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: Nocturne Rework.
Great! i like the idea with his new passive. and his E. it'll disturb some of his current mechanics, like fearing through zhonyas and what not, but i think it's fine to remove that anyways. At least the play-style of having him be right next to you as he is working on his fear is still present I think there is a potential for a different R considering his new passive. It just make it seems like he has two dashes that works similarly. I say keep the part in his ultimate where he reduces vision, but just simply give nocturne bonus MS and extra damage on his next attack while the effect is in play.
: Something about this just feels very natural. The E isn't my favorite, but it's still nicely suitable for the big rock. I'd love to see Malphite become a true tank again, with a big play on the Immovable Object concept. Love that he'd mostly be very similar to his current kit as well. Like something fresh, but without completely removing his old identity.
Thanks for the feedback {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} i like tank Malphite but right now AP Malph is just more fun to play, so i wish that Riot change some of his abilities to make playing tank Malph satisfying.
: I think if you moved his old passive to the passive on his W instead of moving it to his E, it would fit a bit better. I think the current passive on his W is that he gains a percentage of his bonus armor, and more when shielded, so I think if you moved the shield and this bonus to the same area, it'd be a workable ability still. It would *look* overloaded...but it'd be mainly a W start from lv1, and then either maxed first for tank or maxed last for full AP. Wouldn't be too terrifying in the long run. Would also keep more of his old identity.
I think that putting the shield to his W passive is a great idea. However, i also want his E to be more than just 'do AoE damage' so i might still keep the bonus movement speed. One of the more fun ways i play the current Malph is that i take Ghost, so with his current Q he was zooming and clapping people nonchalantly, and i kinda want to keep elements of that in.
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: Yordles with portals!
i believe you want something like rek'sai's tunnel that the team can use? sort of like Medivh from HoTS. I'm down with this, but as many have pointed out there are already many sound champions with a similar ability. This one has to be unique while not being too overloaded, which is quite difficult considering the amount of utility it provides.
: Hey there, I think its a rly cool concept but his e seems a bit overpowerd with the shield at the end. I think you should add a self root at the end since the magma hardens he will get stuck. otherwise you would just build him ap/off tank and he will r into the ennemy team and just has to press e Also the lava rock is very similar to orrn. Another thing is that he has a magma skin which will get completly useless. Also malphite is not in need of a rework atm compared to many other champs like mordekaiser for example. I still think its a cool concept but I dotn think It will be implemented in the game. Yours, Chris
hi chris, thanks for the feedback! I do agree that malphite does not need imminent rework, but i do wish he is more fun to play, considering the possibilities his trope can bring in area denial. though i know none of my ideas going to be realised, it's still fun to fantasise about it. As for the E, i tried to somewhat pack bits and pieces of his old kit in this ability, that is probably why it seems a bit too op, but in all honesty if the numbers are tweak correctly i think it can be pretty balanced. As for the Q, i did think it's going to be similar to Orn's Q, but try to imagine it to be more of {{champion:96}} 'R because of the 2 charges and the interactivity with his other abilities. It also tend to require more set up from afar rather than Orn's, which mostly us as an upfront combo. Appreciate the feedback, my dude
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: It's awesome! i like very much the passive on W,pretty interesting,good job!^^ And one question,were did you inspired to create him?(I have a feel what you inspired after watching the film Aquaman,lol. You will get it what i mean if you have watch this film.)
Thank you very much :) i haven't watched aquaman actually, but that's definitely on my list! i came up with most of the abilities in the toilet, that's why he's very water themed. I want to him to benefit from being in the river like most crabs would and i also want him to be pretty good at stealing enemy jungles from fog of war, hence the entirety of his W.
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: Pondering Possible Tweeks to Morgana's Tormented soil.
This maybe wayyyy off the mark, but i think tormented soil would just become her passive or at least a passive-like ability. Imagine it automatically appears underneath effected champions, like those who got hit by her q and ult or spread by whoever her shield is on. Her w then becomes something else entirely.
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