with divine powers before her birth (same goes for Morgana)
...thats what I just said. How does "she was infused with powers before her birth" imply that she was fathered by these powers? Infused =/= created
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: > So the 2 were infused with magic powers after their mother was already pregnant the natural way. that would make sense, you just phrase it wrong (and i(we)don't read between the lines)
Seriously?Now you try to shift the blame for your mistake onto me? I just said that she was infused with divine powers before her birth, the word "infuse" doesn't imply in the slightest that she was fathered by these powers. If anything it means the opposite because you can't be infused with something if you don't already exist.
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: > In the lore Kayle isn't really an angel, she is a human who was infused with divine powers before her birth (same goes for Morgana) that's something wrong with that statement (real life or fantasy) it's like 2 women giving birth to a child w.o any intercourse with the Men ... STUPIDITY at its maximum. (you also believe Maria gave birth to Jesus 'cause god wanted a one night stand with her) Pathetic.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Read the lore before jumping to wrong conclusions(or really just read my comment properly, because I never even implied this). {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I never said that these divine powers fathered kayle, they simply affected Kayle and her sister when the two were still inside their mothers womb. So the 2 were infused with magic powers after their mother was already pregnant the natural way.
: Am I correct to say Kayle is a Seraph?
Kayles gameplay is all about being weak early game and becoming more and more powerful throughout the game, so her gaining more wings and thus basically going through the different ranks of angels. In the lore Kayle isn't really an angel, she is a human who was infused with divine powers before her birth (same goes for Morgana), she simply looks like an angel(angels don't really exist in the league universe). However Kayle rejects her human side and strives to be the perfect divine being, so her rising up through the ranks of the biblical angels symbolizes her getting closer to that ideal.
Most skins are in alternate universes even if they have some special lines for each other. These lines are simply "what-if"-scenarios. I mean Trundle has a special interaction with traditional trundle, even though traditional trundle is obviously not part of the main universe. Going through the skinlines that you mentioned: * Odyssey and Galaxy Slayer are the same universe, Zed is just a vastly different entity in that universe, so his skin gets a different name. This skin line also has a connection to the Dark-star line, but the 2 skin lines occupy different universes(the dark stars are simply trying to infiltrate other universes) * Bullet Angel(also called Steel Valkyries) is in the same universe as Dreadnova * Dark Star is related to the cosmic skin line, the universe of these 2 is actually called "event horizon" * Praetorian is related to the Pulsefire skinline, though both of them seem to be able to jump between realities, so they might not have originated in the same universe. * Star Guardian is actually a standalone skinline, it has no official connections to any other Also some other information regarding some skinlines: * Battlecast is only related to the Resistance skinline, its not related to any other sci-fi-skinline * In a similar vein Project is only related to Program and nothing else * Mecha is only related to the kaiju line, though Crabgot is the only kaijuskin so far * Super Galaxy isn't related to any skinline * Eclipse, Coven, Death Blossom and Elderwood are all in the same skinline, this includes dryad soraka and emerald taric
: I would agree whole heartedly, but I think voting for Mundo is a waste. In their polls they gave a little insight as to how they'd change each of these champions and for Mundo they said they'd keep his insane health regen, bruiser playstyle and his cleavers - basically the things that have made him toxic in the past and cause him to be permanently week due to the lack of counter play in his kit. (He's either so tanky he runs at you and murders your entire team whilst regening any of the damage he manages to deal to you or he runs in and does absolutely nothing).
That pretty much sounds like it is a reason to vote for him, so that they can reshape his kit in a way that it becomes less toxic and balanceable, so that he doesn't have to be kept weak.
QueerCleric (EUNE)
: Personally, I think that {{champion:9}} and {{champion:56}} have the most potential out of the available champions,followed by {{champion:102}} , then {{champion:106}} and lastly {{champion:36}},who has to most boring kit potential out of all the champions. Noc & Fiddle have so much to go off to make their kits outstanding, Shyvana is a half dragon, Voli is a bear God of Thunder, while Mundo , huh, has a cleaver and durability . . .
To be honest I actually like that about Mundos potential VGU, as i have no idea how they'd try to make his W and E interesting(or with what kind of ability they could replace those). Meanwhile I could imagine how they'd approach the other champs abilities.
: Reasons why I think Dr. Mundo deserves the 2020 VGU spot the most
In general I kinda feel like every champ on the poll has some things that speak for them. I mean Mundo has the worst model(I'd argue that the worst splash art is Volibears though) and his kit is probably the most basic one(with 2 of his skills being probably among the lamest skills in the whole game) however the other 4 also have their own reasons for an update: {{champion:9}} has probably the most potential for a surprising reimagination, as his current lore will likely be retconned entirely and could end up being replaced by something entirely new. His model and skills are pretty outdated too, but I'd say they still work pretty good. {{champion:102}} has a huge disconnect between her visuals and her lore, as she hides her true nature in her lore and is part of the demacian elite, which her visuals don't convey at all(granted Volibear also has a big disconnect between his design in the game and the lore, but I feel like his current design could be seen as one of his forms throughout the ages). Her dragon form could also be made better. {{champion:56}} I feel has the most potential when it comes to his gameplay, because while his design looks cool, his gameplay barely plays into him being a living nightmare(besides his ultimate), that makes your worst fears manifest(as he just stabs you). {{champion:106}} hast the most promising lore for a VGU,as his lore makes him out to be an eldritch demigod. The only downside I see for this is that we likely know already what to expect from his VGU,so he doesn't offer the same surprise factor as Fiddle and Shyvana would.
Galiö (NA)
: His old kit was kinetic/concussive based and revolved around being hit. New Galio has no incentive about being hit although his old kit revolved around being hit.
Aaaaand your point is? Riot obviously thought that his old kit didn't work, which is why they changed it in the first place. The ability was removed for that reason.
MS exceI (EUNE)
: I did read it and it showed Riven using a wind tecnique 0 times. The sword basically controlled itself and thats what made Yasuo recognize Riven as the possible murderer not Riven's skill or mastery of a rare technique
The story makes it clear that the sword contains wind magic in it, thus its rather obvious that Riven, as the regular user of the sword would have access to that while holding the blade.
: Holy crap, thank you for this super helpful list. But I have a question about the Gray Lady. Is Camille associated with her somehow? I think at one point I thought Camille *was* the Gray Lady due to the wording of certain stories, but is that not true? Is the Gray Lady and Camille completely separate things overall? Also, not sure about this, but it might be worth mentioning that Freljord has another religion besides the Cult of the Three Sisters, instead focused on the worship of its demigods and other spirits, which includes practicers of spirit-walkers like Udyr. And both religions are in direct conflict of each other, hench Lissandra wanting to wipe away spirit-walkers, and spirit-walkers joining in the fight against Lissandra.
Camille is sometimes called "the grey lady", but thats essentially just a nickname that was most likely given to her by others.
MS exceI (EUNE)
: Thanks for pointing that out. Its still strange though that Riven cant control her sword at all like shown in in-game interactions
Seriously just read the story "Confessions of a broken blade" before you start jumping to conclusions. Riven wasn't holding the weapon when that happened. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/champion/riven/
Neamean (NA)
: > when you hit an enemy with a spell you likely want to hurt them not to heal them Literally his old W
Which is likely why they removed the ability.
MS exceI (EUNE)
: At which point does it say it's wind magic?
When Riven is asked about the death of Yasuos master her sword activates its power and thats described this way: > Then, all at once the power exploded in a burst of runic energy and splintered wood. A gust of wind knocked everyone who had been standing down to the floor. So yes the power of her sword creates wind and its actually a big role in that story.
MS exceI (EUNE)
: Yasuo's taunts towards Riven
Uhm actually there is a story where this is specifically brought up and it turns out that Rivens sword IS imbued with wind magic.
Galiö (NA)
: Things that dont make much sense about Galio
> [{quoted}](name=Galiö,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4GY1KKKl,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-06T20:14:38.476+0000) > > This spun circles in my head based off a Twitter post. > > In lore: > >1.Even if he comes to life how does he gain such flexibility, especially in the neck area. > 2.How did he learn (language) and immediatly know who's side he was on the first time he came alive. > 3.Why was he so prone to smashing. > 4.How did Durand build him so fast. > 5.What pose is he in normally and does he instinctively go back to that pose when he 'goes back to sleep'. > 6.What are those wings made of? > > In game: > > 7.Why doesnt he absorb magic? > 8.Why doesnt he come to life or heal from magic? > 9.Why does he uppercut despite being a 125+ foot creature? > > In design: > >10. Why doesnt he Heal off magic but Darius, Fiora, Sylas heal off whacking people? > 11.Why does Galio Uppercut instead of slam downwards, or across/displace? 1.The magic within him likely makes him a bit more flexible allowing him to move 2.He is fully awake when he is motionless, he likely became alive long before he was able to move allowing him to observe the demacians and get familiar with their language and their culture.Thus when he became able to move for the first time he knew on which side he was. 3.He only comes alive when there is a big threat for him to fight. Thus he associates being able to move(which feels awesome), with being supposed to smash things 4.Durand might have had workers that helped him make Galio or he might have been a mage himself. 5.Well if he didn't return to the same pose then it'd be rather obvious that he moved,so we can expect him to always return to the same pose 6.Good question, they look like they are made of gold, but they might have simply been colored or coated in gold 7.&8.&10.Because healing from magic would likely feel rather awkward in terms of gameplay, i mean when you hit an enemy with a spell you likely want to hurt them not to heal them. Also Magic can likely still harm Galio, its the reason why he can move, but that doesn't mean that he can regenerate his body with magic. 9.&11. Because he is scaled down ingame and his passive is already a big slam
: Champion Popularity =/= Champion Viability How popular a champion is can be determined by Meta, but it's not necessarily the only reason why a champion might be popular.
The person I was responding to talked about how Riot should make skins for champs who have become meta again after being out of the meta for a long time. And the problem with this is that if a champion isn't played a lot of times and then rises in the meta again, it is most likely because of a buff they received(unless they got an entire rework, in which case it remains to be seen if the popularity stays or not) and it is impossible to say if this popularity will persist or not at the moment when they become meta again.
: The biggest issue with Riot's skin team is that they're way too fucking rigid in their plans. You have champs like Rek'sai who haven't received a skin in years finally become meta again and Riot doesn't take advantage of this by releasing a skin for them while there's still a decent amount of people who care enough about the champion to make it profitable. Riot end up resorting to releasing skins for champions like Ezreal/MF/Ahri/Lux/Vayne who people will play regardless of how useless they are at the time.
Good skins can take months to create and there is no reason to assume that just because a certain champ has become meta again,that said champion will still be part of the meta once the skin is finished.
: Riot Why Pick Graves and Katarina for BA Skins?
Well the theme of the skinline is about special high-tech weapon-users, so Vel'koz and a lot of champs on that list would not have made much sense in that setting. And while there are some of the champs on your list use weapons, most of them don't really focus that much on them as the champs that were chosen for the skinline. That being said, riot could have easily chosen a different theme for the school, so of course they could have made a monster high school or one for mages in a shonen-setting.
: @Riot so you let Yuumi have a quote with Ryze, but not Karthus?
Probably because riot has no idea what the book of Karthus even contains, so its probably not even sure if its considered a big part of the character.
Sancre (EUW)
: What's the difference between a demigod and a spirit?
The way I see it Demigods are simply a specific kind of spirit, just like demons are a specific kind of spirit.
: Demigods are Freljord-specific, while spirits is a more general term. Spirits encompass a lot if different types of beings, but demigods seem to be defined by being an animal-like godly being, specifically from the Freljord. In terms of power level, they're pretty darn powerful, probably one of the more powerful beings on Runeterra. Less than the gods of Mount Targon, but more than Yordles, Vastayan, or demons. My guess for Udyr is that he simply shifted to animal spirits, which are less powerful than demigods.
To be fair, its not clear if the demigods are really freljord specific, its simply possible that we haven't encountered any demigods in the other nations. I mean its a common theory that {{champion:33}} is actually a demigod and I'm pretty sure that a rioter once confirmed that {{champion:203}} is a demigod too(though I might misremember that)
: I hope we can move away from the whole cutesy fury anime champs and get back to some more diverse champ themes. How bout a bow and arrow person? Haven't had a pure weapon champ since like.......fiora and that's yeeears ago
Oh yeah and when was the last pure cat-champ? Oh right never, as all other cat-champs are either humans that transform or humanoid-cat-hybrids. Seriously though Yuumi is basically a familiar as a champion, which is something that we don't have in the game, meanwhile we've got 3 bow&arrow archers.
Elipo (NA)
: I've read people comparing her to Lulu's pix, but lulu's story tells us about her being weird and kinda crazy even for yordles' standars and pix becoming part of her life after becoming weird. Also isn't pix the evil bitch that killed annie's sister in her last video? https://youtu.be/aUTU-GnxVuM Yuumi doesnt seem so twisted. {{sticker:sg-janna}} She's not, right? {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Is there a chance that Lulu's original name was norra before pix abducted her and changed her to a crazy little thing? _{{sticker:sg-zephyr}} _
There are likely more fairies than Pix,so thats not necessarily Pix. And even then it was likely not intentional of the fairy to lead daisy to her death...
: Back when Gnar came out Yordles were still biological and I don't think they are going to make him a spirit because the whole evolution thing goes against that. Maybe Yordle were just furry animals until they found BAndle City and that made them all spirity
Actually in Gnars new lore he simply mimicked the culture of the Yetis, there isn't any mention anymore of him having a family.
Rebonack (NA)
: Yuumi's kit would have been perfect for a Void Symbiote Champ
Given that Bandle city didn't get a new champion since {{champion:117}} I wouldn't be surprised if Yuumi was designed to be a bandle champion first and everything else came later. Also I feel like a void parasite is still possible, but since they are parasites and not a symbiote like Kai'sas suit, they should actually invade the enemy and not his ally.
: I thought the same thing first, Yuumi has the kit which could have been given to a parasitic voidborn to give us our first true void support. However, now I have the feeling that she is the reason this isn't going to happen anymore: {{champion:145}} Her suit _is_ a symbiotic/parasitic (depends how much this thing is actually taxing Kai'Sa....) voidborn. The thematic niche is kinda already taken here, even if the kit absolutely doesn't represent it properly. It is sad, but it seems they have to come up with another thematic to give us a void support.
I don't think that Kai'sa fills the niche of a void parasite, because even though she wears a parasite/symbiote, she herself isn't one(in fact I could imagine that they didn't give the suit any personality because they want to keep the possibility of adding one later).
: I wonder if it is a cat because cats won the dogs vs cat event :D
Champs take almost a year to develop, so thats definitely not the case. However I'm pretty sure that Yuumi is the reason why the dogs got the prestige skin, to make up for the fact that the cats get an entirely new champion after the event.
: Didn't people suspect that the non-humanoid champion was going to be the upcoming AD Assassin? Where'd they get that idea, because Yuumi is very clearly the one Riot teased as the non-humanoid.
Well they teased the fact that the support champion is gonna use a book pretty early on and you usually need hands&thumbs to use a book correctly, so a lot of people assumed that the support champ was gonna be humanoid.
: Why do I get the feeling that this faction is gonna be something along the lines of "fucking humans destroying my jungle for wood hurr durr". I though that was the vastayan thing. And it's also an oversused theme
Becuase that scenario is literally teased in the picture of the AD-Assassin. Though I really hope that it won't be central focus of the faction, because as you said the vastaya do this already to some extend.
: Yeah well, let's not bandwagon on the idea so carelessly. Temper the assumption and save outcry if it doesnt pan out how people are going to assume it will.
I'm pretty sure that an outcry would happen eitherway. People wanted a jungle faction for ages and now riot announces a champ from a brand new faction located in the jungle.
: Would that be a new 'faction' like how each major country kinda are, or is it just a new 'faction' like how Tokogol, Nockmirch, Arbormark, Icathia are technically factions but not big enough to warrant a dedicated page for.
Its probably going to be on the same level as Noxus, Demacia, etc. otherwise it wouldn't have made sense to emphasize that its a new faction, I mean Neeko is technically from a new faction as well, but that was never brought up, because her home doesn't count as a major faction.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Just heard it's a support champion... Before even seeing the abilities I can safely say it's gonna be a Pyke support situation
She is an enchanter so if anything she might be more like Rakan, highly mobile, low defenses, but is still mainly about protecting her team
: It had better be called Kumungu, I'd be pretty upset if they have Ivern talking about it and never make the jungle a real thing.
Kumungu jungle can still be a thing(and is already on the world map, its just not considered a faction), even if the main faction of the jungles isn't called kumungu.
: Unpopular Opinion: There is a place to pure evil characters in Runeterra
> People didn't fall in love with the Joker or Broly because they were super "deep" and "complex" I feel like Broly is a pretty poor example here as original broly is extremely controversial in the db-fanbase and a lot of people actually dislike him because his character is so dumb and simple. In fact the new version of him from the Super Broly movie seems to be overall more liked because he is a deeper and more complex character. If you wanna go for a dragon ball related example, I mean the guy is one of the most iconic villains of all time and probably one of the most evil beings in all of fiction and who doesn't have anything sympathetic or good about him.
: About the Shadow Isles Denizens
Because Thresh enjoys being undead. He has become quite powerful, is almost impossible to kill(and even if he dies, he can appearantly respawn on the shadow isles) and he can now torture people much more effectively than before. For him being undead is far more exciting than being alive.
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