: Garen can already do this?
So what. Garden is designed around that. Vayne has % based true damage. Should there be an item that gives you true damage aswell? It makes no sense at all
: >Noticeable damage On a Soraka? The Healbot Goat? Really?
For laning phase yes. Why do you think she is so banned? Because she is a pain on laning phase.
: why? its a game are u offended by these words? Then mute that person thats why they have it but u can't mute all u can do is report report report
: Sheesh what's with the downvotes? Is this really that game breaking an idea?
More than game breaking is purely stupid. Do you Even. Know how powerful warmogs regen is? Your change would make split pushers tank enemy waves leaving their minions unharmed until they reach tower complete ly free. Think before posting these kind of things.
: nah it still does diddily even if you max it first.
You really don't get it do you? Noticeable damage + heal + slow at low mana cost....just so the math dude
: i do talk about the game and game play of that player just because i tell them that they are trash and a piece of crap even if u do tell them how to improve they don't talk it nicely they just start talkin crap back to you thats when i mute but then i get the gang up and get a 4 man team report which in turn results in a ban or chat restrction and after a time the perma ban
" tell them that they are trash and a piece of crap" See? This is off limits
: Nah then don't report people for talkin shit just mute them but u can't do that can you
I have a better idea. Limit your trash talk to the game instead of including aids, cancer and families. :D When I argue with a teammate I always talk about the game itself. So be it skill or teamplay...never including personal matters nor threatening guess what? I've never been banned You may argue with you team but learn where the Limit is
: When the queue is longer than the game
Main Supports op Kappa Keep crying instead of helping having more support mains. Being few supps is not riots fault but the community's
: did saying "riven stop feeding and play safe" help? tip: the answer is no
We had the late game and we were winning bot hard. I told the team to sit down and wait for the lategame as I(taric) and ezreal could carry. But no!! That riven kept going in as if he was fed and dying over and over. Riven and zed mains are the worst thing on this game. I'll never stop saying it
: karmas q actually does damage while rakas is just a healing utility neccesary to make her w worth anything. she sacrifices her own health to heal alllies so a self heal isn't bad.
If you think soraka s q deals no damage it's because you max first w which is a noobie mistake. New soraka maxes q first
: The diffference between the mana costs on Soraka and Karma are tiny. Karma Q: 50/55/60/65/70 Soraka Q: 40/45/50/55/60 Given Soraka's Q is much more important to her than Karma's (Karma can function in lane without Q spam, Raka lanes can completely fall apart if Q isn't available), it's not surprising that her Q mana cost is lower. The real reason Karma's mana management is so much worse is because her mana regen isn't comparable to that of traditional supports, but that's a problem on Karma's end, not Soraka's. _____________________ Can't help but think this entire thread is just "I just lost to Soraka as Karma". Why on Earth should a support not be able to heal themselves? Sona, Nami, Taric and Alistar all can and none of them need to land a skillshot to do it. None of them have health costs on their abilities, either. Soraka having a self-heal is completely fine conceptually and arguably the healthiest support self-heal in the game.
Problem is soraka heals herself whilst DEALING A DECENT Damage with a built in SLOW for a low mana cost
Dukues (NA)
: People say this game is toxic
This game is toxic if you are a team player as most people only think of kills. Just read any average comment aboit lcs and see how many people cries about it having low kill numbers. People don't know what TEAMPLAY means. True story.
: U should be able to recover ur skins if u get perma ban!
Frostmane (EUW)
: Soraka Q - No actual mana cost, when will she get one?
: you can ping, which is more than enough communication needed for soloQ
Pings are not enough to make your 1/9 riven main to stop going alone suiciding :3 True story I experimented yesterday
Lost R (NA)
: Was it really worth the ban?
To farm or not to farm...Just kidding I never land a single last hit. - Bronze V ADC
: Reset Ban
Let me guess. You got banned a s you are butthurt about the money you lost on it. Deal with it.
Wolfess (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phreshboy,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lEQ8guGI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-22T12:02:33.926+0000) > > Life isn't fair.. get over it Life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean a game shouldn't be.
Game is fair on the long term. People tend to cry over one game ignoring the rest
: ur so lucky u faced someone better than you, now you can find out where you arent good
Best, answer, ever. "Riot please i deserve diamond but I can't reach it because some diamond smurf stomps me"
bunies (NA)
: its actualy more of the fact that right now you have to wait 10-20 minutes in que if you are diamond thank riot for creating dynamic que
Learn support and bring balance to the role calling.
FrankerX (EUW)
: thoughts: win 10 sucks
No, it doesnt. It's actually quite reliable and fast.

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