Kai Guy (NA)
: May you Rest in peace GGHF.
You can blame Riot for it. They created a game where playing it is just frustrating because of all the shit they implemented. Go to SC2 and see every round at the beginning glhf and at every end gg, as the players are way more calm as all that matters is skill and knowledge.
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Monlyth (NA)
: Does Yasuo have a real weakness?
> -Takes skill Eh what? The only weakness the champ has is the player playing it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hügö,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6xYHtpWW,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-16T13:45:36.208+0000) > > You got punished for being bad and die while you are far ahead and not because you are better. What kind of twisted logic is that. What is the reason he got ahead in the first place? Yeah exactly being better. I might actually agree with you if the gameplay wouldn't be such a pile of dogshit where everyone with half an item can delete any non full tank in a few abilities and autos. Where all it takes is a roam of three people you don't know are coming because there is no fuckin vision in this game anymore. So i play perfectly for 15 mins to then get hit by a morgana Q and the 0/5 dude gets 1k gold and it's me being bad. Yeah. As i said, bad players logic that LOVE getting carried by circumstances out of their own ability.
Yep like I said it is your fault for being bad. There is no need to die when you are ahead and the enemy who is behind gets a reward for it.
ImNeo2K (EUNE)
: Bounty system punishes you for being better from your enemies?
You got punished for being bad and die while you are far ahead and not because you are better.
: Its also big streamers and High ELO players have said it sucks
And big streamers and high elo players don't complain about to much damage and it is still in the game right?
: Riot shifted their target audience because their existing audience wasn't as profitable as new players. The result was numerous systems being reworked, rebalanced, and ultimately ignoring the existing design that stuck around as a result of the identity of the game. Trying to shove this new system design into a map that hasn't been significant redesigned, a stat system that hasn't added any new secondary stats since inception, and a shift towards skillshots and mobility, then you end up with a game that's trying to juggle two fundamentally opposed designs. League is no longer "fit" to serve any target audience, now it's split between the legacy aspects which serve the old audience (which many have chased away from the game by the power advantage given to the new systems) and the new systems which are constantly trying to appeal to a new audience. Without getting into more specifics on what has changed, riot initially released a game that was basically a kind of more concise version of original DOTA (A very RTS style of design), but now the design has leaned more towards a kind of battlerite/bloodline champions design (a very action heavy style of of design). Yet these two categories of markets don't exactly see eye to eye, and yet you're forcing two groups of players with completely different "ideal" concepts for a MOBA into the same games under a single design, that can't properly cater to either of them on account of also trying to cater to the other. Unfortunately riot has put themselves in a bad position, BRs have overwhelmingly taking over the action focused portion of their market and they've already undermined the trust of the strategy focused portion of their market. So going back isn't an option now, but it's equally frustrating to want to play a particular style of MOBA that still exists in the game, only to be strong armed into playing the action moba of the newer generation of players, who are given excessive influence and initiative in a match. Riot would be better off pulling a DOTA 2, opening up their custom games, and allowing players to create lobbies with a range of global and targeted changes to champions as they see fit. Instead they're going to get more authoritative and try to keep their seat as the "true E-sport" and push their game to become hyper competitive, taking advantage of the fact that people already have a ton of game knowledge, since they've nearly completely lost all of their non-competitive markets either to their own intentional market shift or the rise of new genres.
There is actually no other answer needed for this thread, up you go.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: He is banned in competitive now, so those ppl are full of bs or yas mains that don't want their champ gutted. And trust me, Yas mains are a huge lot of players.
: Reminding everyone that Yasuo has a 62% banrate at Diamond & above.
But but but people tell me he isn't a problem in high elo.
: Death in 0.54 seconds
So a nearly full build Rengar kills you fast when you just finished 3 items? Who would have thought?
Alkaîd (NA)
: Riot, please consider nerfing knock ups/displacements/airborne
Riot just put them on the wrong champions. Mainly tanks and some supports should have it.
: They also showcased a 1v5 "fountain" penta on a blurry screen of Lee sin "Q"ing the whole map.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hügö,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fWM3huEq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-24T13:57:24.335+0000) > > But look at all the cool plays she could make in pro play. She rarely even shows up in pro play. Don't be a tool.
> But look at all the cool plays she **could** make in pro play.
: I don't think Riot can manage a 'more fun' version of anything with a rework. Pretty much all reworks jsut become shit tons less fun to face. i mean if they fire CertainlyT there's a small chance but I'm just waiting for the next champion who comes out. They're really lackingi n the 'just completely automated mobility' department. A one where if a champion or particle skill shot gets close to them, it just teleports you an Ezreal E distance away to safety, and thinking like CT just a '.5 second cooldown for balance'
I have fun with reworked ww vOv
Dasdi96 (NA)
: "If you are not going to remove death dance and spear of shojin, nerf riven" -LL stylish
But look at all the cool plays she could make in pro play.
Weensw (NA)
: If there was a new tank item that gives you a Yi's meditate active, would it be used by bruisers?
When you want real tank items they need max% armor/mr scalings.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 20
So you ignored your playerbase when they were complaining about cs bounty but when the pro scene adapts the 0 cs playstyle you act?
: After the bounties, ranked, and marksmen changes settle, what is the main goal of midseason update?
Probably nerfing jungle again.
: Yeah, this is completely normal..
"ShE iS a HiGh SkiLl CaP cHaMpIoN"
GigglesO (NA)
: How dare you stand there and reduce my damage!
How dare you do what your class should do.
: Can we please talk about Rengar?
Riot made this problem. After his revert when he struggled to do anything they could have done 2 things: 1) Make his early game relevant again by giving him tools to gank or 2) Just buff his damage. Guess what they did
: Invisibility & Stealth are 100% Broken
The only 2 things I find broken are the ones of Twitch and Shaco. Twitch his range where you could detect him is was to small, and Shaco doesn't even have a detection radius and it has no warning that he is there.
: ***
Who said op? He said he is a pain to play against which is true. He is in no way op.
: Zed overkill at pro play from 100-0
Just hear what the moderator was saying "look at the moves, look at the plays" and you know why Zed will stay like this for a longer time.
: Can someone tell me why Malphite has never been a priority in terms of rework ?
Yes he needs more jumps and dashes and 3 hit passives.
VileKayn (NA)
: Why I hate that people don't play for fun anymore
That is how riot made league. It isn't much about skill anymore it is more about picking the more meta/op shit then your enemy.
Salron (NA)
: Riot cannot change what people hate about him without ruining him what people enjoy playing him for
: i guess junglers have to wait till season 10 to get any good changes?
Wow wow wow mate, you wanna tell me permanent recieving nerfs aren't good changes?
Antenora (EUW)
: Meddler has already stated that Yasuo will be receiving nerfs in Patch 9.4. Which will release on 20th Feb.
-5ms {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
> Kayn is a flexible assassin type champ but his tools let enemies have some warning and allows him to be slippery but not have an out for every situation That is one of the things I like. When he goes assassin form you still have enough of counterplay to him. He can't run through walls to escape when he is in combat. Other assassins can realy just go out to easily.
: No, we fully see the reason. What we would prefer is either a), that squishy-ness was actually given an appropriate reward, such that as we can be easily killed by anything, we should have the best damage to compensate for that OR b) we have less damage, but actually viable defensive tools so that we can perform our jobs as a damage class but not be sitting ducks. We saw what happened with the first, everyone complained that ADCs were op and demanded Riot nerf them into the ground..which they did. Then we had a whole phase of ADCs being still incredibly squishy, but scaling less and slower than basically everyone else in the game and with a more expensive build (and still no good defensive options). It sucked. Now Riot is trying out the other approach: lower damage output, but with more tools and better overall itemization (including viable defensive tools like the new PD shield). Personally, this is the option I would prefer, and I hope that the new system they rolled out performs well in that mission.
> b) we have less damage, but actually viable defensive tools so that we can perform our jobs as a damage class but not be sitting ducks. So buying a defensive item instead of going full damage?
KnifeCat (OCE)
: What happened to lowering systemic damage in 9.3/9.4?
It's the same as allways "yeah yeah we will do it" and then they do the opposite.
Kadexe (NA)
: The problem with these "Nerf Yasuo" posts is that nobody is thinking about how to balance him.
You know why people bitch about such champions same with akali and irelia? Because they have obnoxious shit in their kit. When riot removes them they can start getting balanced.
Antenora (EUW)
: While Lucian Braum is an auto win bot lane duo, No. Gut the synergy between Lucian Braum then buff Braum.
Just nerf Lucian?
: True damage
I allways thought there should be 2 build paths 1 against squishy and 1 against tanks and the marksmen should think what he does. But you also can just build true damage thats fine too....
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: remember when we had a fight that lasts more than 30 secs?
Yes I member, but riot sold it's core players for some kids and the eastern players.
Dr Dog (NA)
: ive been seeing a lot of "get out of low elo" guides recently
In the last 2 seasons stucking in low elo is most likely the best sign that you are a bad player. With this massive that riot packed into the game you don't need any gameknowledge and decision making anymore. Just go and fight like a braindead and you win and climb. Alot of people from my friends climbed to atleast high gold while they were stuck silver for the last 4 years.
: Not really though, many assassins are truly stumped by stuff like Zhonya, banshee´s veil or GA, or simply just by flashing. But Rengar? The moment he leaps on you the damage is delivered even if you insta flash so you can still easily lose like 70% health for nothing, and if you dont you die. If he is fed then just die anyway. Well i sit in the perspective of a Sivir player at the time so i am a bit biased x)
Then buy a Zhonya, banshee or GA against rengar? They all work, the only thing that doesn't work is flashing because it is an autoattack and flashing away from an aa never worked.
: If they keep nerfing jungle xp then we might as well just start having 2 man top, 1 mid, 2 bot with one or two people carrying smite for objective control (likely mid because they can get to dragon and herold/baron). Junglers are just gonna end up playing second support at this rate. It's absolutely ridiculous.
I can see it coming in pro play sooner or later if riot continous. When the enemy comes with a jungler you can ward entrances to your jungle and perma collapse on him.
l MrD l (NA)
: Yes for sure i dont want to 1st pick and get counterpicked and have a hard time ... yes theres time where you can do things to win but some matchups are just almost an instant loss without junglers help and we cant always rely on junglers
Lol like counterpicking is even good. I wonder how all the one tricks and random dudes jsut spam 1 champion and go to high elo? Because their champion magically counters everything?
: Funny. Didn't they lower jungle xp because people complained about getting ganked to much? But you're saying you should gank more because of the lower xp. Isn't that the opposite effect that this was supposed to take? Yet here we are. Meaning riot keeps making things worse instead of better with their jungle xp nerfs.
Their fault when minion xp is worth more then jungle xp.
: Unlike most other assassins rengar has less counterplay to compensate for having no way to get out. He is one of the only champs in the game that can have a 0,2 seconds kill timer when only fed a few kills. Other assassins due to having a way or ways to get in and out are not feast and famine.
Unlucky that riot forced the game this way but rengar still is one of the best assassins from the design view of what an assassin should be. On the other side you may think you have such epic counterplay to other assassins but in reality they all pop you nearly instant while still have a way to get out.
: Like all he needs to succeed is being able to oneshot the enemy carry of choice, doesnt matter if he dies or not, as long as he oneshots a main carry he´s done his job. And he doesnt have to be that fed, with a lethality build and double Q he still does a shitton of damage to a carry with low armor. Feast or famine garbage because of that.
So you are telling me he is what an assassin should be? Isn't an assains the one who targets the high value target and takes it out when it is the most vulnerable or tries to take it out with the risk of dieing? If you compare it to other assassins most of them have ways to get out again what is not what the traditional assasin can.
Yenn (NA)
: Watching Rengar 100 to 0 my ADC in 0.2 seconds, before my abilities even reach him, feels amazing
Bârd (NA)
: Riot, if you want money, there are a lot of things we'd be willing to buy...
Lol I won't spent money for anything if this. I would spent money for a decent balance.
: As a jungler, the enemy jungler invades and steals my second buff
You can play jungle teemo then you can impact the game by being a mobile ward and you will be mroe usefull, sad but true.
Amâzigh (NA)
: Akali is dead
She will get buffs, btu right now riot is doing the right thing. When a champion is sitting at a garbage winrate but a massive banrate something is wrong with the champion and you have too look for it an fix it afterwards you can balance the champion.
: "why so salty in arurf"
"Booo I wanna pick the op urf champions booo"
Moody P (NA)
: 9.2 is a good patch
> Jungle influence still strong but less overbearing especially on gankers, farming junglers improved slightly as a result Yeah sure {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Not A Jungle Main, But Curious About What You'd Guys Think About This?
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