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Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Thread made me NE. Upvoted.
> [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5oY0xgOi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-24T21:28:39.299+0000) > > Thread made me NE. > Upvoted. Thanks. What's NE though?
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: Victorious skin 2016, 2015, now... 2017?
Arduno (NA)
: None will find me!
This is like 4 years old, good job dude.
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: Riot is really doing a great job with these newly added features for champs. Warwick and the sound that plays if you are hunted work well at inducing fear, too. I hope to see more stuff like that in the future, it is great getting the feeling of being a true monster on the battlefield.
I mean I like the idea with Warwick, but I've just had to mute it. As a support Warwick, you won't be hearing anything else.
: Why do people think it's cute to say gg ez at the very end?
It has to do with rivalry. It's you vs them, a little trash talk is only necessary.
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: This meta is legit just whichever botlane wins lane lol
Not long ago botlane had no impact on the game. The game is in a fluid state and I have learned to accept that.
: [SHIPPED!] Ziggs' Arcade Blast, an arcade-themed 2D-platformer made in 48 hours with your input
Windows Defender told me this was a virus and they're probably not wrong.
: I'm honestly amazed that there are still "Buff Mordekaiser" threads
You started this cesspool of Mordekaiser spam on the boards.
: I've resorted to blocking ads on my phone. Companies wonder why people block ads when they spam -
How do you block ads on phone? I have adblock on my Samsung s8 browser, but other than that I'm out of luck.
Cocho (NA)
: I was skeptical at first but the interactions they make are both fun and frustrating. If anything, i'd want blast cone to get tweaked by their location or something. The most frustrating plant imo but im fine with them
The blast cone feels clunky, I agree. I would also hope for more interesting interactions with them. You either take them yourself or take them from someone else, there isn't too much to them.
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: Only GD? I'd extend that restriction to every other board except Memes and Games.
> [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4E5jpi3h,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2017-08-04T23:51:07.617+0000) > > Only GD? > I'd extend that restriction to every other board except Memes and Games. I'd put a restriction on your upvote spam too
Gubaguy (NA)
: The problem is how hard it is to get an S rank on champions, oh you carried your team and went 50/0/50? But you only had a CS of 4, so... A+ Oh, you were a nasus with 1500 stacks, killed every single tower, took all the inhibs solo AND ended the game single handedly, sorry but you only went 0/0/2 somehow, A- Oh, you were a support who soaked up 300,000 damage, hard 3 wards up every second of the game from the second you got a sightstone, landed every stun, snare, silence, shield, and even gave yoru life to save your ADC? Well, too bad, C- for no kills and no cs. System is broken man.
The system is not broken. It rewards overall stellar performance, not just KDA padding.
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: Hey there :) So today i reached honor lvl 3 and tbh i dunno how many honors i got in order to get it. In fact, the thing just popped up randomly while i was banning a champ XD i was super hyped :D and now u can see a honor thing on the loading screen^^ So i guess it just takes time... i dont know anybody that has reached lvl 3 or higher (at least from my friend list) so if u ask me what did i do.. well.. i just played and had fun. Eventually ppl were like "honor all" or smth :D i pretty much play alone but sometimes i play with friends too. Cant really tell how it happened but it did. So just keep the positive vibes up and maybe its gonna be there anytime soon :) gl and hf ;)
Thank you for your comment! Did you play alot? Like 2-games-a-day-lot?
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: Spending lots of time and money only to develop a placebo seems like a waste. I'm glad their outlook has become more positive. Giving credit to an opaque video game system for changing years of human behavior patterns almost over night, seems like a stretch for me.
Awful post, I know. I spent little time on it. What I mean is that before I had no motivation to be positive in game as I never felt that I got anything out of it. Now that it seems more like a collective effort, I feel motivated to motivate others, and if I do well I can see atleast a small token of appreciation at the end game screen. People seem to be more friendly overall, or atleast less toxic.
: It's not properly a bug, I believe the hitbox is intended to be that way, hence the suggestion to change it in a way that avoids improper bodyblocking
You'll drown in memes sadly. That's the new integrity of the reddit style boards.
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: NME SPOTTED I love you for using that icon.
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Cowseed (NA)
: What if..... everyone is actually toxic and gets reported every other game?!
I feel like I get atleast 1 report for each loss, even if I was completely mute.
: Try using a website like Straw Poll and link it to your post. That should do the job.
: But you're still honour level 2 right? This is just weird.
I've played 18 matches on this patch, most of which were ARAMs. I guess I just have to play more.
Hadfield (EUW)
: Good idea.
Apparently I can't add one after it's posted, my bad.
: add a poll to see where everyone is. you can have 10 choices i think so just put what honor level have you obtained? 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. of course there are going to be trolls who lie, but its your best option.
: Still stuck at honor 2. The thing that really irks me is that I haven't gotten a single chest since the update, but I've gotten like 6 fragments. I used to get a couple chests a week because I just consistently got S ranks. I'm glad everyone is pretending to be nice, but I'd honestly just rather be able to get chests again. they really need to figure out a way to balance it out. Right now it just seems like a way to encourage people to spend money on chests because they have so many keys.
Since everyone seems to get truckloads of keys, I'll try a normal today and see if mine's arrived :^)
: I seem to get 2 at once each week.
I've played ARAMs almost every day since the honor update, usually with 1 honor after each game. Maybe I got banned? I really don't know.
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: It's probably going to take a long time. They said that they wanted to do end of season rewards for honor just like rank, so you've got the entire season to level up.
Would be great to get a Red in here to confirm this kind of stuff, it always leaves me wondering.
: Its meant to be slow. Like, take the entire season to lvl up.
Good point. Still haven't gotten a single key fragment though, but I guess I'll just have to play play and play.
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Fargo79 (NA)
: im sitting on about 34 keys.. but ZERO Boxes..
How is that even possible, I've never dropped below 11 boxes because I get so few keys
: It's basically based on time played in matchmade games (win or lose) as far as I can tell, and then you can get them over time while idling outside of the lobby, or more practically they in a sense accumulate over time while logged out, and then you can get a bunch on login. Basically, play the same number of games as you did previously, and the fragments will show up eventually over the course of the month, rather than immediately after the game.
: I usually get them the next day after receiving honors the previous day, it'll be a message like "thanks for being a good sport" or something and you get a key fragment c:
Do you get a pop-up like those instant report feedback ones, just that you get a key fragment instead? Is it so that I have to idle the client to be more likely to get one? I'm so confused :(
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AmazoX (EUW)
: 2 months old but you can open WEBM highlight videos from VLC player perfectly fine or right-click the file and then open with Google Chrome
Thanks alot, but they finally implemented the highlights feature so it's not too necessary right now ;)
: Match History and Replays exist...
If you'd read the post first, then you'd see that I am talking about champ select.
: any space in this league
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: This exists. You do so through a [support ticket](, politely and with screenshots.
Oh wow great, thanks. I didn't get a screenshot, nor do I remember their names, so I guess they'll go free for now though.
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