: To make sure the game doesn't get unbalanced, somehow, it could even be a q range upgrade that only hits monsters after the original range.
> [{quoted}](name=IShowerWithUrDad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FiwQ1zOo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-18T16:41:54.035+0000) > > To make sure the game doesn't get unbalanced, somehow, it could even be a q range upgrade that only hits monsters after the original range. That would be just as good, just some way to make him feel better about Krugs is all I am asking for.
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: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
This is an awful idea, seriously. The worst thing that comes form this is that it seems like the people that play Diana are just being ignored and have no idea what the champion they play needs. No one that plays Diana has ever thought "They should remove to attack speed from her passive and replace it with a keystone instead, now that would help the champ." The movement speed isn't even noticeable, it last for a short amount of time and is barely an increase, I could see it being useful on top of her current passive, she would be able to do so much more, but alas it is not a worthy replacement. The changes to her R are just awful, the delay does not help a suffering champion. The problem that needs to be tackled is that she can go in, but she either struggles to stay alive, can't get out, or if you are ahead you kill people. Insanely inconsistent. Diana needs more to help her stay alive, and if you are going to do something improve her W, it is in my opinion the core ability when I think of Diana, make it even better than it already is. For example, make it so when she uses her E for every target effected by it she gains an orb from her W, helps with sustainability, makes her E feel like it is an ability for Diana, not just an ability that could be thrown on any melee. Another problem I have with these changes, they do not help Diana out during laning at all, she struggles pre 6 that is just a fact, all these changes do is make it worse by damaging her mana sustain, and just adding the raw stat does not help her out at all. It is an accepted fact that she is not going to win lane without some weird fights happening, so adding mana will do nothing at all. I honestly hope that these changes do not go through at all! I have played the PBE, she is not as fun, or as good as she currently is live, she is quite obviously worse, by a lot. As someone who has loved Diana ever since they first played her, these changes would destroy the champion. Keep her in her current state, maybe a small buff, maybe not. If you are going to change Diana she needs to be **changed** with a rework on her E as the main thing, and with more interaction with Moonlight!
: Can't tell if this is really cute because it's Quinn or just straight up terrifying
Well Quinn did say they had beautiful eyes
: Can someone explain why I'm getting these LP gains?
Ive been gaining about 30 LP a game and losing 15 a game and I have been winning about triple my loses so im fine with it
: I want to main a champion but I'm worried about my champion getting banned. What should I do?
Main Diana > Ekko > Teemo there 3 champions that have similar build paths and if they get banned do what everyone else does pick Galio
: Why does Malphite's W cost mana?
A way to fix his mana issues would be to make it so when his shield is on his abilities cost less mana maybe 10%
: What are your best League of Legends pickup lines??
Valor gouge their eyes out, no ones can be as beautiful as mine
: Petition To Let Baron and Dragon Dance
Frius (EUNE)
: why does irelia /xin heal on structures ,turrets ,inhib ,nexus but aatrox cant?
The better question is why can Pantheons passive block turret shots but Fioras W cant?
: "I didn't see that VU coming." or Nobody Expects the ChampUP Inquisition!
I know Malphite is getting a TU but if you look at his splash he is massive and in game he looks like a piece of brown gloop with a massive nose...

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