Haziv (EUW)
: New Skin for Taric The Shield of Valoran
New skins for Darius and Garen hmm... why not God King Taric Riot? Taric who has a eagle as a spirit animal . Well maybe next time we will have more luck . :):)
Haziv (EUW)
: New Skin for Taric The Shield of Valoran
Take our money Rito , we are ready for a high quality Taric skin {{champion:44}}
: I don't know exactly what theme, but I'd like to see something a bit more rugged, maybe with armor. Personally I'd like a Dragon Slayer theme, or maybe Warden. As of now the only skin that resonates with me is Emerald Taric. I think armor of the fifth age could use some chromas. That's my two cents.
CytheGuy (NA)
: Please not Debonair Taric... My sexuality can't handle this much
Surrender urself to Taric’s charm hahah
Sammi89 (EUNE)
: I would like to see a kitchen theme skin for him , Taric with a “man bun” hairstyle cooking would be funny and awesome at the same time haha{{item:3086}}
: Nah, Urgod will get that sweet Legendary Star Guardian Skin
: Your "Dragonslayer" skin is fan art of his old Bloodstone skin. It's not a skin concept. http://www.leagueoflegendsskins.com/images/champions/splash/Taric_3.jpg
Ty for your post Oleandervine , i will change it now . Tell me ur opinion , what new skin for Taric would you like to see?
: Meh. Dragon Slayer Taric seems too similar to Bloodstone. I don't want it to become a skin. Star Guardian is phenomenal and would fit really well with Star Guardian Ezreal (the running Ezreal X Taric gag) Debonair is nice too. Personally I want a Cardmaster Taric skin. His E could be something like him shuffling a deck and then firing them off into a blast, His ult could make it rain Poker chips etc. etc.
I think he has a big potential for a Legendary skin and maybe Star Guardian can be that skin , you never know. 👍🏻
ZiLess (NA)
: actually tho, im surprised taric doesn't have a debonair skin
We can make it happen brother .{{summoner:14}} ty for ur post
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