: Diana is an assassin
For the same reason Jax is a fighter. Build full AD, press E, Q, than auto attack. See how that goes?
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: This toplaners gate keeping is getting insane.
Says the adc main who must play diverse picks in the bot lane.
Sillae (NA)
: When you say Teemo is op top but Vlad is ok but the post isn't in memes or games I don't know how to respond.
Well no. Vlad gets shat on by most all-in attackers in the early game. Teemo on the other hand is far more annoying to deal with and even gank. I'd rather fight a Vlad, rush {{item:3123}}, instead of fighting Teemo who will blind you to death.
: Camille could have been put ahead of neeko if skt managed their resources properly, sorry to say. Toplane isn't supposed to be a joi, it's supposed to be a match. And if you get outplayed you will be punished. Camille is always pickable in competitive play, pending your own composition. but she can be situationally played into ANYTHING that the other team wants to draft, esp if she's blue side
She's better off playing jungle than top when it comes to co-ordinated play.
: ***
In the sense that he must be a bot laner commenting on the state of top lane? I guess so.
Lapis (OCE)
: "if you pick that champ i'll dodge" - How is this even a threat?
No thanks. I refuse to play with a midlane Yasuo on my team myself. Not a stereotype. I've had plenty experiences where I've regretted not banning Yasuo.
Moody P (NA)
: The issue of range top laners is accessibility
Dota got over this problem pretty easily by throwing in Phase Boots (and blink dagger but fuck that item). For one, Boots of swiftness hardly do anything in this game unless you're running inspiration secondary and upgrading the free boots to get all that extra movement speed which you wouldn't get otherwise. A mere set of boots which temporarily grant units temporary movement speed would help fix this problem to a great extent. Hell, you wouldn't even need to give my any stats on the new pair of boots in order to convince me to purchase it on champs such as {{champion:122}}, {{champion:2}}, or even {{champion:24}}. Now that isn't all that hard but with every update which allows people to play a fair game come a generation of pampered ADC mains who cry "adc's are umplayable" while split pushing a lane away from their support. No, ADCs (I use this term to describer marksmen) who use auto attacks for some reason have a ton of self peel in this game, all the way from roots, to stuns, to knock backs. With boots like these melee vs ranged matchups would become a game of skill more than who gets first pick and cheese.
: I take it this was used to settle an argument?
: It's the level of your champion when the game ended.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=ThisName1sDumb,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UPRjZ6ty,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-05T17:18:38.909+0000) > > She's also got like a 46% win rate... oh ok so she needs buffs. noted.
: another game of qiyana under teh belt. yes she's an assassin if you know what you're doing. herpity derpity a pretty oppressive one tbh, last takes observations remain. cannot lose lane hyper mobile rotation based assassin new observation, the ulti is way easier to land than i ever thought.
I could call Jax an asassin by the same logic as once you 'learn' him and buy a Hydra you land 4 hits in a second. Qiyana is more like Ekko and Diana. A skirnisher.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: She doesn't have to 1 shoot to be an assassin As long as she has Dashes and Stealth then yes she is
That's bs coz by that logic Vayne would be an assassin.
: > [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AA7etzJE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-04T23:45:02.027+0000) > > Ummm no mobility is not what makes a assassin. A assassin is just someone that can quickly take a champion out of a fight with damage. So according to League’s playerbase that would make like 99% of the champions an assassin.
Jax is an assassin, Renekton is an assassin. According to the people here {{champion:122}} with {{summoner:4}} would be an assassin. I stopped arguing two moons ago.
iiGazeii (NA)
: She's got two dashes, stealth, and massive AD ratios. She engages and does a burst combo to get her damage out. How is that not an assassin?
You just defined Fiora and Jax.
: > [{quoted}](name=minorjack,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hffv7bT6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-04T17:12:43.080+0000) > > For some reason I was placed Bronze 4 after the placement matches, but that is not really relevant here. > > I'm complaining that the matchmaking algorithm doesn't match me up with equally skilled players. I don't care whether I'm bronze/iron or what not. oh that's fine dude, you probably don't want to go lower than that.
His MMR is probably already low enough to get afk players in every other match at this point.
Rioter Comments
: Except ADC was one of if not the most popular roles back in the "old days" cause you could actually carry. Now ADC in most elos has a much lower playrate. Sure is fun being 5/1 and getting 1-shot by anything that moves. Love all these stupid fucking champs like Sylas/Irelia/Akali that make the game unplayable as ADC. And whenever they get nerfed the next cancer comes out that makes bot lane unplayable.
What bs. If you were going 5/1, not even a Zed who is a level below you would kill you reliably.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kelg,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wJ0ZEAQW,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-04T19:34:37.470+0000) > > In what universe does this happen? It's always the 8-1 adc walking out of lane and 3 shotting people in my games. Until the (Insert bruiser here) shows up and farts in their general direction and they die without counterplay.
Most top laners at the very least need to jump into a group of enemies to take em out. You don't get to complain when most of your champions are safer than any top laner and deal even greater dps on average.
: I would question your iq points and offend you but he. Cba anymore. I'll be serious. -Adcs are annoying as hell to deal with due to their in built negative counterplay considering all an adc player has to do is hover their mouse over you. Thus if they are even remotely ahead oppresive. -Adcs are always (after juggernaut update ) the reason for hard meta changes especially in pro ( which i dont actually care but most of you do )adcs beeing strong is the reason mages and tanks always get powercreeped while also the reason supports get gutted. Adcs beeing strong aka making supports strong automaticly also force riot and their brainiacs to buff assasins in unhealthy ways that break the game. -Adcs always abuse and ruin items for others meanwhile they get a free pass on nerfs(FrozenMallet on hits/Gaunlet Ez release MAW/SG on Kog etc) but at the same time if a melee champ synergises with another item it is gone in like 2 months. -Adcs also have the easiest role of just afk farming for 15mins and then having people actively protect them for the entire game no other role can just afk farm and win in this game. Overall toxic role with an entitled playerbase and the argument always is -It takes skill!! No. -THEY SQIUISHY GDJ yeah they ape like this haha meanwhile they get the most draintanking status easily.
Now you'll have a bunch of ADC mains telling you how right clicking while not feeding is difficult.
Cojak (NA)
: You forgot {{champion:105}} who can pole hop and comes with damage reduction on passive. Plus with just one part of Lich Bane he's ready to 100-0 most mages. At 6 if you get hit with his R, which seems to be easy on immobile mages, then you are combo'd and dead. His mana costs are low too. Then there's {{champion:7}} who's combo can just about 1 shot at level 3, and with items you are ignite and dead. {{champion:84}} I can play against till about level 8 when she has the items to destroy me. Then I can't push out anymore. {{champion:245}} tons of damage, and after 6 negates all ins. Then can hang back, or go roam {{champion:39}} {{champion:164}} can shit all over lane and lol about it. Ahri is also an assassin even if she looks like a mage. Assassin into assassin is a different animal than assassin into mage.
I forget Fizz yes. Akali however cannot do shit once her shroud if down. The others are skirmishers and not assassins. Camille is a hybrid skirmisher/diver. Fizz, Zed, and a 'skilled' Katarina are the only assassins who do well against CC heavy mages. And even then Katarina only wins if you dash through skillshots.
: there's that and dieing because {{champion:25}} or {{champion:99}} finally landed a CC shot and then the adc can just chunk/kill you for free, even worse if the adc is {{champion:202}} or {{champion:110}} because of that one skillshot you weren't able to dodge, which is kinda unfun
Mid lane isn't any difference. Try playing Talon against a Lux and you'll find the same thing happen should you get hit by her root. I get it that is a 2v2 lane but it only gets difficult when your support is shit and can't peel for you.
: I just got out of a game where the the ADC threw a fit pregame because of my supp choice. Said they were afking.. came back into the game and just ran it down mid the whole match. Spent all week fighting to get to Iron 1... Next three games after that were 4v5's throwing me back down.. It's been this same pattern for the last few years. The game basis your progress off the actions of the team.. and 9/10 your team just doesn't give a shit about winning. They can't climb, so they drag you down with them. I was hoping Iron would have created a whole new level below the current bronze players.. but they just shoved everyone down in bronze into iron.. Now I'm in a rank so low that 90% of the players just don't give a shit because they want to drag you with them. I'm literally clawing my way through every win.. but it's an uphill battle.
Iron is difficult to imb out of duw to this. Even bronze is easier than Iron coz by the time you're bronze II, you have far less AFKs.
: Why would anyone sane welcome this? Toplane is already counterpick heavy. This stupid buff now says "cannot lane against renekton at all anymore" for camille and riven. So great, now camille not only cannot lane against jax but also renekton. So much to fixing the issues of toplane by making it even more counterpick heavy especially with a champion that not many people find enjoyable to lane against in the first place.
Honestly, no. We don't need it. But as the state of the game stands I am salty enough to want to kick Riven's ass with this guy. Can't be bothered to play something like Jax and 'wait' till I outscale her late game, or play someone like top lane Vayne coz I refuse to drop that low. Renekton is worth my salt.
: Please Riot, these Renek and Kled changes are terrible for toplane. What are u doing?
For all I am glad I now have a solid answer to Riven. No more Renekton buffs after this please, top lane just got it's best defender!
: riot in 2019
Living the 40k life.
: marksmen and bottom lane carries tend to have the easiest role. Many of them have everything required in their kits and if you dodge skillshots, you're fine. You're getting gold constantly funneled into you, have more opportunities than other lanes to land kills, end up relying on auto attack damage for the majority of their after-lane damage, are a high-priority lane for jungler ganks, the meta in bottom lane is the most flexible in the game and i'm sure there's more, besides the obvious always having a support (or near always) at your side That being said, it's really sad that there are people who can do very badly at it...such as trying to hard-engage when your support is Soraka least to greatest difficulty: marksman/bot carry, unskilled support (when you actually get into all that the support class can do, it surpasses this level), top laner, mid laner, jungler
I'd swap midlane with top. I started playing more of mid lately and it's far easier than top. Top and jungle are the most difficult, by far. There's no competition. Mid lane instantly becomes easier the moment you learn to roam effectively and even facing a hard counter in lane means nothing at that point as you always have an alternate method of getting ahead through roams. Top lane is almost always a lose lane-win game role where you gotta suck it up and helplessly face cancer every other match till the map opens up. Jungling doesn't even need an explanation, the exp nerfs took away a ton of carry potential from junglers and you're better off hoping your laners aren't monkeys coz if they are, it's gg.
: they never stop with the renekton buffs. Renekton otps just one shot combo people all the time, even under tower.
As someone who plays Renekton he didn't need any buffs. This one however fucks Riven up so I'll still welcome it.
: He outroams them, wins 1x1 if they every try to follow his roams and destroys them after {{item:3814}} ?
Pretty much any midlaner can roam. Even someone as immobile as Annie can do it if you've learnt the slightest of macro.
: Also ADC might have it harder than others due to weaker early game which is also the point. What he complains about are champions exploiting the weak early game. Like it's cancer but so is ADC that does not have their early game exploited.
That's bs. Literally every lane has weak early game champs. {{champion:24}}, {{champion:23}}, and {{champion:41}} In the top lane for example are still champs who can't fight back against most champions in the early game whereas someone like {{champion:119}} in the bot lane is an early game bully who will fuck you up should you fail to land that CC. Each lane has its matchups which can't fight back.
Cojak (NA)
: There's hilarity here because mages are shat on in mid lane by assassins and really need older nerfs reexamined with the current season. Assassins and top laners are tough fights mid. Marksman top are shitting on top laners. Mages shit on bot lane. Jg seems safe for now though
They aren't. The only assassins who beat mages hard are {{champion:238}} , and in the case of an incredibly experienced player, {{champion:55}}. Try playing Talon into an Ahri or Ryze and tell me how that goes.
: As a Jungler, I tried the bot lane a bit with a friend. It was the most horrendous experience I've ever had playing league. It's like lane RNG what whack ass meta is the opponent going to go for, is it going to hard counter you, and how much crap are you going to have to dodge just to CS? Too busy dodging crap to play the game, and when I'm not it's some insane off meta crap that I couldn't counter pick, or got straight counter picked with because who knew they picked that for bottom? Honestly, the whole experience was disgusting. I'll take a top lane kench opponent 10/10 times over that. That said, I think killing Manaflow band and biscuit mana might be a good start to calming the lane down. Of course, I'll play anywhere but bot lane so maybe I'm not the right demographic to complain, it's just not my cup of tea.
Your post is full of bs. No you wouldn't take a top lane Kench over this. You obviously haven't played enough top lane to understand how it works. The people upvoting your post are ADC mains but compared to top lane the role of an ADC is a piece of cake. As a jungler, I don't expect you to understand laning all too well either way but with a bit of wave management, learning to ward, and learning to punish your opponent between cooldowns any lane can be played relatively easily and even then ADC mains refuse to learn to do any of these things and would rather complain of the meagre diversity in their lane.
: Why is my champion whose only function is to output high levels of nigh unavoidable damage not strong at all stages of the game? Why do I even have to move and not just stay still turret mode to kill people? BabyRage
Don't bother. These guys have one of the most balanced roles in the game and they don't want to learn to dodge skillshots. Top and mid have been doing it all their lives but ADC mains only want to stand in one spot and right click.
Zardo (NA)
: You're lucky. I have to deal with {{champion:111}} every game as an ADC. At least against mages I can bait out the enemy's spells by auto canceling on minions, but against naut he'll just run behind the minion wave and hook me with his lane sized hook if I don't concede the entire wave.
Then learn to freeze the wave. Playing top lane I need to freeze the wave against even someone with a short range as Darius and yet you ranged ADC mains cry about hooks while never learning to freeze the wave. He literally cannot hook you as reliably when the wave's right in front of your turret.
coreym11 (NA)
: Bot lane is literally a bullet hell shooter
Do you realize that top and mid have always had this in their lanes, but way worse because most champions there aren't even ranged? Yes you need to dodge skillshots, you need to learn wave management, and you need to learn to poke your opponents between their cooldowns. Top and mid have been doing it for ages and these are parts of the laning phase every player needs to learn. I could always get behind mages having their mana costs being nerfed even into the mid game, but it's almost as if ADC mains want to win without having to improve their skills at this game.
: Two Toxic teammates
Use the mute button for these cases. Mute them and you won't have to take their shit, nothing keeping you from ignoring them that way. At the very least, they didn't troll and cause the team to lose. That's the worst kind of toxicity in my books.
: [SHACO] Now.. i see a lot of people complaining about things that are mainstream. Lets talk Shaco.
Shaco isn't even an assassin. He's a skirmisher at this point. Those who don't agree are probably people who have never played Shaco.
iPrawn (NA)
: By that logic, every 20% win rate player is iron 4, and every 80% win rate player is rank 1.
With those many losses their MMR would definitely be lower than their division. You just won't see it because MMR doesn't climb at the same place as divisions in this game. That's also why you could be silver while playing at a platinum level or vice versa.
mack9112 (NA)
: That talon had a 100 more cs than you indicating a gold lead allowing a item advantage and he built 5 damage items. In your argument you want 2 defence items to counter 5 offensive items ?
He still wouldn't rip through Morde before Morde killed him. He's clearly not landing his pulls.
Kelg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SuicidePlank,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TlEfcUsm,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-28T16:51:28.750+0000) > > Well I would believe that, if my Botlane was as good as theirs. > Fuck, I would play Tanks more often, if I could rely on other people and them pulling their weight. Tanks would be worth a damn if everything didn't just tear through armor. I literally built 3 armor items as Mordekaiser and was getting assassinated by a Talon in less than 2 seconds(we were both at full build). Only time I could kill him was if I ulted. This shouldn't be happening.
What are you shitting? Talon doesn't tear through Morde even when he builds no armour, much less three armour items. In the late game you should have no problem against him.
AyreBiRabak (EUNE)
: Yasuo dies All the 12 year old edgy yasuo mains rage quit from league Perfect balance achieved! YAY! Okay on a serious side note, how will riot decide on who will die?? Like this isn't game of thrones, and if the old lore where champions had their own universe and the summoner's rift arena, they can die all they want without concern of being gone forever. But the new lores are completely separated from the SR so it's pretty tricky to make a character die.
It's pretty obvious really. Kill any character who is currently living due to plot armour Riven for example who now cleans toilets so the writers don't murder her.
: "Legends never die" did anyone remember that one song riot made?
That song is should be made League's official theme song. I'm more of a Rock/metal fan, but damn this song is amazing.
Lewanor (NA)
: You think they'll kill Lux/Yasuo/Riven, the popular people? No, the unpopular will get the short end of the stick again. You say they shouldn't be afraid to kill off champions for the sake of lore but they absolutely should not kill for the sake of killing somebody.
I wholeheartedly hoped they killed Riven off in her story, but there you go. She was given a punishment to clean dishes and sweep floors instead. That's the type of bs which takes me away from most of Riot's stories. They try too hard to please the fans and end up creating stories which never deliver that factor of 'awe' which would keep me on my toes guessing.
iPrawn (NA)
: So you are complaining that Riot doesn't check every player's win rate, and then distribute the win rates so that each team has half the good players, and half the bad. Wow look, 12 upvotes on a thread that is literally asking Riot to rig the matchmaking and enforce a 50% win rate.
You obviously can't read too well. He's asking them to do the exact opposite of what you've written. An 80% winrate player wouldn't be in the same MMR box, while being in the same rank as someone who has a 20% winrate. Period.
: Boards: "I want champion diversity...
The problem isn't that mages are ruining the game, the problem is that mages are fucking braindead. Even a champ such as {{champion:24}} has a telegraphed counterstrike which you can avoid by staying away and using your range as a mage, but when the fuck was Ryze's root ever telegraphed? Hell forget him. I played Fiora into Ahri the other day and her charm comes up twice in the duration it takes for Riposte's cooldown to refresh. In between which she stood behind her minions and last hit, only to start poking aggressively every moment her charm came up. If you want people to appreciate playing against mages at least make it so that they take more risk to play. 90% of the mages I come across, both in the mid and top lane are the 'sit under turret and range spam' types. Most of them even have a range greater than that of turrets. At the very least bruisers need to go all in, in order to inflict damage. Mages need none of that but want to reap the same reward.
: Why are most adc mains so toxic?
Most ADCs I have come across have literally no concept of the game, and in most of my games it's the bot lane feeding while the support cries her eyes out. Mid and top laners usually have the best concept of the game while ADC mains and junglers seem to have it the worst this season.
: First game of league in a couple of days...
: The basic rules of lowelo
You are free to quit for whatever reason you have. Such as denied penta, being ganked more by enemy than team, or simply having a bad moment. You need to go afk at least 25 times in a month to get real punishment. Use it! > [{quoted}](name=The Kombinator,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pAETVmlM,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-25T10:41:49.068+0000) > You are free to quit for whatever reason you have. Such as denied penta, being ganked more by enemy than team, or simply having a bad moment. You need to go afk at least 25 times in a month to get real punishment. Use it! Laughed at everything except this. In silver and lower the junglers don't think twice before turret diving and giving away a level or two by doing it repeatedly. Same goes for laners who wouldn't ward or play safe and after dying a couple of times then start inting on a daily basis. It is a fucking pain to climb out of silver on every new server you go to. In such cases I'd rather roll a joint and relax.
: you only see 1 toplaner every game on your team and that is you (ex. autofills) Junglers get to experience a different toplaner every game. so you shouldn’t be talking about how the average toplaner behaves to his jungler. also you shouldn’t assume that someone who has been playing ranked since season 4 has never played toplane in his life while you are at your first season.
What I find hypocritical is how you first call top laners 'whiners', and then try to turn the blame onto me when it's clear that a lot of the complaints top laners bring are legitimate. Jungle and top lane are both shit roles right now which need work put into them. You blaming top laners for complaining about the jungle pressure, especially with the gutted vision over the last few seasons isn't going to fix anything.
: You're just flat out lying right now. If Kat had literally any trouble in lane she wouldn't have a 55% win rate in high elo
Why are morons upvoting this? She doesn't have a 55% winrate anywhere and this guy is clearly lying.
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