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Sukishoo (NA)
: Program LeBlanc and Nami
More robotic skins... Riot is becoming less original with every patch.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Greystag,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OMJBxJrL,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-15T20:09:47.618+0000) > > Hi, after playing since Season 2 I chose to actually try out ranked and at least climb to gold. I just got to Gold V (yay) for the first time so I'm sitting at 0 LP right now. The thing is that I can't find the Demotion Shield alert anywhere. I've seen pics and it should be on top of my Ranked badge on my profile page but it's just not there. I kind of want to try to reach Plat before the season ends but I'm not risking it if I don't have that 10 Game Shield (I want Victorious Orianna and climbing through Silver as a Support main was a painful experience). Can anyone help me out? Thanks. To drop from Gold 5 0 LP you would need to lose a LOT of games in a row. I think you'd need like Bronze 3 or lower MMR to drop. Anyway you'll get a clear warning on your profile page when you're close to demoting from a V division. Yellow Warning triangle means your MMR is too low for the system to keep you at your current rank. You need to start winning. You're on the road to demotion but the system is able to shield you for a little bit longer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Warning triangle means your MMR is so low the system is giving you a last chance, start winning or you demote. You will demote very soon if you don't win (within the next few games) (Not my pictures, got them from google)
That was really useful, thank you!
: ~~There is no indicator that shows you that you are shielded.~~ Edit: Actually there is, I just never had it, and it only comes once you've lost a few games on 0 LP on a fifth division. Right now, you don't even need the shield cause you haven't played a game yet. Anyway, you need to lose quite a lot of games to get demoted from any V division. If you notice that your mmr is very bad and you are at 0 LP that is when you should be careful. But you definitely won't get demoted in the next games.
Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply. According to (not really reliable), my MMR is a bit higher than my rank.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Greystag,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lKaHgklH,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2018-10-15T19:57:40.966+0000) > > 1: The majority of the champions don't have global spells. > > 2: The majority of the champions can't defend themselves from true damage AT ALL, even if they're auto-attackers. > > 3: The majority of the champions will be slowed for two seconds if you exhaust them. > > > I think we're talking about Jax-specific weaknesses. He is purely melee, he can't team fight well since his only AoE ability is incredibly short range and isn't really a damage ability, he has trouble against ranger skirmishers like Vlad and Kennen and Gnar who can just wittle him down from afar then just leap away from him when he is about to stun, and he lacks sustain. Bruisers like Garen, Darius, and Renekton who don't need to rely on AAs to do damage can handle him pretty well. Lowering his AS neuters his damage far more then lowering his AD.
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: Not sure why Riot doesn't just give you pre-game options in the champion tab to choose old VO or new ones That would solve all their fan-base-having-issues-with-the-new-voice problems Pretty sure Aatrox players at least would be happy with that.
Traditional skins! I don't know why Riot stopped making those. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Chalizard (EUNE)
: Well, he has some weaknesses. He has no global spells, he can't defense from True damage unless they are aa and if you exhaust him he will be slowed for two seconds.
1: The majority of the champions don't have global spells. 2: The majority of the champions can't defend themselves from true damage AT ALL, even if they're auto-attackers. 3: The majority of the champions will be slowed for two seconds if you exhaust them. I think we're talking about Jax-specific weaknesses.
: stop talking winrates at worlds
I lost a game on Thresh on ranked so I have 0% Winrate on him. Riot please buff this champion, it's completely useless. Like 0% WR wtf.
: Karma's passive has an effect from level 1 no matter what. Even though it imparts an effect on just one skill, having her ult at level 1 and passively having a way to reduce it's cooldown is a real effect. A closer example is {{champion:143}}, who has her W as the passive itself, just random. Previously she had an on-death passive separate from her plant creation.
Damn, I remember the Zyra death skillshot. I was obviously being hyperbolic in my reply. However, an argument to be made about Karma is how her passive is completely unexistent while her R is ready, forcing you to use it as soon as possible, and then forcing you to play aggressively while it's on cooldown to get it's worth.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: The point is not mocking. If you can't get understood, you can't get taken seriously. The fact that it's your native language or not is irrelevant.
Sorry for the late response. I understand that something that isn't written perfectly doesn't give off a sense of formality, but you have to keep in mind that we're playing a game where the majority of the players are non-English natives. If you don't understand what someone has written, ask it, instead of writing a reply where you essentially say "Wow your grammar sucks, there are too many errors". Yeah, I'm pretty sure the OP knows that their English isn't perfect and they're trying to improve it. Pointing out someone's flaws without even attempting to offer a solution to them is pretty much what I'd call mockery, or at the very least a completely useless comment. Furthermore, judging by the number of replies OP got, his post was understood by most of us. Who cares if you had to re-read it? Are four lines such a burden to you? OP is communicating with others using a language that isn't his own, and if anything, he deserves respect even if he made mistakes.
: Mastery 8, I even designed it for you!
I'm not really a fan of the design but I really like your idea of getting a special mission to get the mastery.
: Can Rek'Sai get a real passive?
{{champion:43}} too. Why isn't this Ezreal's passive instead of his Q's effect?: "If Mystic Shot successfully hits an enemy, all of Ezreal's ability cooldowns are reduced by 1.5 seconds."
Giemin (EUNE)
: Count Kledula's Q is awful
The orange claw looks out of place. I think they should make it look similar to his shotgun (red/grey with spikes). The rope made me think of candy canes first. Maybe they could recolour it and make it black and grey so it's similar to Count Kledula's hair, but that could affect skill recognition.
: Yo I would actually consider this post as a serious complaint but the excess grammar and spelling mistakes is painful. I can understand 2 or three but this is far too much.
Yo**,** I would actually consider this post as a serious complaint but the excess grammar and spelling mistakes **are** painful. I can understand **two** or three but this is far too much.*
: I bet my English is better then your Slovak. I have free time this week, you can pick language and then we will have 48 hours to learn it. Let's see who is better. I guess that downvote means that you are not fast learner. But don't worry I have a tip for you there is a free course on eDx website so everybody can learn how to fast learn.
I hate it when native English speakers mock non-natives for their grammar mistakes.
: Yeah I do because every champion that Koreans used to play is nerfed to death. Azir ? Karma ? Lulu? Zed ? Sejuani ? Zac ? Elise ? All hard to execute champs, that RNG could not play at same level as Korean teams. It's basically donating worlds to RNG.
BuggyBee (EUNE)
: The new font is terrible
I didn't read the change in the patch notes so I was puzzled when I joined a game. I had to crank up the hud scale up to 40% from 25% because though the font looks crisper, the characters seem smaller and difficult to read.
: Worlds feel like soloq
Worse than Ardent Censer S7 Worlds.
: I wrote a small web app so you can make your posts look as screwy as mine
Hmmmm. Doesn't this make moderating and replying much more difficult? I hope people don't use this in posts about serious stuff.
: Some clear cases where the item designers didn't learn from past mistakes
RIP WotA. I loved to build off-meta spellvamp builds on champions back in the day, even if I didn't really know what spellvamp actually was. I miss those days...
: Anyone else having issues with Invisible Health Packs in ARAM?
Yeah happening here too. I've been playing ARAM all day and the bug is present in every single match. The redemption effect is also invisible.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 30
Hi Meddler. Could we please get an update on Karma's status? Yesterday we learned that her lore would be reworked with Akali's VO. Will her gameplay receive changes then too? Thanks for reading!
Porocles (NA)
: Nooo, please don't dishonor yourself. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} This is good feedback, thanks! We'll look into concerns about honor ward skins, and get back to you guys!
It's nice to see that you're taking the feedback, thanks. I thought about some systems that could help us people who want other coloured wards: -Let us choose. When we login after rewards are handed out, a small menu appears and asks us to choose a ward skin. If you're level 3 you'll only be able to choose the level 3 ward skin, but if you're level 5 you'll be able to pick any of them. -Give us all of the skins. If you're level 5 you get all three, but if you're level 3 you'll only get one. Hitting level 5 honour is really hard for some people, as they have to change their mindset in order to be nice and climb. Three ward skins are an appropriate price imo. -Change the structure of the ward. Level 3 and 5 honour flairs differ greatly in structure. You could make a different ward for each level and give it out as usual. Level 3 ward could be simple and only have 1 leaf. Level 4 could be like the one you already showed but with only 2 leaves, and level 5 could be similar too, but much bigger and flashier (like the honour 5 flair, which has those bright lines) , and with 3 leaves. Level 3 players will get the level 3 ward, level 4 will get level 4 ward and so on. Then, combine this with one of the two points mentioned above. Let us choose a colour or give us all three. This way, we can show off the honour level we got, but also use a ward colour that we like. Maybe people will still want the ward that a lower rank gets you (even though colour here is more important than structure so there will be less people complaining), but in that case, perhaps a support ticket may solve things. (Also, if you en up letting us choose, please make the honour 2 green colour available <3)
: Frequently Asked Questions About the Upcoming Leveling and Rewards Changes
Seeing how people consider that it may take too long to level up, wouldn't it be cool if you develop your honour system further and reward honourable players with 1 game XP boosts? It could work like this: -A premade partner honours you: 20%XP boost -A non-premade teammate honours you: 40%XP boost -You are the most honourable player: 100% XP boost This would actually be a very big incentive for players to be supportive of their team and show a honourable attitude.
Reav3 (NA)
: Warwick Skin Feedback
I do think that Feral WW's concept has been adapted in a very fitting way. I think that the overall sense of disappointment is due to people having a wrong expectation of a feral skin, but I do think it is a good skin. I'm also glad to see that there may be some clothing polish. I think the splash arts are great, but there are some small issues: The toe on Big Bad Warwick. One of his toes has teared a hole in the slipper and you can see it. That especific part looks unfinished and i'm sure it could at least be tweaked a little. It's a nice detail but the way in which it has been drawn makes the toe look very big, especially if you look at ww's new model Tundra: Maybe more blood? especially on the upper part of the mouth and on the claws. Also, maybe some blood on the snow? He maybe sniffed it to track the human's scent and left a small mark. On Grey ww's model: He has a dark red line of fur down his back and it abruptly stops on his tail. Could you try to make it carry on and getting thinner and thinner? It would make the model's colour "flow" better Also, just a quick idea: It would be funny to see a warwick wearing a very dapper suit. In 4 of his skins he is seen wearing clothes that are in some sense destroyed or ripped. It's not the best idea but it crossed my mind and thought I won't lose anything by mentioning it.


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