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: I mean they're popular because it isn't hard to "outplay" someone with these champs. I played Riven mid by accident one game (teammate didn't trade me my champ) and I went something like 6/1 despite me being garbage at her. Never at any point have I been able to do that well with Riven, she's just much easier to do decently with nowadays.
I agree. A Riven doing well now is not very impressive as it used to be, the ssame with Zed, Yas, Vayne thresh and Kha'Zix.
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: Crit Item Explorations
I personally don't think a bout item path excitement, however building feel like bad investment when you know you will get 100% crit chance later. building Bf sword into statikk/phantom dancer/rapidfire/hurricane and then ie, felt more fun than building early stormrazer. for defensives I would just like the opportunity to lane safer when playing against mage support like brand, zyra, xerath, vel'koz FIDDLE, and I also think that keystone runes from every tree do to much damage and has to much of an impact on games. I like the the current {{item:3046}} , and would not like see more {{item:2421}} in the game, the old banshee veil or buffing {{item:3139}} would nice. a lot of crit users liked the old {{item:3508}} , the new ER is not really that useful for any champions unless they snowball hard, I think lucians current build shows how much he misses that item, {{item:3071}} is not satisfying to build as an adc when {{item:3036}} deals more damage

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