: The concept is good,but....BUT,one problem: there is no balance in League of Legends:DDD
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: Balance doesn't seem like an Aspect which would be compatible with a person from Blessed Isles. It would mean that both good and shadow isles would have to be kept in balance instead of having true harmony of lifting the curse and turning shadow isles back into the blessed isles. An aspect of Peace or Harmony related would be more fitting in this concept of a Blessed Isle's scienstist being a host to a Targonian Aspect(this is my point of view lore-wise).
Even though I think that you are right if it were the case that he is about the balance of the light and darkness of the Shadow Isles. It was not my intention that he would be the balance of that. Aspects don't tend to be themed around one place of Runeterra but more try to help Runeterra as a whole. So he would more likely help with things like making sure that a war won't get too one sided with power or making sure that some rare items don't get found by the wrong people by closing the way or on the contrary clearing the way for the people who were destined to find them.
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