d00mface (EUW)
: Yuumi Voiceline Inquiry
Although I do agree that would be awesome, I guess Aatrox is not really defined by his gauntlet(s) - unlike Vi or Ezreal
: Lol calling a point and click spammable ability with good damage interactive. Lol
Agreed. The ability is pretty cheap as is. Sure, she has a "short" range, but it doesn't really seem to cost all that much and the cooldown is pretty alright as well. If you're playing a melee or short range support it's not a very fun and interactive ability to be facing. It will deal a fourth or fifth of your HP (with aery) early on and slow you enough for you to just have to take the punishment without trading back. Ranged supports stand a better chance, but even then, that W will almost always be the ability dealing the most damage (early on) between both champions, with or without Janna shielding herself in the trade. Note: Not hating on Janna, she's more then alright as is.
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: Xin Zhao's new splash art
I honestly don't feel like the style of the splash art fits with the rest the newer ones. The styles just feels too different.
Rekt m9 (NA)
: Increase/Change Penalty for ARAM Dodging
Preach it. The amount of times people dodge last second is just ridiculous. Nothing but a waste of time for everyone involved.


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