: Only one champion buys? It's a core item on Poppy, and often used by other tanks.
I skipped a word in my sentence by mistake, I meant only one RANGED champ buys it, Sorry for that mistake
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: ranged champs are never the issue. Melee champs like {{champion:164}} {{champion:120}} are way more mobile than a{{champion:222}} or{{champion:22}} and you never hear complains of ashe slowing people. When {{item:3116}} exists anyways. or {{item:3742}} lol
I was more focused on how he gets up to 200 armor just from IBG and Tabi, The slow is just adding annoyance to his kit, And Camille and Hecarim are not nearly as mobile as an Ezreal who is good at hitting Qs.
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: Dunkmaster Draven
When he doesnt use Q he just hold the basket balls, but when he uses Q he starts dribbeling them
: What happens after a 14 day suspension?
I got banned for joking(Not perma) I was flaming my friend and he flamed me it was all in good fun and im not shitting you right now i wrote Kys but no in like Kill yourself but in kiss yourself if i got to my chat logs i would show you explaining it to another person


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