Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: I agree that that epic match was epic but not a high quality. The team without Soaz won.
well, i will argue that OMG without dada won.
: #11 - Deft
So, rekkles, froggen,and and bjergsen will be higher than imp...umm ok So there are 8 more spaces for other players. namei, uzi, dade,pawn, meta, cool,dandy,insec?i would surprised if any of those players are not be in the list
Gaxx D (EUW)
: Eh? Froggen has more international experience and has shown how much of a beast he can be more than any of the korean/chinese players (during worlds, IEM and even in OGN where he placed second). Rekkles first appearance with Fnatic was during an international tournament (IEM) and him and Peke were both carrying Fnatic against best korean teams at that time (and against TPA - the old TPA who just won world championship). Do some research before you speak.
wtf r u talking about? Plz dont talk about s2. This is S4 man. Froggen show that he can beat korean/chinese players in s2 but doesnt mean he is better than them now lol. So u mean u will rate froggen higher than dade,pawn,cool etc before they even have to chance to play against each other?No,i dont think so. Also since rekkles didnt play for fnatic during s3, and got rekt in allstar, we dont know how he is gonna perform against other top tier adc.
CeeJem (NA)
: hmm, their team head-to-head was 3-1 in favor of Cloud9. Vasili is more flashy, but Sneaky is way better
sneaky is not way better than vasili, lol. Their team head to head was 3-1 in favor of cloud 9 doesnt make sneaky > vasili. For example,white shield won against skt doesnt mean ggong > faker xD. I will put them as same lvl but i wont put sneaky above vasili.
Vindicate (EUNE)
: These rankings are based on the importance to their team, individual skill, strength at their position, and intangibles such as leadership, consistency and clutch play. While I do agree he is one of the best tops in the whole world, he isn't that important to omg. He is solid and a decent playmaker but still u have this feeling that in oder for omg to win against classy opponents Cool has to be going, hence such a low position here imho. And of course Froggen will be higher, not only because he is truly a world class midlaner, but he is prob the only reason Alliance are at worlds, they depend on him even more than omg depends on Cool. Quite similar situation with rekkles and Fnatic ( although i myself consider rekkles to be top 5, maybe even 3 in the world atm)
i dont agree with your point because the stars players in omg is top,mid,jungle, u r hardly see games that omg bot lane carry. Mostly is gogoing or cool. Also i wont consider froggen and rekkles both to be top 5 because they havent show any performance in the international stage yet. Lastly, i dont think rekkles is better than deft,imp,namei or uzi which means i wont put him to be top 5, maybe around top 10.
: This is bullshit riot. this guy is way better than 17th. No European players are near this guy at all. and still you are planning to put froggen and bjergsen among the best up there to create more hype. It's all about the money, we get that. but try to be a little more professional about it like they are over in Korean esports.
i think they will put dyrus on top of gogoing:D
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: There are a lot OMG fans, the team has very big fanbase but i dont care: this guy was always overrated. Cmon, hate me.
explain to me why he is overrated? any fact to prove your point?
: So is faker going to be here?
faker is not here, because this is the top 20 players who going to world this year:P
: The top 20 players at Worlds 2014
cool,pawn,deft,imp,uzi,namei,clearlove,gogoing,dandy,dade,froggen,bjergsen,ackerman,ggoong,Rekkles,fizzz,balls,heart,Spirit and Mata will be my top 20 players going to world
: Worlds 2014 Group stage selection results
My predictions will be EDG and ssw - Royal Club and TSm - ssb and omg - Alliance and White shield
: What about Rekkles? I mean, if Sneaky is on this list, then there's no way Rekkles isn't.
rekkles will be top 10 i think, but i'm not sure about other adcs that i've been mention
Tns Dragon (EUNE)
: well , FROGGEN & REKKLES definitely are in the top 5 of the world I would argue that xPeke is one of the best in the world too
unless rekkles is able to beat imp/deft/uzi/namei, i wont put him as top 5
: #19 - Sneaky
i dont know why sneaky is on the list xD The best adc atm are uzi,namei,deft and imp, i will impressed if any of these players are not on this list

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