: You should consider asking rules questions on the MvM forums of Boardgamegeek, you'll usually have a much faster response time. > [{quoted}](name=Honeydeer,realm=EUW,application-id=AMxvhsRt,discussion-id=ErL0x2Ps,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-04T22:45:50.333+0000) > > Hey I just started again and I have a few Rule Questions. > > - when I tow a bomb and push a mech with the same move. How much movement do I need? 2 or 3? Because towing and pushing needs 2, but what if I do both in the same move? Pushing doesn't require additional move points, so you'll be using two move per step. > - Is there friendly fire? Generally speaking: no. There might or might not be cards that change that later on, but they will explicitely tell you if that's the case. > - The FAQ says: "Towing: If you have moves left after towing, you must use them. When mechs tow or are towed onto oil slicks, they slide as normal with the towed object following behind to rest in the oil. You can even tow with a Haywire Control damage card > > What does that exactly mean? >Lets say in my first slot I have 3 movement. Towing costs 2. So I have 1 left. Does that mean I have to move another tile without the bomb? >Or same question if I have 2 movement in the first slot and 1 movement in the second slot. Do I have to move one tile without the bomb? 1) You are correct: if you have a move3, that means you can tow1, and move1. You could also move1 and tow1, since you make the decision to tow for each step individually. 2.) Since each card is processed individually, so you can't use two move1 to tow1. 3.) Mechanically speaking, you decide whether to tow or not, then perform a step (that will cost one or 2 move), and then apply "triggered effects". In this case, the triggered effect is that you'll move in the same direction until you move off the oilslick or hit a wall. If you have towing "on", the towee will move in to the field you just left, until your triggered effects are fully resolved. 4.) If a damage card forces you to move2 or higher, you still can still decide to tow before each step.
Thanks for the reply. To the last towing question. You say I "can" move 1 and tow 1. But my question was, do I have to? Because the FAQ says, you must use them. So If a have Move 3. And my Goal is to Tow the Bomb the whole way to the droppoint. I would have to tow1 and then move1 without the bomb? Meaning that next round I couldn´t tow anymore, because I would have to turn 180° move 1, turn another 180° and then move on right?
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