: Stop making new stuff, fix old stuff.
From my experience instead of fixing old stuff - more broken new stuff was being added :) I mean - Rito has people not playing the game being gameplay devs. I'm sure they gave the job of the troubleshooting to a guy that happened to be selling hot dogs in front of their HQ.
: Jungling in Gold elo
Dude, my match history is 20 or so lost games (with 1 or 2 won in between). I can ping 100 times where the enemy jungler is, I put wards actually on the gank paths (people always path the same, maybe 1 game I saw a guy using weird pathing and nothing. They don't react, absolutely nothing. After - they will always blame you. What you actually just said - I've the same, I always go for counter ganks (when possible) or invade enemy jungle (actually most games I start with 3 buffs), get ahead in the beginning. Then we lose. The conclusion is - it doesn't matter. No matter what you do, how you play - matchmaking will take care of the game. And some people who play completely broken champs that your team doesn't play. And - nothing gets done. But I'm glad rito has a new logo.
: Hi,I am going to start logging every game where I have a troll or afk.
WAIT you had one a day? LMAO, what elo are you. Every single ****** game. 20 games lose streak is so statistically improbable, that I'm not sure what to say about that. Of course, nothing is going o happen :D
: I do not believe that the future for League of Legends will be bright
You forgot about one thing - an absolute garbage toxic players not being punished at all but rito. Ah yes - and an amazing job at the balance team, lmao. Trump's university taught all these guys.
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