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: Riot, why?
Well since 80% of the people on this forum just knit pick at what makes my post look childish so they can feel good about themselves I see these forums are a real waste of time. Instead of actually trying to come up with any ideas on the banning system of whats going right or wrong about it specifically how you can get banned without warnings for small things etc. thanks
: > What happens: You say "you guys suck" but still try to win > --> 14 day bann without warning if they decide to report you Care to show chat logs? 'Cause, there's obviously more to it, and even still, if you were punished for that alone and given a 14-day ban, it means _you've ignored a previous 25-game Chat Restriction, and Riot is telling you to **stop**_. You don't just get a 14-day ban out of the blue for telling someone that they suck. You have to work _up_ to the 14-day ban with consistent negativity and misbehavior. > Riot has made system which banns you without considering the circumstances. It doesn't matter _why_ you broke the rules, only that you _did_. > ...also acknowledging that you didn't start flaming/harrasing people but responded in a way which they do not appreciate. "Who started it" doesn't matter. Both players participated in a flame war, both players get punished when they're reported for it. There's no reason to try and gratify the person who decided to flame back by acknowledging "oh, well, you didn't start shit, so I guess you're almost cool" - they still flamed. They still get punished. There's no good reason to try and stroke their ego over who started a fuckin' flame war. > ...showing chatlogs on both sides... Again; doesn't matter _why_ you broke the rules, only that you _did_. > (basically they teach you to be a snitch instead of a man voicing your opinion tbh.) Something something "thicker skin" something something. A real man would be able to control themselves and avoid getting into childish flame wars over a video game.
Dude you are missing the point. Get of your high horse and imagine somebody fucks up your game on purpose you still try your best to win and maybe you even win the game but at the end you should be allowed to say that he fucking sucks cause he does man.
: Okay. So just don't insult them. You *know* what you're supposed to do. So do it, instead of doing what they told you *not* to do. Also: >(basically they teach you to be a snitch instead of a man voicing your opinion tbh.) Okay. This isn't the playground anymore. "Snitch" isn't a valid word anymore. Neither is "tattle-tale". They were jackasses, plain and simple. It's not "being a man" to get in their face and insult them back, it's being a **dumbass**.
the thing is even if you just say stop feeding you can get a bann if they report you after. There is NO warning or anything and you can get banned without even being muted or anything before. They don't review the situation like if their score was 0/18 or if they were flaming at you the whole time and don't send you a chatlog of what they wrote so you can justify what happened to you.
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Regality (EUW)
: Was I wrongfully chat banned? (Chat logs inside)
considering the situation i dont believe you should get a bann. This community especially on the board is really hypocritical they are the type that when confronted in real life by anything wont stand up for what they believe in. Clearly you weren't flaming somebody out of no reason and that should be considered in my opinion
: Straight to 14 day ban for this....?
no way you deserve a bann bro. You seem like a good guy to have on your team, just cause you tell people they fed somebody or whatever should not be a reason to bann you like that they don't even take into account that that ashe was 0/16? You didn't even really swear and to me it is justified what you said. Riot really bullshitting with their banns. Most people on this forum seem to not play League or don't understand that it's fun to play a game where you can express your opinions without getting banned for it even if it is justified when you call a feeder a feeder but don't harrass him for it. Riot is messing their community up by banning people who call it how they see it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Umbral Regent,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Vwm5Y7qA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-09-09T05:27:21.649+0000) > > The permanent ban (as many others have told you already) _is_ a last resort. When you get a 14-day suspension, you're warned in the reform card (whether you read it or not) that your next punishment _will be_ a permanent ban. Ignorance is not a valid excuse. > > The standard punishment track is as follows: > > - 10-game Chat Restriction > - 25-game Chat Restriction > - 14-day Suspension > - Permanent ban > > You were escalated to the 14-day ban for the first offense due to egregious behavior. Riot does not tolerate people telling others to kill themselves, which is what resulted in your 14-day ban. After that, your account was on extremely thin ice, and you were expected to be on your best behavior - or on your way out. > > That's not even close to a valid excuse. The stereotype of "guys being crude" doesn't fly when - both in League and in the real world - we're expected to keep our crudeness to ourselves. > > Yeah, it's a videogame. And you got way too worked up over it, twice - with one of those two instances being enough that you decided to tell someone to kill themselves. > > Over a videogame. > > C'mon. > > The time between your 14-day ban and your permanent ban was your chance. You right, as I said it wasn’t an excuse. It was more of a evaluation of the pshysology of people and we interact. You right I shouldn’t of said those things. As I said many times I SHOULD BE BANNED. But let me comes back after awhile and show what I learn. They shouldn’t jump to 14 day ban and then to forever ban? How does that make sense. Should be 14 days, a month, 5 months, 5 years, and then if you come back then after 5 years... then yea you done...
the standart punishment isnt: 10-game Chat Restriction 25-game Chat Restriction 14-day Suspension Permanent ban you can get a 14 day suspension without even knowing it.
: I got a 14 day suspension for repeating the words on Daniel Z Klein in game.
that is some Bullshit bro, you do not deserve the bann for real maybe a warning instead
LiIDaddy (NA)
: 14 Day Suspension for THIS..!?
Honestly you don't deserve a 14 Day bann for this. Unless you have been warned before or had some sort of penalty so you could know how Riots banning system works.
: Riot shouldn't be banning anyone right now since they can't even keep their own employees under control.
Well idk how the banning system works but I haven't been warned or ever had a bann or mute before ever. So this is just completely out of the blue thats why im like wtf
Entei (EUNE)
: No chat = No toxicity
I think your right that no chat = no bann of course. I mean a big part of what makes the game is fun is using the chat and communicating with players too. But if you can get banned for 14 Days for saying some bad words not that weren't even intended to be mean without warning. That is why I call it Bullshit the banning system.
: I want a check box that I can check to never be grouped with premades
fcalfie (EUW)
: Good bye league
send the chatlog man
: When some rando on the internet tells you to shut up, do you take it to heart?
exactly, i just tell him to stfu and get on with the game. And then u get a 14 day bann? :D
: you have to go to sup and submit your request they normaly get back to me within 24 hours so gl end of story tho if things dont work out your not perma ban yet so in the future try not typing at all nothing needs to be said in game that a ping cant do and as for other toxic players deep breath and report not typing needed if they were trolly and there no key words add a note and explain how they trolled
thanks for the info man, in humble opinion though i think if fuckin bullshit if someone flames u and riot would expect you to say nothing mute them and then report them after.. Also they should see if its only Premades that have made a same report. They could also send you a warning telling you that next time you would get banned or something not just suddendly your account is suspended.?
Jo0o (NA)
: You're responsible for your own actions. Whoever flamed first is not important.
come on man if somebody flames you for asking if they are lagging it should be ok if you just tell them to fuck off in the language they insulted you in. Come on man i still get on with the game and didn't say anything about them anymore even though they pinging me constantly and flaming at me. I mean if 2 premades flame at you and then report u for giving them shit back one time only and you get banned for that that is some bullshit man.
: click on support at bottom of page and then click Submit a request if you think you were treated unfairly to put in what they call a ticket and they will take a look at your case mind you most base they dont undo but you will at least get a person to look over your data instead of there auto detect stuff they have going on....normaly when people post there chat logs they post both sides?
dude trust me i want the full chat of my teammates too, but they only show what I have written in the game not what other did which is not cool because you have no context of why somebody would say something at all
HaseLover (EUW)
: yeh man but they flame at me first i just say 1 thing as a reply and then i concentrate on game. If you could see the whole chat of others in team you would see them flame me constantly and I just made 1 remark
I asked Brand if he was lagging still cause he just under tower AFK showing he has 900 ms, because I was coming to gank and he said some french insult to me
: > [{quoted}](name=HaseLover,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GvLxHUfb,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-03T16:01:31.879+0000) > > HaseLover: fis de pute > HaseLover: pute > HaseLover: nic ta mere I guess this was the reason.
yeh man but they flame at me first i just say 1 thing as a reply and then i concentrate on game. If you could see the whole chat of others in team you would see them flame me constantly and I just made 1 remark
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