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Nyannie (NA)
: I Zhonyasd a Bard ultimate today.
You play League Anything more pointless than that?
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: No they really are based on recent activity, recent post, views, votes and number of posts, and they aren't just added together to make 1 big number to determine where it's placed on the list. God damn you're a jerk. I tried to explain how it works and you're just getting mad about it because everyone didn't automatically agree with your false assumptions you pulled out from thin air.
based on number of upvotes but Lyte always has priority stay bronze scrub
: The different types aren't weighed equally, duh.
this is pure bullshit and you know it. Riot post with insignificant amount of upvotes on top, and from that point on its decided by which post has most upvotes. are you really this stupid or just trolling?
: The sorting isn't just based on upvotes. It's based on comments and views as well.
why is the thread with 12k views higher sorted than the thread with 50k views, and why is the thread with 101 comments higher sorted than the thread with 407 comments
: Or, y'know, give Udyr a VU that preserves his feral self in his Classic skin, and a new VO to go with it. I imagine Classic Udyr's fighting style to be much less refined than SGU's, and his VO to be much more wild and growl-y.
what you're suggesting WOULD be a good solution, if SGU didn't exist. VU'd Classic Udyr would be way too similar to SGU. let's be honest, what does SGU actually change about Udyr? still a human with 4 animal stances. at least primal udyr changed his head, and at least Defenitely not Udyr is funny-ish. coming up with a fighting style that is distinguishably ''feral'' would also cost riot a lot of time and effort. problem is that every udyr skin except the 2 newest ones look like play-doh, and really need a VU. But thanks to SGU i don't expect an Udyr VU in the next 20 years
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: Regarding "chroma packs"
is it not common knowledge that riot does stuff like this?
: @Riot: Noxus Poppy's Texture Update look horrible

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